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Limitless no season 2

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Limitless season 2 start date

When will Limitless season 2 start on CBS in 2016? Do you want to know the exact premiere date of the series? Let’s wait for the release on TV!

According to many experts, the series Limitless became a great continuation of the eponymous film directed by Neil Burger. Almost immediately after its premiere on CBS the number of fans of the show was about 14 million people, which allowed right holders to increase the number of episodes of the first season to 22.

Not every project deserves a full season, but in cases with Limitless everything was fully justified.

Unfortunately, somewhere in the middle of the season, it became clear that the story line was becoming less interesting for the viewers and the critics have already appeared the first doubts about the second season. Talking about the closing of the show is too early, but such possibility is not excluded, because the number of fans in the United States has less than 9 million people (with DVR).

Currently, channel representatives are planning to renew its five newcomers for a second season, but gets there in the list of “lucky” series Limitless – is not yet known. We hope for a positive verdict and we are waiting for announcements from Fox.

Limitless season 2 start date – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

The article will be updated as new information becomes available! Don’t miss!

UPDATE 1 (May 25, 2016): Bad news… Executive producer Craig Sweeny announced the series has been cancelled after one season: “Limitless will not continue on any platform.”

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  1. Leticia L.

    Please keep Limitless running! Very refreshing to have an original show. The writing is brilliant and the editing is amazing! MY WHOLE FAMILY LOVES THIS SHOW!

  2. Della Jenkins

    I will be really disappointed if they cancel Limitless. Why the ratings are dropping?

  3. Peter W.

    The show is smart. If ratings are not good, enough people haven’t found it yet.

  4. GLP

    Really hoping for a renewal. This is one of the best kept secret shows… I wish more people knew about it!

  5. Kristin Patterson

    The series get better with every episode! If CBS doesn’t renew it for second season, I’ll be seriously pissed!

  6. Wilma

    This show is wonderfully complex. Amazing actors. A true pleasure to watch! Look forward each week.

  7. Torr77

    Please tell me this show is #renewed
    Love Limitless !!!

  8. Scott

    I want to see a season 2. This is one of the few shows that I do look forward to each and every week.

  9. ++Alexandra++

    They better renew Limitless! It’s in my top three shows!

  10. ChriS

    Please don’t cancel this, renew please. It is the only series I get excited about watching!

  11. Marc

    My God, this is the best show this season! CBS PLEASE RENEW

  12. Jeremy Pena

    I sure do hope this gets renewed! Great show!

  13. MaXXX

    Why hasn’t limitless been renewed yet? I hope there will be a season 2.

  14. Dale Peterson

    Please let limitless come back for a second season. It is a great show. REMEMBER: There are millions of people watching this show who DO NOT GET CABLE – but watch TV on their computers and on CBS All Access. I hope you are counting us and not just the cable watchers!

    Great Show – please keep it coming.

  15. Richard

    I don’t know why You didn’t get more than 9 million I think you might’ve miscalculated. Please go back and find out why some people didn’t Once the show Renewed.

  16. Chris Friedrich

    Limitless was a great show. Ironic that the network limited it’s production!

  17. Davis

    I so much love the comic and rather funny attitude that brian finch has and maeeen this is a huge disappointment that season two is cancelled. I was eager for more…..

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