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Kroll Show season 4?

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When does season 4 of Kroll Show start? No more premiere air date for the new episodes! The series has been picked up for a final season.

TV-channel: Comedy Central
Created by: Nick Kroll, Jonathan Krisel, John Levenstein
Genre: Sketch Comedy

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.18 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 11: 0.84 million U.S. viewers

Comedy Central management confirmed the information about ending of «Kroll Show» sketch-comedy in the current year.

According to Nick Kroll, the decision about the TV-project cancelling was taken at the end of the second season, as only a few episodes were left to be produced for the logical culmination. In its recent interview Nick also noted, that the foundation of the show had been laid in the first season, and a year later the creators began to go more in-depth with a lot of the characters and start to tell these more long-form stories.

Now there is an opportunity to finish the story and to say «We’re done.», Kroll noted. Therefore, don’t wait for the premiere date of season 4!

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