Nov 22

Perception season 4?

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Perception renewed or cancelled by TNT? No season 4 in 2015! Show was closed after three seasons. We know the premiere air date for the remaining episodes.

TV-channel: TNT
Genre: Crime drama
Starring: Eric McCormack, Rachael Leigh Cook, Kelly Rowan

Season 3 Episode 1: 3.07 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 10: 2.57 million U.S. viewers

TNT management officially announced that «Perception» show won’t be continued.

The TV viewers, who have been waiting for season 4 in 2015, are very disappointed about the show closing, but the rights holders’ decision is the final one and won’t be revised. Unfortunately, the TV-project rating decreased to a critical level and it made the creators stop shooting.

The remaining five episodes of the third season, which were ready to be broadcast, would appear on TNT in February 2015 and after that the show would be closed.

There is always a chance that another channel can buy rights for the show, but the critics believe that in this case it won’t happen.

Would you like to see season 4 of «Perception»?

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  1. Yan

    St*pid TNT!!!!! I love Perception show! Kevin Reilly is a total d*mbass.

  2. R. Kump

    I loved this show. Bad move, TNT!

  3. Rana (Salavat)

    I am so upset about this! It was one of my favorite shows!

  4. Young Vencill 0^0

    Really bummed this was cancelled (((

  5. Nikki

    Anything else you’re going to cancel TNT? Kevin Reilly should be fired!

  6. Blake Like a Boss

    I hope they wrap things up. Perception was a real pleasure to watch.

  7. P-fan

    OMG NO!!!!! Seems like all my favorite shows are being cancelled ! I refuse to watch st*pid reality shows!!! Bring Perception BACK!

  8. Austin N.

    Crazy TNT! At this rate there will be nothing for me to watch!!

  9. Nan

    I loved this show. Unlike so much we are being asked to accept as interesting, these days, turns out to be nothing but trash. I guess trash sells over interesting TV. How sad is that?

  10. Michele

    That stinks , I really liked the show. It seems like there is nothing but stupid reality shows on T.V.

  11. Laura

    Don’t cancel it please! Finally a very clever, human, funny, enjoyable show…did I say clever…
    Why??? Please rethink this!!!

  12. Jason

    They should really think about putting Perception on Netflix. It has worked well for House of Cards having their show on Netflix. Only problem is by the time they put Perception on Netflix they would find that most of the actors have gone on to other shows already.

  13. Ksthy

    TNT has cancelled every show I liked so guess I won’t be tuning in any more

  14. AZdesertman

    Bring it back

  15. Marni

    Bad move TNT ! Eric McCormack is a jewel to watch in this touching role! I will miss the show.

  16. Faisal

    Bring it back
    Bring it back
    Bring it back we loved it #the concept everything_Life_time & passion.

  17. Christi

    Every time something good is created… We need shows like this..shows with a brain!! Pun intended!!

  18. Jane Johnston

    I was really looking forward to season 4!!!!!!

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