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Grey’s Anatomy season 12: premiere date (2015)

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Grey’s Anatomy deserves to be renewed for Season 12! What about the new episodes’ premiere (start) date in 2015/2016? We’ll have to wait and see.

TV-channel: ABC
Created by: Shonda Rhimes
Starring: Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, T. R. Knight…
Genre: Medical drama

Season 10 Episode 24: 8.92 million U.S. viewers

Season 10 Episode 21: 9.55 million U.S. viewers

Last year the television series «Grey’s Anatomy» managed to surprise the ABC management, as at the start of the season the number of the fans increased to 9,81 million people. It is really great result for the TV-project, which has been broadcast for more than 10 years already, so it makes the show one of the top favorites for the renewal.

The critics also agree that «Grey’s Anatomy» deserves to be renewed for Season 12 and there is no need to worry about the new episodes.

Obviously, the premiere date of the new season will be announced soon, as the TV-project, included in top 5 best shows, (among the viewers from 18 to 49), simply must be on air in 2015/2016.

Grey’s Anatomy season 12 start – [September 24, 2015] (UPDATE 1)

season 12B (episode 9) return – [February 11, 2016]

Let’s wait for the announcement.

UPDATE 1 (May 7, 2015): Good news! ABC renewed the series for a twelfth season that will air from 2015–2016 (Thursday, 8 pm).

UPDATE 2 (March 3, 2016): The show was renewed for a Season 13.

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  1. Wade Leone

    In 11 seasons we have lost 4 main characters to death. WTF? I’ll never watch this show again.

  2. Elvira

    I think it should stay alive! Cmon ABC renew Grey’s Anatomy. Make it happen!

  3. Kurtis

    This is worse than a daytime soap. How is it that over half the cast throughout the years has died tragically? F*ck you ABC!

  4. Kenna

    The show has lost its sense of humor. Won’t watch it anymore…

    • dee

      Good move! I stopped watching two years ago…

  5. ~Erna~

    Grey’s Anatomy was my favorite show and MerDer my favorite TV couple. I’m done. MerDer was the only thing left. I wanna say goodbye…

  6. Mittie N.

    Show is really great! Derek dying was the only option that they had. And I will keep watching.

  7. Dawne Calfee

    I loves this show! Please do not cancel

  8. DD

    The show was never the same after Izzy and George left, I never liked Grey and Derek myself, there comes a time where it is just better to end it all.

  9. Kathy

    Keep it on. Writing is great, which is far and few these days. The new characters have been forming and should be able to replace the wonderful ones that have been lost, especially with Owen, Bailey, Meredith, The Chief and Alex to anchor the show.

  10. Joe

    I am happy to see that show is being renewed for a twelfth season.

  11. Katie

    I’ve been with the show since the pilot sure it’s see its ups and downs and we’ve lost people that will never be replaced, but that’s the beauty of this show and it’s characters….i feel if a character is killed off and it doesn’t hurt or they aren’t missed the writers didn’t do a good job…I love this show and even in the tragic losses I will be with it to the end I watch the magic or its beginning and I will see it to the end…

    • Katie

      *magic of its beginning and I will see it to the end ☺️❤greys

  12. Kathleen

    There is nothing good on anymore leave gray anatomy on people don’t like change some of the new shows s*ck leave out the F word and the zombie flicks put the family shows back and all the ratings will go up TV s*cks

  13. Kris

    As everyone knows there is death and happiness in life. I love the show and the fact they kept merder’s love from ending in a divorce or cheatjng scandal. Im so happy. I just wish jackson and april will fing true love with each other and be the next merder.

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