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Jessica Jones season 2 premiere date

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Will there be Jessica Jones season 2 on Netflix? When will the new episodes’ premiere in 2016? We are waiting for the release date!

Before the official premiere of the television series Jessica Jones, there were a lot of online discussions on the possible Season 2. The matter is that the television projects, based on the Marvel Comics characters, are always popular among the television viewers, that’s why it would be have been wrong to be limited just to 13 episodes for such an advertised project.

Netflix, as usually, stayed laconic on this issue, and the creator, Melissa Rosenberg, noted in her interview that it was really worth to be renewed.

It should be mentioned that the premiere date of the given superhero show on Netflix is scheduled for November 20, 2015. But we still don’t know whether the release date of the renewal is to be announced. Hope, the critics’ reviews will be positive and the numerous fans’ support all around the world will ensure its financing for the new season.

Jessica Jones season 2 start date – [March 8, 2018] (update 3)

Please, leave your opinion concerning the plot and the necessity of the renewal of the given show in comments. We’re following the announcements. The publication will be updated!

UPDATE 1 (January 17, 2016): Good news! Netflix renewed Jessica Jones for a second season (13 episodes). Season 2 won’t debut until the upcoming Marvel series The Defenders wraps its first season.

UPDATE 2 (July 17, 2016): Netflix COO Ted Sarandos stated that the season would not debut until 2018.

UPDATE 3 (December 9, 2017): The Jessica Jones series will release its 13-episode Season 2 on Thursday, March 8.

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  1. DaCo

    Can’t wait! I know nothing about Jessica jones and will be looking forward to finding out about her. Hope for more seasons…

  2. Aliolla

    It will be so awesome!

  3. Esther N.

    so looking forward to watching Jessica Jones!
    too early to talk about Season 2

  4. Linnie Tobler

    If it is as good as Daredevil, then it is going to rock!

  5. Delisa L.

    Can’t wait to watch this but hate that it will only be 13 episodes!

  6. sylvie

    Can’t wait! Tennant is the perfect choice!

  7. Katty

    Love the series and looking forward to season 2 PRONTO!
    I’m a big fan now!

  8. Mike

    Oh come on, I watched and got hooked on season 1 and now there is no news about season 2?

  9. NorwegiaDude

    We need more! Looking forward to season two!

  10. Doc

    I had never heard of Jessica Jones. I saw the Marvel name and gave it a try. I watched the entire season in 3 days. I loved it. Programming like this is why I subscribe to Netflix. I’m counting the days until season 2 is released.

  11. Maggie


  12. Barb

    Please renew Jessica Jones ! You can’t just give us one season of this. We want more.!

  13. sean

    Just finished watching Season One. Have not watched a show in as long as I can remember where I can’t wait for the start of Season 2. There will be a Season 2..? Yes? Help!

  14. paul

    season one superb ! , cant wait for season 2

  15. Pam Swan

    I loved Jessica Jones from Episode #1, please give us a return DATE so I can clear my tv schedule 🙂 No seriously tho…

  16. Shawn

    Awesome show can’t wait on the edge of my seat for this one

  17. Jany

    Just found it. There are few Marvel superheroes I like, the ones I like the most are with strong female characters in the lead. Saw the whole first season in one day in Netflix!

  18. Candice

    Really looking forward to it!!!

  19. Terron

    Dragged my feet in watching it…LOVED IT!!!!!

  20. Carol

    I loved Jessica Jones and hope season 2 comes out earlier then 2017.

  21. Judy Thomas

    Just finished season 1. Loved it. Looking forward to season 2.

  22. ora

    I love this show. Why is it taking so long for season 2. Please hurry!!!

  23. joyce

    According to the Wiki page, the show will be back 2017.

  24. Linda

    Ok, this is another binge worthy series. I absolutely love it. Please continue the series!!

  25. Bobby

    Jessica Jones is my favorite super hero out of all of the others because in a out of sorts type of way I felt that she was keeping it real in her own loneliness that was drawing myself as the viewer into her life. With this series I couldn’t help but feel tottally enterainaind. Please keep Jessica Alive!

  26. vicky

    What I have to wait until 2018!!Come on!!

  27. shawn

    Love this show can’t wait for season 2 and beyond hopefully

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