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Legends season 3 ?

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When will Legends season 3 come out? What about the new episodes’ premiere date in 2016? Bad news. TNT canceled the series after two seasons.

Original network: TNT
Developed by: Howard Gordon, Jeffrey Nachmanoff, Mark Bomback
Starring: Sean Bean, Ali Larter, Morris Chestnut, Tina Majorino, Steve Harris…

Are you looking for Legends season 3 premiere date? Is the series renewed or cancelled? TNT management announced its verdict concerning the television series Legends, but the news turned to be disappointing. According to the announcement, the ordering of the third season of the show isn’t planned, that’s why the joint project of Howard Gordon, Jeffrey Nachmanoff and Mark Bomback is reported to be canceled.

The given decision was expected by the critics, who predicted the stop of the filming process after the release of the first episode of the second season. The fall of the rating and significant reduction of the auditory don’t motivate creators for the developing of Season 3, that’s why there is no need to wait for the new episodes in 2016.

Of course, there is always a chance another channel would buy the rights for the project, but in case with Legends the chances are just miserable, the experts suggest.

Legends season 3 premiere – [cancelled]

Have you expected the given decision? Are you disappointed?

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  1. Audrey Benson

    They cancel Legends, but leave stupid reality and Kardashian sh*t on. Bad move, TNT… The truth is that I really want a third season.

  2. Roy T.

    Season one – great! Second season – horrible!
    P.S. Sean Bean was phenomenal in this role!

  3. Lilliana

    Devastated (((

  4. John G

    I really hate that you get so invested in a show and expect it to go on because it’s a great show and the networks cancel it. I agree with one of the other commenters that they leave the Kardashian’s on and reality shows and cancel shows like Legends. The networks are only following the small mindedness of audiences that watch that crap! Bring back Legends

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