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I Didn’t Do It season 3 ?

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When does I Didn’t Do It season 3 premiere in 2016? We want the new episodes on Disney Channel! What about the start date?

The youth sitcom I Didn’t Do It has been released on Disney Channel since January 2014. It has a huge army of fans all over the world and the viewers from the USA, Australia and even France are most interested in it.

At the moment two complete seasons have already been filmed, but there is still no final decision (UPDATE 1) concerning the new episodes ordering.

The fact that the project’s rating isn’t stable and high enough, as it was during its 1st season, is an obstacle to the renewal and funding of the show for Season 3.

Some episodes of the second season were watched by less than 1.6 million Americans, while at its launch the given number comprised 2.4 million people. We hope for positive verdict of Disney Channel, as the premiere date of the third season of I Didn’t Do It is being looked forward to not only in the USA, but also all over the world.

Let’s wait!

UPDATE 1 (October 9, 2015): I Didn’t Do It will wrap up with its current season, as the season-two ender will serve as the series finale (No Season 3).

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