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Rick and Morty season 3 premiere date

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When does Rick and Morty come back? The series was renewed for a third season. What about the premiere (start) date on Adult Swim in 2016?

In December 2013 the television channel Adult Swim aired the show Rick and Morty, created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. The last even voiced the main characters: Rick, scientist and alcoholic, and his grandson Morty.

The project got many positive reviews of critics, which let to renew it for the second season in early 2014. Basing on results of the new episodes broadcast, it has become clear that the given show has a great potential and the rights holders don’t plan to end up a story in the next couple of years.

To prove their love to the show Rick and Morty, Adult Swim TV channel management renewed it for Season 3 in August 2015 not waiting for the release of the last episode of its second season. The exact premiere date of the return hasn’t been announced yet, but the experts expect the new episodes to be released in early 2016.

Rick and Morty season 3 start – [July 30, 2017] (update 2)

We’re following the updates and will publish fresh data as soon as they appear.

UPDATE 1 (March 2, 2016): “We’re doing 14 episodes this year. I think Season 3 is — we’re targeting around the end of this year”, Dan Harmon said.

UPDATE 2 (June 30, 2017): The Rick and Morty series will be returning to Adult Swim for Season 3 on Sunday, July 30 at 11:30/10:30c.

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  1. Nika L.

    Love Rick and Morty! I hope it stays on as long as the Simpsons.

    • KillerKow

      I love it too, sadly i don’t see a way it could go longer then maybe a season 4. There is a chance though, since it does have a ton of fans and support.

      • Sucket Killer

        There is no reason that the show could not go on season after season. As long as it has fans watching. Maybe the version you are watching is on a different inter-dimensional channel. Netflix or Amazon would pick up the series in a heartbeat.

        • Conoros

          Netflix has already picked it up

    • Jeanne L.

      How embarrassing!! Your aunt is surfing the same sites. ❤️

  2. BroSS

    Such great news to hear the show will be continuing. Hopefully season 3 won’t take so long to produce.

    • Drew Peacock

      It Did

  3. Sulaiman

    In my opinion Rick and Morty is the best tv series I’ve ever seen. If fresh ideas keep coming they could go on as long if not longer than family guy

    • Hope no long hiatus

      You mean cancelled after season 3? Then fan’s support and the creator working to get it back on after 2 years off? I think the creators have worked together for a while. So I don’t see them splitting up as long as they don’t try to screw each other. And fans will work to get dded seasons renewed.

  4. dick head + sexalot

    lol I love it

  5. Baconpizza80

    The 2nd season finale was awesome. Waiting for new episodes is torture after the way they left things. At least Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia finally returned. Some of the best and worst tv of all time is on in 2016.

  6. Scedaniel

    One of the VERY funniest cartoons from Williams Street in at least a Month or even two! That Street must be crawling with Talent from one end to the other , what with all the crazy insanely FUNNY stuff they keep pumping out. I LOVE that Street! I LOVE those Toons and I LOVE Comedy Central. I wish they had more of what they used to have too. Stand Up Comedy . I moss all of those shows they used to broadcast as well as these Funny as Heck Toons. If they read these posts I hope they read mine. I want them to know how much I truly appreciate them and to let them know what a wonderful job they are doing making me Laugh. Thanks guys and gals of Comedy central and to all the producers of all of the fine shows you air each day and/or week.

    • kzrsct

      hey dumb*ss its an [adultswim] show

      • Dont be a Richard

        kzssct Yes it is an AS show. But you are just the same with an added S.

        • Datbitch

          That come back

        • Danny Boston

          now that was some witty sh*t

  7. Fred

    The Last episode made me so sad I googled this strange away. Can’t wait for season three.

    • Step Grandpa

      Me too. Well, like 6 months later. Well we might have to wait for Christmas, for a new episode. Back to me bangin your Grandma. Hope you want a new Uncle.

  8. Max

    Season three I need you in my life. Rick is going to be mad when he gets out.

  9. heavy Harry

    Get this sh*t taken care of….it better be out by December 28th at the latest. Otherwise ill cut Santa open and replace his innards with healthy snacks…..for the children. And it better not be some batman v superman bullsh*t where you use your brand to make money and then put zero effort into character development or plot line…….
    I’m very passionate about Rick and morty…..and batman…..

    • Step Grandma

      Hate to tell ya this…..but….there isn’t a Santa Claus.

  10. Regina Cook

    I love this show i think my favorite episode is the love potion one. “I love Morty and I hope that hr loves me.”

  11. Dillan Gibson

    i f***ing need a season three rick and morty is the best damn show out there I will almost do anything that sh*t come out before the end of the year. thank you

  12. Della Luna

    The anticipation is killing me. So many of my thoughts and feelings are expressed in this show. All the deeper meanings behind the comedy and chaos. It’s relatable and one of a kind.

  13. eric

    I hope they don’t change the show to make it politically correct. Rick and Morty is one of the few shows on any more that doesn’t insult and demean men. Rick is awesome, and Morty is awesome!

  14. your personal mary

    At least there’s house of cosbys to re-watch while you wait.

  15. Jason

    I remember it saying on tv that season 3 was supposed to be released sometime in either September 2016 or November 2016, but not sure which. And remember, this is what I REMEMBER seeing and my memory isn’t one of the best.

  16. Katey

    Aaaannmnddd we are still waiting for it! Cmon!! We can’t wait any longer! At the end of the last episode it said something like “see you in a year and a half” or something like that sooooo maybe that means soon?! I think it’s been about that amount of time..

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