May 27

I Am Number Four 2: release date

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When does «I Am Number Four 2» premiere in theaters? Release date coming?

Right after «I Am Number Four» movie debuted, the experts started negotiating on the production of its second part since the third book of the famous trilogy wasn’t published yet.

Officially the given book was presented only in August 2012 and it was high time for the creators to start talking about the approximate release date for «I Am Number Four 2», which should have been set for the second half of 2013. However the project was announced to be frozen.

Marti Noxon, the film writer, reported «I Am Number Four 2» couldn’t be continued, at least yet.

Hope that producers will pay attention to the fans’ numerous requests and renew filming. Please, support the movie in comments!

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  1. T B

    There should be another one as the first one was very good.

    • Nicole

      I’m begging u. Please make a second movie! I will literally freak of u don’t! I think I might cry if u don’t. Please listen to our requests.

      • Xmy sagar

        This movie was amaizing I request to make a second part of movie……:-/

        • Kianna

          I agree! I’m so mad there isn’t a second one

          • Terry

            The story should be continued; loved it! Let’s go people!

        • Hazel jr

          What the reason do you have dude?? Why you cant continue it? Please the first one is so amazing i want to watch the second film to be honest I really love this film

          • UsaHarish

            hi bro

      • Cassie

        I LOVE the series I can’t get enough please pleaseake the power of six into a movie.

    • kenneth

      but after so long I bet there will be too many holes in the story line and rushed that I may kill it in the box office.

    • Michelle

      Yes it was

    • Al

      I am Number for was the best. My kids and wife loves this movie. We really need to see a part 2 the story must be completed. Its 2018 and we still can’t wait until there is a part 2. Please complete the story, it’s been years and we still watch part 1.

      • Carter

        It was such a great movie and I really want and I think I can speak for a lot of us when I say we really really want a second part

    • matt

      ummm btw the movie was good but not very satisfying cause if you actually read the book there are alot of scenes or things that are false for ex. on the movie henry died in the building of “they walk among us” but in the book he actually died fighting mogs near the school near a tree. And 6 was badly wounded and 4 was unconsiosly picked up by them to a hotel/motel. and it ended there

    • Rojin Khosrobeigi

      yes it should!

    • Robert Pinder

      How much longer are we going to have to wait for the second movie? I’m not getting any younger.

    • Zach Shepard

      There needs to be a part 2 to I am number four. I’m dying there needs to be a sequel like now

      • Katrina

        I agree! Just watched it again on tv
        I love the film.
        Definitely needs a second one as the end of the first film leaves you wanting to know more

    • Beatzme

      Ye indeed there should be another one watched the movie alot of times!

      Better they gonna do it fast cause its already 9 years later. :p

  2. Carlota

    Hi, am a fan and I really enjoyed the film I am number 4 and I hope to have the chance to watch the second part as I have already read the book and it was incredible!

  3. shuuubham singh

    have nice but we are enjoing movie

  4. steven

    I really hope they make a second “i am number four” movie because the first one was really good and because i want to know if they found the others and if “John” meets up with that girl again!!!!!

    • sigma

      then lyou ahould read the books they just released book 4

      • myan

        touché sigma the whole series is good but I hate the part where five kills 8 =/ I thought they could only die by mogs not just other lorien!

  5. Ayanda.enkozo

    Thr iznt part two now?? Enjoyd part I. . .plz part two

  6. shahanaz bano

    Please made another part like 1

  7. mr T

    damn ladies, make a next i am number four! 100 million dollars profit with part 1…. if it was up to me, i wouldn’t let somebody get in my way… just sayin’

    • Guy who wants an I Am Fumber Four 2

      I agree with this guy. C’mon man. Is pay over and over to watch the second one. This is all unclear. The suspense to the future of the movie in the first one has to be continued

    • hutchie/Darlington,England

      I think if a film was this good and made that money an also already has the books writin why not do one. Proper dumarses.

  8. IamNumber 4 fan

    i watched i am number four more then 15 times and i still love it i hope there will be a i am number four 2 many people would be very happy.

    • jamall21

      Yes I no I will

  9. Maria jo Hansen

    Make a part 2 of I am number four .. I love it fantastic movie

    biggest Fan in Denmark..

    Maria Jo Hansen

    • Jason benjamin

      I Enjoyed Seeing The First One I am excited for the Second to Come Out Too Theaters

  10. Shannon

    The movie was awesome pls make a part 2 I wanna see what happens next xx pls

  11. atif malik

    why u did,nt release yet i am number four 2 i am waiting the 2nd part near about 2 years plz release this part and work with heart i love this story and wht ever u make

  12. henryslyk

    I keep watching the moviie(I am number 4) and my family and I keep praying to see another part 2 of this great movie. I L♥√ع the story line, romace part, friends like and it has a great play. Pls pls pls pls when is the part 2 coming out. Is syuppose to be due. Don’t let us loose the flavour of this movei.

  13. abid khan

    i keep watching i am number 4 with my friends we all like it very much .it was a great movie .pls-6 when is the part 2 coming out. Is syuppose to be due.

  14. Dario

    I am can’t wait to see the second part, movie is awesome ! that’s all I have to say ! please do not dissapoint us !

  15. J. Hutson

    It would be a huge loss to overlook a sequel to ‘I am number 4’. The longer you wait, the more it will hurt the franchise. There are so many directions to go with this first movie.

  16. Alex

    The first movie was awesome!!!…. I really hope to see a whole sequel… !! can’t wait to see them… XD

  17. Sofia singh

    Hii . I am number 4 ws rely awsm . We want 2 part of dis movie plz plz make it.

  18. Adrian

    Im waiting part 2

  19. Jeff

    in my honest opinion, the story that lorien legacies offer is better than hunger games and even twilight, its not your usual vampire, werewolf & pretty lady story. this has potential. the 1st movie was great.

  20. Juliana mendez

    Pretty please we need this second part this movie was different from all the others it was amazing!! We need 2 part it’s been too long of a wait!!

  21. Naveen

    I enjoyed the movie it was like a sort of movie in a new dimension I really eagerly awaiting to see the second part of it …..

  22. celine

    please let there be a number 2!!!

  23. malik zulqar

    plz release the movie i am number four 2 i am wating the movie…..

  24. joe

    They should definitely make a second movie there are 4 books in the series
    So far. They cant just make ONE and forget about the rest!
    Thats just silly. If they’re not making a second movie, what.was the point in
    Making a first???

  25. anja

    i’ve been waiting for i am number 4 2, like since i saw the first!

    • Leigh

      I hope they make a sequal ! This was a great movie I always look for the sequal to this I hope it will come out they have a million Jason movies and Halloween movies but this they can’t try n create another!!

  26. 99

    I loved it! hope it comes a sequel!

  27. Kim

    I hope there’s part 2! Really anticipating .

  28. Leigh

    Amazing how they can make sequels to movies that are horrible. I am number4 was great and I’m a 29 and this was fantastic action the powers they had and the effects were amazing , honestly if they don’t have a sequal it’s a real shame I know people who dislike twilight and other types of movies even hunger games but they loved this movie it was diff with the alien aspect and it was left on finding the next of their kind ! I still watch this movie it’s amazing please do a second film love the books but seeing it on film is amazing to see it come to life and amazing beautiful actors!

  29. andy stout

    First off, this movie was an absolute huge hit and a great story. It deals with so much adversities in finding the truth about undisclosed matters and finding themselves. I and SO MANY FANS HAVE BEEN PATIENTLY WAITING!!!!!!!!! Seriously, the cast and the story were so realistic and breathtaking. I really can’t imagine not ever seeing a sequel or the next story.My kids and I have watched it over and over again, time in and time out and it seems to never get old..but prepares us for the next step!!!!! You’re absolutely insane(in a positive way…:) ) not to get this sequel in the works. I myself have never felt this way about a movie?? Just something about the way it was told and the search for not only our own mankind but the discovery for truth and determination!!! I wish I could find ALL the right words and ALL the sentences and sayings!!!! Bottom line is this sequel would be HUGE..VERY HUGE!!!!! I personally know so many friends that feel the same way, INCLUDING MY OWN KIDS….Emma, Annie , and Garrett. I love great movies and truthfully my movie life wouldn’t be complete without an absolute adventurous sequel!!!!!! I would so much LOVE TO BE A PART of the sequel premiere when it hits in Hollywood for a simple invite. Yeah, I know that’s not gonna happen but I still truly love this movie and we are way OVERDUE for the next. I understand things are easier said than done…but please think LONG AND HARD about us viewers……..PATIENTLY WAITING!!!!! To you and yours have a merry xmas!!!!!!!

    Sincerely, Andy Stout

    • Crystal Thomas

      Amen Andy I so agree

    • JOT

      Could not have given a better description myself….i COMPLETELY agree

  30. JP

    I loved this movie, they really should make a second movie!
    I am waiting and I hope they will release it very soon.

  31. tonton

    Please make I AM NUMBER FOUR PART 2… It is good to make part 2 while the original character are still young and alive 🙂 It is not pleasing to see other personality would be in their place 😀

  32. andy

    I have just watched I am no four and what a breath taking film it is the special effects we’re brilliant and the story line was so good that we need a sequel to find out what happens to the characters next!
    Please can we have a sequel soon!!!!

  33. Alex

    I really love this film… and I would like to see more of it!!! PLEASE make part 2.
    you have so many fans who wants to see the rest of it.

    We are excited!!

  34. Anine

    Please please make a second film!!!

    I’m in love with these books! They’re just amazing!
    The movie was so good!

    Big fan in Denmark!

  35. Jaxx

    Pls 。i wan see second part of <i am number 4>
    ^_^ i like number 5

  36. Malin

    I just love the movie!

    I really hope they can make a second movie, its never to late for the fans I think ? 😉

    Big fan from Norway!

    • Alex_g

      Malin I’m from Norway too ^^ . add me lol :3

  37. enis

    I loved this movie, they really should make a second movie!
    I am waiting and I hope they will release it very soon.

  38. Crystal Thomas

    Please yes make them I love the 1st one so much and am excited to see the making of all the books

  39. Prince

    i enjoyd part 1…..i really hope dey would make part 2…

  40. John

    I am number 4 was awesome so please make part 2

  41. JOT

    There absolutely MUST be a part 2, ‘I am number four’ is tooooooo great of a movie not to. The movie is in its own class of being a good film.

  42. visiizo rhakho

    John has got a reason to come back so the movie must continue . It will be in complete if John and Sarah will not meet again.

  43. atena

    I love this movie please make part2

  44. Jim

    I love this movie as well we need part 2

  45. calebhoskins741

    i am number four was really good and i want to see the 2 one so i think they should make a 2 one

  46. Fang

    Well, hello?
    WHERE IS “I am number 4” PART 2?!
    I’ve been waiting for a century. AND OH MY GOD, This movie is so DAMN good.
    I need it badly!
    A lot of fan has been waiting for this movie and my Step Baby can’t even blink!
    So, please please please release it.
    I am Indonesian, And I am all out of movie.
    I’ve been watching this movie over n over.
    I even imagine that I am the number also.
    So, I beg u Mr. Michael Bay, Alfred Gough, Marti Noxon, Miles Millar.
    Bring it up.

  47. Juan

    They should really come out with a second one I loved the first one

  48. Al

    I’m an old man and I loved this movie. A part 2 would be great and a movie centered on Number 6 would be fantastic.

  49. Chloe

    I enjoyed “I am number” so much and I really hope that there is a part two !!! It needs to be published !!

  50. Laszlo

    Film i am number four is echt super wij kijken uit naar deel 2,3,4,5 en 6

  51. Sariah

    I really think making a sequel to this amazing would benifit everyone alot of people have watched and want another you gave time for everyone to see and now you can make a huge profit off of this it saddens me to know you are ify about making another one you should definently go threw with it.please please please do

  52. Tory

    I am a really big fan if this movie, and was really looking forward to the next movie which have been frozen at this time.
    I hope they get the work up and running again. For everybodys sake.
    It kind of ended on a cliffhanger too which is really tearing me up knowing that the secnd one never came out. Please make the second movie. Please please pleaseeeee <3

  53. Oscar Hernandez

    There should be a part 2 of I am number four ! Id like to see i am number four 2

  54. ermelinda

    i think that the producers shouldn’t have to wait for us to raise our voices to say weather there should be a second one or not .i personally loved the first one so they should just finish them without a freeze in it just go for it there are several billions of people in the world so its not like they should worry about making enough money or whatever their deal is …. JUST DO IT =)

  55. Riwas rana

    I am w8ing part 2 of i am number four.

  56. poland

    POLAND wait to the next movie. PLEASE !!!!!!!!

  57. nzanthung

    I am number 4 part 2 would be really awesome

  58. Hollee

    Huge fan please hurry with number 2 no debates about it give the pubic what it likes xxxx

  59. stacey

    I love watchin i am number four but really wanna see the next one please u have to start fliming i wanna see what happens i am a huge fan please make part 2

  60. Umer

    Waiting for second part of ” I m no 4″ …….. guuuuuud movie

  61. huu nguyen

    Movie was great. Most movies end without the need of a sequel because we see the final outcome, this one just stopped half way through the movie. That is just plain cruel… Number 2 plzzz

  62. Benedikta Louise

    I love ” I’m number 4 ” movie !! Please make part 2 !! 😀

    Big Fan from Norway !!

  63. sorta the same

    I thought I was watching myself I have powers the email is a fake so do nottry to trace it Just wanted you to know that we are real…..

  64. stanley

    plz make itz 2 part

  65. iulia

    I NEEED TO SEE THE SE1COND MOVIE!! the first one was amazing and i just hope that there will be a second one SOON!!! Also, it isn’t faire to leave us hanging like that. There has to be a second one!

  66. Emilie

    please make a 2 movie, it cant just end like that

  67. Alex_g

    I’m Alex_g… I’m good on games and finding good movies/films. And this movie is so amazing! that I just have to see it one more time today. well u opened this site to get your fans to type that they want a secound part. LISTEN TO WHAT THEIR SAYING!!! WE WANTS TO SEE “I am Number Four 2” so for f*ck sake make it happen! it better be soon >-;..;-<
    Who Is With Me??!!

  68. Midknight


  69. coley ray

    there should be a second movie i loved the first and they left us hanging i need to see the rest!

  70. andreas

    It was a great movie, please make number two !

  71. Gaurav vyas

    Hi, am a fan and I really enjoyed the film I am number 4 and I hope to have the chance to watch the second part as I have already read the book and it was incredible!

  72. Aizron Annadass

    The movie is awesome there should be a second part of it.
    It was a great film and hope the second part will be too.

  73. jordan

    they should definitely make a second one the first one was amazing and they can’t just leave it off how they did that would be stupid if they do that why did they even make the first one just to piss u off

  74. jp

    Hurry up and make the move……

  75. Michelle

    Please start the production of I’m number 4 2 soon… We are lolling so much forward to this movie!

  76. deepak

    plz make another part

  77. Denny Hsu

    I just watched the movie again. I was already waiting for the second movie right after the first time I watched the movie. Really hope it will be happening soon in the future..

  78. J S Holcomb

    As good as the first movie was written, directed and produced, there has to be a sequel to fill in all the gaps left to our imagination. I sincerely hope the 2nd production can find it’s way back on track to entertain us, yet, once again!

    Good luck & God’s Speed.

    J S Holcomb

  79. Anna

    They sould make another one the first one was awesome!!!!

  80. Ankush

    I eagerly wanted to see the next part of this !!! Awesome movie !!!

  81. Carlos Moreira


  82. MOG Defector

    Honestly after seeing I am Number 4 the movie I had to go back and read the book. I am through the fall of 5 and I think they need to start fresh and get the powers of John and Seven correct. Along worth the story line. I thought the movie was great until I read the books and they totally screwed up the movie.

  83. cameron

    F*ck yea I want all of them feed me my dr*g! Sorry folks but you have seen I am number four you will understand why I call it a dr*g!

  84. Sriraj Menon

    Watched the film “I am number four”, luvd it, please really wanna see the sequel very badly….

  85. Jerry Koszut

    This was an excellent and very enjoyable film even for a 70 year old Science Fiction nut like me!

  86. Abraham

    They should make a second movie.The first movie was and still is amazing. The ending of “I am number four” looks like the second movie is going be to more amazing. At the end of the movie, I was like “I can’t wait til next movie is out, I bet its going to be even better”

  87. man

    Keep going!! I like this movie so so much.
    Please release it as fast as possible!!!
    I do want to watch!

  88. Anson

    They should make the second movie because I am No. 4 is incredibly awesome and fantastic. There should be no reason for postpone the date of production of the second film since the result of box office is quite well!! Already 3 years, film writer pls continue the second film

  89. Bakhtawar

    There should be another part of I AM NUMBER FOUR this movie is awsome and are not going to continue filming the second part then you are an idiot

    • sayan

      really i am number four was great movie

  90. sayan

    there should be another part of I AM NUMBER FOUR this movie was great and awsome if they are not going to continue they r bull sh*t

  91. vishal

    Part 2 of the movie must be released part 1 is really awesome, action, science fiction movie it’s really really awesome they must release part 2 of the movie “I Am Number Four”

  92. aks

    Hey come on plzzzz….. make the second part
    i can’t wait

  93. Cassandra

    Love part 1 so much i am watching it again pls release a part two im begging. Thought twilight was the best but i am in love with this show

  94. Zero

    I would love to see a second part to I AM NUMBER FOUR. Was a great movie hope to see a second part soon.

  95. Priju Gopi

    Please please PLEASE part 2 man PLEASE

  96. Haffiz Ating

    There should be a part two :(((

  97. tashi washi

    i love i am number four and you should really make part 2 i have read books 1,2,3 and should get a move on there are more movies to make so hurry up because i hate waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Staci Thompson

    My family and I would love to see, ” I am Number 4, 2; Van Helsing 2.

  99. Anonymous

    Please, please make the next movie.

  100. Julia

    Pleas make a sequel of “I Am Number Four” I really love the movie, and the actors is great. Also the story of the movie, I COULDN’T GET ENOUGH!!!!! I seach for a number two movie, right after I saw it! Please make a sequel….

    • Shubham Singh

      Plzzzzzzz Make The 2nd Part Of This Awesome Movie As Soon As Possible Becoz Its Like Twilight… I LOVE This Movie… And I Want 2 Know Whether John Will Meet Her Girlfriend Again Or Not… Plzz…

  101. janesha

    The movie was awesome (One of the best i watched) pls release the part 2 soon because we are waiting for more than 2yrs to see what happens next. thanx

  102. alex paul

    I realy enjoyed the filim I am no 4 …… I had read what the critics said abt the filim …… these peole can only criticize and will do nothin … I hope I will be able to see its second part …..

  103. rodz

    Please can u continue the movie I am number four.. or the golden compas.

  104. Suzan from Amsterdam

    Plz let there be sequel of the movie. I’ve enjoyed the movie so much.

  105. mine

    PLS have seen this movie over 100 times and i love this movie make mvie number 2

  106. Betty boop

    Make a part 2 to I am number 4 …shit , it’s not bout wut the movie people like.. It’s about wut we the fans LOVE.. AND WE LOVE I AM NUMBER 4 part 1…now itz 2014 we ready for part 2 ,,, so get too it………….

  107. An-M

    Ooooppp Part 1 Is Very Nice.And We All Friends Need Part 2 Plzzzzzzz Do Fast To Make We And This Guys Is Waiting For Part 2 Plzzzzzz Do Fast………………

  108. eleannna

    they have to make the second movie, they can’t dump us like this

  109. Adam O'Hare

    the first one was boss they should make a 2nd one

  110. Jess007

    The first one was amazing ! They have to make a 2nd movie ! They don’t look what fans want . ( I’m sorry if I have did faults.. I speak french ) I waiting , I want this movie .

  111. Aryen

    I am enjoying the first part of movie please release the second part

  112. Royston fernandes

    Waiting for the second part 2 release…..

  113. shadow

    Pleas make a sequel of “I Am Number Four” I really love the movie, and the actors is great. Also the story of the movie, I COULDN’T GET ENOUGH!!!!! I search for a number two movie, right after I saw it! Please make a sequel…

  114. sagar singha roy

    Plz Plz Plz we desperately need its second pary.. can’t wait any longer… Plz don’t make it more hard for us keeping us waiting for so long time… You really should make the movie… We all think its high time now… Plz Plz Plz make it fast… 🙂

  115. indonesia

    Indonesia want “i am no four” part II.please make the movie

  116. cis

    Everyone in our family is hoping the make part two and three. What a shame its not even made yet! Come on people!

  117. DJ Joey G

    Looks like you don’t like to make money???!!!??
    Big fan base = Big money not to mention all ths DVD sales!

  118. Sara

    oh my gosh, i just saw the first movie and i fell in love with it. they must make the second movie fast, there will be a lot of viewers!!! This movie is extremely touching! please make the second part, i will buy it if i need to!!!!

  119. dillion

    I want to say to producer that the movie is so good and I like the supernatural movie’s and last but not the least I say that you have to make part 2 of film I am number four and I want to see that the hero will meet that girl

  120. augus

    i am number four was a wonderful movie and i expect its 2nd part

  121. Arline

    I say they should put i am number four two, when the first one came out i swear i was the first one in line for the first showing in my city, so i say please continue

  122. Pankaj Aggarwal

    I am number four is a very good movie with a good story so you should complete this story
    as soon as possible for the fans .

  123. Sheena

    My son and I really enjoy I am number four. May you please bring out a I am number four two. Watching I am number four left me wanting to see more of the story.

  124. Crystal

    i wish they would just release I am Number four part 2 cause me an my family loved part one an can’t wait to see what happens ………………..

  125. Rahul

    It was really a very good time seeing the fab movie I am number four…………..really wish to have another one as soon as possible…………..too much excited to see wt is going to happen next…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. prince sohag

    me nd my friend want to see i m number four 2 in 3D

  127. Billy Hallaert

    I am a fan of this movie and I would like to sit down and enjoy the second part to it because the first movie was pretty wild and amazing so if I had to vote I would say out of 10 it would be a million out of ten. Like look at these comments and realize that there should be a second part to this movie please please please make another one, bye.

  128. leah

    My whole fmikt loved tge novie really hope to see a aecond..and cant wait to statt the biiks

  129. Dewayne Watson

    Loved part 1 so It’s gots to be a part 2 can’t just let the movie end like that without a second part and finding the others I really am waiting on a part 2 just as good as the first one!!!!!

  130. Jonty

    plz make the part 2 …it will awsm

  131. Simone

    It would be stupid not to make a part 2, a part of the while story is missing. The film is made for a part two… Give it to us!!!

    • suraj

      simone is right

  132. suraj

    continue the movie please

  133. hannah

    you should make a part 2 da movie because at the end he said he will see her again n i wanta see if he goes backs to see her again n goes n finds wat happends to the others so there she be a part 2. n i wanta see if they have kids too

  134. Irene Bate

    There defo should b a second sequal..its a fab film and im a film junky, aswell as same actors there all good..I would be disappointed if there wasnt a number two? 🙁 x

  135. subhadip

    there should be two or three sequel because they should meet again & have to find others & wanna see some more action, the ending didn’t satisfy me i want more , i want to see all their powers

    plz release the sequel

  136. sohail

    You guys definitely go for the second part…We are so awaiting.

  137. Ninja

    “I am number four ” is an amazing movie, we’re looking forward of the next episode …!!

  138. majken

    I hope the next movie will soon be there..
    Because the first one was totally awesome..
    Please be there soon

  139. Helle nielsen

    I am number Four.
    Please me, my girlfriend and our friends and family.
    We all loved the Movie and we are hoping and looking forward to Movie number to in the serie.
    The Movie is totally awesome and the special effects are forreal and crazy.

    Please make the secondat Movie

    Love from Denmark

  140. Leon john

    I am number four was full of excitement! Encore for I am number four 2 has to be a go!

  141. Marianne Henriksen

    We love the movie I am number Four, and we are still waiting for number Two to come, the movie is so great we’ve seen it soo many times. Please make the next one also.
    Love from Denmark.

  142. Merouane

    je veut la 2éme party de i am number four 2

  143. Idrissa

    i am number four should have a part two, part one really left you wanting more and wondering whats next! it was very exciting and interesting. who wouldn’t want to see what the other numbers have to show us viewers!!!

  144. Anne

    Make the other books into movies. We loved the first and the actors playing. Please

  145. Harry

    Please continue this awesome Movie !!!

  146. cristian

    I love this film, i love you make im number four 2!!

  147. Deny

    I hope the ‘I am numder four’ coming back with a scecond movie.

  148. Tim

    I would be the first to go watch it and buy it off of i-tunes. all i can say is wow. everything from the actors to the fine detail was great. please make another and keep the same actors!

  149. chaithanya

    i am eagerly waiting to watch the sequels of I AM NUMBER FOUR . when were you going to release those……

  150. Cindy

    Please bring on the sequels to I Am Number 4!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. akash

    i would say just continue second cuz the first one was such a fit and i wouldn’t say i liked it but i would say i loved it it had a very interesting story with a great effects. I just say make it and surprise us like you did in the first movie.

  152. Leon Guerino

    Tiene que ser una broma, CLARO QUE DEBEN PRODUCIR LA SEGUNDA PARTE DE ESTA PELICULA, es muy buena y ademas, quedo continuada, no es justo dejarnos a los fanaticos a medias y con las ganas de disfrutar de otra muy buena pelicula, YO les brindo mi apoyo!

  153. ana

    Por favor pesso que fação a segunda parte do filme porque eu adorei a primeira parte e penso que todas as outras pessoas que escreveram tanbem adoraram e eu vou continuar a es crever enquanto nao publicarem o filme nos cinemas.

  154. jacara

    I loved the movie….man when is the second one coming out and how can i get to a casting call…

  155. Drise of Six

    I have read all the books and there should definitely be another movie made or at least a tv series. So much great material to use! Can’t wait for the next book to come out in 2 weeks!

  156. Oscar

    Pls make part 2 i have watcht this movie like 20 Times and every time i watch it i feel like something new happens that i havent seen before i love it!! I would say that this movi is better Tham any other movie, spider man, Harry Potter you name it. I have been wating for second movie sooooo mutch!!

    Sorry aboute all the words i spelld wrong
    From Sweden

  157. xiana allison

    i really hope that theres going to be a second one, the first one was really good!

  158. Kacy

    I am eagerly waiting for the sequel of i am number 4.
    probably it would be “The power of six” or “The Fall of Five”.
    ..I am very curious..!

  159. Erasmia

    The movie ”I’m Number Four” was amazing.The actors were perfect and there was real chemistry between John and Sarah.Millions of fans are waiting for the second part and so do I.
    I don’t know what happened but someone needs to get this movie done because it is the kind of the movie that a fan would watch again and again and again without even getting bored!!!

  160. Deborah

    We need part 2,then 3 and so on. dont like to start some thing and then just quit. Its a great movie.

  161. takisha Lambert

    What’s up with the second one I’ve been waiting what feels like forever what’s going on man…

  162. ck

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  163. Vijay

    So said to hear this

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    The second part needs to be published. I am number four was the very first action movie I actually enjoyed. I have been patiently waiting for the second. Please, please, please continue making the film!!

  165. Peter

    Come one make the “I Am Number Four 2”.

  166. Mike

    Please go ahead, come on, make second part of this. The original Im number 4 movie was really cool…

  167. Hannah

    We need a second one!

  168. Four

    Tbh the movie sort of s*cked I wish they don’t make another one.
    But the book is really good

  169. wafa

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  170. Denise

    There should be a Part 2. The first one ended with the knowledge that there would be a part 2. So much more to be told. Part 1 very good movie

  171. Aaron Collins

    Many have asked for the sequel so I will add my own. For the love of God please make part two. Thank you.

  172. silje

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  173. jamall21

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  174. rajiv

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  175. Prikshit Maurya

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  176. mary

    I have been waiting for the next part off the movie .I loved the first one” I am number four”.I love watching movies I also collect them only if the movie is good ,and this one is .I shore hope you make more of this one .

  177. nath

    there should be a sequel to I am number four this leaves you restless cause on how the first movie ends

  178. Sid

    There should reallllly be another one 😀 that girl number 5 is reallly cutei enjoyed the movie and have seen it like almost a thousands of times 🙂

    • Savannah

      You mean number six

  179. Wendy

    Please make another movie… only this time follow the books closer … please.. the stories are cut too short in the one movie… not enough back ground or details like the books… would be better if there were more to it


  180. shakes

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  181. Christian

    Number 4 was a very good film and so interesting so i hope there Will comeback a number 2 to the film

  182. Savannah

    The movie was soooooooooooo good! They did miss out a lot of things from the book though which kinda let the movie down. But they can’t just leave the first movie with that ending, they need to finish the WHOLE movie to the end SPOILER ALERT even when eight dies, and all that 🙂

  183. Huzefa

    first part is awesome. What are you waiting for man? Release the second part. I hope it will be more fantastic than this one. 😉

  184. Huzefa

    First part is awesome. What are you waiting for man? Release the second part, fans are waiting. I hope it will be more fantastic than this one. 😉

  185. barbara

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  186. leonardo

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    please … I beg you …

  187. RSM

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  188. tayler

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  189. Trinzuke88

    I wats the movie it was so cool and i waiting for thr the next part 🙂

  190. Molly Simpson

    make another bloody movie dude, this is one of the best movies and you can’t end it like that! you can watch it a million times and it still doesn’t get old! you need to make more! unfreeze it please!

  191. Rebekka

    The problem why it’s frozen doesn’t really come clear to me. please unfreeze it, it has been frozen for far too long and me and probably a lot of others are desperate after a new movie.

  192. Linda

    Please do…..we are waiting too long !!!

  193. i am number

    I am Number 4 fan
    i watched i am number four more then 15 times and i still love it i hope there will be a i am number four 2 many people would be very happy… If their not making a second moive, what was the point making a frist .. It’s bein long to waite ..

  194. Rajnikant

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  195. Tanda

    My family and I really enjoy watching this movie as often as we can and we would really love it if there were more! Please continue with the next one!

  196. Nick

    I am number four is my number one favorite science fiction movie! Please, please finish the story! It’s better than the majority of all these super hero movies that keep coming out. It’s original and has everything I like to see in a movie. From good action and awesome special effects to a good romance angle and an out of the box story line. Plus I think every one loves the idea of having super powers. Number six is an awesome character and the way her and number four fight together and how there powers work together is so cool. I really need to see the way the rest of them work together and what the rest of them can do. Plus Teresa Palmer and Dianna Agron are so hot!! Please bring Dianna Agron back in the next movie. There love is forever you know. lol Just please finish the story!

  197. Emilio


    Please, We’re expecting about a second part of this great movie. I don’t understand why can’t do that. A lot of people are interesting in the second part.


  198. Hacam

    The first movie was very good. I don’t know why they wouldn’t make a sequel, with a story like that how could you mess it up. It basically writes itself

  199. santhosh

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  200. Fan

    please make a second I Am Number Four!!!!

  201. Joe

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  202. Harry.caff***

    I want there to be a second movie because I really want to know what happens

  203. Sarah

    I’ve loved all the books and me and my kids just watched the movie again tonight. Wish they’d continue with The Power of Six! Its a great series!!

  204. Sakthivel

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  205. ashish

    I loved the film and the characters in it so i wanted that there should be the next part too

  206. glen

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  207. Brandon

    I just watched the first movie and it was really great. Could easily become another mini series or bring out the second film.

  208. Simone Green

    I am a 46 year old mother of three, and I have re-watched this movie at least 5 times. I can not understand why there has not been a part 2!!!!!!
    This movie was great!

  209. Ben Baggley

    Best movie ever please make a second one I really want a second movie

  210. Angela forester

    I think this was entertaining, has action, love, and the knowledge of knowing. Myself and by the comments I have read give us, the people what we would like to see. Thank you

  211. Jake rothman

    make another one

  212. Demi

    I would go see the second film

  213. Michael

    Please make the sequel to this movie I must see it!!!

  214. Kuekuatshue Kupa

    Producing, shooting, filming
    Yeah go for it, do it
    But this time it should be called
    ‘I’m still number 4’ or should it be ‘My name is John’
    Any open suggestions?

    • Kuekuatshue Kupa

      We’d never know if its going to happen.
      How ever the books are better

  215. Edward

    First movie was awesome, please continue with the second movie, to good a story to let end this way.

  216. christian

    I’ve grown to LOVE I Am Number 4 and the the power of 6 the rise of 9 the fall of 5 I LOVE them read them in school everyday my one and only wish is for them to make movies catching up with the books PLEASE I’d pray I’d do anything to see my favorite book series come to life again

  217. tyler

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  218. Adam Silver

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  219. Jared

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  220. trevor

    whats de hold up.u cnt leave us hanging lyk that

  221. Dirga Agustiawan

    I hope general I am number Four 2 earning release, and comment me here because me very is movies I am number four
    hopefully general I motion Movies I am number four 2 earning release 2015
    From: Dirga Agustiawan, Indonesia

  222. baker girl

    I am enjoying the books right now and even though I Am Number Four was somewhat disappointing compared to the book, I believe the series should continue in the movies! I think they are very well written even though I’ve read that the author has younger children writing the novels (don’t know if that’s a fact!). I think this series could rival the Twilight Series, Catching Fire, Divergent, etc. Why not? It’s a great story and has its differences that make it worthy of the film! Please make another one – next one titled “The Power of Six.” And you may have to make it a two parter because it has a lot of good stuff that should not be left out like was done with I Am Number Four. 🙂 The viewers should have a say!

  223. george

    The first movie was really good…the left us with a lot of unanswered questions I feel that the second movie will be even bigger and better than the first on (I hope)

  224. Josh

    You need to make the second movie. I love the first one. I want to know what happens next.

  225. Kj

    I like this movie and was looking forward for I’m number four 2 please release the froze and continue the movie

  226. cissy


  227. Michelle

    PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL TO, I AM NUMBER FOUR. It’s absoutly a “awesome” Movie and one of my Favorites. IT”S LONG OVERDUE…. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????

  228. Tisha

    There is absolutely have to be a sequel to I am number four…

  229. Barbara maria

    Should be another movie, firt one was totally awesome !

  230. Jerell Alex Taylor

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  232. Sandra Olsson Stjerneus

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  233. Desiree Jimenez

    There really should be a part 2, ending part 1 with a continuing image of something to expect in the future is really over whelming. Please what ever the problem may be, reconsider. But even then who knows maybe you all are planning something much more extraordinary.

  234. Nick

    please make a part two it was a awesome movie I keep watching because I want to see a part two

  235. Gloria Rosado

    If you wasn’t planning on making another movie or even listen to our request then you should of had a better ending or a better name for the movie. I LOVED this movie very much and I’m upset that part 2 is not even in the future plans..

  236. Tonya

    Still waiting for the sequel!!

  237. Gerardo morales

    People have been wanting to see another part to this amazing movie since 2013, I think after all these years, even though its been three year I feel like you guys should make at least one last amazing movie about I am number four.

  238. Jacob Keith

    Why do film and TV makers do this to us fans? By leaving us hanging in the wind. Please bring ups part #2!!! I totally agree with everyone. What are y’all waiting on?

  239. Stacey

    Still awaiting i am number 4. My kids loved it and i think if you start a movie with an ending like that. The producers owe it to the fans to finish what they started. Too many films are ending this way and not being finished. Movie world start thinking about your fans again.

  240. Bobby

    Y’all Ned to finish I am number four part 2. I loved the first one.

  241. Alicia

    Yes continue it. There is so much that was left open at the end of the movie. I’d like to see what happens next. Please with a cherry on top

  242. Dee

    Make another one!

  243. xxx

    i’m tired of waiting. i want to watch the nex part

  244. Steve

    Hurry up its been 4 years already!!!! Such a good movie

  245. Diego

    Andy your spot on my friend , i felt the same way about this film…so please make part 2 please!!

  246. Lily

    Could you make another one cause i like this movie is really good , so i want to see the next one and not just me everybody want to see it too we all waiting for it .

  247. Dickson

    Ive watched this movie 20 or so times loved it we need to see the rest of the story would be a shame not to finish the series

  248. Greg Sutherland

    It’s a very good movie

  249. Maayan

    Please make a 2nd and soon couse it’s 2015 and still there’s no new one I’m waiting and I need to see it continue

  250. Carol Williams

    This was a very good movie, A part 2 is needed don’t leave us wounding a the dad if his son finds him! 3/24/2015. I like the first one so much that I had to look this up to see if their was a part 2 so please don’t leave your fans hanging!

  251. Andrew Grieve

    Please make the sequel!

  252. Bonbon

    Please make a second movie, I’ve noticed that the next book is called ‘The Power of Six.’ I’d really love to see if he can truly save his “Home” which is Earth. <3

  253. big fan

    there has to be another movie!!! that series is to good not to make movies out of!!!

  254. rafy alam

    Iam number 4 2 must be come in cinemas soon

  255. Alice

    Never start a movie from a series if you ‘re not commited on making the rest.
    Make the god damn sequel already!!!

  256. Carrie Hendrickson

    Now it’s a little to late to make the sequel. The main actor is to old and all the other actors are busy with their own lives. The first one was great and I do hope that there is another one.

  257. laura

    I liked the movie, please continue with the second part

  258. Marie

    I NEED A NUBMER 2 OF THE MOVIE!! the movie is ending in a sad way and i want a movie 2!:(

  259. dylan

    U guy got to make another one of the movies I am number four 2 asap it is about the coolest movie

  260. Monica

    The first part of I am number four was soo good they would be stupid to not make a part 2 . please consider it, look at how many people alone on this site loved the movie ,do yourself a favor it would be a big hit so come on now. Make a part 2 please!!!!!!

  261. Nancy

    I may be older,but we all loved the first one. We’re all hoping for a second one. It will be a hit. Please consider it.

  262. RosieRosie

    Just watched I Am Number Four. What a great movie. The acting was first rate, the production values were very good and the storyline was solid with no glaring holes. Now, want to see the sequel and hope it goes into production verty soon.

  263. Ana Victoria

    Please please please make I am number 4 2!!!! I know they will cause they have to find Sams father. Please make it soon!!!

  264. Reo Spicer

    The movie i am Number four was outstanding I cannot understand why you have not already made I am Number Four part 2 so I hope with all my being that you will make I am Number four part 2 without any more delay…. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE US HANGING!!!!!!!

  265. Clement

    Please make I am number four part 2 movie. I want to know how they find Sam’s father. And I want to know how they find the others. I believe it release on this year 2015. Please don’t leave us hanging! PLEASE MAKE PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  266. t.c.

    Please come out with with the second part I’m waiting

  267. nick

    They say they didn’t make enough money. No wonder. They leave us hanging waiting to see the next movie. All of these people that make movies based of of a series and only make the 1st movie. Your all freaking stupid I have been waiting since I am number four came out to see the next one but nooo u all just think because u do not have enough money that you have to cancelled the whole production. Well screw you people

  268. vishal

    it is very good movie you should make a 2nd part. because part 1 was amazing

  269. Seth

    Found I am 4 to be great work from beginning to the ending but a part two needs to be done from the actors to the music used all was great don’t hesitate and finish it with another great piece of work…

  270. branston waller

    I need to see I am number four two you can’t just leave it alone after the first one I love that movie and it’s been to long please continue with the next one ill be waiting just don’t take to long.

  271. mo

    this movie was brilliant there better be a 2 cant wait

  272. Tina

    PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER!!! I am in love with the first movie! You can’t just leave the viewers hanging!

  273. Bryan

    Please progress the series on the BIG SCREEN. I Promise it will do well. I’ve read all the books in the series thus far and know the first one didn’t do all that well. But I feel like more people are aware now after seeing the first one, what kind of depth and story the series really has. I love the movie and the books. After watching the movie I bought the books and read on. They all were better then the previous making you burn the pages. Now I’m waiting for the next book after the Revenge of seven or the next movie to come….. MAKE THESE MOVIES!!

  274. jon

    A second (or however many books there are) movie would be good as it will bring closure to the series. The first had a good story and idea but I felt it dragged. The main subject of the story was ignored for a good portion of the film. Example: Number 6 came on screen towards the beginning and seemed as if she didn’t come on until the very end. There was not much time spent informing the audience of what exactly He is (other than an alien), who the other numbers are, or creating a type of suspense that builds as we find out more of his story or what exactly the villains are doing. Basically, it just felt like a long wait until the last fight scene.

  275. Rathor

    Please….please…please…make d second part.First part is just awesome and fabulous……please get us d second part as soon as possible.

  276. Josh

    I have read all the books which were simply amazing and saw the first movie which I own. I am dying to see a second one and I wish y’all would make a few movies cause they are awesome, so please listen to your avid fans and give us what we desire more than anything else cause I know we would be grateful

  277. Chad d

    Still waiting for the sequel!! First one was bad *ss!!

  278. Todd

    Loved the first movie, let’s get the sequel going!

  279. Lizbeth

    Still waiting ….

  280. Larry Porter

    Please product the sequel (or 2) to “I am Number 4”. The original had an unique plot. The sequel could continue the concept without duplicating the original.

  281. Diane

    I loved the first film, “I AM NUMBER FOUR”. Please make the sequel! Your fans are dying for the next one. Please unfreeze it, please!

  282. Dwayne

    I would love a 2nd film, I count the days till the new books are out and want to do the same with the movies. PLEASE make another film.

  283. Zach

    U need to make a second one, I hate it when there’s a series and they never finish the series, please finish it.

  284. Carel

    You guys seriously have to bring out a second part it would be dissapointing if not cause the first part they said they need to find the others etc… im guessing that would be a intresting part?

  285. lokesh

    That movie is freaking awesome. 🙂 definitely need of a sequel

  286. jbillz

    Come one make number 2.

  287. Lilian

    I just say ” I Am Number Four 2″ Where are U
    Still waiting

  288. jaso

    Come on guys give us what we want lol

  289. Robin

    Yes, would like to see I am number four two, however if you wait to long, the original actor’s provably will not be available. That may have been the case already.

  290. jayon blakey

    They should make another one because the first one end wrong

  291. molls

    When is the damn sequel?!

  292. bob doza

    plz do the second part

  293. Stevi greene

    Please please make I’m 4 2!!! This movie is amazing! I’m so sad to not be able to jump right to the next movie

  294. caassy

    please please make a sequel! i think it would do good. everyone i know likes it.

  295. ovicky

    U guys are f*cking up 4 not continuing

  296. Logan

    I feel as though that the next movie is mandatory due to the end of the first one was a pure cliff hanger and I as a viewer believe that I deserve a resolution to the issue.

  297. Tess Deitz

    Please make a second one! I love the first one and will be incredibly upset if you don’t film a second one. Please continue the series.

  298. Robin

    This movie was awesome!!! I believe it shows that good wins over evil no matter the odds. For all of us that would have no other outcome their should be a 2nd movie seriously!!!!
    I love that it had an animal fighting for us too!!! Truly believe when the real battle comes to pass all animals will be on the good side and willing to give their lives just as I am!

  299. ayush

    I m waiting fr its second part….. I hope u’ll proceed this movie furthur..

  300. Cyviel Boxley

    Hi my name is Cyviel and I would love to see I am number 4 part 2 please finish it I’m really excited. Thank you movie people.

  301. Justin

    Its been 4 years since the release of I am Number four now there are currently six books in the series and next year will be the release of the final book of the series I think the series is already wildly popular and it would be a great time to produce another movie I really wish this could happen I read all the books already cant wait for the movies I Love the series by the way..

  302. Stev

    To release a movie that end with a following through that there will be a second part and leave fan out thinking there will be a second number 4 movie really hurt.

    The first movie was great we as fans won’t the movie to go no.

  303. Zak

    Have been waiting patiently for the second part of the I’m Number 4. It’s 2016 and still have not had any update. I felt bored today and had to watch and look at me now, so excited, so i had to google up to see if the other part had been released. aha NOPE!!.. please we edge the directors of these movie to reconsider our petition as we the fans are in some kinda suspense.

  304. Kat

    It should be a trilogy just like the books.. !

  305. Organicinclovis

    First one left us hanging. Need 2nd one.

  306. steven schneider

    I agree. The book series is quite good and I really like the move. Please give us a second movie.

  307. Bubba

    I would love to see “I Am Number Four” in a series, The Movie has it all.

  308. Orlando orta

    We need to continue to make I’m number four

  309. Jerry

    Yes need another one I was left hanging want to no if the other three gets together with the two now

  310. Rick

    Still waiting….

  311. Mitzi Ramirez

    I really hope theirs another movie I really love this movie me and my friend hope theirs another movie

  312. danny

    i think they should continue with the second film, the first one was brilliant

  313. daniel

    I think there should be the second part of it
    As i enjoyed it with my college friends was
    fun to see it

  314. jerry

    I just watched “I am number four” for the fifth time!!! I am 72 yr. and can’t wait for #2 to come out, let get’s going, there are a lot more of us out here that want it!!!!

  315. Ada

    Please make a I am number four movie, I loved the First one, and Alex Pettyfir and all the originals in it, I’ll be waiting.

  316. CHRIS


  317. Georgie

    I.would like to see return the I’m number four 2, I’m number four,was excellent,please come back with the 2nd I’m number four 2

  318. Elvin

    I’m number four movie is one of my favorite movies all time,please make the second one!!!

  319. Rick Leary

    PLEASEEE!!!!! Make I Am Number Four 2! I bought the DVD, downloaded it to my computer, laptop and iPad, and I must watch it at least once a month. You need to finish the story. Remember…we ( the viewers and public) have your money in our pockets!! Make the sequel, you won’t regret it!!

  320. mathew


  321. Yoyi

    Waiting for sequel

  322. Jonathan

    I think now would be the best time for the producers to make the power of six the sequel to I am number 4. I’ve read all the books and the smae with 20 other kids in my school and that is Sabina a lot because we only have 47 kids. I also watched the movie now I am said to know that the power of six might not be coming out. If the producer did make this it would make my life a lot more happyer bowing I fifiled my dream to see the power of six. Please reconsider.

  323. Jennifer

    Please make another!!! My daughter is now reading the books and would love to see a part 2.

  324. Sham

    Part one was great, it would suck if u didn’t make a part 2

  325. Rich

    I’d love to see a part 2 with the original cast members. They all worked well together. Hopping for a part 2 soon.

  326. Aniket

    i love the first part of movie
    so,please,please make the second part of the film

  327. Denny

    Need the sequel please release

  328. Jessica

    U have to make a part 2. I have just watched the movie and I’m obsessed!! Please make another half. You can’t just leave me hanging after tht lol

  329. nikki shelton

    Come on with part 2

  330. Al

    I’m 63 years old and I’d like to see the rest of the series on film before I meet my maker!

  331. Brian

    My family has watched many times! Really want to see a sequel!!!!

  332. Jeri

    Please make sequels! !!!!!!

  333. Cleatus

    They should make a second one because even though we couldn’t quite understand the main idea it was still awesome . I really enjoyed the movie so much I keep checking my birth mark to see if I had the symbol. Please make another one for children under tens sake. Do it for the fans whhoooooo

  334. Kelsey

    Make another one

  335. Jarren

    I am reading the power of six the book and almost finished. I strongly believe there should be a sequel and more the first book and movie was so fantastic. Reading the second book makes me eagerly,desperately,just droolin at da mouth wantin to see how great these great movie directors are going to make the sequel like the book. Hell just be lucky I don’t have the money to fund the movie I’d direct it myself from what I’ve read in the book and know of the first movie. Please do us this solid and bring us this greatly anticipated sequel so it can make us happy and make you look good haha.

  336. Kristiana

    please make the sequel it’s 2016 and I’m still waiting :/

  337. Rev. Linda Oglesby

    Love the movie, really would like to see a sequel.

  338. iesha khan

    yes please bring i am number four 2 out

  339. AsHini GoGoi

    Mind blowing film…..much more exited to see I am number four 2 ; please bring it out

  340. mikki covert

    I am number four the movie, was a good one.It needs a sequel to good to leave us like that. Please give us what we are begging you for. MORE,MORE,MORE

  341. Zilis

    …….. How you gana end it in a cliffhanger and not make the next chapter

  342. trae

    So many trash movies get sequels why are they still debuting on this we need a sequel to I Am Number Four it’s a great movie

  343. izzy

    I loved the movie wish there is a iam number four part 2

  344. Alison

    I am no 4 was really good viewing I would a second film.x

  345. Tyler

    I cant wait to see the next chapter of this movie because it NEEDS to be made. It has been long enough of a wait, time for more.

  346. Shredd

    I vote for a second movie, the first one was awesome and set the sequel up to even better. I believe the producers would be very foolish to not to make the movie. Make the movie already!!

  347. number nine

    people… there are like 20 books in the series. so it would probably not be ” I am number four two” but ”the power of six” which is the second book. I encourage fans to try reading the books. hopefully the people behind the movies will relies how much fans want to see a number two..well I mean the second movie not number two who died. lol anyway peace out!

  348. Chad Hendrix

    Great Movie! Hope there will be some more movies made! Already disappointed they haven’t any sequels come out yet.

  349. Shubham Singh

    Flawsome… Plzzz Release Part 2nd As Soon As Possible…
    I Love This Movie 🙂

  350. hiren

    There should be another one as the first one was very good.
    Plzzz Release Part 2nd As Soon As Possible…
    I Love This Movie 🙂

  351. Billy number9

    Loved the first film and would definitely watch the second and third because this film needs to be made for the fans don’t leave us hanging

  352. tina maldonado

    I enjoyed the movie. Please make the next movie soon.

  353. Sherry

    Waiting…….for #2!!!!!

  354. kim

    It’s one of those movies that deserves a part 2

    • Julian

      I agree. Without a second one, that’s a crime right there!

  355. Daniel McLerran

    I would love to see a series that lasts for as long as it can !!!!

  356. Anne Merete Graversgaard Nielsen

    It is not fair to fans of the film not to make a sequel. We paid nicely to see the first movie, we knew that there were more books in the series, so we expected to see a movie with an ending, which was not in the first. You can not just make half a film, this can only be half a film when there is no ending to the movie, and then get 100 milion dollars in earnings on it, and then then just failing to make a sequel, it’s simply not okay to all the fans who paid to see the first, to just let them hang. There must be made a conclusion on the film and the series that everyone can be happy with.

  357. Summer Nettles

    Man! “I Am Number Four” was great! How can there not be. Sequel on the way? It was just on TNT 2 times in a row!

  358. Danielle

    The Number Four movie should be made into a revolutionary sequel, it was a really good and interesting movie and I would be excited to see a better version of part two looking for the others. Great actors as well…..

  359. Charles E. Malone.

    My wife and I just watched it. Loved it. Not many times we agree on something , but this we both agree, this movie was great and nice to have an action film the family can enjoy together. Looking forward to part two.

  360. Julian

    The movie was so good!!! There has to be a second one or else there will be serious problem. If a second movie was made, that will satisfy a whole lot of people. Not to mention all the profit the producer’s will make from all of the people buying the movie. Lots of money to be made… Lets get this movie going people!!!

  361. jeff

    I can’t believe you haven’t come out with the sequel to I am number four yet. The first one was great!

  362. Tiffani Meadows

    I am number for was a awesome movie, I couldn’t wait for part go whatever the hold up needs to hurry!!

  363. Pulkit Kashyap

    I am number four was a awesome movie,I can’t believe you haven’t come out with the sequel to I am number four yet.
    i think, this movie will be the best movie of the year

  364. moid

    I am the biggest fan of I am no four n eagerly waiting for next part

  365. scd

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  367. Daniel Maciolek

    I want to see the part two of I am number four

  368. jpa

    I am number four, great science fiction movie, fantastic action and thrilling storyline, the ending needs to be realized please continue this with the sequel, we need to see what happens next!

  369. Brennan

    We really want to see the sequel to I am Number 4. We watched it with our sons and we all really want to see the sequel!!!

    Please from Maryland USA

  370. KeDavid88

    Must have sequel

  371. Shriman gupta

    Please make a sequence part of it we are waiting curiously for it

  372. David Wolf

    Just watched I Am Number Four for the umpteenth time. PLEASE PLEASE KEEP THE SAME LAST 5 PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS AS THEY’VE AGED, AND MAKE THE SEQUEL NO. 2! I would pay cash money to see the sequel! Thank you on 5/17/2017, David Wolf, Cleveland, OH via New Orleans, LA …

  373. michelle sheley

    OK I need part 2 to be made so I can see it. I am ready to see what happens next…

  374. Brian

    I am ready to the next movie. Do not leave this great story untold!!!!
    I am prepared to be amazed!!!

  375. Melinda Kocsis

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  376. Joseph Rodriguez

    The story needs to continue!!!Please make sequel!!

  377. Vicky skold

    I liked the movie and want there to be a part 2 it is a very good movie and in part 2 if john goes back for the girl sarah and sam finds his father while they are on the trail to connect with the other 5

  378. Will Foreman

    Just make it into a tv series if you cannot make the sequels.

  379. Denise

    I second movie would be greatly appreciated.

  380. Derek sellers

    Loved the movie !! Please make a sequel!!
    Everyone will love it

  381. Freedom 2 Change

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  382. CL

    Yes, please do a sequel. The first movie was so very good. We would definitely watch another. Sad that this hasn’t happened yet.

  383. Pritam Roy

    loved this movie need sequel. plz plz plz make 2nd part and more parts of this movie. i am number four is great movie. all of the best……………….. plz make more parts…………………
    why box office not impressed from this movie. plz screenwriter MR. Marti Nixon make sequal, and director too……..the power of six and more. How can I help to make this movie. something is happned to me, i can not sleep after watching this movie…… movie’s climax was very sad. it is the reason.

  384. Wendy roth

    How can we get another movie ! Thought it was great! The ending left u open for a second movie

  385. Helen Abric

    Please my the sequel to this movie

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    want I am # 4 , 2nd , when is going to be out to watch?

  387. Martha

    I am number 4 was excellent.There needs to be a next one please..awesome movie

  388. Brian d

    Stuff like this is upsetting. Such a GREAT MOVIE AND IT JUST ENDS. IT HAS SOOOOO much promise.

  389. William Perper

    Really enjoyed number four,number 5 is hot, please make a sequel!!!

  390. jeremy

    please i am number 4 is a great movie and can be a aswume franchise if their are more movies to come

  391. Sophia

    Please make more i hate it when movies leave u off like that please make more i wanna know who they others are.

  392. danielle

    yes I believe u should make more of this movie just watched it and wanted to watch more of them to find out what happens please make more love to find out more
    I have been reading all these comments and see how many people want and love this movie I think the writers should listen to us fans and read our comments because this movie was great and if they make more I think they all would be great also please writer make more or at least make a part 2 to finish it off so we all know what happens thank u Danielle

  393. Emily Boccella

    I just watched this movie for the 10th time cause it is so good. Please make a second one. Everyone was left hanging after the first not knowing what happens!!! Please please

  394. Veronique Cosby

    they need to continue , it’s a good movie and they put enough junk on tv,it’s time to do better

  395. Thumper

    Number 4 was amazing. The studios should make the 2nd movie. The public is spending MILLIONS on the Marvel ™ movies.

    I didn’t read the book. But I can foresee numbers 4 & 6 tracking down number 5. Maybe number 5 is evil?!?!

  396. Prithwish

    Please make the second part first one was amazing

  397. JT

    It’s 2018, and I continue to watch the 1st over and over—I think a 2nd (and 3rd…) would be awesome, and do great theatrically, especially if marketed better. I heard the 1st was unofficially pushed as “a twilight for boys,” which was a mistake because: it was nothing like it, and so much better (personally, I think twilight mostly sucked—definitely no pun intended.) PLEASE CONTINUE ON WITH THIS GREAT SERIES!! Plus, can’t go wrong with Teresa Palmer. Just always remember, as Number Six said, “redbull is for pussies…”—WE NEED ‘THE POWER OF SIX’ AND MORE!!!

  398. Neal Stanton

    Please make more of the series I am Number 4

  399. Neal Stanton

    Please make more of the series I am Number 4

  400. Ken Hamilton

    Incredible writing, incredible acting in the sense of innocence and also power to do what’s right…us fans have ownership in this movie and we think you can do incredible writing to biring us a sequel

  401. David

    Yes the need to make all the books into movies, or maybe a TV series

  402. Paul Daugherty

    Please complete the sequel. Loved the original.Watch it often!!!!!

  403. Kammy

    Please make a sequel. Definitely gonna watch it!! Loveeee it!!

  404. Tony

    Dude! Sequel? Franchise!

  405. Joe

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  406. Daniel

    Remake after remake, yet we cant continue an original series. It has been 8 years and people are still asking for these characters to continue their roles.

  407. Muhammed Alakış

    Bitmesin Lütfen Ben Türkiyeden İzliyorum ve Türk’üm Filmi Çok Beğendim 2. Serisini Merakla Bekliyorum ve En Kısa Zamanda Çıkmasını Umuyorum

  408. Keivan Hernandez

    I hope we the producers are still having in mind a second part for I am number 4 movie as the first one is awesome!

  409. Raj

    This movie was amaizing I request to make a second part of movie..plz plz

  410. Rakesh Kumar

    the director

    Please continue the series of i am no. 4 we are waiting for 2nd part and the movie is amazing outstanding movie please release the movie date of second part of i am no. 4 as soon as possible thank you

  411. Jithin

    Please release the next part of i am number 4

  412. manuel

    Please,i;m from malta can you continue i am number four part two,the first one was excellent….or maybe you get down with other movies you dosen’t have guts to continue second movie cause other movies,….dear producer and actors,directors,…..??? continue second chapter of i am number four 2….!

  413. manuel

    were in 2020 and other directors,producers continued 2 part of their movies after a year or two, and this more far from that ….We are in 2020 ……cCome oOn…and the second movie still dosen’t came….??!

  414. Temmy

    Please release the part two

  415. Marcel

    When is the part 2 coming out I am so sad I cant watch the continue you probably forgot about it

  416. AKSHAY S.J.


  417. Anna

    The first part was really good . i saw it a million times . there should be another, second part of this film because it should not end like that . me and my friends want to please you to release a date of this film because many people want to watch and know what will happen next . so… we are waiting

  418. madhu

    please continue filming i am number four!!! was great movie we want part 2 ?????

  419. Aso

    Wdf**** make part 2

  420. Cory

    I found the movie to be exceptionally good, but then again I’m an older Sci Fi fan.. So much so as a matter of fact, in the last 10 years I haven’t missed on single Dragon Con, which is the largest celebration of EVERYTHING Sci Fi and it’s held every Labor day weekend in downtown Atlanta Georgia. This last Con seen approaching 80,000 people. Now some will say no way Comic Con is bigger, but Dragon Con don’t repeat and repeat panels, so you get a higher variety of topics and more stars to see and talk to. Also Comic Con is owned by PepsiCo and Dragon Con is owned by the people. And, the stars who entertain at Comic Con are paid handsomely by PepsiCo and the exposure level and the laid back atmosphere has the stars calling to ask if they can come and do a panel or two, and this goes on all day and the for the rest of the 24 hour day there are SEVERAL parties and much much more all night long.

  421. TheRealMr.Beast

    Come on man it was a good movie… Make a friggin part two I loved the movie and would really love the continuity… When the whole gang meets and I guess there will be a more stronger archenemies….hyped that’s all I can say

  422. Lotorosanu Florin marian

    A fost foarte bun filmul, uimitor si spectaculos ,vrem si a doua partea din ‘I AM NUMBER FOUR

  423. Taran

    come on man make part two i loved the first part

  424. gabriel

    e unul din cele mai bune sf-uri pe care le-am vazut va rog sa-l continuati merita

  425. Aadiel Jassiem

    i really enjoyed i am number 4 and think it was a good movie and want to know if you guys will be going ahead with a continuation of i am number 4 in search for the other numbers to start a good and great war plz let me know if there will be a continuation of i am number 4 or is the fall of number 5 going to be the new movie and when will the release date be

  426. Shivam yavulkar

    Come on mane it was a good move i want ” i am number four chapter 2 ” i love thise movie

  427. Zak

    There needs to be a second part to the movie. The first one was so good, so I think that the second one might be even better. There are many people that I think would agree with me. The first one good and the second could be even better. I have read many of the other comments and I think that the writers are just sitting on there rear ends not reading our comments, but someone needs to be paying attention because this movie is the best movie that I have watch by far.
    So therefore I think that there needs to be a second part

  428. Mohd Amaan

    Plz release I’m number four 2

  429. Clarissa Kitchings

    Please make another me anf my 7 daughters love the movie…. They watch it all the time they even google to see when the next one will come out

  430. Khairun Anwar

    Please..?? I’m fans for “i am number four” from malaysia… I always hope this film can to continue for next part.. I am number four 2… All over the world want this film for part 2

  431. Gabriel

    I need the part two of I am number 4

  432. Kathy Lee Miltimore

    Love the movie please make part 2 cant wait to watch it

  433. Adi mekro

    Why isn’t still the second part on progress yet.?
    We fans have been waiting too long for the next part.
    Hoping the second part to be released soon.



  435. Rafaele

    Really love the first part ….pliz can we continue the movie as the movie ended looking for others like them.
    Hope part 2 will be more interesting..
    ❤I am no.4 (1)

  436. Ash

    THERE NEEDS TO BE A SECOND MOVIE! ASAP!!! Can’t just end the movie like that knowing they are going on a whole new adventure! I think this should be made into a tv serious instead!!! I think it would be amazing! And super popular!!

  437. ken


  438. Lemeki Vatunitu

    Its June 2020 already Covid 19 pandemic overtook the world and I am still waiting for the part 2 to this movie I am number four. Please I beseech you to listen to our requests, I beg of you as im a huge fan of this movie please!!. I don’t want to sound desperate but please do part 2.

    • Lasa

      I know part 2 of this movie is already made just release it Please!!!

  439. Blessing Mordi

    it is already June 2020. pls, can you at least bring out part two already a lot of people are waiting for it, especially me? I need to know if it is coming out or not and when will it be coming out. it has been exactly 9 years, 5 months, and 21 days since u released that movie. so pls!!!, bring out part 2 already. I have already waited long enough. pls, bring out part two. thank you

  440. Darrel Jones

    I love “I Am Number Four”. Can’t wait to see the rest of the movies.

  441. Peter

    *Honestly This is one best sci fi movies i also watched it several times after it was released. I diint read book I dont care just make it continue 🙂

  442. John Duong

    Please make the second part for us!

  443. Isiaka Yusuf Alabi

    You are good story writer please the movie may or May not make you the money you are expecting but remember dose who you make happy because of this film so please make the part 2 even the part 3 if you can consider us viewers this 2020 9 year after the movie part 1 please do something.

  444. Sai srinivas

    Plz do part2

  445. Rajive

    Please make the second part. I want to know what is next.

  446. Zsolt Csiki

    Please make the second part for us!

  447. امیرحسین

    واقعا عالی بود خواهشن پخش کنید قسمت 2 رو فیلم در سبک خودش عالی بود التماس میکنم از 2011 تا الان خیلی بده برای شما

  448. Esther

    I am number four,so interesting
    I really want to watch wat will happen
    I really want to know what next

  449. Batman

    Apart from the romantic side of things (was it needed ? Action and Comedy was good enough for me ). I really enjoyed the movie, like everyone before me plez do a part 2

  450. Bananek

    duża część z nas wie ze film został opublikowany aż 9 lat temu i najprawdopodobniej nie będzie już drugiej części.

  451. Angelo Martinello

    Please continue the movie is very nice

  452. Jan Suk

    Seriously, this was one heck of a movie. One worth of creating a sequel to. I know u people had plans to make a sequel but stopped the idea to make the sequel because u people thought there were’nt going to be enough people who were going to watch it. All because u guys only made roughly 3 times the production cost in profit. And this was’nt enough because other saga’s did better like: twilight. But u only made 1 movie. I’d say, continue the series and see what happens. U’ll probably go even with profits or get a higher profit than the ones who decided to keep going with their saga’s if thats all u guys care about. So please take this message in mind and reconsider making a sequel and maybe make a whole saga!

  453. Tyson

    It’s 2020 and not a single view of part 2 of I am number four. It should have part 2.

  454. Carlo

    Plz make a second one, would be awesome to see a sequel. Listen to all the req, alot of people are hoping for a num 2

  455. sara

    Almost 10 years have passed now in 2021 it would be that the second part of the film should be released. but it must be better than the first

  456. aidiq

    now is 2021 and where is the second part hm . im very sad you know . i want that part 2 of this movie . pleasee make the second part . pleasee ! i want to see sarah and john again .

  457. UsaHarish

    I love this movie, characters and pronouns other planets. very good movie this is. movie’s time is short but very beautiful story. I’m waiting for yours ‘second part’ pls respond.

  458. Deja Johnson

    Please please please make more or a second part this movie was amazing and it did good it should continue on

  459. Victor aleman

    Please continue w the series I have read all the books and they are bad ass . I can’t wait to see the rest of the movies as I read all the books

  460. Louise Daniels

    I really hope you start filming for the sequels. How can you release a franchise that was a huge success and not follow it with the next one and future ones. Really!!! It’s a no brainer that’s for sure!!! Please please look in to it, it’s been about 10 years since I am number 4 we released. Even a release next year would be amazing and not too late. It will never be too late as you’ll be able to account for lost time in the story line.

  461. Ebilade

    Please i realy need the part two

  462. Darryl

    We want a number 2 pls this was a really good movie and i think there should be more then 1 movie

  463. Uzzieliete

    They should be another part because they have yet find the others so please let they be another part please because the movie is really good please act another part please we are begging as a fan

  464. Debbie

    Please make a sequel to “I am number four”. It was such a great film and I would love to see another based on the characters. Please hear us when we say we want this Very much!!!!!!! Please make this dream come true!

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