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Maron season 5 ?

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Maron season 5 release date

Will there be Maron season 5? We want to know the release date on IFC in 2017! Is the series renewed or cancelled?

Original release: May 3, 2013 – July 13, 2016
Genre: Sitcom

The fans of the comedy series Maron are hoping for season 5, but are the IFC representatives planning to approve the financing of new episodes?

There is still no an official decision (UPDATE 1) on this matter, but experts say that the project is worthy of airtime in 2017. An actor Marc Maron, who is also the creator and executive producer of the sitcom, is not ready to announce a release date of the fifth season for the journalists, but there is also no an announcement about stopping the production.

It remains only to be patient and wait for the verdict from IFC, but do not worry too much, because the rating of the series Maron is still at a high level.

Maron season 5 no release date – [cancelled]

We will update the information on this page after the announcement from right holders. Do not miss!

UPDATE 1: Marc Maron announced that the series will not have a fifth season.

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