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Ground Floor season 3?

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What we know about the season 3 of Ground Floor show? TV-series was cancelled or renewed? When does the new episodes premiere? Wait for the start air date!

TV-channel: TBS
Created by: Bill Lawrence
Genre: Sitcom
Executive producers: Bill Lawrence, Jeff Astrof, Jeff Ingold

Season 2 Episode 1: 1.35 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 7: 1.59 million U.S. viewers

The second season of «Ground Floor» TV show attracted about 1,4 million Americans during each episode broadcast, which is quite enough to order season 3. According to experts, the renewal of the show depends on its rating, as TBS isn’t going to broadcast the unprofitable shows.

It is believed that the rights holders will make the official announcement only in winter 2015 when the premiere date of the fresh episodes will be announced. Of course, there is always a chance for the TV-project to be closed, but at the moment there are no serious arguments for such drastic measures.

Ground Floor season 3 start – [cancelled] (UPDATE 3)

While the show is successful and it is watched and supported by the TV viewers, it will be very difficult for TBS to refuse financing the new episodes, that’s why, please, support the show in comments and wait for rights holders’ positive decision!

UPDATE 1 (Jan.30, 2015): Bad news from TvLine.com: TBS cancelled the series after two seasons.

UPDATE 2 (Jan.31, 2015): A TBS rep maintains that show has not been officially cancelled.

UPDATE 3 (February 13, 2015): Ground Floor has officially been cancelled by TBS after two seasons.

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  1. Ella

    Love the show. It’s amazing! Please renew!

  2. Sherri Austin


  3. Ron

    I wish and hope that TBS will continue the series. I really loved Ground Floor show!

  4. Velma S.

    Ground Floor is so popular and a real sucsess! There have to come a season 3!

  5. -BRB-

    One of the best written shows on TV. Please renew!

  6. Scott (fan from UK)

    I love Ground Floor & plz make season 3

  7. Holt94

    This is the only TBS show I love! Hope for season 3 start in 2015!

  8. Jooo

    Best series ever watched. Love all characters! I think that Ground Floor should keep going. Don’t cancel it. Make season 3 in 2015! Can’t wait for the official announcement.

  9. Claus99

    Cancelled? WTF? Doesn’t make any sense!

  10. Roy

    Bad decision. I really like that show. I´m gonna miss it.

  11. PhilLlL

    In my opinion, this is the funniest show on TBS! That was the only reason to watch this channel. Bad move!

  12. Rosie

    Please don’t canclel this show!!!!!!

  13. sean

    Awesome show. I am so tired of good shows being canceled. Keep the show going.

  14. Ty

    You guys seriously have to renew this show! I’m with Phil above, the single best show on TBS. figure it out TBS, or you might as well lose a huge fanbase, and I’ll be included.

  15. Ll

    Please don’t cancel this show, we love it!!

  16. kim

    I LOVE GROUND FLOOR. PLEASE HAVE SEASON 3 COME BACK. It was truly a great show.

    MUST COME BACK!!!!!!!

  17. Jay

    DO NOT CANCEL THE F’N SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!

  18. John

    Do not cancel the show. I and all my family will never watch anything on TBS. All the other shows on there s*ck but the ground floor. Ground Floor is the only reason we go to TBS

  19. NoFair !!!

    BRING IT BACK! B*stards!

  20. David tillman

    Way or u all doing this don’t cancel the show it’s the best thing on tbs!!!!!!!!!

  21. casca

    One of the only scripted comedies that was fresh and funny. It had watchers Please don’t cancel it.

  22. Sarah

    I love ground floor please keep making it!!!

  23. Rob

    Ground floor is one of the best comedies around!

  24. Heather

    This is a great show!! Please DON’T cancel it!! My husband and I love this show!!

  25. Max

    Canceling this show would be a huge mistake! Do not do so please!!!!! This is my favorite show all time!! Please bring it back!!

  26. mick

    1 of the best shows ever, great actors please don’t cancel this show we all really want a 3rd season and more!!!

  27. timothy

    Do NOT cancel show. One of the best recent sitcoms to come out. Great writing, acting and best of all limited use of laugh track. It would be stupid to dump Ground Floor.

  28. Derrick

    ground floor season 3 cant wait when is it coming out. am so anxious to get the next season

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