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Ray Donovan season 3: premiere date (2015)

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Showtime has ordered third season of Ray Donovan. When does season 3 premiere on TV in 2015? What we know about the start air date?

TV-channel: Showtime
Genre: Crime drama
Creator: Ann Biderman

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.35 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 9: 1.63 million U.S. viewers

There is a little doubt that the crime drama of Showtime production «Ray Donovan» will be finished in the current year. The stable rating, great amount of fans and bold provocative story- the factors, which allowed the creator to renew the television series for season 3.

According to the official announcement, the continuation is to be started working on in the next year and 12 new episodes have been financed.

At the moment it is known that the premiere date of the third season has been scheduled for the early summer of 2015, as it has been predicted by the experts.

Let’s wait for the fresh data…

UPDATE 1 (March 25, 2015): Showtime has set a Sunday, July 12 start date for the third season of Ray Donovan.

UPDATE 2: Showtime renewed the show for a FOURTH SEASON. Follow the link!

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  1. Ronnie Hunter

    Thankful Showtime for a season 3

  2. Hugo

    I am so happy to know Ray Donovan will be back. Show is so damn good. I love it.

  3. Jan

    I think the writing and dialogue for season 2 has been terrible. Its almost getting to the point of hate watching. But Season 1 was good!

  4. Sherry F.

    Ray Donovan is the best show on TV! Respect -> Liev Schreiber

  5. Thomas

    can’t wait until summer 2015 (((

  6. Spike gurney

    Great series– start it sooner — don’t want to wait that long

  7. R Spencer

    Truly an awesome season ! Never a dull moment, and can’t wait for season three! My favorite show!

  8. Judy Montgomery

    The show is awesome and keeps us wanting more. I just can’t imagine where you will take it from here. The first and second seasons flew by.

  9. Nan R

    Never have seen such a depraved show. Cannot wait until 2015. The acting
    is fabuous. Fun to see Jon Voigt in action. It is the best part of summer.

  10. ben marino

    Gimmie a Break it takes that long for the next show to come out ???

  11. Sharon brannan

    Love Love , this program so lookoing forward to next season . Please, Please ,. Miss this show Love Love it . can’t wait to see my guy Ray, what a Huck . come back Please.

  12. Bev Schirinzi

    Great program started watching in Barbados had to down load when I got home to uk best ever

  13. Bill DeVries

    Love the show! Many great segways…love Ray dancing to Walk this Way!!!

  14. Jonah B

    The best dam show ever! I have watch many series including: boss, justified, the killing, true detective, the americans, etc. but this series kicks it! I especially love the Mercedes he drives. I just watched both seasons in two nights, stayed up all night twice, I am on overload right now. AWESOME!

    • me

      Oooooo, jss..thats what i did exactly the same…..lovo liev…awesomeeee

  15. Deneen Garcia

    The show is awesome!!! Can’t get enough!!! Looking forward to season 3!!!

  16. Mike M.

    Love the show, but the writers need to remember that we watch Ray because he was like the “Jack Bauer” of LA streets….Don’t make him human or show his weak sides like the final episodes of season 2……He’s the guy we identify with as “always doing the right thing” and always makes good, strong decisions……….From someone who comes from a similarly dysfunctional Irish family, keep him as the guy who doesn’t make stupid mistakes… the choking scene during sex with the reporter……….Our super hero doesn’t do those kinds of things. Keep us respecting him…..Just remember; This is fiction and we don’t need to see his dark side or his human side that makes stupid mistakes…..The story line is his ability to fix other people’s mistakes…Plain and simple…..Keep him as someone we LIKE and look up to……Every guy that watches the show would like to be Ray Donovan from seasons 1 and 2 (except for the drunken wife pushing scene or the choking scene)…..Pass it on to the writers and follow in the footsteps of 24 of how to keep the whole country loving the tough guy with a brain.

    • sb

      I so agree with you, they keep as the fixer, the guy who knows the solutions and carry them out like the first season. I really didn’t care for the ray romance there was no point to it,scum bag reporter got it – yeah tp havi

    • Mary Jo

      I totally agree with Mike M. Just want to say that in the absence of Ray Donovan, I am now addicted to the Blacklist. Unlike Red; Ray likes to get his groove on. But I like the bag guy too, who doesn’t make stupid mistakes. The drunken wife is getting too predictable and she really needs to die – her time is up. Keep Ray as the “Cleaner” and do not make him human. Why is this next season taking so long. We need good TV during Winter. I would definitely love to be a vileness along side of Ray………call me.

  17. Melody

    why do we have to wait so long? no Ray for the winter or spring?? how am I expected to get through??

  18. cole

    I bought season 1 on dvd at the recommendation of a friend,im hooked know,when is season 2 going to be released ?

  19. james ewing

    tell me when season 3 begins! please please please!

  20. Diane

    I want it to start soon, a great show I miss him he’s a great actor,and a great show hope it starts soon

  21. Bruno

    Summer 2015????? How about an exact date????????

  22. Talia

    Love it !!!
    Thank you Showtime…hottest series ever !

  23. Elaine

    Love Ray Donovan. So glad it will be back for season 3.

  24. Karen

    Can’t wait for Season 3 to start!!! We miss watching the members of this disfunctional Irish family at it’s finest……

  25. Nancy &Tom

    Just read that Ray Donovan season 3 is supposed to start in July.
    SO irritating to have to wait so long between seasons.Why can’t it be like the old days when they went on hiatus for the summer and came back in the fall? (Of the same year).

  26. Ester

    Please hurry with Ray Donovan. Husband and I waiting. Best show around.

  27. Jane

    Absolutely love Ray Donovan and I am happy there is a season 3. I like him also as the fixer. Don’t make him too nice…would like some more of him walking in the ocean without clothing!!

    • Charleen Hastings

      Haha! Me, too.

  28. Bev Bryant

    We love this show, can hardly wait for season 3 to start. We’ve gone too long, hurry up Showtime……..

  29. Garbo

    Best show ever! Too much wait time between seasons!!!!

  30. Charleen Hastings

    My husband and I absolutely love this show. The plots and twists have really grown more and more interesting. Another great job Showtime!! If Dexter had to end, so glad Ray Donovan is such an amazing show.

  31. Gracie

    Love love love the show!! Anxiously awaiting the new season. Loved S2. Great actors.

  32. Mike

    Best show ever. Thank you Showtime for bringing it back and please don’t end it after season three.

  33. J.Nash

    Come on Ray!!! Don’t let the faithful fans down.. Memphis Tennessee fan..
    Love it!!!

  34. Manny

    A little too violent, but overall a good show. Looking forward to the new season.

  35. Booby

    Love Ray Donovan, great series, great actors….cant wait till July 12 th
    keep up the good work

  36. Jg

    Just watched season 3 episode one. On xfinity in demand. Surprised to find it there early. Loved seeing almost everybody (spoiler alert) in this episode.

  37. Lynn

    Anticipating a kick *ss season 3. Go Ray….

  38. marion

    Love this show! Sick of the daughter do they all have to have a stupid daughter get a clue.
    (Homeland did and ditched the daughter)

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