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Poldark season 4 premiere date

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Poldark season 4 premiere

Are you looking for the premiere date of Poldark season 4? Will there be the new episodes on BBC One and PBS in 2018? Is the series renewed already?

Should we wait for the 4th season of the TV series Poldark? When do the creators announce the date of returning of the project on BBC One?

Remind that in 2016, before the premiere of the 2nd season, the right holders announced about the show renewal for 3rd season. Now there will be not such a rapid financing for new episodes, because at the moment there is not the official news from the channel representatives.

Some experts claim that the creators are not satisfied with the rating of the series in 2017, because the number of viewers, who watch weekly new episodes, has fallen below 6 million people (UK).

On the other hand, this figure cannot be a reason for the canceling of the show and stopping the shooting process, so in the near future we are waiting for the announcement from BBC One and hope that it will be positive.

Remind that in addition to the UK, the project is popular in the USA (PBS), Australia (ABC TV), New Zealand (Prime) and other countries of the world, so support from the fans is provided!

UPDATE 1: A fourth series has been confirmed and is expected to air on June 10, 2018.

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  1. Dr. Bob

    I live in the States and I love Poldark..I have watched all three seasons. Please renew it. Last episode I saw was season 3 episode 8.

  2. sherry wilcox

    i also love poldark it is the best series i have ever watched! i’m 69 and it is better than books you make it come alive please don’t stop.

  3. Ken

    My wife and I caught up seasons 1 & 2 and have been watching season 3 on PBS. We love the story,the great characters and the beautiful scenery. My wife was actually in Cornwall last month ! Please bring back season 4 and more !!!

  4. Doris

    Please continue the Poldark series- you are crazy if you cancel it. I read all 12 novels, and they were awesome- I could not put the books down. There are millions of us in the US that support the continuation of Poldark. And please DO NOT replace Aidan Turner- I’m sure you can make him age gracefully. The series will go down the tubes without Aidan Turner. I am making my vacation plans to Cornwall because of this series. Please hurry with season 4, and more seasons to cover the 12 novels!!!

  5. Joan Carner

    I am very disappointed that cancellation of Poldark has been even considered . I have read the books and enjoyed the series. Do not cancel.

  6. sherry wilcox

    i don’t think it’s fair that we need to wait such a long time after it starts in the uk to watch poldark in the us

  7. Patricia Hantusch

    I Cannot wait for Season 4 of Poldark. It is my favorite season. The program is very well done, and the characters are perfect for their roles. Please continue this series.

    • Karen Beck

      When can the US see season 4? And why must we wait? So disappointing!

  8. Marti Riggins

    Please have a season 4,5,6, and on of Poldark. Wonderful Program. Love, love, love. I agree with Sherry Wilcox…..Please quickly get to U.S.

  9. Farial

    I really truly hope to watch season 4 soon. Please please please, I love it.

  10. Debbie Devore

    I love the show Poledart! I have watched season 1,2 and three in 10 days. Cannot wait for season 4! I truly hope it is not cancelled. This show and the Victoria series is why I decided to donate to pbs. It is a wonderful program! Please bring us season 4 ASAP! It being cancelled would be very dissappointing! Truly hoping for many more seasons!

  11. jenny

    Poldark is a classy show and I know there is a lot of support out there for it to come again. It has to come back for one more season at least. I watch all seasons and buy the dvds. Quality acting, story telling, and history telling. I hope the BBC gets their acts together and provides the viewers with this quality show.

  12. Marty

    Please bring Poldark back as soon as possible! My three foster sons 10, 11, & 12 yrs old started watching with me and they love it! We thought we would see it this spring 2018!

  13. Kim Stahl

    I love Poldark ! I have turned several friends that are currently watching it and are also addicted ! Great casting ! Please keep them coming !

  14. Elizabeth Crocker

    Do not cancel season 4 of Poldark. It is very good and Aidan Turner is perfect as Poldark.

  15. J. T. Valechko

    We are hooked on Poldark and are anxiously waiting for Season 4. While there are many series we watch none can compare to Poldark. Bring in on, thanks !

  16. MARTHA Weed

    My husband never watched movies but he could not get enough of the Poldark series and was disappointed and so was I when the series stopped. We have never been so captivated by any movies as we have the Poldark series. Hoping you will renew the series this year (2018).

  17. S.LILIEN


  18. R Gilchrist

    Many fans here in the US!!!

  19. Alexius Nemo

    I watched and enjoyed the original Poldark series. It was well done but by today’s standards a bit studio bound. The current incarnation of Poldark has Cornwall as a co-star and the experience is much richer as a result

  20. David R. Cruz

    My wife and I have seen all 3 seasons of Poldark. We are both in our 60s and are not novice (tasteful) movie/ series viewers. This version of Poldark is amazingly well done especially in its ability to involve the audience. Please continue the series. True viewership can at times be hard to determine because there are those who come into the series late.

  21. Lynn thompson

    Please continue poldark on pbs, love it

  22. Kimberly Cokely

    Best series on TV since Downton Abbey!! Please please please, continue this amazingly well scripted series on our PBS…Yours truly, your biggest fans, American Viewers:)))

  23. Louisa Dugan

    Am enthralled and enchanted by Poldark and all its richness. Aiden Turner is my hero; can’t wait to see how he takes on Parliament in Season 4… have newly arrived as a spectator, having watched all three seasons over the last two weeks!! Wonderful program, insanely beautiful scenery. Shall hope to get to Cornwall, England one day.. and Ireland… as soon as possible! Thank you for all the hard work putting this show on. It must never end!!!

  24. Patricia Findley

    Looking forward to Series 4. Very few series that I look forward to. This took the place of Downton Abbey, please continue.

  25. farah

    loved this series!! I binged through the episodes until I got past season 3.

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