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«Jane By Design» season 2: release date

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When does «Jane By Design» season 2 air on TV? What is known about premiere date?

The first season of American comedy-drama series «Jane By Design» premiered in January, 2012. TV viewers, who are fond of the stories of this genre, liked its plot immediately. But the number of U.S. fans didn’t exceed 1,6 million people.

After the final episode of Season 1 show, its fans were discussing the release date for the next season. The plot of its second season was the main topic on the most Internet forums but nobody knew when the premier episode would be aired. On the official series website there was no certain confirmation of «Jane By Design» Season 2 shooting process had been started. According to many «fanatics» forums, possible release date for the new episodes was autumn, 2012. However, in August the show was officially closed by ABC Family.

April Blair, the creator, confirmed that information and told about the plans she had for the second season… Isn’t it a pity?

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  1. mikky

    I cant believe I only found this out now. This is crazy!What is wrong with ABC Family?

  2. B S

    I can’t believe this! The one show I actually watched along with bunheads is canceled!! I absolutely loved that show!! Why can’t they atleast have a mini series to finish it out for the fans?! I would love that! And I know others would as well!

  3. Megs

    Oh hey I watched a few episodes of this show once. I even kind of liked it. Kinda s*cks it was cancelled.

  4. Jane

    I looked up to Jane she inspired me! I will freak if I don’t find out what happens! PLEASE bring it back!! ABC, Can you hear me?

  5. TJ

    I can’t believe it was cancelled. I kept waiting for the next season and just now find out it was cancelled and the last episode left us hanging. I really like this show….. Im so disappointed!

  6. myra

    I can’t believe you would cancel a show that was inspiring to others and leave all this bullshit on ABC Family. I hope you will have enough sense to bring season 2 of Jane by design back for the viewers. We really love that show and I’m sure everyone else would agree that it should have continued on for another season.

  7. sandy

    It is sad that a show like this was cancelled. I really enjoyed this show. I was so looking forward to watching more. Is there any way that ABC can bring this back? This show actually showed a lot a good qualities in people.

  8. muskan

    what the hell is wrong with abc family. this was one of my favorite shows and now I cant complete it

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