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MacGyver season 4: release date 2020, cast, plot

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MacGyver season 4

We are waiting for the 4th season of the series MacGyver. A release date has already been set and CBS is ready for premiere in 2020.

Surely there are those who remember the old series, whose name is “MacGyver”, it was shown to viewers from 1985 to 1992. A remake of the series under the same name was shot several years ago. He received positive reviews from critics and is already preparing for the release of the 4th season. The start date for new episodes in 2020 has already been confirmed and published on the official website of the CBS channel. We have collected interesting information about this project and are waiting for your feedback in the comments about this work from Peter M. Lenkov.

The plot:

The main character is a guy named Angus MacGyver, who is an employee of the secret service of the US government. There are no problems that he could not solve; moreover, thanks to his thinking and knowledge, he is trying to save lives.

Back in Season 1, Mac, Nikki and Jack planned to steal biological weapons at one of the private parties. That’s just the plans did not succeed, Nikki is captured by John Kendrick. In such a situation, Mack is forced to return his weapons to him, yet it no longer matters, since Nikki is mortally wounded.

After 3 months, the rest of the protagonist is interrupted by his boss Patricia, who shows him a video from the laboratory where biological weapons were used. Jack and Mac then begin their service again. They manage to find out information from Nikki’s computer, which allows them to track Kendrick.

Looking for him, the guys find out that Nikki is alive and working with Kendrick. Having caught them, it becomes known that the weapon has already been sold and the buyer is going to use it. However, Mac manages to stop him.

Did you know about that?:

* The series “MacGyver” was shown on the ABC channel, but the current series, which is his remake, is broadcast on CBS.

* Representatives of companies such as 101st Street Television, Atomic Monster Productions and Lionsgate television are involved in the development of the series.

* The series won the Teen Choice Awards in 2019 in the Choice TV Show: Action nomination.

* According to statistics, the project now has more than 8 million fans in the United States.

Cast of the MacGyver TV-series for Season 4:

Angus MacGyver (Mac) is a resourceful American employee who works with the Phoenix Foundation secret agency. Lucas Till plays this role (House; Stoker; Dance of the Dead).

Riley Davis is a hacker hired by the Phoenix Foundation. The role is played by Tristin Mays (Supergirl; Gullah Gullah Island).

Wilt Bozer is Mac’s childhood friend. The role is played by Justin Hires (Rush Hour, Key and Peele).

The role of Matty Webber is played by Meredith Eaton (Family Law; NCIS).

When will MacGyver season 4 come out? What about the release date on CBS in 2020?

In the spring of 2019, it was decided to renew the series for the 4th season, but this time the release date was not set for September. The creators decided to postpone the premiere of new episodes to the midseason and it soon became clear that the start of the first episode of season 4 of the MacGyver TV-series was scheduled for February 7, 2020. As you can see, this time we were prepared for a short season, but we hope that this will not be the first step to stop filming. The support of the audience is very important for this show, so we are waiting for your comments below.

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  1. Sandy

    Great show . Hope they don’t take it off.

  2. Tesha Peterman

    We love this show! Please do not stop filming! I am about done with CBS as they keep ending all the shows we actually like for shows We won’t watch!

  3. Nancy Wyman

    I have been waiting for MacGyver to come back on! It is a really good show!

  4. Anna

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this show!!!!!
    I hope they don’t end this show because it is a great show!

  5. Darrell Swanger

    Right now, the Friday night line up is- Hawaii 5-0, Magnum P.I., and Blue Bloods. If MacGyver makes its season debut on 2/7/2020, which of the other shows will be moved to a new night?

    • Dot

      Magnum, PI will be off the air and return when MacGyver finishes its season.

  6. gladys lester

    I love the show but hated when jack went off loved his part and he played it so well,i watched him play nick on csi he is such a good actor

  7. Kathy

    I can’t wait for February 7. I loved the old MacGyver and I love the new MacGyver, also. Please keep this show on your schedule.

  8. Marc

    I love this show. I’ve watched it from the beginning. Like most fans I compared it to the old series, which I loved and still do. This series has grown, hence so as the characters. I really enjoy how the show has evolved and in my opinion is one of the best shows on tv. I really hope it stays in production.


    I love Macgyver, the humor, action has great chemistry. Cant wait for the fourth season.

  10. DonnySuperio

    Love this show . This is coming from a 65 year old white guy . I know , wrong demographics . I still like getting in on some action on Friday night’s . I can’t wait til the walking dead returns later this month .

  11. Julie

    DONT take off this show. It’s clean and intriguing. The cast is great – but bring back Jack!


    So happy for season 4 of McGyver. I hope there is a season 5. I absolutely love this show. It’s non stop of what’s going to happen next. Love the cast

  13. jack Dorsey

    This is one of the few shows that hake you think on how you get out of a tight situation

  14. Sue

    Love the show, love all the people in the show. Please don’t cancel it.

  15. Brian Evans

    Long overdue for season 4 of the new ” Macgyver ” series. Should have never been postoned. Bring it on. Problem solving, improvising, along with the famous Swiss Army knife, better known as the ” Macgyver knife. No guns. I love it. The old ” Macgyver series was and is still great if you have the DVD library. Can’t get enough of ” Macgyver. Keep filming, don’t ever stop, no option as this show has to stay on the network, period !!!. America’s most intelligent weapon and the cast is great.

  16. Debbie

    It’s great to have a show I can watch with my kids! Entertaining, Educational, CLEAN, great characters, all on one show!!

  17. PJ

    Love the show, watching right now and was wondering where Maddie is, so I got on the computer. Glad to see she’s still on the show

  18. Manny

    Yes MacGyver is back! I love it and so glad to see it back. Please continue it!

  19. Bronxblue

    Bring back Jack.

  20. Carol Dohm

    where is Jack???? was terribly disappointed that he did not come back in 2020.

  21. Moe

    Who’s the fake Brit? Why is he here?
    Bring back Jack.

  22. Louise Garrison

    What happened to jack?

  23. Doug C

    Somebody explain the change in story line. Seems like several show disappeared. In the last show of Season 3 a really bad person killed Mac’s friend and it was revealed that Mac’s father had been involved in the bad guy’s son’s death. In the new season the Phoenix has been dissolved and a British spy has started it back up with private funding. Nothing is following the old story line and I cannot find anything on line to explain the plot holes. Does anyone know what the heck is going on with this show. I don’t want to see this show cancelled because the audience runs away because they can’t follow the many twists and turns that are going on.

    • Saundra

      I agree.

  24. Saundra

    Love the show. Don’t understand what happened with Matty.

  25. K O

    Feel like there are new writers & they don’t have the same philosophy. Show used to be lighter with subtle but regular humor, levity & interesting story lines… and tired of the British guy… hardly get any scenes with Riley & Bozer

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