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«Lip Service» season 3?

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Will «Lip Service» return for season 3? What is known about new episodes and premiere date?

TV-channel: BBC Three
Pilot episode: October 12, 2010
Created by: Harriet Braun

Harriet Braun’s British television drama «Lip Service» attracted more than half a million TV viewers. The management of BBC Three TV channel, where the given show premiered in October, 2010, noted the series to be very interesting both for women and men.

Despite the extraordinary plot, the television series remained on the screen and was renewed. As for the future of the series «Lip Service», it was announced to be closed in February, 2013 and the release date of Season 3 was postponed. According to the rights holders, the main reason for show cancelling was leaving of the key characters.

As we know, Lara Fraser (Cat MacKenzie) was eager to act in «Homeland» television series and Ruta Gedmintas (Frankie Alan) got a role in TV show of NBC TV channel called «Do No Harm». But since Lara was rejected for the above mentioned role and «Do No Harm» project was closed, the «Lip Service» fans received hope for television series continuation for Season 3.

However, the creators of the official interviews don’t give any comments on the possible renewal of the show, but also the rights for the show can be repurchased by some other channel. All that facts can motivate the fans to struggle for the new episodes.

So please, support your favorite show in comments and share some new information with us.

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  1. Kira

    was really hoping for a season 3…

  2. Sammy M.

    was initially interested in watching it

  3. Nik@

    I wish and hope that BBC will continue the series. I really loved the Sam, Lexy, Tess dymanic.

    • Jarad

      I agree, I really need to know what happens. Some needs to pick this show up.

    • cassie Redding

      I wish Lexi got with Tess

  4. hope

    More More MORE – We want Lip Service to continue. we are still waiting for season 3! bring it back please!

  5. GigaB

    Yeaa! very nice! On bbc is so much garbage! It was rubbish!

    • Lill0$

      what? f*ck u GigaB! my favorite show! beautiful cast! please give me more seasons!

  6. Guilarmo Kin

    i love this show! so sexy…

  7. Gemma Newman

    Bring it back want more of these programs so it becomes more acceptance.

  8. Sima J.

    Bring it back please please please! i need season 3!

  9. jayney

    Yahhh. I LOVE this show Lip service…please…please…please…please . I NEED Season 3. please bbc.

  10. Laura

    OMG no 🙁 BRING LS BACK!!

  11. chantal

    just watched last episode of season 2.. feeling let down !! we need season 3 badly!!!!

  12. pamfan

    Please do more episodes!!!! I like Season 2 much better without Cat and Frankie… WAY better! The show does not need them keep going the others are strong and much more likeable!

  13. Kalybear

    Omg such a great show it has to return for 3rd season. Just as good if not better than the American L-Word

  14. tina

    it really did s*ck after they killed off Cat

  15. Terry

    This is one of BBCs best productions. I would love a season 3. All the
    Characters are strong but I wish they had found some other way to
    Have Lara Fraser leave the series. Cat and Frankie were lovers that
    Needed either a resolution to their triangle or a 3rd series.
    Luther got a 3rd series why not Lip Service?

  16. Liz

    Pleaseeeeeeee, renew the show..
    America love the show!!!!!

  17. Lolly carter

    Season 3 soon please.. Luurrvved it…

  18. Lisa

    This could have been an amazing third season!! There’s soooo much that could’ve been written out with these wonderful bunch of different characters!!! I was really beginning to like the way it was between the triangle of Tess, Lexy and Sam, I feel like it would be such a great third season if they have more entertainment with the trio! As well as all the other characters and any new ones they can add!! I just absolutely love this show and wish that I had a third season to watch 🙁 Tess deserves to have someone come around for her and I wanted to see it happen and also see her have some fun!!! 😉 I think Tess and Lexy make such a cute couple! hahaa wish I could’ve seen more interactions

  19. Coleen

    Just stubbled upon Lip Service on Netflix last month and am about to watch the last episode of Season 2. Decided to look it up to find out when Season 3 will be released only to be SO disappointed that the show is being cancelled!! Please bring on Season 3 and more!!

  20. Jane

    I wonder how’s the story will growing between Sam&Lexy,
    like this show very much please bring back season 3,

  21. amy

    NEED this show to come back. Soooo in love with the characters.

  22. Frankie

    I just finished watching the two short seasons on Netflix and I was very disappointed to hear that the show was not renewed. It is a great show, but if it does return, we need Frankie back. Ruta was amazing in that role. I also want to see something go Tess’s way for a change. She deserves to end up with some good – maybe Lexy? Bring it back!!

  23. cath

    Bring back lip service. The show should never have been cancelled.

  24. maxine

    Please please please bring back lip service

  25. Gillian

    So I have just finished watching Season 2, then…….Season three ……nothing !!!!! Come on !!!
    Just because two lead characters go do their thing, what about the rest of the AWESOME cast, need to see more of Sam and Lexy ?????

    Sooooo disappointed !!!

  26. Jay

    Excellent writing, the show needs a season 3!!!!! .

  27. Lou

    Want number 3 got them both need to keep lesbian spirt going I for one love it. Need number 3

  28. Thayna

    This was a great and inspiring show for everyone. I live in the U.S. And we love it.

  29. Alina

    Love the show. Please continue with season 3.

  30. Jackie

    Please come back!!! More Episodes!! More Lip Service Seasons!!!

  31. Shelon

    I’ve been missing this show more and more! At first I would watch it on Netflix, then it disappeared. So now I’m watching it on YouTube. I just can’t understand why such a good show has bee cancelled? I know it wasn’t because of bad ratings. I’ve signed a few petitions like a lot of the other fans and still no Lip Service. I’m just gutted

  32. michelle yosha united states

    The show was gripling. .please please Bring it back!!!

  33. Kiki

    BRING IT BACK! Nowhere is there tasteful, well written, Lesbian television series since the L Word.

    Great character line up. Sorry to have seen Kat (Lara) written off. Maybe she had a twin sister 😉

    Anxiously waiting

  34. Ana Ward

    Hope for a season 3 and many many more……

  35. GEE

    PLEASE BRING OUT SEASON 3 :'((((( </3

  36. Stacy lombardo

    Absolutely loved the show and really wish for more seasons

  37. J J

    Bring it back its……. 2017-2018

  38. Tay

    Omg can we have season 2 please I need more now

  39. Lynn Mackenzie

    So think this show is better than the L word. Somehow somebody please bring it back.

  40. Anita

    rewatched series 2 – PLEASE give us
    series 3…such a great show

  41. Jenny (dead Malaysia)

    First I guess Lip Service I thought kiss this not…Great movie is BBC it is sexy and movie good give to me good but no English sub….Plz season 3 again I watching It not yet again….Season continue

  42. Roosevelt

    Such a great show…I wish it was back 🙁

  43. Inez

    Pretty please I love the show Lip Service. Please I would love to see season 3.

  44. Cynthia

    Too bad its canceled.. It was great and real talented people on the cast. Now 7 yrs later…it wont happen and it is really sad…

  45. Josette Franklin

    Sam & Lexy are the new leads.
    Ok, let’s go!!!

  46. J A ï

    Season 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,&10+

    LET’s GOOOII‼️We are ALL READY to watch

  47. Patricia

    Just stumbled across this show and very disappointed that there was no season 3. There is so much more story lines to be told.

  48. Robert

    Why do they always take off the good shows and keep the crappy ones.
    Come on somebody pick up this show and continue with it. Actors and Actresses come and go all the time but if they stop airing because of this then we’d never have anything to watch. Plz bring it back

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