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«Mad Men» season 7: premiere date

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When does season 7 of «Mad Men» start? Will the new episodes supposed to be produced? What is known about premiere date?

TV-channel: AMC
Pilot episode: July 19, 2007
Creator: Matthew Weiner

Season 2 Episode 1: 2.06 million U.S. viewers

Season 6 Episode 1: 3.37 million U.S. viewers

Matthew Weiner, the producer, met the AMC TV channel and Lionstage Company expectations since his TV show is still being broadcast and watched by more than 2 million TV viewers (in the USA).

According to contract between Weiner and the rights holders, the work on Season 7 of «Mad Men» TV show will be started this year. The new episodes will be released on April 13, 2014.

Pt. I (7 ep.) – April 13, 2014
Pt. II (7 ep.) – April 5, 2015

In one of his last interviews the producer noted Season 7 would be the final one and produce a furor. Let’s discuss the possible ending of the TV series!

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  1. Colly N.

    yea its true. season 7 its the final one !

  2. Torrero

    we wait for a great final !!! awesome show! tu AMC! tu Matthew Weiner! fan from Spain.

  3. J.J.

    maybe 1 more season or spin-off? Please do not stop after season 7!

  4. Elle

    I think Don is going to fall off that building like in the intro….or maybe Rodger, that makes sense too

  5. suzie

    it would be a perfect ending for Don to jump off that building

  6. barb

    Would like to see show continue, just as,”Lost” was.

  7. Joan Miller

    Will miss it but understand, go while your ahead.Great writing,production and cast. After a rest start another.Thank you all. Joan

  8. Pat Paasch

    I have DISH service and do not get a guide.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE SHOW….I worked in that environment, wore those clothes, drove those cars, lived with that furniture and all those products and struggled with those “change of culture” issues. Hate that this new season will be the last…it takes me back to those good old bad old days….I GOT HIRED FOR MY FIRST REAL JOB BECAUSE I WAS YOUNG, CUTE, AND A BRUNETTE…THE MANAGER SAID HE HAD A RED HEAD AND A BLOND AND NEEDED A BRUNETTE. HE TOLD ME I HAD TO WEAR BLACK NYLONS, SHALIMAR COLOGNE, AND NOT GAIN ANY WEIGHT…..Now I would sue him and get a huge reward but at the time I was just grateful for the job.
    People have idealized the 1945 to 1965 area but if you were there it had just as much wrong then as now people just kept it secret, did not show it on CNN and reality TV, and pretended a lot…..that did not make it better it just made it LOOK better.

  9. Pat Brobst

    I love this show,it reminds me of the way things were when I first began to work.Pat

  10. Ketcha

    Part 1 (7 episodes) – April 2014
    Part 2 (last 7 episodes) – Spring 2015

  11. Karen

    Love, Love, Love this show. Hope it does not end after season 7.

  12. Michael S.

    love MAD MEN ! premiere date – April 13, 2014 ! dont stop the show after season 7 !!!!

  13. I watch all the DVD's over and over !

    Yes, I was there in New York a Southern Girl from Georgia… I cannot believe how much this brings me back to that time when I was 18 and arrived in New York alone (running away from home) and got out of the plane and had to ask the taxi to take me to a cheap hotel because all I had was $100.00 in my purse and one suitcase. All I wanted to do was to become an executive secretary like my Aunt. She had worked at K & E at the time….. but the only job I could get was a secretary in the garment district until I got more experience. Started at the YWCA and thought I would drop off my chair when I saw on the show the reference to the Barbezon Hotel for Woman which was were I lived one summer, they had air conditioning and the YWCA did not. I have laughed and cried at this series it represents the 5 years I lived in New York. It is so realistic, you will never know unless you were there. I finally ended back in Georgia but before I left NY I was an Executive Secretary for a Vice President of (well maybe I will not name the company) but I did have an office that overlooked the ICE RINK on 5th Avenue. At my age I just cold not go any further and truthfully, New York burned me out…and yes I too went to the Electric Circus, the first night I was in Town…the hotel staff recommended it for me as the place to go. I think I lived on donuts the first week in town to conserve money until I located a job ! Please DO NOT end the Show.

  14. Jimmy L

    I just finished watching the last episode of season 6 on Netflix, and absolutely believe this will be one of my favs of all-time. I worked as an account rep. for a small ad agency in Des Moines, Iowa from 1961 thru 1984, and can relate to almost all of the situations in the show. Sorry to see it end.

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