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Major Crimes season 4: premiere date

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Major Crimes renewed or cancelled? When does season 4 premiere on TNT? The show has been picked up for the new episodes in 2015! Start date was confirmed.

TV-channel: TNT
Pilot episode: August 13, 2012
Created by: James Duff

Season 1 Episode 1: 7.18 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 1: 5.16 million U.S. viewers

The fans of the TNT’s criminal drama «Major Crimes» can breathe a sigh of relief, as the television series has been officially renewed for the season 4.

TNT programming Chief Michael Wright confirmed, 15 new episodes have been financed, suggesting the show to be the most successful on TV (in its genre).

The premiere date of the new episodes is scheduled for June 8, 2015, which hasn’t been surprising for the fans. According to the experts, the increase of the show audience won’t let the creators finish the franchise in the next couple of years. Do you agree?

UPDATE 1 (August 20, 2015): TNT has ordered an additional five episodes of Major Crimes, bringing its Season 4 total to 23. New episodes of Major Crimes return November 2, 2015 on TNT.

UPDATE 2 (Dec.3, 2015): Season 4B Episode 19 (Return Date) – February 15, 2016.

UPDATE 3 (Dec.15, 2015): TNT renewed the series for a 13-episode fifth season.

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  1. Lynda_Garrett

    I am glad Major Crimes will be renewed for the new season. Love that show.

  2. Allison G.

    Great news! So happy for Major Crimes. The show just keeps getting better.

  3. Salvador

    Not a surprise but glad to hear it.

  4. Mathew D.

    show is really good

  5. Barbara stanley

    Very happy to hear that major crimes is back on for another year. As a family we just love the show and all the players we really miss the closer and hope this show is on for a long long time .
    Thank you and your writers.

  6. tami adams

    I’m so glad it’s been renewed. I love the show.

  7. Thurman

    So happy to hear it’s been renewed! Why not until June 2015? That’s a long time to wait for more action!

  8. janis bursford

    Love love love the show the people all bounce off each other so funny to watch

  9. Del

    I loved the Closer and I love Major Crimes. It never gets old!!

  10. Karpam

    The Closer was a great show and I miss it alot. Major Crimes is a great show in its own right. Did not think I would like it without Kyra Sedgwick but I really, really do. Mary McDonnell and the gang are sensational and I hope this series continues for many, many years. I do like Rusty and love his relationship with Sharon and her kids but would like to see more of the crime element of Major Crimes. Love the cast. They are amazing!

  11. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz

    I miss major crimes when I am in Europe late June to September as except for ncis good wife n castle I find tv now unwatchable. I live. In laid back Florida but I think suits and clean cut clothes shouldn’t be a sent from tv even on MSNBC n with new York times reporters. News channels could get a bit of class from Flynn provenza Sanchez n chief Taylor speaks better English then too many experts on any news channel. The entire cast is class n does America proud.

  12. Regina

    Absolutely the best show ever!!

  13. AZdesertman

    Love Major Crimes but,
    Bring back Brenda

  14. Coleen

    I’m SO HAPPY Major Crimes is on for another season! I really enjoy this show!
    LOVE PROVENZA!!! Great subject matter and touches on interesting issues.
    Really look forward to each episode!

  15. jackie

    I love this series

  16. Michelle

    I was dubious at first, being the spin off of The Closer. I loved that series and have ended up loving this one too. I do miss how they would show and touch on each member’s quirkiness and pet peeves on the first show. But am still a major fan of Major Crimes! Great show

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