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Orphan Black season 5 start date 2017

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Orphan Black season 5 start date

Will there be Orphan Black season 5? Do you want to know the start date (US) in 2017 on BBC America and Space?

The Canadian TV series Orphan Black goes on the Space Channel from 2013. On American television this project is broadcasted on channel BBC America, as well as it is organized the show for UK residents on the channel BBC Three.

Note that the project has a huge army of fans all over the world that allows it to keep a high rating for four years at a stretch. Now there is a question about the ordering of the fifth season of Orphan Black, but right holders do not hurry to make an official announcement.

According to statistics, this year the number of fans of this TV show has decreased by almost 30%, but this is only the USA statistics. Should we worry about it? Should we wait for season 5 at all?

The creators sooner or later should answer to these questions (UPDATE 1), but they take a break and do not make any statements.

Orphan Black season 5 start date – [June 10, 2017] (at 10/9c)

We follow the news and will update this article after the official announcement. Do not miss!

UPDATE 1 (June 16, 2016): BBC America has renewed Orphan Black for Season 5, which will be the final season of the drama (10 episodes).

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  1. Jackie

    I’m pretty sure season 5 is going to be the last, though, which is probably why they’re taking so long to announce it.

  2. Andy Lamb

    BEST SHOW EVER! Hope we’re gonna have a season 5.

  3. Ricky

    I need to know season 5 is happening…

  4. Grace Reyes

    They’ve already said in the past that there are 5 seasons planned.

  5. Lee H.

    “The finale for Season 4” – @OrphanBlack, Twitter

  6. Mayyyya

    Season 4 has been the best yet. Can’t wait Season 5

  7. laura22

    Is the series renewed for Season 5 yet?

    • KoSS

      yep. update 1. final season

  8. Michael Weisser

    Love the show and Tatiana. I was just flicking the stations around one day and I stopped on BBC America because they were showing a interview with Tatiana Maslany. I didn’t know her or the show, but I thought she was cute so I listened to her talk about season 4. I immediatly started ordering discs 2 at a time from Netflix of the first 3 seasons and then caught up with season 4 on, On Demand on cable. Now its one of my favorite shows. I’d like to see Tatiana guest star on my most favorite show, Grimm, as a Grimm. Can somebody let me know when there’s a start date for Orphan Black in 2017.

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