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«Law & Order: SVU» season 15: premiere date

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When does «Law & Order: SVU» season 15 premiere? Renewed or cancelled? What is known about start date?

TV-channel: NBC
Pilot episode: September 20, 1999
Creator: Dick Wolf

Season 1 episode 1: 14,5 million U.S. viewers

Season 14 episode 1: 7,19 million U.S. viewers

Every new Season of «Law & Order: SVU» television series holds its auditory with an evitable confidence, but, frankly speaking, the number of its fans has reduced a little bit (only 7.19 million at Season 14 start compared to 14,5 million viewers at the «pilot» episodes). The given project is one of the most popular NBC TV shows, that’s why there is no doubt concerning its renewal for Season 15 despite the little decreasing of viewership interest. In case the project is renewed, SVU first episode will be premiered in September 2013. And now we should wait for the official announcement, after which the given article will be renewed.

«Law & Order: SVU» season 15: premiere – September 25, 2013

After the official announcement we will update the given article!

Are there some more fans of the given TV show?

UPDATE (26.04.13): «Law & Order: SVU» was renewed for a full season 15! New 22 episodes in order!

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  1. gillian hartwig

    SVU for the 15 season!

  2. Golem

    I have a feeling that Season 15 will be it’s last season!

  3. john devany

    Why do you have a photo of Stabler and not the great Danny Pino in your header.

  4. Lina

    I’d be very very happy if there’s gonna be a season 15, 16,… 😉
    But only if the cast is the same as it is right now.
    Maybe another DA… but please no more changes in the leading roles!! I’d also like to have Tamara Tunie and BD Wong back as leading roles.

    • Kelly

      Agreed, this is my all time favorite show, I have every season on DVD. I am in line the day its due to be released if I don’t already have it coming pre release from online. Love Det. Benson, and the Capt. Excellent show. Would be a serious loss to NBC to lose this show!!

  5. amy

    i cant wait for season 15!!! but Christopher Melonie (Eliot Stabler) needs to come back!!!

  6. ellen

    i hope Olivia Benson will be ok and can do not none if svu will been the some with out her in the show. i can’t wait for season 15 to start. i do not like when it end in a ciffhang.

  7. Gloria J.

    thank you NBC for season 15 !!!!

  8. jane doe

    patiently waiting for the new season premier..even if the show ends for good..we still have reruns old old episodes.

    ALL the law & order shows the only shows on tv worth watching,imo.
    law & order
    law & order criminal intent
    law & order svu

  9. Teresa

    If you would bring Christopher Meloni back, I believe many lost viewers would tune in again. This was a great show for many years with him as one of the leading roles. Now it is just an o.k. show. I don’t mind if I miss an episode. Before I would never miss watching. Just MY opinion as a long time viewer. No hate replys please!

  10. Cameron

    I’m a serious die hard SVU fan. I live in Australia and it’s really popular here on pay tv (cable).

    1. Does anybody know when season 15 might be released on DVD?
    2. I haven’t watched the last episode on season 14, is it any good? Don’t give it away lol


  11. john edwards

    when will season 15 be released on dvd?????

    • Gia

      North America – September 2014

  12. Gracie

    Please bring Elliot back but keep the new guy

  13. darlene from sidney ky.

    i’ve watched the show from the begining. i love all of the characters. but my all time favoriteis olivia benson. can’t wait for the new season.

  14. peter.woll

    last night was not braveo but a designer girl on trial for trailing a exact replica? why be so favortists and we only get to see the best last? what did lena know but was stricken with anger as to that close? shouldn’t we just assume dating is foreign and can gene ask what country he is realy fighting for?

  15. mildred

    Its the best show on tv, I really hopes its stays for season 16. I know Oliver and I-tee are getting old, but I love them with the new guys

  16. zoe

    when does season 15 be released in Australia on DVD?

    • Craig S.

      November 2014

      • zoe

        thank you.

  17. Joanne Warner

    This is my favorite show of all, please do not let it be over!! I would be deviated!!

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