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Mako Mermaids season 4 ?

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mako mermaids season 4 release date

When does Mako Mermaids season 4 be released? Are you waiting for the release date of the fourth season or a movie in 2017?

Australian TV series Mako Mermaids, or Mako: Island of Secrets, became a good continuation of the “H2O: Just Add Water” known and popular project. A good rating of this show allow the creators to shoot three full seasons, but they have no plans on the 4th season.

Of course, it is disappointing a huge army of fans around the world, that for so many years waiting for the spin-off, and it was so short. Fortunately, right holders have decided to develop a movie based on Mako Mermaids, but the exact name of the future project has not yet officially announced.

The release date also remains a mystery, but some sources predict the airing on the screens in 2017. On the Twitter page the executive producer Jonathan M. Shiff periodically publishes a “fresh” information on the preparation and filming, so please follow the updates.

As for the fourth season of the Mako Mermaids, then for sure it is not worth to wait for it, because after the filming of the final episode of the third season the project has been ended.

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  1. VelmaMMfan

    I absolutely love Mako Mermaids! Season 3 was too rushed and it felt incomplete. Please make Season 4 and more!!! I REALLY hope there’s another season.

  2. Ann S.

    My daughter and I love to watch this show together. We hope that the movie will be shown in the U.S.

  3. Milla17

    love this show! please bring a new season!

  4. Patty R.

    Great show! When is the movie getting released?

  5. Shelly Lewis

    I like this show. I’m a big fan of h20 just add water and Mako Mermaids. I hope there is a movie!

  6. Bhoomi

    I want season 4 whats the releasing date
    Please tell me when movie releases is it going to be on cinemas what is the name of this movie
    I love this show its great i watched every episode fromthe beginning of it
    Please tell me about the movie my favourite character is mimi ondina and villan
    I am really excited about the movie

  7. H2O lover

    When will this movie release

  8. Kaylee Maendel

    PLEASE make a season 4!!!!

  9. Krystal

    Please make season 4. I’m 38 yr old and I love it. My 4 yr old sometimes watches it with me. I am so excited for the continuation of the story to make season 4. It will be such a big hit!! Really looking forward into seeing it come alive!

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