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Outsiders season 3

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Outsiders season 3 release

When will Outsiders season 3 come out? We want to know the exact premiere date on WGN America in 2018. Let’s wait for the release!

The series Outsiders has deserved a place on the air of WGN America in 2018. Has already the release date of the 3rd season known?

A television drama of Paul Giamatti tells the story of the struggle for power and control of resources; it takes place in the Appalachian Mountains between local clan Farrell and urban investors. First inspire fear in the whole district by their behavior and way of life, and the second just like the land of these strange savages.

The main advantages of this project of the channel WGN are the original story, strong characters and a magnificent cast. The viewer gets a fascinating spectacle filled of conflicts, revenge, betrayal and, of course, bloody violence. At this point the number of fans who do not miss a single episode, is about 800 thousand people, it gives a great chance for the financing of the 3rd season of the show Outsiders.

Outsiders season 3 release date – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

The discussion of contracts and further production is already underway, so wait for the official announcement! Don’t miss!

UPDATE 1 (April 15, 2017): Bad news… WGN America has cancelled the drama after two seasons.

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  1. Ginger Mooney

    Will there be a season 3 OF OUTSIDERS? ITS A GREAT show.

  2. Georgia Keith

    I sure hope we get to see season 3. My husband and I love the show, as well as our friends.We really hope you advertise it a little more, because other people had not seen the series nor heard of it.

  3. Janet Trujillo

    My family just loves this show, We need Outsiders season 3,4,5,6,7,8 and so on it’s that good.

  4. Jeffrey Manning

    One of the better shows on that interest every age group and multiple genre, is being canceled!!! This show has enough followers to be an advertising gold mind, an advertisers dream.
    Sometimes the bone heads in power don’t know sh*t from shinola, or their arss from a hole in the ground… period!!!
    Amen and pass the Ferell Wine

    • Rachonna

      I sooooooo agree! I also know so many (and I mean A LOT OF PEOPLE!), that are so upset anf broken hearted about the dismissal of the doggone Ferrell’s

  5. Karla Summers

    they have lost their minds to cancel a show like outsiders and keep stupid stuff like most of the tv shows today. No wonder we have a generation of kids with no family values or respect for what they have.

  6. Denny Kohler

    My Favorite show. I sure hope they have a season 3 and many more.

  7. Anthony Maniaci

    I have been wondering when season 3 would start and now I’m hearing it,s been cancelled, why? Great show and I’m not an avid T. V. watcher. Can’t believe it,s been cancelled, I really hope another channel picks it up even if it,s a private channel. I would pay to watch it.

  8. toni wilson joiner

    I love the outsiders, I need a season 3 and 4 and 5 and 6…

    • christine

      I agree Need it to continue. Awesome show.

  9. Lyn

    I hope that WGN will support the viewers by airing Outsiders Season 3!
    It is so unfair to draw us in a new series only to be left hanging because the show has been cancelled. Shame on WGN!!
    Will not watch another series on WGN.

  10. R J wilson

    i really liked the outand would like to see the 3rd season….when is it coming back?????

  11. Danny McCAIG

    Please give us season 3, We will feel very let down if season three is cancelled altogether. This is the best show on the television, we are left hanging after the last show on season two. Listen to the viewers please and give us back our show. We live in Scotland and our family live in Ireland, we all are addicted to this brilliant series, just sort out the problems as soon as you can and GIVE US BACK OUR SHOW!!

  12. Judy Loveless

    Our family loved this show. I don’t know how your station is going to survive with crappy shows. The Outsiders was the only program we watched. You’re losing lots of viewers.

  13. P Mills

    I am late to watching the show but my family and my sister’s family have binged watched season 1 and 2 and we love the characters and the plot. Please SomeBody( tv station) renew this Show!!!

    • Amelia gray


  14. christine

    PLEASE Bring outsiders back! One of the best series I have seen! Please keep this series going. TV sucks a lil more without it!

  15. Michael W Brown

    What’s this no season 3 come on some other network needs to pick this show up and run with it best thing since Sons of Anarchy

  16. Elizabeth Walker

    I sure hope another network picks up this show ! I just binge watched the first 2 seasons in a week. Imagine my disappointment to find there is no Season 3. Totally bummed. Who is going to save the Farrells from the nasty coal company? Sadly, we may never know.

  17. Debbie Arnold

    I really love watching all the episodes that has been, (so for release), However it’s not a complete Drama show by cutting it in to the middle of a story, it would be nice to have the show back on, (or) at least have DVD’s. I even bought and watched the DVD’s Season 1 & 2 It was like reading a Novel with the middle of the page torn out of it, wondering how it would end . Please, make a season 3, 4,5, etc. and I would be more than happy to even buy the DVD’s. Thanks A Movie Fan

  18. sjr

    My favorite show!.bring it back.

  19. Linda Wilmoth

    How sad this show will not be renewed for Season 3 or any additional seasons. This way of life needs to be seen and as far as I can tell there is quite a following, including myself. The fact most channels run crap TV and dump something everyone can relate to with a great character line and cast is beyond my comprehension. Shame on you! If nothing else, sell the rights and story to Netflix, they know which stories keep people watching.

  20. jsun

    we need season 3!!! and we needed it in 2018 so get moving already WGN…it was a bad idea to cancel but you can always redeem yourselves…maybe

    • Amelia gray

      Rlly bad

  21. Shelia n David Dykez

    Put it back on we love and miss it!

  22. Amelia gray

    Starting something good an just ended it like that!!!!!!!nonsense ending it at an ally interesting PART

  23. Kellyn lee

    Love this show! The best series I have seen is such a long time. Someone bring it back. Or at least do a real season finale with a true ending.

  24. William Shelton

    As a fan from West Virginia I’m not always a fan of how Mountain People are portrayed on TV. But this show has been great and I would like to see it come back. The characters are so strong I can overlook some of the silliness. And I love the closeness to Nature and cleverness of the Mountain Folk. We are also at a time in our history when some of the battles shown on the show are extremely relevant. Please bring it back! It was far more popular than your research may have shown and a loyal following at that. Also let us know when if you do with some well placed advertisement so those of us who love it don’t miss a thing and new fans can get a look. Thanks.

    Bill Darkhorse

  25. Joniqua

    Come on man.

  26. terrilyn slippery

    they really need to bring the show back, this show is the bees knees!! love it! I own season 1 & 2 and love watching them.

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