Sep 18

Regular Show season 9 NO release date

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regular show season 9 release date

What do you think about Regular Show on Cartoon Network? Will there be a ninth season in 2017? We want to know the release date!

TV series Regular Show went on Cartoon Network since 2010. Each episode of the animated series is a separate story with an interesting plot.

The plots of episodes were so spontaneous and sometimes illogical that at times the viewers might not be ready for further event that was the hallmark of the series.

It was filmed 264 episodes and a full movie. Unfortunately, right holders have decided to stop and close the project, which is a bit frustrating for a large army of fans.

The official announcement says that the ninth season of the animated series Regular Show is not planned because the project receives the status “ended” after the finale of the eighth season.

Regular Show season 9 NO release date – [ended]

Are you disappointed?

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