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Power season 2: start date on Starz

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Starz renewed Power for a ten episode second season. The show will return in 2015! We are waiting for start of season 2!

TV-channel: Starz
Pilot episode: June 7, 2014
Creator: Courtney Kemp Agboh

Season 1 Episode 1: 0.46 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 4: 0.55 million U.S. viewers

Immediately after «Power» television series premiered, Starz announced its decision to renew the project for the next season. The filming process of 10 new episodes, which will be held in New York and Brooklyn, is to be started in September 2014.

Executive producer Curtis «50 Cent» Jackson is sure the audience will enjoy the TV show already while the debut season is being broadcast, but season 2 will blow them away. Series creator Courtney Kemp Agboh thanked the rights holders for the opportunity to work on the new episodes and is ready to do his best to make the project successful.

According to the preliminary data, the second season is to debut on June 6, 2015. Let’s wait!

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  1. Bora

    I really wanted to like this show but it feels very retro and done before. One dimensional characters and tired dialogue.

    • Chetwezzy

      Bora out of all the people that commented you’re the only person that does not like the shell you must be a dumb a** person. The show was so awesome this could really happen just like breaking bad. So in the futureThink before you post something

      • royal reign

        I totally agree with you, the show was awesome and everyone I know is salivating for more from this series. I hope the series goes on for years to come

    • Myself real

      Omg shut up! The show has its on splash of flavor don’t know what pipe you’re smoking ,,, power is all that! Can’t wait for season 2!!!!

      • kim

        I love this show I just think that they should have brought it back earlier, but now since Empire with Tarrence Howard is on, people just might forget about this show, because Empire is so much better

    • calvin

      many mob shows are like that. yet to my memory has one ever been where a FBI agent falls for an ole lover who is the major crime badboy she is suppose to bring down. think Tommy will kill her first being that he learned who she is as season ended.

    • Chip

      Great series! I don’t know what you think that you are not seeing……Maybe some people are limited.

      • lawrence

        I agree!!!! This was one of our favorite shows last year and I can’t wait to see season 2. I literally ordered Starz last summer JUST for this show.

    • lawrence

      Your Deutch bag! Your too retro.. That doesn’t even make sense.

  2. ZeRoCool

    YYEEAAHH! I am so happy that this show has been renewed for a second season because I see potential.

  3. BabaiBaco

    It seems stars gives second seasons to most shows…

  4. Face

    I will be looking forward to the second season’s release date being pushed up like 50’s release date was. Right?!

  5. Kaycee

    Great show! Well done and with great actors playing out a fantastic storyline. Can’t wait for season 2!

  6. Rjoe

    I absolutely LOVED this season of Power!!! I loved everything about it, the storyline, the actors, the setting, all of it! I am so looking forward to season two, but could it be sooner than 2015, I don’t think I can wait that long to see what happens?! Great job to 50, the writers, producers on this one, you got a Hit with me.

  7. Mena

    This show is so Good and I no they got rating like craz so why wait so long to bring out season 2 and only ten episodes ! It should be at less 20 or more episodes so when it do go off the air for next season it will keep people watching it until the new season come out because most people have cable and watch on demand ! My duagther turn me on to it and I love the show ! It is real Good and have very good people playing parts ! Plus Ghost he is a very Good actor and 50 Cent is becoming a Good actor to love his other movie ! And the guys that kipnap them I for got his na, e ! Hebcan act his butt off ! They got it going on on this new show !

  8. Lily

    Sep 2015 it’s way to long to wait for tv series that it’s over a year ,.. Usually tv series take up to 6 month no longer … I hope we get to see it earlier … I want to see what it’s going to happen now

  9. Vonn

    Good show I got turned on to late like episode 5. I like it so much I went and watch earlier episodes on demand so I could get the full understanding of the characters and there roles in it. I’m really looking forward to season 2 hope I really don’t gave to wait until spring 2015.

  10. Audrey

    Love this show like a foodie loves to eat. But, I can only watch the old shows so many times on demand I have to get my fix. Spring of 2015 is a long way off. What am I to do.

    • Cake

      “Like a fat kid loves cake” did you mean

  11. tara

    Im really really hoping u guys dnt wait until next summer for season 2.. I absolutely loved the show. Great actors and storyline. I jus dnt want anything bad to happen to ghost lol. But seriously dnt make us all wait that long, a wk was hard enough! We neeeedddd it nowwww haha

  12. power yesssss

    I simply love this series. But dont take to long to come back people may loose interest. I love the actors the plot its just awesome. And on top of that ghost is too fine ummm ready to see ghost handle his business

  13. Melinda

    Love the Show I Been dyin to see wats goin to happen after series 1 I check every Saturday night to c if it’s going to come on but Nothing I Really Hope I Don’t Have To Wait Till September 2015 that’s to long Come on 50 can we get a Sooner date 😉

  14. Ms. Marcia

    I really loved this show. It was a nice change of pace for me as a mature adult. I can’t wait for the new season.
    It would be nice to see what else you guys can come up with to view during the off season of Power.

  15. Lady K

    I absolutely love this show! Waiting for second season with much anticipation!

  16. Frenchy

    I just watch Season 1 on-demand and I absolutely love the show. Everyone are playing their parts very well. I really love the twist in episode 8 and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I sent a group text to all my friends and family about this show. I’m just disappointed that Season 2 won’t air until next year :-(.

  17. Kristine

    Omg I don’t wanna wait til the spring for a new season. I just found the show 3 nights ago n I went through all of season 1 already. But so glad there cont. the show best show ever

  18. Isaac & Annette Young

    Power season 1 was a hit and left us starving for more. We cannot wait for season 2 to begin, but why Spring/2015. We need Power now.

  19. Kimberly austin

    50 cent really got down on this one, once I got into the show it was addicted I watched each one over and over, I too said that 2015 was too long to wait, but I just saw on TV that the new season starts Sept 9, 2014. I can not wait I really hope that Ghost dumps Tasha, I think that they could have gotten a better actress as his wife

  20. Terri

    ahh. loved it, but no one will wait until 2015. too bad, too much other stuff to watch and too long between the shoots.

  21. Terri

    oh, ok, saw another comment. if it starts on sept 9, 2014, then I’ll watch – If not, done.

  22. Chantay Robinson

    I’m so happy Season 2 is going to air hopefully in September 2014 because i can’t wait until 2015 but if I have too I will still be front and centered.

    I LOVE IT! 🙂

  23. w.p.fields

    Personally speaking, I can not see what the delay is on this one!? one of the most dramatic original series in quite some time. there must be millions of viewers awiating the start of this second series with bated breath.

  24. Chetwezzy

    The show was so sweet this could be in a real-life situation just like breaking bad

  25. irene

    Power series 1 was awesome. Can’t wait until next year. Why not show it now and have series 3 ready in 2015

  26. Jennifer

    I fell in love with power can’t wait till season 2……on edge!

  27. Tone

    Power is OFF the HOOK!!!! Best Street Series since “The Wire” .. This should have an Automatic 5 Season Contract. 50 cent has Out done himself with this one. I can’t wait for Season 2… #HighlyAnticipated

    • Taylor

      I agree. I can’t wait until season 2. Please don’t wait until the summer. This is a show that my me and my husband watch together on our night. Love it 50 cent….keep up the “great” work…. Tasha is a ride or die chic “his backbone” that’s what a sister do for her man! Taylor

  28. MsBee(Detroit)

    Can’t Wait to see season 2. Great show!!! Not like any show I’ve seen thus far!

  29. tomcutta

    Series is the best since the Wire. It is the modern day hustle and has gained respect from every population. Would love to see Ghost take his business to Mia as soon as he regains his power in NY. I have watched the series so many times that I can repeat the words, please if possible could you speed up the process of new season.

  30. Sug

    OMG Power is the best drama series since the Sopranos and I can’t wait for season 2. I’m doing the count down into 2015. 50 cent please keep up the good work.

  31. Corwin

    Power is very mind bending! Its full of twist and turns to have you thinking about what’s going to happen next! I didn’t really know what the series was really about until a homie of mine suggested to watch all episodes on Starz demand! Very anxious and looking forward to season 2! I tilt my hat to 50 and the other producers and writers!

  32. skido

    THESE ni*as ain’t 50 than me!!!!!! Sh**t can’t wait for season 2.

  33. Leah

    Luv it and luv me some Tommy

  34. G.Money

    Dude….what’s up with the copycat “Empire”, what’s the story behind it.

  35. TIE

    Folks please do not get it twisted Empire and Power are to different show yes they have very similar concepts, but let’s not be swayed and support both show’s. All of the person’s involved deserve create by us partaking in there craft.

    “Cookie is that girl” “Ghost knows he is the dude”

    • Ang

      I totally AGREEEEE!

    • Stacey

      I totally agree!!!!!

  36. Diane

    Loved the show. It was filmed one block away from my house. It is real not made up. Hustling in N.Y.

  37. Stacey

    I am in love with this show…But I also love EMPIRE…. My two loves…..lol

  38. Porchia

    Power is the SSSSHHHIIIIITT!!!!
    Cant wait for season 2.

  39. Tonya

    Seriously love the show but would agree… Why wait a year. Don’t mess this opportunity up by waiting so long in between. Fans will move on …Empire is rocking it right now … Get Power back on ASAP!

  40. Baybae

    50cent congrats on this Powerful masterpiece you’ve created! However please reconsider pushing up the release date I’m soo missing to see what my man Ghost gone do, say and wear on that fine a** body!

  41. mina

    love this show. look forward to seeing ghost hot body each show. look forward to season 2. good work 50 cent good show. love the music on the show and the story line.

  42. Keo

    Show is awesome can’t wait for season 2. Many twists and turns making you want more

  43. Carol Perkins

    I love this show so much and can’t wait for it’s return. I wish they would hurry up bring it back cause I am a fanatic. I have a group on Facebook called Power Fanatics, come and join me, l will keep you up-to-date, and keep your memory fresh

  44. CLew

    After reading these comments, I went on-line to search up Empire since so many of u were comparing Power to it, & I CANT BELIEVE that’s happening!! I squashed that nasty sh*t 10 minutes into the FIRST episode!!. For starters.. COMMERCIALS S*CK!! So that tells me.. Power is better JUST BCUZ ITS ON STARZ! & secondly.. The MF’n QUEERS has got to gggoooo! Idc if it is 2015.. That sh*t is nasty as hell! That’s like getting entertained by watching dogs hump!! Eww!! So f that! Power has level that Empire will NEVER reach…

  45. M3

    Ok ,it’s now May 2015 count down time.I can’t wait to see what ghost wife will do about his disloyal @$#=

  46. Lilo

    Can’t wait for Power to come back on, Empire has nothing on POWER!!!!!!

  47. Rozie

    I look forward to seeing the show. I have been waiting since last year and felt that it went off way to soon. I hope you all keep the show going.

  48. Rena'

    Looking forward to the return of “POWER”. There’s a big difference between POWER and Empire. POWER isn’t fake. You can’t makeup a street life with crediability, if you haven’t lived that life. Big up to 50 cent and his team for a true and highly successful drama series.

  49. Jeffery Atkins

    Why cant it just be 2 shows on TV that happen to have black cast. It doesn’t have to be one vs the other. You don’t do that to white shows.

  50. shamrica

    Really loved this show can’t wait to see more

  51. Jaguarundi

    I agree that the storyline is not all that new, but it has good acting and dialogue and with a few twists and turns to keep you engaged and interested. What I really love about the show is its visual appeal: it has great cinematography, beautiful sets and color scheme. It plays up the neutral tones in a positive, slick stylized way. The coloring with the subtle lighting and the excellent pacing, creates a meditative flow. The kind of flow that sucks the viewer in, taking him into this other world as depicted in “Power.” Of interest, are the beautiful city scapees through the aerial, panning (wide shots) of the Manhattan at the times of day be it the skyline, or an overhead of thefreeway at twilight, when the lighting from cars and ambient are so very effective. They choose to depict th cityscapes at dusk/ dawn, and twilifght in which the natural light is beautiful. Cinematographic ally, there are many good effects and from the arc and crane shots. The show also provide many interesting, creative “artsy” shots that you don’t normally see on television, such as in scene in season 2 in which Tasha is waving her had through the water in a bath from the perspective of in/under the water. The that moves up (cranes up) then zooms to a close up, and back to standard cinematography. Perhaps the DP (director of photography) is also a still photographer and has inserted some cool, creative elements to the show’s cinematography that is often reserved for the world of still photography. Another thing, that I find visually appealing are the graphics in the opening credits. They are stylized, good use of symbolism, visually stunning, shot in (a softish) black and white. From a design point if view, it works. It looks like Agboh’s team is very visually creative and has put to great use graphic technologies to create art. Perhaps the creativity comes from 50c’s music and video background that provides for such creative license. I’ll continue to watch the show from its intriguing story line, but as I am a photography enthusiast and an art history major in college, I will continue to enjoy the slick style. It is inspirational, as I go on to develop my moving image projects! Keep up the good work, and keep on, keeping on! 🙂

  52. Mimi

    De story is not new but I think de dialogues are genus with good actors in fact I love it nd can’t miss to watch an episode

  53. Linda

    Come on Power I need to know what Ghost is gonna do. I don’t think he’ll be able to stay straight. Power show em what u got now. Empire is rating up there baby what u got!!!!!!

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