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«Reign» season 2: start air date

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When does «Reign» season 2 come out on TV? The television series renewed by The CW . Start date for new (2014/2015) season is known.

TV-channel: The CW
Pilot episode: October 17, 2013
Creators: Laurie McCarthy, Stephanie SenGupta

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.98 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 11: 1.64 million U.S. viewers

The TV series «Reign», which debuted on The CW channel, is to be extended for the second season. The show has already about 1.7 million U.S. fans, which guaranteed its funding.

According to Mark Pedowitz, the Network President, the popularity of this show hasn’t reached its peak yet, as there are a lot of exciting episodes waiting ahead. The start air date of the second season «Reign» for American television is scheduled for October 2, 2014.

UPDATE 1 (March 11, 2016): The CW renewed the series for a fourth season.

How about Reign season 5 release date?

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  1. Karen

    I’ve never seen better than Reign!!! tu The CW!

  2. Corra

    This is a great show, I recorded all of them, let’s get season 2 going!

  3. Rebecca

    perfect cast, great job! I love the show and hope it continues for many more seasons

  4. Laura

    I absolutely love this show! I love the fashion and the cast seems like it was expertly and perfectly chosen for their roles, except for one. The character of Sebastian is often described as handsome. They should have cast an actor who actually is handsome. The character of “bash” himself is great, but they definitely screwed up this casting. I’m not saying that he’s a bad actor, just not right for the role he’s playing.

    • judy

      That’s crazy!!!!He is not only perfect for the role but absolutely gorgeous as well!!!!!!!!!!

      • Danis Cheaney

        I agree!!! Absolutely gorgeous man and love the series. Can’t wait until season 2 starts.

    • Pats

      He’s actually my favorite. I thought he was handsome on The Tudors but he looks so much better now with the dark hair. “Bash” is really the only reason I’m still watching. I’m hoping they do more with his character for season 2.

    • Joanie

      Wow ! The actor playing Sebastian is definately a HOTTY and perfect for the role.
      I watch the show mainly to see Bash!Gorgeous dude


    • annoymous

      Bash drop dead handsome beautiful actor and man maybe you should consider wearing glasses for your eyes.

    • daniy

      I totally disagree. I think he is perfect. And I find him quite handsome. His eyes could steal a heart alone. Frances on the other hand is a bit mousey in my opinion. The KING, is a ruggedly handsome man. Which is weird, I’ve never seen or heard of a attractive King.

  5. aljohn

    the best series as of now! season 2 please hurry up i’m craving for new episodes of reign.

  6. Dale

    Reign is by far the best series out there. It has everything; love, hate, deceit, war, mystery, I love it. I can’t wait for the 2nd season. The actors are great, the outfits are awesome. I love this historical time period. I hope the series keep going.

  7. Mickey

    Bash is handsome! Please, I beg you…do not replace him with another actor. His eyes are pearcing…his looks, well….sexy as all heck! Love this show, looking forward to season 2.

  8. Jennfer

    Love this show can’t wait until Season 2 comes out. I though Mary was going to marry Bash
    he is much better looking & sexy than Frances the could have chosen a male actor as a king
    for Mary. Will Bash & Mary hook up being that Frances knows that he has a baby with Lola, or
    falls ill from the plague. Bash diffently needs to be more involved in Season 2 lets see what happens CAN’T WAIT!

    • viv

      Quick history lesson.
      She cannot marry Bash.
      This show is based on Mary Queen of Scots, a real person. She marries Francis, becomes Queen of France. He dies a few years later, she goes back to Scotland where she is later imprisoned and then beheaded by Queen Elizabeth of England (her cousin).

      • annoymous

        All the records are lost by the ugly queen Elizabeth but god saw it all the torment of the real queen of England first born. it all in god tape, god records everything and Elizabeth never saw heaven regardless of the record.

  9. glen g,

    will REIGN be released on dvd?

  10. Alicia

    Yeaaaaa soooo excited for the new season of Reign. Can’t wait till October!!!!

  11. Court

    I love this show!!!!!

  12. Terri

    The best series I’ve ever watched! Yes, Bash is my fave!

  13. meli

    when is the next update?? so cant wait and all characters are just perfect… i am hoping that despite the fact that francis has a baby, he will continue to love mary but i have a feeling that everything is going to take a whole new level… both brothers are really really handsome and all the lovely scottish girls…

  14. Lell

    I don’t know I wish I knew when it was to start again. I just love this show. I hate TV but the world would stop when this came on. It is on Friday nights at 9pm but I think they are repeats. I have been searching for a date and cannot locate it. ??????

  15. Amoreena

    Historically Francis dies after about a year as king.

    • Michael Paulson

      Historically, Francis was diminutive in height, sexually impotent, and suffering from a variety of ailments that brought about his death in December 1560 before his 17th birthday . His reign was from July 1559 to December 1560, but it was Mary’s uncles, the Duke of Guise and the Cardinal of Guise who were really in charge of the country.

  16. Michael Paulson

    While there are interesting shots, the plots deviate so much from documented history and portray characters such as Catherine de Medici, Henry II (he never would have dared to arrest her), Francis II (a cripple for most of his life incapable of consuming his marriage) and Mary Stuart so grossly out of character (as documented in biographies and historical studies) that they have nothing in common with their “original” models. Let’s get some real history in the series!!! The writers and producers should read Antonia Fraser’s biography of Mary Queen of Scots for juicy stories that are real! Who is this Bash who is not based on history?

    • Remember me

      omg relax its a tv drama you want “real” history GO TO THE HISTORY CHANNEL

    • daniy

      It’s a fantasy for a reason. They claim no truth

  17. Ruby Anderson

    I dont’t care if it’s a fact or fictional show. I just love it and the characters. Can’t wait for tbe new season to start.

  18. Marilyz

    They better do a season 2 :/

  19. Lizzy

    So happy to see reign return. Absolutely love this show. Can wait till first episode of season 2.

  20. suzi

    love this series. bash is handsome but lacking in something, can’t put my finger on it. way more exciting to watch francis. mary and francis have more chemistry than bash and mary do. i think bash’s character is kinda wimpy. maybe that’s why he doesn’t appeal to me as much. can’t wait for season 2.

  21. Leah Bradbury


  22. Debra Miles

    I love this show. Just finished watching it last night on Netflix. Am so looking forward to another season. And as far as Bash goes..OMG, Those beautiful eyes, he’s gorgeous !!. Also a big fan of The Tudors and Merlin. Please, sirs, may we have more ??

  23. Go Easy

    Great show…turns out Queen Catherine had 10 kids….Henry was a busy Dude…he also was banging Diane…What a great life! Often wonder how often they bathed…did they smell? oral?…gross!

  24. Daisy

    I totally loved this series and it left me wanting more and now anxiously awaiting the start of Season 2.
    Let go !

  25. NatB

    I am completely hooked within the last past week! I just started watching Reign on NetFlix and I can’t get enough!! I am so pleased to see that there is a second season and keeping my fingers crossed for a season 3!! I need to start spreading the word about this exciting TV Show!! Thank You CW!!!!

  26. Carla

    I started watching this on Netflix and I also can’t get enough of this series. I am so glad that there is a season 2. All of the men are handsome, including Bash! The gowns, costumes and jewelry are beautiful! Love it!

  27. Texas girl

    I’m addicted to this show. Watched all the shows on netflix. I realized season 2 is on and now started to watched on time warner. Missed 1 thru 4 so I’m thinking of buying them. Love all the characters and clothes. Hope they make a season 3.

  28. Sue Carr

    Just finished 22 episodes on Netflix. Did that cover season 1? Is there more? Loved it!

  29. Rita

    Absolutely love Reign!!!!! The costumes are awesome, the actors are stunning…I hope this goes well beyond season 2. Re-watching season 1 with a friend who got hooked on it and I could watch it again! Love it…love it…love it!
    P.S. Bash is gorgeous, handsome and I love his character… Glasses are definitely needed for anyone who doesn’t think so…

  30. Lisa

    I absolutely love this show. It’s not historically correct, but who cares. I just hate how Mary is treating Francis. He loves her so. Can’t wait for the next episode to air on March 12, 2015

  31. allie

    Love this series! Francis is the perfect storybook prince charming <3<3<3 Whether you agree on casting or not, this series has got a lot of people passionate about their viewing, which is the point in the first place. When people get this passionate, you know its good!! Cheers to season 2+

  32. Amanda

    I love this show it is one of my favorites.. I love the setting and everything couldn’t ask for anything better. Every cast member does a great job in making me feellike i am right in the sh

  33. Diane

    So when is season 2 going to be on Netflix?

  34. Tabitha Campbell

    I can’t wait to watch Reign again. I could watch a whole season back to back.

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