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Secrets and Lies season 2: premiere date

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Will there be Secrets and Lies Season 2? The battle for the second season 2 has begun. We are waiting for the premiere air (start) date in 2015/2016!

TV-channel: ABC
Developed by:: Barbie Kligman
Genre: drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 6.06 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 7: 4.85 million U.S. viewers

Despite the criticism of «Secrets and Lies» television series, the fans count on its renewal on ABC also in 2016.

It should be mentioned, that, the broadcast of its fourth episode «The Sister» displeased The Hemophilia Federation of America, as in the show the hemophilia is considered as «nasty byproduct of incest», which shames 20 thousand Americans, who suffer from the given disease.

Of course, this doesn’t call into question Season 2 of the TV-project, but there is some anxiety.

Secrets and Lies season 2 start – [September 25, 2016] (UPDATE 3)

We will wait for the official announcement of ABC and will publish the premiere date if it is announced.

UPDATE 1 (May 7, 2015): Good news! The series was renewed for a second season. The premiere is scheduled for spring 2016.

UPDATE 2 (May 12, 2015): Season 2 of Secrets and Lies will air Wednesdays at 10/9c during Nashville‘s midseason break (It was later bumped in favor of the 2nd season of American Crime).

UPDATE 3 (May 1, 2016): “#SecretsandLies return for season 2 this fall!” – Barbie Kligman on Twitter.

What about Secrets and Lies season 3 release date?

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  1. Delila F.

    I love it! Renew for next season with same lead character. I would be very disappointed if it didn’t continue…

  2. Dav1d

    Secrets and lies is very good show! I think the actors are really great. Hope this series will be on for many years to come. Please don,t cancel.

  3. Laurie

    Love this show!!! Please bring on another season starring Ryan Phillipe!! Best show since desperate housewives

  4. Tom Seaver

    We love this show.. it keeps us guessing. Hope season two has all the same characters… Please do a two hour show….

  5. Buffy K

    Love this show!!!!! I’m already looking forward to another season. Please bring it on.

  6. Darlene Craig

    Love the series, please don’t leave us hanging. We need a season 2 for follow up. The show cannot end the way it did.

  7. Donna Smith

    Love Secret and Lies, it really keeps you on your toes. Love all the characters. Please bring it back.

  8. stish

    This is how season 1 ends? Wtf. And Cornell confidential didn’t help either. We need more of season 1 atleast 1 more episode or made tonight’s 2 hours long. BRING BACK THE SHOW. Awesome show addicted but not a good ending.

    • Joni

      Def agree bad ending should have let it show what happened to Abby!!

    • Phil

      Yeah it did. It showed after several years that the little girl was responsible. I don’t want to see season 2 because I already know the end result, that was a blunder on their part, or was it?

  9. Crystal

    This show is the perfect combination of a suspense and murder drama! Can’t wait to see how Cornell makes Abby crack! I was shocked to hear about the 6 blows to the head; what else do we not know about Abby’s character…???

  10. Laura

    Can’t wait for season 2
    Best ABC drama by far in 2015

  11. Deb

    Love the show, PLEASE renew!

  12. Tammy

    Renew the seasons great show

  13. kc

    Hope there is a season 2 or at least a movie wrapping up all the loose ends. We know the father didn’t kill Tom. It looked like the daughter only hit Tom once but yet the detective said there were sid blows. ABC don’t leave this hanging.

  14. Lisa

    Secrets and Lies is the best series I have watched in a long time!! I will be greatly disappointed if it is cancelled!! Please continue with a season 2 ASAP, followed by others if possible!!

  15. Jenn

    Season 2 has to happen !
    Secrets & lies was a must see
    Every week looking forward TV show and it must continue!

  16. crissy clark

    Please bring back I love this show!!!!!!!

  17. Doney

    Man what a great show abc better bring this back and with all the same characters. I thought it was the oldest daughter but should’ve known it was the least expected one. I almost thought I was the only guy that watched it, lol. Where are you all from? OH IO

  18. Amanda

    Absolutely LOVE this series! Please renew!!

  19. Janet

    You may or may not believe this, but I suspected Abby the third episode. She was just too happy to have her father all to herself without Tom to get any of his attention. Also, she was only focused on herself and what was going to happen for Christmas. Sociopath all the way.

    • Brittany


    • Phil

      Good observation Dr. Janet! Hopefully, they can make everything leading up to the end as good as season 1. First time I have seen a show give away the very end, or maybe it’s not the very end, yet it’s still shocking to see how they didn’t play on that suspense more. Other directors would have loved the chance to mess with viewers curiosity. I can’t wait to see how far and all what they can do even after giving up the end like that.

  20. Cindy

    Awesome show, love the suspense can’t wait for season 2

  21. Jessica

    BRING IT BACK!! I can’t live without this show!! It’s the best I’ve seen in a very long time and I need to know what happens to Abby!! Season 2 HAS TO HAPPEN!!

  22. Brittany

    Renew it with the same cast!!! It was an awesome show and I want to see his daughter go to jail and Ben get out!!!

  23. Alex

    A fan from HK and there has to be Season 2! I love all the actors and actresses and it is a great show…a show that the local tv stations could never have produced here!

  24. Jennifer

    The show was great! I really hope it comes back. I made sure to watch every episode. I read somewhere that Ryan won’t be back for a second season and I was devastated. I really hope that isn’t true!

  25. Ern

    So so happy for Secrets and Lies!

  26. Sandy

    This show must have a second season WITH all the same actors!

  27. Donna

    So glad to see that this series will be renewed! It has been one of the best I’ve watched in a log time and every episode had a twist I never expected. ABC please make sure it comes back again and again!!!!

  28. Cheryl

    I love Secrets and Lies, and I am glad to hear the good news that it will be back. When will Season 2 air?

  29. Brianna

    I cant wait for the next season, I’m counting down

  30. Lydia

    Love the show, one of the best series.

  31. Becky

    Whole family loves secrets and lies. Kept us talking all week about who we think killed Tom. I sure hope there’s a follow up to the ending of this season. They shows what looked like a court scene. Don’t leave us hanging!

  32. Jamie

    I love this show, recorded it and finally sat down to watch it, I watched all 9 episodes in 1 night! I’m a fan, Juliette Lewis is awesome, and I hope she nails that little brat.

  33. Noel

    We need more ! Speaking for the non social media people . First comment no mattar how much I love a show . It’s great !

  34. Jay

    Please bring it back. It suspenseful. It’s awesome it leaves you waiting for the next episode.

  35. AnnieMae

    Please bring this great show back for a second season. …with the same character and same actors….no new people. This is our favorite show..me and 7 other family members.

    Bring it back. .thanks

  36. Linda

    Please bring the show back. Really enjoyed the suspense. Actors were excellent.

  37. April

    Will they bring up anything about the past case with Abby since she made the comment about Jess it made me unsure whether Abby killed him with Jess knowing because they were both trying to get him to the water?

  38. Josephine Serino

    One of the best shows on TV. Suspenseful until the end. Please bring this show back. Lead character (Juliette Lewis) was amazing. The entire cast was great. Please don’t cancel this great show.

  39. Hayley

    Loved this!! Best show in awhile, can not wait for season 2 to start!!! Ready to see what’s in store for Abby…hoping she really doesn’t try to kill her sister.

  40. Renee2583

    Very Exited to watch season 2 PLEASE brung it back!!

  41. Danna

    Love this show! Kaydee Strickland is a local Celeb. and she Rocks!
    Please renew for another season of shock and awe!

  42. Alexa

    I had sort of written Juliette Lewis off years ago but she has me interested again. Her detective is one hard-bitten gal and it’s riveting to watch her crackle.

  43. Elaine DeCarlo

    Love Secrets and lies. I don’t want it cancelled. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. Love the mystery. Too many reality tv series. We live in reality don’t want to see it on tv. Need more shows
    of Secrets and Lies. Can’t wait to watch new Season. Please keep us informed when it premiers.
    Elaine DeCarlo



  45. David

    Great show. I hope there still bringing it back!!!!

  46. luc

    I will see detective o’conell and ben crawford again

  47. cathy

    i love this show! I really hope it comes back WITH Ryan Phillipe 🙂 Come back soon. Best show Ive seen in years

  48. Louise Warme

    My grandaughter Brianna, my grandson Mikey and I loved the show the first episode! They have to bring it back quicker than they are! Loved Ryan Phillippe from the day I “laid” eyes on him in ” I know what you did last summer!

  49. Tatiana

    AWSOME !!! Show needs to have a second season please !!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Shelia

    LOVE this show. Bring it back soon!

  51. AB

    SECOND SEASON, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Jodi

    I am so VERY happy to hear that Season 2 will be starting…..May date? Thank You, ABC for renewing this program.

  53. Geegee

    Loved this show along with Family which was cancelled. When is it returning?

  54. susan smith

    i never watched this show, but just heard that David James Elliott will be on season 2, so I WILL BE WATCHING!!!!

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