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Shades of Blue season 2 start date

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Shades of Blue season 2

NBC renewed Shades of Blue for a second season. When will the new episodes be released in 2017? What about the premiere (start) date?

The first episode of the new series Shades of Blue on NBC was being watched by over 8.5 million viewers, that confirmed the creators’ expectations. The plot is about the story of a single woman-detective Harlee Santos, whose role is played by Jennifer Lopez. It is this actress, according to many experts, that become the key to success and attracted the attention of a huge audience of viewers.

Despite of the fact that after the airing of the fifth episodes of the show rating dropped to a mark 1.1 (originally 1.8), NBC channel representatives decided to renew the series to the second season and provide it with financing to create a new episodes.

NBC’s entertainment president Jennifer Salke made an official announcement on this matter and stressed that Shades of Blue is “one of the most compelling dramas on television today”. She also believes that the second season will be fantastic, because Jennifer Lopez is very hardworking woman who is ready to work on the show without interruption.

As for the start date of the season 2 on NBC, it is appointed to March 5, 2017 (UPDATE 1), but the exact date of premiere is not still announced. Follow the updating!

UPDATE 1 (December 8, 2016): Shades of Blue season 2 is set to premiere on March 5, 2017.

UPDATE 2 (March 2017): NBC renewed Shades of Blue for a 13-episode third season.

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  1. Hannah

    If you wait too long for season two, viewers get hooked on something new and forget about this show. I loved the first season and when the new one starts, I will watch it.

  2. Marcia Mason

    Hurry up and start season 2 of SHADES OF BLUE. Waiting anxiously!

  3. Bershune

    I truly love the realistic complexities of the show & J-Lo has a beauty beyond mere words! I am anxiously anticipating the second season!!!

  4. Christeen

    I can’t wait until Season 2 begins !!! However, it has been a long wait for those who have been fans since the beginning ! If I hadn’t been able to go online and research this show, I wouldn’t have known when Season 2 begins.
    At this point, I’m thrilled that there is a Season 2 !!!
    Ray Liotta and Jennifer Lopez are 2 of my favorite actors !!! ❤❤


    When will we know the schedule for SHADES OF BLUE??????? One place, I saw January…another place I saw ‘spring’….when will we KNOW???

    • James

      Wow…Phyllis, you must be from the future….Your comment is dated ….7-1- 2017….Laughing
      Oh geez, sometimes people can over think things….Laughing…it’s…day, month & year…smh..!!!

  6. James

    Whoa…March 5th. of 2017….On a Sunday, I guess as long as it’s on before or after 9pm it should do alright…but I think it might run into trouble it it’s on during the same time as…The Walking Dead..!!

    • Tom777


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