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«Scandal» season 4: premiere air date (2014)

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When does «Scandal» season 4 start on ABC? Will the series return with new episodes in 2014? We are waiting for premiere air date!

TV-channel: ABC
Pilot episode: April 5, 2012
Creator: Shonda Rhimes

Season 1 Episode 1: 7.33 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 1: 10.52 million U.S. viewers

The fact that the number of «Scandal» television series fans comprises about 9 million people this year (the last year that number was 7,5 million people) guarantees its financing for season 4.

The given opinion is shared both by plain viewers and experts, as ABC television channel always renews the successful shows. The given political thriller is never criticized and for three years has been occupying the worthy positions in TV show ranking on American TV.

«Scandal» season 4 premiere – [September 25, 2014] (officially)

According to the rights holders, the show is necessary for ABC brand support and not every show deserves such a status. As soon as the official data on the renewal and new episodes production appear, we will inform you. Follow the updates of the given article.

UPDATE 1 (May 8, 2014): ABC renews Scandal.

UPDATE 2 (March 3, 2016): ABC renewed the show for a sixth season.

UPDATE 3 (February 10, 2017): Good news! The series was renewed for a seventh season.

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  1. Viewer

    Don’t cancel the show! cant wait season 4.

    • lisa

      please dont cancel this show please bring it back for season 4 i would love to see oliva and jake stay together get married or have a kid while there gone im tired of the fitz and oliva thing its stinks that he wont let her go be happy with some one else and then throws a temper tantrum when his wife has an affair

  2. Pasquale

    you need to continue the show. Scandal is very addictive.

  3. Tina

    Look forward to season 4. Hope it does not end. I absolutely loved this series!

  4. Pat

    Absolutely addicted to this series. Kerry is magnetic. Hope it goes on for many seasons.

  5. Ter

    I know a lot of people like myself that didn’t start watching Scandal until Season 2 and beyond, and then went back to find out what they missed-great show!

  6. cee

    Scandal should be like daytime soaps, ALWAYS!!!. Ok! (Maybe not every day)

  7. Gigi

    Scandal is the best written show on TV. It never disappoints or insults the intelligence of the audience. The actors are craftsmen that deliver every line as if it were their last. Kudos for Ms. Rhimes. Great story line, well written character development and exceptional delivery. There is no comparison. Congrats Ms. Rhimes. Very well done!

  8. Carmalita

    Scandal is exciting and has a perfect blend of wonderful acting, superb writing, and talented direction. A must-have for the DVD collector! Congrats to Shonda on her success…

  9. qurshay

    Scandal should not end its awesome there should definitely be season four or more to come

  10. Ezj

    Can’t wait for season 4. I love scandal and I am so addicted to it. I can’t wait to see what happens next! I recommend it to everyone I talk to 🙂

    • Sophi

      I it! I am trying not to watch the last 2 season 3 episodes yet til I know season 4 is starting…dont want a big gap between the last of 3 and beginning of 4…..ugggh


  11. Issababyy

    Love this show!!!!! Can’t wait for season 4!!!

  12. Angela

    Please don’t cancel. I’m addicted to it. I’ve just got to watch all three seasons in a week. Jesus. It can’t end like that.

  13. janie

    OH MY GOD…don’t even mention the word cancel when talking about Scandal (OPA) absolutely love this show!!

  14. W. Day

    I know Ms. Washington is on maternity leave, but I can’t understand why it is taking so long for ABC to determine a date for the start of Season 4! I heard it might not start again until sometime in 2015!

  15. Makayla

    Best show ever I’m glad it started I don’t ever want it to end

  16. jen

    awesome show, Kerry Washington and most of the actors on this show have renewed my fiath in American tv shows. Cannot wait for season 4

  17. Becky

    Olivia and Fitz need to be together! There are no fairy tale endings anymore…..they have awesome chemistry! Please don’t cancel….GREAT SHOW!!!!

  18. Deanna

    You cannot cancel the show! I love the chemistry Olivia and Fitz have together. This is my favorite tv show by far!



  20. LISA

    I am watching this show on Netflix. It is awesome!!!!! The writing is fantastic. It’s unpredictable. Watching on Netflix, no commercials. It’s like a roller coaster ride, very exciting.
    I am hooked on this show. I also love the chemistry Olivia and Fitz have together. I love Huck. He is like Dexter to me, a loveable killer. Actually, there is not a character on the show I don’t love.

  21. Lisa

    I love the chemistry between Oliva and Fitz, I really hope they get together it’s like a love story of their own. It makes you feel every emotion they feel. This show is riveting and inviting I LOVE IT!!!! Please don’t cancel this show, I’ve watched all seasons 4 times I’m addicted.

  22. Judy Johnson


  23. Judy Johnson

    I am totally ADDICTED to this show. Olivia, Fitz and all the other characters are what make this show what it is. Bring it back for season 4.

  24. Christine

    I am from mauritius and this is the best series i ever see during my life, it’s wonderful there must be season 4

  25. Raquel Grooms

    Scandal is the best show EVER!!!! It really needs to be like the soap operas and come on everyday. You can skip the weekends. It would give me something to look forward to at the peak of my day. For my fiance to sit down and watch tv, this show has to be good. He even wanted to go back and watch it from the beginning and we have been on pins and needles ever since. This is our way of spending quiet time together after we put the baby down for bed. PLEASE do not cancel the show. And HURRY to bring it back on. Thanks in advance.

  26. millie

    scandal can never be cancelled!!!
    and if that happens then what a huge loss for abc

  27. wana


  28. Julius

    Yes, this need to be a soap opera! and this will be the first one that I will ever fall in love with.

  29. Jaquece

    Please do not cancel scandal its so addictive and interesting!!! I need season 4 to happen this is my weekly drama.

  30. Kate

    Scandal is the best!!, my family and friends get together on Thursdays for Scandal viewing parties.
    We can’t wait for season 4. Our husbands are even hooked

  31. Glori

    You can’t leave us like this. Their are too many loose ends to be tied. We Scandle addicts can’t wait to see the outcome of these peoples lives. It’s like they’re part of our family. We cry with them we laugh with them we kill with them we get happy when they get away with it. Come on don’t get us hooked and them throw us in the hole. Please season 4.

  32. Carman

    Greatest show I’ve ever watched. Just watched 3 seasons in 4 days. Yes, I’m addicted! Thank God for Netflix, I would have missed this.

  33. Lojan

    Oh please do bring back SCANDAL. I am totally hooked. Any possibility of previous issues on Netflix TV Series? That would only bring more hooked viewers for the 2014 season!! This coming from Toronto, Ontario CANADA!!! Total Olitz fans up here!!


  34. joyce

    Obsessed, omg. Can’t get enough of the show. I love how Fitz and Olivia love each other.

  35. Cyn

    We the Viewers like to see Olivia and Fitz. Not Jake and Olivia.The show’s ratings will go down.

  36. Steph

    Love this show, the characters, the script and unexpected evolution! I am personaly tired of the olivia/fitz unhealthy relationship; she is sad and lonely and I hope season 4 will reveal a relationship between her and Jake…and I also hope harrisson is not dead! Cant wait to watch season 4!

  37. Elissa

    Please don’t cancel this series I’ve just watched it all I love it I laugh I cry I am in love with this show!!! I promise to set my DVR for it

  38. Mw

    I want fits and olivia to be together !!!

  39. Kia Mia

    During school break, I FINALLY finished Season 3. So a Google search for “Scandal Season 4” brought me here… But no luck. And no answers. Please, someone tell me when Season 4 is to air?

    • Smash

      open your eyes!!!! start air – September 25, 2014

  40. Jennifer

    YES Season 4 is coming on Sept 25, 2014 OWTF was that ending! on season 3 Mrs. Rhimes KIDDOS to you this is the BEST show on TV. NO Oliva should not be with Fitz he’s toying with
    he she should be with Jake.

  41. michaelyn

    olivia n fitz need to be together.the chemistry between them is very powerful n captivating.
    i think in season 4 olivia should either be pregnant or have a child for fitz n some where along the line get a chance to live in that house in vermont together.

  42. Martha G

    I want to see Olivia with Jake….. Love both of them. cant with for season 4 to start…..

  43. Bethany

    Just finished up watching all three seasons…. Totally a non stop emotionally roller coaster. Rowan is a beast, may pope is uncontainable, and Olivia is the sole product of the two. Story line is great. I hope Olivia eventually finds her happiness with Fitzzzz.

  44. denise anderson

    the fact that we here in jamaica are gladiator means more scandal, whats up with Olivia and Jake . Fitz i hope Olivia will come to her sence because you need each other. I love the story linea.

  45. Mary

    I would love to see Olivia and Fitz stay together. He need to divorce Mellie and be happy with Olivia! Cyrus needs to find him a new lover. I love this show and ready for Season 4!

  46. blissful

    Jake please go. Olivia and Fitz have a lot of chemistry between them.

  47. Marsha

    Olivia and Fitz should go ahead and make their love child, move up to Vermont and kick “A” by way of the DC Office of Pope & Associates. Mellie should be able to get her groove on too. She’s a tough cookie and deserves a man her match, just not Fitz. I can take or leave Jake. He is a little too shady for me. He just wants to see if he can break the steamy chemistry between Olivia and Fitz. For the Gladiators — keep handling you business!!!

  48. Kimmy

    This show is sooo awesome, me and my sisters get together fix a good meal and watch this show. It has brung us so close together as a family I would have never tought a TV show would do this, our husbands has started to join us, they are saying we were having to much fun. Dinner and wine and coffee before they get on the road. Keep the show going!

  49. carmen

    I love scandal hope they desaire what day we can see inconcluse

  50. Vonn

    Scandal is one of the best shows on ABC. The show is awsome and I can’t wait for season 4.

  51. Jazzycj

    Love this show!! Do not cancel this show. I would love to see Olivia and Fitz get together. It is very additive… Waiting on the premiere!!

  52. brenda

    I love this show didn’t start watching until forth season! Then I had to immediately go out and buy season 1 2 and 3 and watch them. Love Fitz! Love Olivia! Can’t wait for season 4 to come out on dvd.

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