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Rosewood season 3

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Rosewood season 3 start

How about Rosewood season 3? Is the television series renewed? We want to know the exact start/return date on Fox in the fall 2017.

The rating of the series Rosewood falls. Is it worth waiting for the start date of the 3rd season or will the TV-project be cancelled?

The renewal of the show is in question (UPDATE 1), because at the moment the number of fans has fallen below the level of 2.6 million people. That’s the number of viewers now waiting weekly for new episodes of this series, and last year their number exceeded 3.5 million people.

Well, the right holders are not satisfied with this and it is not surprising, because the creator of Todd Harthan has expected the financing of the third season of Rosewood.

Critics have already “buried” this TV-project and boldly argue that it will be cancelled, because with a rating of 0.5 (18-49) it has nothing to do on the air of the FOX channel. Apparently, the creators do not have weighty arguments for the renewal of the series, so discussions on this matter (renewal/cancellation) can be very short and with a negative result.

Rosewood season 3 start date – [cancelled]

We follow the news from FOX, so do not forget to read the updates at the bottom of this article. We hope that Rosewood will return on FOX in September 2017, although this is unlikely to be true.

UPDATE 1 (May 9, 2017): The series has been cancelled after two seasons.

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