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Moonbeam City season 2 ?

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Moonbeam City season 2 start date

When woes Moonbeam City season 2 start? What about the new episodes’ premiere date in 2016? Bad news: the series was cancelled after one season.

TV-channel: Comedy Central
Genre: Comedy, Adult animation

Season 1 Episode 1: 0.61 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 4: 0.53 million U.S. viewers

Are you waiting for a second season of the show Moonbeam City? Unfortunately, the project is cancelled and its sequel on Comedy Central is not exactly come out.

The network representatives have decided to close the show and not to finance the new episodes. The critics agree with this “verdict”, because the show had low ratings and a small audience of fans.

Is there any chance that this project will be bought out by another channel? Unfortunately, there is no information about this and it is unlikely anyone would like to create a second season of the unprofitable show.

Remind that Scott Gairdner was responsible for the development, and Mark Brooks, Juno Lee, Will Gluck, and others helped him.

Moonbeam City no season 2 start date – [cancelled]

We hope that you are not very upset about the cancelling of the show, because the TV still has a good animated series!

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  1. Mr Lux

    SEASON 2 PLEASE! Give it chance to settle into it’s groove!!!

  2. Ray

    This news is expected but disappointing… Great cast, good premise, but it never hooked me.

  3. Twoooo

    RIP Moonbeam City

  4. +---Mikey---+

    I’m sure some other show with even stiffer animation will come along though.

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