Apr 21

Shut Eye no season 3

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Shut Eye season 3 release

Still waiting for Shut Eye season 3? When will the new episodes come out on HULU? Bad news… The series was canceled after two seasons.

It took a lot of time for the creators of the series “Shut Eye” to determine its future destiny. Many fans expected to watch the 3rd season of this dramatic project in 2018 on HULU, but instead the right holders announced that they canceled the show and did not plan its further development.

The statement was made two months after the final of the second season, which means that the right holders had no clear-cut solution. Long discussion and requests of the fans did not help to save the series, so we say goodbye to Charlie Haverford.

We hope that you liked this series, despite of the absence of the third season.

The main role in the project was played by Jeffrey Donovan, and the post of the creator was occupied by Leslie Bohem. In the second season, the showrunner was taken by John Shiban, thus replacing David Hudgins. Has this moment become decisive for the series, or is it worth blaming the new showrunner in the fall of the rating of the project? What do you think?

The plot tells about a failed magician who began working as a clairvoyant. At one point he realizes that he really sees ghosts.

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