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Murder in the First season 3 premiere date

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Will there be a season 3 of Murder in the First? When does the new episodes start? We are waiting for the premiere date in 2016!

The first season of Murder in the First television series got many positive reviews of critics and film experts, which let the rights holders order the second season soon. The plot follows the detectives Terry English and Hildy Mulligan, who investigate the murder of the drug addict in San Francisco. In the course of investigation they appear on the trail of director general of the advanced techniques company Erich Blunt.

Since the project is an anthology, the second season was represented by a new story. However, the cast remained the same. Unfortunately, the number of fans reduced in the new season, and instead of 3.4 million viewers, who watched the final of the debut season, now it attracts only 2 million people.

The show rating still let the rights holders renew it for Season 3, but further fall of viewers’ interest could put an end to the joint work of Steven Bochco and Eric Lodal. TNT management hasn’t raised the issue concerning the renewal of Murder in the First show for the third season, that’s why the start date of the new episodes is still unknown.

Murder in the First season 3 premiere – [June 26, 2016]

There is no rights holders’ official announcement (UPDATE 2), that’s why all the information on the show return in 2016 is only rumors. We’re following TNT news. The article will be updated with the fresh data.

Should Season 3 be filmed or is it high time to cancel the show?

UPDATE 1 (Nov.12, 2015): Good news! TNT has renewed Murder In The First for a third season to air in 2016. Exact Start Date – June 19, 2016.

UPDATE 2 (June 14, 2016): TNT has rescheduled the Season 3 premiere of Murder in the First for June 26, at 10 pm.

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  1. Evan

    It is the best show this summer! Looking forward to the new season!

  2. carol wheeler

    please renew this great show

  3. Sidney L.

    This is my favorite show on TNT. I hope it gets a third season. Love the cast!

  4. Sonia ((L))

    Finally a cop show not set in LA or New York )))) I hope they renew it.

  5. Neil Park

    This show had me on the first episode. Would be very disappointed to see Murder in the First cancelled. Please TNT, renew! We want Season 3

  6. Ally girl

    Please keep this show going
    I love it!!

  7. Johnny S

    You are stupid not to renew this. Stupid.

  8. Susie

    Great show. Please renew.

  9. LindyB

    Season 1 of this show was awesome. I was really looking forward to Season 2 but admittedly, the story line was not as engaging. Watched it anyway because I love the cast & Steven Bochco. Will absolutely watch a 3rd season if it airs.

  10. Mary E Cook

    A smart show. A good, Well written, Well acted drama… Some idiot will cancel it over ratings. God forbid we get an adult orientated ANYTHING to watch…

  11. Jan

    I love this show. The two stars are great together and the story line is very well written. I hope to watch many seasons of this fine tv show, one of the best.

  12. Mary Ann

    Looking forward to season 3. Especially like Ian Anthony Dale hope he gets more airtime this season.

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