Aug 20

Insecure season 3 release date

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insecure season 3

Will you watch the Insecure series in 2018 on HBO? The show will please us next year! We are waiting for the exact release date.

We were sure that the HBO channel would not say goodbye to the TV series Insecure. And it happened, because the show was renewed for the 3rd season and the release date for new episodes is already known.

Right holders say that they intend to give viewers 8 new episodes in the summer 2018, but the preparatory work for their creation has already started.

By the way, in addition to the Insecure series, the comedy drama Dwayne Johnson (“Ballers”) received financing for further production. We hope that both of these series will not disappoint us and right holders in 2018, because it guarantees them further financing.

Amy Gravitt, executive vice president, HBO programming, thanked Issa Rae and Dwayne Johnson for their excellent acting talent, which attracts a huge number of viewers. If the number of fans does not decrease, then in 2018 you can again hope for an early renewal, without waiting for the airing of the final episode of the current season.

We are waiting for the exact release date of the 3rd season of Insecure on HBO! Follow the updates!

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