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Love no season 4

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Love season 4

Will there be Love season 4? Is the series renewed by Netflix? Bad news… The Netflix’s Love is ending after Season 3.

Are you still waiting for the 4th season of the series “Love”? If you believe the latest news from Netflix, then they do not intend to renew this television project, so the release date of the 4th season is unlikely to ever be announced.

The official announcement on December 15, 2017 states that the third season is the final for this romantic comedy. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the logical ending of this story will take place on March 9, after which the series will get the status “ended”. This day on Netflix all the episodes of the final season will appear immediately.

Publish your opinion on this matter in the comments, because we know that the real fans have something to say.

Co-creator and executive producer Judd Apatow noted in his interview that he was very pleased with the final season of the series “Love”, so we didn’t need the 4th season. In the final episode, the creators put a logical point in this story, Cindy Holland, Netflix’s VP of original series, agrees.

“Over three seasons, viewers around the world have laughed, cringed, and cried with Mickey and Gus, and we are excited to share this concluding journey with their fans.” / Cindy Holland

“I am really excited about the third season of Love. I think it is our sweetest, funniest season and ends our story in a beautiful way.” / Judd Apatow

The main roles were played by the magnificent Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust, and Judd Apatow and Lesley Arfin were responsible for the production. Thanks them so much!

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  1. Ella F.

    I really enjoy the show. That’s too bad, Netflix!

  2. Leo99

    Horrible show with horrible characters!!! Season one was great but Season 2 was boring…

  3. Lisa

    Oh no, please make a season 4! Just watched season 3 and loved it!

  4. Boater

    I think there should be a season 4 no way you could end such a good show on the last episode. Come on Netflix give us a season 4 and besides that last episode was like such a bad episode and I mean by it’s a bad episode to end the show on and besides just think about doing a season 4 it would be awesome to watch and it would be awesome to see them actually really get married in season 4 a show like that maybe end it on season 5 so come on Netflix please give us a season 4 :D:D

  5. Addicted

    Lame way to end the Love series!! So what the heck happens? We need a season 4! A great and addicting show with Mickey and Gus and all of their friends.

  6. Kev

    it’s funny a show that reminds me “I’ve been there in all my relationships, that being crazy is ok! As long as your happy… F’ it, who cares, that’s the of the point the show, Crazy is the new normal. Australian actress, who plays Bertie Bauer is the best part of the show her character bring innocent and sweetness and total made me crack up. it’s well-written storyline using AA/Al-Anon I get it.. awesome good job

  7. SJ

    LOVED the show Love. Why end with season 3? Mickey and Gus finally have a real relationship and are finally in love. We should see more of what real love is about. And Bertie’s character is great and she’s finally found the right person to love. Seeing that relationship turn into something would be awesome. There’s so much more to write about and see with Love. Re-consider….PLEASE!…and make a season 4.

  8. Dave Martinez

    Amazing show, but the ending seemed rushed–it certainly was not satisfying. A fourth season seems necessary to tie up many loose endings. The chemistry of the two main characters is something that hasn’t been seen on the small screen for quite some time–why not capitalize on these two actors hitting their stride?

  9. Solamon

    We loved it! Can’t I have some more, please?

  10. Miriam Montalvo

    Love was probably one of the best shows I’ve seen in a very long time. The writing is excellent. I’ve had some belly laughs with this show. I’m very sad there is no season 4. Can you please bring it back? Why end it?

  11. Tessa in LA

    OH MY GOD! That can’t be the way it ends for Mickey and Gus!!! NOOOOOOOO!!

    God, Netflix is so lame now! They have no idea what people realy want!!!

    This was easily THE BEST SHOW to come out in YEARS!

    Another Netflix FAIL. First they ditch the reviews so you wind up watching stupid shite, and now this??!!

    I’m gonna cancel my membership.


    Every single person I know who watched the series LOVED LOVE! Do the right thing Netflix. Yu too big fer yer britches now???

  12. Emma Trepte

    I really liked the third season. It felt fresh and the characters are unique and managed to still develope a lot in season 3. I would have watched another season.

  13. Richard Scannell

    The potential to take this show into so many different directions was right there in front of you. I don’t know how you stopped it here. You fucking dumbasses!!

  14. Angie

    I loved the complexity of characters and relationships- disappointed that it ends on the cliched “happily ever after” rather than exploring a real marriage

  15. Trav

    The series really nailed it: all the thoughts and emotions throughout the process of a relationship … From meeting and courtship to the beginning of the relationship with all the nervousness and insecurity, but the excitement of a exploring and learning someone new intimately … to all the dramas after the novelty wears off – including exes and past history… to meeting the families and the stress and challenges of that … to the doubts of the other person’s true feelings and doubts of your own feelings … to the comfort and security of true intimacy – loving yourself so others can love you too.

    Would had loved to see one more season.

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