Jul 29

Nashville season 6 release date

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Nashville season 6 release hulu cmt 2018

Are you waiting for the 6th season of the Nashville television series? Good news! We know already the release date in 2018 on CMT!

The CMT channel does not intend to say goodbye to the TV series Nashville. The 6th season of this show has already been ordered and its release date has been announced.

Remind that in May 2016 the ABC television channel representatives broke the contractual agreements with the creators of this series and stopped its production. “Relay” was intercepted by the CMT channel, which found financing for 22 new episodes of the fifth season.

In April this year, it has been known that this “rescue” of the Nashville TV series does not end, because there has been financing for 16 episodes of the 6th season. Rating of the show allows to do this, but there is a high probability that this is the final season for the project. Its approximate release date is already known and it is appointed to January 4, 2018, but the exact date of the premiere is still expected (updated). Follow the updates!

Note that this will be not only the second season of the project on CMT, but also the second season for showrunners Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick. Well, we are waiting for news about the release of new episodes and enjoy the remaining episodes of the fifth season on the CMT.

UPDATE 1: Nashville season 7 ?

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