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Scream season 3 release date 2018

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Scream Season 3 release date

Will there be Scream season 3? Is the series renewed or cancelled? We want to know the exact start date on MTV in 2018!

In 2016, the TV series Scream could not demonstrate a high rating, and lost half of fans. The creators have tried to make the project interesting and attract the attention of the viewers, but with each new episode the renewal of the series for a third season became less and less obvious (UPDATE 1).

MTV representatives do not hurry to announce a formal decision on this matter, because they need to discuss the situation thoroughly and try to “revive” the series.

The critics agree that the renewal of the show for a third season would be a mistake, but the final word should say the right holders. Would you like to see the renewal of this story, or is it time to finish it?

Scream season 3 release date – [March 2018] (will be updated)

Let’s support the series in the comments! We are waiting for the announcement from MTV.

UPDATE 1 (October 14, 2016): Scream will return for a six-episode third season (probably last).

UPDATE 2 (July 17, 2017): MTV’s rebooted third season of Scream will return in March 2018.

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  1. Rebecca

    I’M SO EXCITED!!! Please we want season 3… Great show. Don’t stop

  2. Agg77

    Renew Scream!!!

  3. Kristin May

    Please, give us season three. We need it!

  4. Leroy D.

    All of us want a season 3. It should be set in college, just like Scream 2

  5. Lena

    Today is season 2 finale but still no announcement about season 3. so sad (((

  6. Gloria

    Yes season 3 Plz!!!! Great show! !

  7. Makenna

    Season 3 please!! Scream is my favorite show, it makes me look forward to my Tuesday nights 🙂

  8. EmmaDuval

    They have to make a new season! They can’t leave us like this!

  9. Linda Laughlin

    I love it,please don’t cancel it

  10. Nicole Benavides



    Please make a season 3 of SCREAM Tv SERIES please I’m addicted to your show.

  12. noah foster fan


  13. Sharon

    We need a season 3 with 12 episodes at least, it’s addicting….

  14. Arlene

    Love Scream the tv series please make Season 3 Happen

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