May 12

Star-Crossed season 2?

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When does Star-Crossed season 2 start? Will CW Show be Canceled or Renewed? Fans are trying to save the series! What is known about premiere air date on TV?

TV-channel: The CW
Pilot episode: February 17, 2014
Creator: Meredith Averill

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.28 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 13: 0.83 million U.S. viewers

The numerous critical responses about «Star-Crossed» television series resulted in its closing by The CW.

Despite the fact, that some experts spoke positively about the given show, as for example David Hinckley of NY Daily News gave the series 4 out of 5 stars, the creators’ decision was the final one – Season 2 won’t be produced!

According to The CW, the bad ranking positions and less than 1 million fans (in the USA) are the main reasons for project closing. Are you upset?

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  1. Colin

    Star crossed has a good story line! Hope the
    Network give it another chance and good time slot.

    • Sue vandivort

      Yes it does. Love the show

      • Ava S.

        I love it to it is so good and they just leave off a hanger on the last episode of Star Crossed.

    • Whitney

      I don’t think they should cancel this show at all! This show had a good story but to leave the viewers hanging on the end like that is just plan stupid! If you are just going to cancel it then you should’ve made this show a Movie instead of getting the fans hopes up thinking there are seasons after season 1! I mean it’s ridiculous!

      • Chelsah

        I agree with you! I was hooked on it and was hoping for more seasons to come. What had me hooked was the the chemistry between the actors, I was drawn in from the start. Wish they would have tried for another season or two instead of cutting it off the way they did.
        They blew me away with its stunning cast and the sizzling and daring romance, could they defy the the odds and prove that they could live together.. I have many thought on how the story would end, but it wouldn’t end with one season.

      • tracy

        I agree with u I was really looking forward to seeing what happens after the blast and if their stay alive or not

      • Hermy

        I agree, it’s true.

      • jose

        yo I’m on u with that how tf they just gonna not do season 2 like now I’m stuck wondering what was going to happen next and now they say cuz sum n*gga give the show 4 stars out of 5 they not ganna do it no more yo I’m so f*cking pissed I wanna f*ck that dumb as* n*gga up

      • Morgan

        I agree!! It’s just plan stupid how they left us hanging! And what about the other alien spaceships?? Do they come and take over Earth?? Does Emery Die and all the rest of humanity? And what happens to Taylor and the baby with Drake? I just want answers. But no the producers had to end it on a cliff hanger with no follow up. It is just plan stupid.

      • Brent

        please i need s2 and there will most definitely be more veiwers

      • kim namjoon

        for real its sad

    • i love this show sooo much dont cance it

      i looooooove this show pleeeese give it another chance i thought u producers were better then this i geuss not since u r canciling the show i want to see what hapens to the baby and drack and e and her boyfriend he alien so pleeeeese dont cancel this show it is the best shw in the worldand if u wont do it for urselves do it for ur fans focuss on us and not on the people that dont like ur show first because there is not alot of them second what i said first third also what i said first fyi i am ur number 1 fan soo pleeeeseeee give the show another chance u cant just stop ur fans now that would be alot of eople ur bailing on there so give it another chans for me and the rest of ur thousands of fans.

    • AE

      I’m very upset there isn’t going to be season 2 for star crossed.

    • holly

      me to I am upset bc it left with a huge cliff hanger

      • Mikali

        Same here I got very upset that I was left by a cliff hanger and even more when I found out it is not going produce the second season.

    • Adam

      i watched entire s1 in 1 day. not kidding that is how good it is. than i relized there is not 2. one please make more it is best show!

    • Brenda

      I agree !!! I wish season two would come out now

    • SANDRA Greaver

      How stupid can you be make season 2,3 4please
      Sandra Greaver3/09/2020

    • addison

      the network cancel starcrossed for there second season

  2. Pan222

    I hate they are cancelling Star Crossed, I wanted to see the outcome of Roman and Emery.

    • jennifer

      so do I he is hot

      • Shaniah

        He is hot like so hot

        • kim namjoon

          for real he is lol

    • Bella

      It’s a good story and has a lot of quality so I don’t get y the have to end it! Please come out with season 2 so what if its 1st season didn’t get as much viewers, just think it’s on Nexflix, Amazon, and a lot of other popular apps show the season!!!! If u did season 2 it would warm my heart and make me the happiest person on earth!!! Just think about… PLEASE………

      • Trevon

        You are sooo right !! I literally just finished it on Netflix and wanna see more

        • Ahlaysha

          Me too. Help me save the show. I lived the way it ended. PLEASE

        • macy

          yes! its an Amazing show!!!!! please! go give it a chance!

        • tracy

          Me to I watched it on Netflix and got hooked that was the best show ever and I hope they start it again because if not I’m going to get very unhappy and very sad

        • Leslie

          me too I just finished watching the last episode a minute ago and this is not how an ending should go like so many cliff hanger is Taylor still alive and is the baby ok did all the humans die or not and what about the space ship like who ends like that and the thing I’m most ticked off about is that I’m so confused is Emely and Roman going to be together or is she dead cause if she is I’m so sad I loved there love story it was so adorable and sweet but if the could have more then one love scene that would be better so please, please, please make another new season or 2 or 3 please this is the best show ever;(!!!!! And Roman is soooooo HOT XD!!!!!!

      • dyllan

        ya i just finished the season and i want to see the the 2nd one plz

      • Mnatale2

        That is so true bc I saw it on Netflix and I am hooked. I looked up to see when season 2 was going to premier but it’s canceled. S*cks!!! I want star crossed season 2!!!

      • k

        I agree! I found it on Netflix two days ago and was so caught up in it I finished the season today and was totally looking forward to season two! that’s the worst ending ever and a shame to series one to leave it like that 🙁

    • Christine

      I totally agree. Leaving us on a cliff hanger and not even finishing it out is really low of them and makes me not enjoy there network as much. They have ruined a lot of great shows in the past and I’m sick of it. I totally agree.

    • Brenda

      Me too!!!


    i think the reason it didnt have many views was due to it airing on Monday but i absolutely loved the series and i want to see a season 2 it made my mondays

  4. Angel

    What no season 2!!!!!!! That s*cks really beginning to hate the cw network they rather have shitty shows on like supernatural whos line is it anyway and then they cancel our good shows like star crossed & the tomorrow people!! Imma post a bad reviews about this company on Twitter Facebook Instagram and every social media known and I hope that everyone that reads does the same!!! THE CW NETWORK S*CKS *SS!!!

    • Sue vandivort

      Me toyon go Angel!

    • tracy

      Wait they canceled the tomorrow people I love that show I watched it on Netflix and I got hooked

  5. E

    I loved starcrossed! That stinks they are canceling it. Any chance they’ll change their minds??

    • miley2012

      I really loved star crossed and I was looking forward to a season 2 they cant just cancel it when they left it at such a epic cliff hanger at the ending of season 1

  6. Damien

    The CW network need to change their minds about cancelling Star-Crossed because they leave a show with that ending and everyone wants Season 2 so we know happens. Supernatural needs to end because it is just getting worse with every year so I stopped watching it. New Shows bring more people and bring the show to a different day because Monday is a bad day, a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday will bring more watchers so give Star-Crossed a second chance on a different day and if it doesn’t bring anything more then cancel the show.

    • Phil

      After all they are star crossed, I think it’s meant to be. I had bunch of emotions from start to finish. Now, it’s like being fed the best meal there is and a dessert u wish u never had because it ruins your the next meal. #CWbuh-bye

      • Joseph Medina

        i agree,the show is amazing fun and romantic,know that theres not going to be a season 2 my life is over.PLEASE DONT CANCLE THE SHOW!!!! Its leaving me in a big suspense.Love you guys. STAY CUTE MATT LANTER

    • isabel

      I to fly agree they canceled the tomorrow people now star crossed this is totally outrages

      • tracy

        I don’t even know y the cw channel is still even getting viewers they keep cancelling all the good shows that keeps the viewers this channel is totally fucked up y watch there shows and movies if they are going to cancel all our shows

  7. Jasmin

    I want to see if anyone lives besides the aliens but what about roman’s dad’s son what will happen to him without a mom or a dad

  8. Sahil

    you cant just give us a huge cliffhanger, then not tell us what happens next!!! PLEASE, YOU CANT DO THIS! HOW DO YOU THINK YOUR FANS WILL FEEL… WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! I NEED TO KNOW… DID EMERY DIE? DID TAYLOR DIE? DID HUMANITY DIE? WHAT WILL HAPEN EITH THE WAR? WHAT HAPPENED TO HUMANS? DID JULIA SURVIVE?WHAT HAPPENED TO THE INTEGRATION PROGRAMME? Please… I beg you… please…make a season 2… please… I cant go through what I did when terra nova did not have a second season… I am crying in my heart, you know that???? please…. please…. 🙁

    • Kendall 09

      Me too.I HATE when they give us a juicy story,but they never finished it.

  9. Syena

    What?? This show was amazing! How could it have been rated so low compared to some of the other shows on the CW? I don’t get it. $hitty to leave us on such a cliffhanger. I might as well stop watching the 100, the tomorrow people, reign and all the other shows in their first season too. If SC didn’t make it, these won’t either. Man that s*cks!

  10. sparkles53

    I love the show Star Crossed, and if they stopped making them I will be very disappointed and will never watch The CW channel ever again. However if they make more of the Star Crossed Episodes I will remain watching The CW channel. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Star Crossed, as long as some people watch it keep showing it. It’s not fair to the people who watch it. If you don’t like it simply keep it to yourself and change the channel. I looked forward to every Monday only because Star Crossed was going to be on the Television at 8:00 P.M. But now that it doesn’t show I don’t have anything to look forward to. My world is now upside down, thanks a lot CW. This I will never forgive you for!!

  11. seagulls73

    What the heck is wrong with you, CW DON’T CANCEL THE SHOW, STAR CROSSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON”T YOU DARE!!!!!!!!!!!! please, please don’t I need something to get me going on Mondays, so please, please, please, please don’t cancel Star Crossed. This is my last hope.

  12. marvin

    Why do they always cancel good series first Rome then chamelot now star crossed un by the way supernatural is kinda boring

  13. katie

    I can’t believe they are cancelling the show, star crossed is the only thing on sky 1 worth watching at the moment !! and I need to know what happens next ?? this is a load of cr*p and I won’t be watching anymore show’s by CW and by the way supernatural is sh*t !!

  14. danielle

    I cannot believe this. I will never watch vs again. Star Crossed was an awesome show how dare they end it.

  15. jacqueline

    please bring back star crossed for a second season? I just have to know what was going to happen with emery and roman and if he was going to be able to save her. that was just such a great ending that it just cant be left like that. so please bring back a second season!!!!

  16. May

    Star crossed have good and attractive story line!! I do hope there is season 2 coming! So expecting it comes!

  17. florence

    Star crossed is a very nice series and I am waiting for season 2.CW please,we want star crossed to continue…think the timeline they were given was too short,give them another chance

  18. Kim from SA

    This really does s*ck!!! I love Star crossed. We (south africans) dont get all your shows you make and when we do get them its only 1 season and then they series is excellent. Lets hope we can see a season 2. I also want to see what happens with Roman and Emery and also what happens to humanity… please please please

  19. jules

    I think they need to do another season of the show, I mean there are so many things left open like Taylor in the car etc PLEASE BRING IT BACK !!!!!!!!!

    • tracy

      I need to know if the baby is still alive if they cancel star crossed I’m never going to watch there shows or movies again

      • Joe Ruiz

        Joe and pam, we are 2 retired people, who really love this show,. Now too find out cw cancelled it .Wtf is wrong with your network. This is poor decisions you constantly make. Now we can only hope that the great Netflix or syfy will honor us and pick it up. Cw you really s*ckered us . And now you s*ck major *ss. We will never watch your channel in our home and are neighborhood would agree . We have all called our cable or satellite company’s too cancel your channel. May not seem like much to you , but God help me if I can we will get our army base and other bases too cancel your network. This was a great show and that’s rare to find something with a great love and syfy together. You S*CK AND YOU KNOW IT. PISSED OFF CW , YOUR A JOKE WHO JUST DON’T GET IT. J&P.

  20. Nicci

    This is unfair, it is a good show and yet because the U.S don’t like it the rest have to miss out. I am really enjoying it. It’s the first of its kind since Roswell which I thoroughly enjoyed. Please please bring this back on for a second series. It probably clashed with the some reality show when they aired it in the states

  21. staceymalibu23

    Just because it wasn’t popular in states doesn’t mean show has to be cancelled there’s more countries than that and I’m sure it’s very popular elsewhere and I agree pretty stupid making a epic cliff hanger like that and then not allowing people to see the end result I could guarantee you you would have more viewers second season just based on the fact that people want to see the outcome of the shows season 1 finale u did the same with the secret circle if u keep cancelling shows like this then be prepared to lose fans of your programmes all together because I for one will not watch another first season of any of your upcoming programmes if when like them u cancel them.

  22. Mike

    I think this is a joke as it’s one of the best tv series I hope they put season 2 on as I love this program and know many others that watch it to I look forward to this coming on so I hope they do put this back on

  23. Karen

    I live in the UK and am getting very fed up with these American channels that make one series of a programme and then cancel it. Going to stick to British made TV in future. Really enjoyed Star-crossed as well.

  24. Ceri Kearney

    CW what are you thinking????. I am a UK viewer, and, I’ve absolutely loved the show. I was so looking forward to Season 2. You can’t leave it there. We viewers need to see what happens next?. Is Grayson going to Survive?. Will Emery and any of the other Humans wake up?. Will Taylor get out of the Car, in time?, and will she keep her and Drakes Baby?. Who are the other Atrians that are on they’re way?. Are they Trags?. Will we get to see Aljeeda?. There are so many questions left unanswered. Please reconsider your decision CW. This show has the potential to run for quite a long time yet. Like Lost, The Walking Dead, or Falling Skies. Save Star Crossed!!!!!.

  25. jailene

    star-crossed is a show that really captured both me a my mothers eye from the very frist trailer on tv to the last episode. i was zoned into star-crossed .i would really like to know what happens to taylor and her unborn child. a season that end as this sieries did should at least end letting of the fan of the series known what happens next. the many questions i have for this series is…i drake and taylor going to raise there child together i secret?will drake and his mother be reunited again?is emery alive and will her and romans love grow?are julia and eric really dead? who are the newest atrians? is the first atrian we saw on the last episode teri’s father? i need to know this show can go very far.there is a lots of potentail in this STAR CROSSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Laura

    It is a terrible decision to cancel this show. Not only was it captivating, it drew you in wanting to see more. Every week I looked forward to see where it would go. Most shows aren’t able to hold your interest as well as this one did. This show was not directed towards my audience of 35-40, but it sure kept my interest. I am terribly disappointed in this decision. You should reconsider this mistake in judgement.

  27. DHart

    Only one season… it was just starting…. it was good.. I enjoyed it.. cause it was different… hope its reconsidered for a Season 2

  28. Lameez!


    CW? I hate you 🙂

  29. Nicole

    You people that run the CW network are pretty on point with your shows but if you get rid of this show and people don’t get to see the outcome of roman and emery and the war and ending the way you did well you pretty much S*CK!!! Put out the $$$$$$$$$$ for season 2 you know you have it and maybe …….ummmmmm rap up vampire dairies no offence to that show but it’s like buffy and angel sometimes you have to let the new in and the old out!!! Give this show a chance or your blowing it BIG TIME!!!! and if any other networks see this well then you be smarter then the CW and pick the second season a chance people didn’t get to get into to it because the fall spring line up was LOADED so figure it out someone please!!!

    PS love the 100 even get my man to watch that one with me and beauty and the beast and the originals (spin off bye bye vampire diries just sayin) and Regin is the best cuz your giving the kids some history too!!!!!

  30. kellie

    please make a season 2…just because something doesn’t work out the first time doesn’t mean you have to stop it…..i really loved season 1 and would be so excited if season 2 came out…much love from me..God bless

  31. leigh

    There should without a doubt be a season 2!

  32. caldow

    What about the other countries that had the tv series like the UK ect that could make a big impact on things, RIGHT?

  33. Nicole

    The CW has a lot of great shows but they should not have let this one go!!!!! I was looking forward to season 2……they messed up big time with this one!!!!
    Oh yeah and now Syfy and abc are going to have more shows on my tv weekly line up…..tisk tisk BAD move CW people didn’t get a chance to enjoy it and your pulling the plug early and let it so open … crossed and the tomorrow people…..BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super disappointed loyal viewer of the CW!!

  34. rachel

    I’ve just watched Season one, and now reading this is so upsetting!!! Star crossed is a very good series and it should have a number two!!! I so hope they do !

  35. Bekah

    Omg! I’m so hooked on this show! How dare they kill Star Crossed like they did terra nova! This show was amazing! So many plot twists and great story lines! Come on CW please please please bring back Star Crossed! We the people demand our show to be continued!!!!

  36. Hjelte

    Jag bor i sverige och börjar bli väldigt trött på dessa amerikanska kanaler som gör en serie av ett program och sedan avbryta den. det finns så många serier som inte är hälften så bra men det kan de göra hur många säsonger som helst. skärp er……..

  37. Georgina

    Thank you Caldow. Well pointed out that this does affect other countries. I live in the UK and I have just finished watching Star Crossed and found out that there is no season 2. My daughter is in tears! I am in disbelief I have sat through some absolute rubbish that should have been axed after one episode yet manage five seasons! Star Crossed had everything we love about US TV shows and we are devastated by the decision to cancel. Can someone please do the right thing and renew it as this is now global.

  38. delaney

    You can’t end a show like that!!!! Me and my best friend have been waiting since the first season ended to find out what happens to all our favorite characters!!!! You can’t cancel Star Crossed. It is the only thing I looked forward to every Monday because it was the only good thing that ever happened on Mondays. The CW is so stupid to cancel it because everybody enjoyed it. one of the only reasons it didn’t have a lot of viewers is because Monday is a very busy day for most people. So can the CW please reconsider the cancellation of Star Crossed?

    • B

      I can’t belive there isn’t a season 2 u can’t just start a series then just randomly end I’ve watched 3 tv series that just end randomly ended , I hope that one day season 2 will come out!!!!!

  39. pat

    Every time we get a good show to watch, they get canceled. All there is to watch is bs. Star Crossed was a really good show that I really liked,and looked forward to seeing. CW needs to listen to people and save star crossed

  40. Jen

    CW needs to give a show more than one season, star crossed is a good show! Tired of getting into a show to only find out it will not continue. Maybe people boycotting this channel will show them they aren’t really listening to fans!!!

  41. aria

    i love star crossed lover! It’s one of my favourite tv shows, i hope that they change their minds. I seriously was looking forward to star crossed lovers.

  42. jessica

    I cant believe I am just finding out that they canceled season 2!!!!!!! I have been anticipating the premiere of season 2 so I can FINALLY see what happens next!! I watched every Monday night, Bring it BACK so I can finally see where everything falls into place. great story line and such a wonder on what happens next. So please let us see what happens next!!!!

  43. jam

    in wanna know what happens so bad noooooooooooooooooooo come back

  44. ME

    Aww, that s*cks! I’ve been waiting for season 2 anxiously, and I just got around to looking up when it would start again but found this 🙁

    • jo

      I found the same thing it really s*cks I’ve been waiting or season 2

  45. DHart




  46. Penny

    Love this show!!!!! Please don’t cancel it!!!!!

  47. Ruthless_Red

    This pi$$es me off SO MUCH! I CAN NOT believe the audacity of the CW Network to cancel Star Crossed! Especially since they still play that GARBAGE Supernatural and Who’s Line Is It! Supernatural is the EXACT SAME SH!T every single week for F’s sake! I’m really getting sick of this crap! You fools need to get your heads out of your STUPID A$$ES AND BRING STAR CROSSED BACK THIS FALL!!

  48. LSanders

    I’m super bummed this was canceled. I really wanted to see what came next.

  49. Hemisha

    Star crossed was my life. I watched it every monday. CW cant leave the show with such a cliffhanger as a series ending. They need to make another season, atleast. More would be great. And there are many shows that have been on for so long why dont you cancel one of those and continue star crossed. CW should at leaset give it one more season. Many say people start watching after the first season becuase they find out from others how good it actually is. So please restart it for all the fans who do love star crossed.

  50. Beck

    I live in Australia have recently discovered that this show and happen to like it cancelling
    season two would be a mistake so please change your mind.

  51. bb

    So mad to hear star crossed won’t be having a season 2 I really loved the first season and the story line … I have when shows aren’t given a chance

  52. CShort

    CW, You S*CK!!!!! It is sad that you are giving up on this show. Gee, maybe you could put on ANOTHER useless reality show?!?!?! I give up on main stream TV. I am just going to watch movies from now on…………. I hate that I have spent my time on a show just to have some money grubbing a*s hat kick it to the curb cause they are not making a big enough profit. CW YOU S*CK!!!!! Feeling VERY angry!!!!!!

    • kayla

      u go dude i feel the same way

  53. mich

    I can’t believe that they’re not producing the next season. They always do this! Start a great show then quit before they even give it a real chance! Just because a few people gave it a few not so steller reviews doesn’t mean you should give up. It’s a great, fresh twist on an old story, but one people love. All you have to do is look at a few posts and you can see how many people really love Star-Crossed. I wish everyday that they reconsider, Star-Crossed makes my Mondays; it’s that one show that I looked forward to every Monday. Hell it’s what made them bearable! Please, Please listen to your fans and bring back Star-Crossed, Before you have a true boycott on your hands.

  54. amanda

    Oh man…. I loved this show!!! I was so looking forward to season 2!!! 🙁 I am completely bummed that it was cancelled, they need to really rethink that! Give it a shot!!!! Maybe Netflix can pick it up for a Netflix series???

  55. Marjorie Owen

    I was really excited about the new season. Not happy at all with the cancelation!!!!!

  56. Nathaly

    I loved this show !

  57. Candy

    I loved the show… It was so great.. I hope they change their mind :((

  58. kayla

    I loved this show I really want this show to come back on plz give it another chance i am so addicted to this show right now. I have to no how this will end. u cant just cancel the show with that kind of ending. so I’m asking u and everyone that’s on this site plz plz plz plz plz bring it back and give it another try plz .

  59. Lex

    I didn’t even think there was a chance of the show getting cancelled… so much so that I didn’t look until now to see the air date and was slapped in the face with this awful news. I loved starcrossed, I thought the show was a great concept and refreshing to watch a non-vampire fantasy. I hope the cw changes their mind.

  60. Kaleo

    Star-crossed was one of the best shows i had seen in a very long time. It sucks that Star-crossed lost viewers. I loved it and i wanted to know what would happen. I hope they give it another chance.

  61. Dana

    Seriously love this show and I just found out no season 2!!!! Come on now this show was totally awesome! There is no point in having cable if they keep canceling all the good shows!!!! This makes me super angry and now we will NEVER know the ending!!!!!! Total Bullsh*t!!!!!!

  62. Angela

    Please don`t cancel the show.As a Canadian I love it.CW don`t know how to keep good shows.

  63. Mariam

    Ok CW network really messed up here cancelling season 2!! I’m also gonna write bad reviews so people should do it too and lets see where they get by cancelling good shows and leaving the boring ones on!! Booooooo!!>:(
    Also they were to sell the seasons or anything i’d totally buy it! Please don’t cancel the season 2 or think about it at least! Please!

  64. Angeldeliman

    I’m sooo angry. I’ve been so excited for season two and this just blows. I’m saying f u to the cw now!!! Until u put it back on I’m not watching anything else from em. ://// ughhhhh

  65. Angela

    Starcrossed one of my fav show on the CW hopefully the network will read the response and give Starcrossed a season 2 b/c it was left a cliff hanger in season one. Not far to all that watched and wait for season two.MAYBE START A PETITION TO KEEP IT ON THE CW!!!

  66. sara

    They always cancel the good ones…this is sad. Loved this series

  67. Noelle

    Please don’t cancel!

  68. samantha

    Great series, desperately hoping that season 2 is made, a definite favourite of mine.

  69. eyrn

    That is a bad decision. I couldn’t wait for season 2 to start I’m sick of all the cr*p reality shows. Please make season 2

  70. Goku24

    This show reminded me of a TV show called Roswell that ended to something similar. I just hope this show comes back on CW if not on something else like MTV or Syfy.

  71. archangel 13

    I WANT season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Amira

    This is not fair since some people take interest in the show,please do all you can to bring it back,cuz it sounds quite disgusting.

  73. angie

    they cannot cancel star crossed I love that show, they ended it with a cliff hanger and I need to know what happens with roman and emery. I never missed it. please bring it back!!!!!!!!

  74. Glenda

    what happened to taylor!!! Its upsetting that the show got cancelled. I was looking forward to season 2. 🙁

  75. Danyl

    I am SOOOO dissapointed to hear this! It was a new fav!!

  76. f.j.o'sullivan

    i am neary 60 years seems when a show shows promise,what do you do pull-the-plug.its a ratings war no winners.i think you are scared to make a choice,your job security may-be.grow a pair young americans.f.j.o’s london u.k.

  77. Niza

    Please let the series to continue. Its so good. Probably more fans now right? Story line is great seriously.

  78. Niza

    Please bring season two please please
    its sssoooo good.. U can not do this to ur fans seriously

  79. Vic

    I am so sick and tired of TV shows being cancelled without a proper ending if you are going to cancel a show at least bring it back and give it a proper ending before closing off and canceling a show, that should be the proper way of ending and cancelling a TV series and not lets fans hoping and waiting for the new season to come back. I’m so upset it’s beyond words. You did the same thing with the Secret Circle I thought the show was great and it ended just like that no second season I mean what gives people if you going to start a show give it a proper ending at leasr, even if it’s just one episode, give it a ending.

  80. Danny

    Wow, another show I find and actually love and the network cancels it. This is happening WAY too much on network TV and that’s why I’m very cautious about starting any new show that airs on network TV. I’m switching to all cable shows, at least they give their shows a chance.

  81. Mona

    I loved star crossed. i was addicted to that show i couldnt wait to see the next season. Now i hear there wont be one. I hate it when networks cancel a show without any warning. They could have done one more season and said that would be the end. Now the network has left all the loyal watchers hanging. We have no clue whats going to happen with any of the characters. I hate it when networks do this. Seems the good shows get cancelled but they keep some of the stupidest shows on the air. I dont get it. BRING BACK STAR CROSSED I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!

    • Vic

      I agree with you Mona, its so stupid to end shows without a proper ending

  82. Libby Richardson

    CW don’t realise what they’re doing here! So many other countries watch it not just the US for example like others have mentioned! Us the UK love the American alien love drama such a different story line defiantly should reconsider the thought of cancelling

  83. Luke

    Can’t believe they have cancelled star crossed. I’m not being funny but there are other countries in the world other than America. Myself and my kids loved the show but cant watch it anymore because it didn’t get good ratings in America. All I can say is try showing it in America a good 6 to 9 months before even thinking of showing it over here in the UK. As them we don’t get drawn in by these great shows then have them taken away from us if ratings aren’t good enough in another country. Sorry but this makes me sick.

  84. Shana

    I really wish The CW would bring this show back. It was nice seeing something besides Vampire, Ware wolf stuff…Although I couldn’t hang if they canceled those. You made a mistake by canceling this show please bring it back.

  85. Jamie

    This is sad to hear . Star crossed was a show both myself and my 13 year old daughter loved!

  86. Cheryl howe

    The show was amazing think it should be given another chance the story Lind was fantastic also there was at least another 2 season in it why do tv producer do this start a new show then stop it without giving it chance to prove it’s self

  87. Shelsy

    MANNNNNNNNN!THIS IS LUDACRIS!!!I’m a teen and I love Shows with a little romance and action and Star Cross was the PERRFECT show.It had a hint of romance and action so WHY in the world did they cancel the show.I mean a lot of people watched THIS amazing show,To be candid I LOOOOOOVE this show I was looking forward to season 2 but when I heard they wasn’t going to give it no more I was FURIOUS!!!!PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE bring back Star Cross!!!

  88. Kelli

    I think this is so sad to leave all of your loyal fans left wondering if they died. I love the CW normally, but this just wrong. Please make a season 2. You can’t just leave it like this.

  89. Lauren

    I was really looking forward to season 2, I hate not knowing what happened. Please bring it back!!

  90. Whitesnowride

    I definitly enjoyed this first season. The story opens lots of possibilities, actors are winsome, the intrigue is real and I like the way it is recorded (it looks great) … really, I don’t get why this serie is being questioned .. ??!!
    Does a million viewer makes it profitable or is it the an abstarct number taken to decide whether or not a show can go on ?
    Let’s go on to season 2 !

  91. Denise

    So bummed that they cancelled the show!!

  92. L

    Shows like supernatural are old and boring! Star Crossed was new and had a great story line! I was eager to see season 2 and I’m mad that it has been cancelled!!

  93. rachel

    i want my show star cross back i love that show

  94. asia

    Do not let go star-crossed if you cancelled it I will kill myself IT make my baby sister smile and my friends and family watch it together I love you star-crossed

  95. aquasi

    please don’t let our comments go to waste. we are the funs you wanted, please start with the next season next year for us.

  96. winnie

    what no season 2 this is not fair i love star crossed its my fave. i hate this. please u have to make season 2 or I’m going to die. you get to make season 2 i love this to much please please its not fair.
    please think about giving it a other change. i was wait for season 2 and now i hear that is not going to be one. star crossed amazing please give it a other change people love it

  97. Lehua

    Bring back the show! Reminds me a little of Roswell and just as awesome. Love the series, just give it s better time slot.

    • appolos

      How can we talk to the producer

  98. Dean

    Best thing to do is tell as many friends and family about the show… spread the news about it… have them watch the past shows…get more people hooked, and write to the producers.

  99. Stéphanie

    I am french and I am fan , please again : saison 2 . In France we love star crossed . Merci de continuer la série s’il vous plaît même si ce n’est que 2 saison , on voudrait une fin: ” we need the end!”

  100. Karen Kayl

    I am so upset . This was such a great show. It was not a cookie cutter copy cat series like a lot of shows. This show was different and interesting. I am so tired of networks giving up (cancelling) shows like “Terra Nova and Starcrossed”after just one season without trying to save their and our investment in the show. They should do more promoting of the shows or changing the time slot instead of so easily giving up and throwing it all away. What a waste. CW please , pretty please bring back Star Crossed ! It was a great family series and me and my family really miss it.

  101. Hani

    Asssss in seriously boy Arab this was the first series I watch and liked sooooo please MR PRODUCER put it on again

  102. Hope

    I love the series. I am hoping the CW will continue it and let me know what the outcome of the character are. It is driving me crazy to know, they left the story unfinished, and that is a crime.

  103. True fan

    I am so so SICK of networks canceling shows without giving them a conclusion and before giving them a chance to even gather an audience. Star Crossed is a good show and I hate to see it canceled before its even given a chance. I really hope CW brings it back. If only to give the show a conclusion.

  104. Kirst

    I love this show so much and was so upset when I found out it had just ended like this,please bring it bk

  105. Heavenly


  106. kimmy

    You can’t just cancel a series when everyone is looking forward to watching this show…we all want a season two you need to change your minds about this come on..i wanna see what happens to humans please you have to make a season two..think of your fans..:[ Please….please

  107. Darrell

    WOW, my daughter was just reminding me of this show, and was wondering when it started again. This was a show we actually liked watching together. Don’t even know why we bother getting into shows, when all they ever seem to do is cancel them 1 season into a storyline.

  108. Star-crossed lover

    Please please please make season two love this show

  109. sarah

    Yeah its real sh*tty when they cancel a good show like star-crossed and they leave a show on air like super natural I thank it was because they are races but I really hope that they bring star-crossed back that was an beyond the ultimate love stories that I have watched besides Romeo and Juliet if they don’t bring it back to the cw then they need to put it on Netflix plz bring this show back

    • Lexi

      Are you serious?! You don’t like supernatural!? Wow i’m so surprised to here this!

  110. Diane

    So many good shows get cancelled too early.Star Crossed was a good show I enjoyed watching it every week. Please bring it back so many people enjoyed it and were looking forward to season2.

  111. Lexi

    So, what? They are just going to leave how it ended with Roman leaning over Emery’s body unconscious? That is so un-professional. I mean if they were going to end it then they should have at least had a better ending, than a gigantic cliffhanger that may not ever be resolved. I really hope they come out with season 2. I loved the series, plus, I think Roman is very cute and compationate, so he deserves Emery, and they both deserve to be happy.

    • Jenn

      I couldn’t agree more! I read a lot of comments and your’s is my absolute favorite! They should’ve “at least” left it with a good ending!

  112. Kyle

    so not fair. They cannot do this to me it was such a great story, with a fantasic cliff hanger.

  113. Kyle

    Star-crossed was a great show!! It may not have gotten the views the cw wanted but never quit on something. Especially something as great as this show! It can be AMAZING! It already was great, please take it to the next level and make the next season. I’m sure it will get more than enough viewers

  114. Jennifer

    Now I’m mad!!!!! Why do all the good tv series get canceled? What they have to make room for more reality tv? I am just going to stick with my kindle because I know how many books are in a new series before I fall in love with a storyline!!!!!

  115. ginelle

    I really loved this show. Wish they reconsider and have season 2.

  116. eli

    I want season 2 of star crossed to come back : (

  117. lucy

    Gutted I love this show… you can’t leave is with not knowing what happens to them… you have just got to make season 2 !!!! 🙁

  118. lillian

    F*ck David Hinckly! That show was amazing!

  119. Alexia

    Star crossed was awesome and would like to see season 2 please give this great series another chance.

  120. Becky

    CW,am getting pissed off here can’t imagine me browsing to get a little gist of what might have happened to Taylor only to see that star crossed season2 has been canceled, i really hate this. But next time do not release a seasonal tv series without producing the next season,especially this one.

  121. Avvy Cabrera

    That’s crazy, star-crossed is the best show I’ve seen. You guys would be crazy to take it down. Not only would fans be hurt but what’s the point in making one season. How are you going to find out about it when there was no advertisements and you won’t give it much of a chance.

    • Kingsley 4rm Ghana

      real talk this is f*ck up… I think the CW has blown a huge chance of making this movie a success. I got the movie from frnd and got discourage from watching bcos there would b no season 2 but after trying just 1 episode I finished the entire season 1 within 24hrs. To whom it may concern those guys in the movie did a great job and u just gonna throw all away. that’s some real f*cked up sh*t there

  122. Jenn

    We just watched ALL 13 episodes on Netfix in two days not knowing that there wasn’t going to be a 2nd season, so YES we are Extremely Upset! Everyone that I know that has watched this show has loved it and just bc of 1 guy it’s not going to be renewed…. Come on! That is just ridiculous!!

  123. Danyell Henriques

    My husband and I watched all 13 episodes for the first time today and were very disappointed there isn’t going to be a season two. We did not even know about it. We are very busy and if we knew it was coming on the CW we would have watched it to prevent cancellation.

  124. Star crossed big fan!!!


  125. Linda

    Nice series, to bad no one knew it was showing until after the show was cancelled I just watched it last night on Netflix and wantdd to see more! That how fast I was hooked. Interesting… Sad 🙁

  126. Kate

    I absolutely LOVE this show. It shouldn’t have been cancelled. I want to see more. I want to know more about Roman and Emree. I think it should be the fans who decide to cancel a show. Not critics who don’t know that they are watching something good.

  127. Micha

    Guys plz support this season 2, cuz everyone love this tv series i love to to see Whats be gonna happened the invasion.. Plz CW plz release te season 2. Thank you

  128. Katlin

    This really pisses me off when people make a season of a show and end it like they did star crossed not knowing what happened like do the humans live? Is she going to be able to give birth to the half atrian- half human baby? Will those atrians in space destroy earth? They leave you waiting for the next season only to tell u they canceled it ! They did the same thing to a lot of great tv shows. If u can’t make a second season either make the end of the first season close with no problems them livin happily or DONT MAKE THE DAMN TV SHOW!

  129. Ryan

    There should be a season 2. From a movie critic, this is a good show and should be complete for viewers to view. Why produce a show at all if viewers are unable to view the completion of this show. This show is rated 5 stars and in my opinion is a very good show.

  130. mary

    wow really would have loved to see the end. its like all the good tv shows never make it while stupid ones seem to last forever..

  131. Megan

    Save the show!!

  132. Star Crossed

    You can leave messages on the cw’s website. Type in cw feedback. I love Star Crossed!

  133. Tanya

    Loved the season!!! Super hoping for a second season!!!

  134. Estrella

    Star crossed is a really good and has A very good story and I don’t think they should take it of because I wouldn’t have a life since this show is life there may be a little bit of people watching we are all loyal supporters # save star crossed

  135. Sue vandivort

    I agree with Kaitin above me. Quit making these series which everyone gets wrapped up in, then leave everyone hanging. You need some type of closure. I think the CW has great series to watch. You screwed up on this one CW. I rated this 4 out of 5 before I found out there was no season 2

  136. Cassidy

    I discovered this show on Netflix tonight an I’ve already finished the first season. I was excited to see what’s to come next, it sucks that a 2nd season isn’t being made. Being added to Netflix seemed I have made it more popular.

  137. crystal

    most people use netflix and hulu so cw is going to wish they didn’t cancel starcrossed now that the show is on netflix cw is the worst channel on tv they piss off their viewers instead of trying to make us happy

  138. Linda

    I just started watching this show on Netflix but would watch it on CW if it returned for a 2nd and more seasons. I watched all but 2 episodes in 1 night that is how hooked I am on this show. Please reconsider. Thank you

  139. Madison

    This is a really good show got myself excited for another season. Why they chose not to make another season I don’t know.

  140. shelly

    I just found this after the season it was so good i will tell my friends i cant belive thier not going to conceter to do a season 2, how stupid .

  141. Erica

    Hope Netflix picks up the show. CW s*cks Eventhough the shows are good. CW needs an in house change of management! Love Star Crossed watching season 1 on Netflix.

  142. Andrew

    I love it I want to see more

  143. Geisa

    I finished the first season in one day. How are they going to kill Emry and Grayson and just leave me like this!!!? Omg I’m so upset

  144. brad

    I think you should play season 2. I love the show. I give it 5 out of 5 stars

  145. T. Stacy

    I just finished watching all of season 1 on Netflix and I loved it. Why can’t Netflix’s pick up season 2? Would love to see more.

  146. Shelby beal

    Yes I’m upset I hope that the tv show Star Crossed will have enough fans for us to see a season 2 Please Don’t Cancel Star Crossed!

  147. Megan

    I m so upset that didn’t give a show chance 🙁

  148. Fawn

    I think that they should continue on with season 2 and more season’s after that because my friends and family watch it all the time on net flix and we’re waiting for more if they don’t we will all die.

  149. Knight

    Didn’t know how I was going to like the show, but I am surprised to see the CW Close it down afte leaving such a Cliff-Hanger ending…. CW is known for bring Come Backs to life give this another Season and lets let the Cards lay where they are… 830,000 people will improve and a Good time Slot… We need Hope in CW… PS the I actually Love the Show…


  150. Kit

    I just finished Star Crossed season 1. Unfortunately I’ve only just heard of it this week through Netflix, and I was really enjoying it too. I don’t have cable, I haven’t had it in years now, and lets face it, I became sick and tired of wasting money for a service that was mostly filler channels. Then a lot of times there wasn’t really anything on, or they were re-runs, it just made paying for cable a little more of an irritation than entertainment. How about either making a series advertisable, (if that’s even a word), on such devices like Netflix, Hulu, Roku, etc. OR! A cable company, heaven forbid, actually create a plan where you can get only so many channels for a set price, BUT, the customer gets to choose those said channels bypassing the fillers. Oh! and it should be given that local weather channels are free, despite if the person has cable or not! Then it may help your ratings….just a thought. With that said, please continue with season 2…..even though this is a really late post.

  151. Kendyl

    Bring it back!! I’m tired of getting really into these shows for them to just cancel them with no real ending. If you’re going to start it, finish it!

  152. Ashley

    As soon as I saw the first episode I feel in love with it please bring it back the people that really like are pissed I know I am in furious bring star crossed back please that’s my number one favorite tv show

  153. Truth

    This show has an amazing story line they would be stupid to not continue the show and the reason for it is because they didn’t have very many fans well continue it and by continuing they could get more fans and why kind of show deserves to end the way it did it’s going to get people questioning what’s going to happen geez they did he exact same thing to “Secret Circle” and I’m still curious what was to happen if they continued the show and now they’re doing the same thing to Star Crossed… They are destroying good tv shows and what for? Just because of not having to many fans…

  154. Melissa

    I love this show!! I really do hope they will make another season and more then that!! Me and all my kids LOVE LOVE this show. Please bring it back

  155. Phil

    I didn’t watch it on CW, but I did on netflix and I’m sulking for the show right now. It’s surprising they won’t bring another season because the suspense with which the first ended is killing me. Perhaps, the rating I gave the show was compromised compare to those who actually followed on a weekly basis. There’s no way the drama and schemes going on can’t win people over after a full digest.

  156. Leslie

    I just watched the entire season on Netflix and it was one of the best shows that have come out I a long time. The fact that yall made the desition to take not continue with this show what a stupid mistake. It has followers and fans. I highly suggest that yall keep the same cast and put the money into the second season. It will make the money yall r so hungry for. I was intregged the entire time watching it.

  157. Brianna

    Okay so Star Crossed is one of my favorite shows right now and I believe even though there is less than 1 million viewer that should not matter

  158. Carmen

    I just caught the whole first season on Netflix.. You guys are idiots if you don’t bring back the show!!.. I’m hooked and now left hanging on what will happen.

  159. Lindsaywright

    Are you serious star-crossed was an awesome show. Just watch the first season on Netflix and wanted to see season 2 release date. Please do not cancel this show, maybe you guys did not avertise the show enough because I never heard of it but I loved. More please!

    • Steph

      You may be right, they didn’t advertise it enough. I too just got through watching it on Netflix. There wasn’t even any descriptions for each episode. With a 5 star rating on Netflix, you’d think they would pay attention to those numbers as well.

      • margaret lewis

        that is how I found it also

  160. Angee Kent

    I love this show. Just saw it on Netflix and will be truly upset if there is no season 2. I need to know what happens to all the brilliant characters. Please make season 2!!!!!!!!

    • Steph

      Me too!

  161. Anonymous

    This can’t be they at point were it’s supposed to star the en d is only the beginning

  162. Marion

    I love season 1 and it left me at the edge of my seat. Why?
    I hate how they are doing this. Plz give this another chance.

  163. Morgan

    My husband and a few friends and I sat around all week watching all of season one, which had us constantly wanting to know what would happen next and was full of surprises! I have to know what happens next, especially because of the manner in which the season came to an end. Please consider continuing the show.

    • Steph

      I watched 10 episodes yesterday and the last 3 today! I want more, more, more! Like you, it can’t end this way!

  164. dennis

    I just look to see when I could see season 2 and found out season 2 won’t be produced. upsetting!!!

  165. Heather VanOrden

    Star Crossed 2!!! We want you!! My husband and I were very sad at the end though. What a horrible ending. Which is why there NEEDS to be a Season 2!

  166. amanda

    Make a season 2 PLEASE

  167. Steph

    Star Crossed has a great story line. Please bring it back. I just found the first season on netflix and watched 10 episodes in the same day and just got through watching the season finale! That’s how much I loved it! Please, please, please………………….we want more! I want to know if Emory and Grayson survive and if Taylor gets out of that burning car! Who’s going to save man kind from the Trags?
    If there was a thumbs up button, I’d bet all these comments would have thousands or more thumbs up!
    Please bring Star Crossed back!

  168. bree

    If they don’t make another season, I will be so depressed. Just finished it and I’m in tears finding out about this, because the way that was ended……they better make another freaking season!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Emily

    Why cancel??? Not as good as firefly but I watched the entire show this week! Maybe netflix will produce a 2nd season if the cw doesn’t. Fingers crossed!

  170. Bailey

    YOU HAVE TO MAKE A SECOND SERIES. I also watched it on netflix, maybe you guys just need to give it another chance and advertise it just a little. When I saw it on the Netflix advertisement I was HOOKED.

  171. Crystal

    It was a great show and had me wanting more. Wish that they would do the next season. Hopefully they change their mind. I know of a lot of people who would watch it the next season.

  172. Dana

    So typical! If it’s a good show, they cancel it. If it’s a cr*ppy show, they keep it running. That’s why I don’t hardly watch TV anymore. Why do they bother to put a cancelled show on Netflix if it’s only one season? Netflix should only put series that are complete on their listings. It ticks people off when they start watching a series and there is only one season. They leave people hanging for more story line when they know there isn’t going to be a second season. And networks wonder why their ratings are plummeting?

  173. Deja

    You guys have to bring the series back! That show is so inspiring and I fell in love with the first show and that rarely happens especially with shows on Netflix! Please, please, please bring it back, it’s a wonderful show.

  174. Charlie

    Im so mad! Its a really good show. The cw is stupid. They have killed a lot of good shows. Maybe netflix will have enough sense to pick it up and finish the seasons. I need to know what happens!

  175. Danielle

    I hope someone reads these because I think its ridiculous that this show was cancelled. I was hooked with the first 5 minutes of watching this show and I’m very upset there not a second season! Please give it another chance!!!

  176. Lily

    Please don’t please I love this show please seasons need to go on and on forever and ever it’s the only show I like

  177. Jessica


  178. individual view

    The show should continue as it was on tv which is a tool for education as a knowledge in entertainment view as we whom watch tv learn and become aware of what is real & isnt. The characters do great but what i c is that it shows the daily struggles in stay determined thru trials & ridicules of ones own & others to becoming a unified c civilization in progression of values in that seeing beyond differences where we rationalize, compromise and fight to what true values we hold dearest to our hearts, harmony & balance to function as a whole without chaos. Trial & error but learning to adapt & alter negativity into positivity in our survival for a better future embraced with faith hope & trust in eachother creating love for our colorfull lives. The show is all that & a bag of chips. But i didnt like that at the end they didnt try to jump & destroy that machine before it transformed itself for wat it did, like jump grab it and rip it or damage it… something instead of staring at it like lost…theyve been so strong… that i guess the shock kept em from reacting

  179. mydge12

    Absolutely loved the show! Totally bummed that it was canceled!! I wish another network would pick it up for season two!!

  180. Denise Henrickson-Dear

    I found Star Crossed on Netflix. This is such a great show I hate to see it go!! I really wantedto see how the characters developed.

  181. Valeria

    This show was the best thing that ever happens to me it will kill me if they just stop and end like that a lot of fans love this so why don’t people care we care about this show they should to we love u STAR CROSSED and a lot of people love it pls make more seasons to watch

  182. J3susg1rl

    I watched Season 1 in two days, was amazed at the characters and the story line. It pulled my heart and made me understand what our future could hold. Please give this another chance so many more can see.

  183. Christy

    OMG, it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. It has romance, guilt, triangles, fueds, and more.. Please do a season 2..

  184. Vicki

    Loved this series! I would love to see another season or several real soon. Maybe another network will pick it up seems to have a huge following.

  185. Allison

    I love this show. They should definitely reconsider and make season 2. The plot was so exciting and I’m extremely upset that the show is not continuing!

  186. Kara

    I am disappointed to find out that this show has been cancelled! I never even knew this show was on The CW at all. So much for advertising the show… I just started watching Star Crossed on Netflix. I am really hoping that The CW listens and puts the show back on and make more seasons. I really love Star Crossed! The whole storyline was brilliant and that makes it so much different then a lot of predictable shows on the air right now. I hate, hate, hate when a network does this!!! Bring it back for all the original FANS and all the new fans from Netflix!!!

    • Morgan


  187. savannah

    please dont cancel this show this show is so awesome this it always melts my heart

  188. Bethany

    I just watched the season on Netflix and it was really good. I just found out that they’re not doing a second season and I’m really sad. I wish they would give it another chance.

  189. ladybirdmama

    I enjoyed the show and was looking forward to Season 2. The ending was a cliff hanger. Hope thehy change their mind.

  190. Katie

    I really hope that the series starts up again because it’s a really good show and just because it wasn’t over 1 million people watching or being fans doesnt mean it should be taken off tv after just one season! On top of things how many of us actually say or publish our feelings on a show on Facebook or Twitter not very many people so give it another shot and you might be surprised how many people actually watch it and like it.

  191. Luana

    I love this show. Very disappointed!

  192. Roxy Lenn

    Its amazing! It has to have a season 2!!

  193. Carol

    Where is season 2? I just got finished watching season 1. I really liked this show. I NEED MORE STAR CROSSED

  194. Shawna

    what the hell CW i with the other Star crossed FANS… why would you cancel this show?
    Leaving it open like that it was almost like your telling us ” oh did you like that show? To bad we are gonna cancel it just to piss you off i have to say I was never really a fan of supernaturl now dont get me wrong i did watch it when it first started but come on you can only run the same story for so long before your audiance gets pissed and quits watching. Its pretty much the samething every show.
    I lost intrest in Supernaturl, like after the first season. If you wanted to cancel a show after its first season it should have been that one!!!!!!!!!!

    Please put Star Cossed back on tv or atleast sell the right to netflix or a diffrent network so they can contuinue the show!!!!

  195. Billy

    I love this show hope they do the next season

  196. Noa

    I can’t belive some of these networks! They always cancel the wrong shows I really hope they change their minds it’s crazy.

  197. Seprina

    I absolutely LOVE this show! So very sad they cancelled it 🙁 I hope they will consider having it another go!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  198. angelia

    That’s sad to hear. I loved it. Re watched season one in a day. Please give it another chance

  199. Debbie

    I had never even heard of Star-crossed until it came on Netflix. I turned it on and got addicted. I love the show please don’t cancel it!

  200. wanda

    Bring star crossed back… give it a chance CW ya’ll have several shows that are Not good… Please bring back the better shows….

  201. Sarah

    I just found season 1 on Netflix, and fell in love, call me obsessed! As an avid CW viewer for shows like “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals” I watch weekly, but I saw little to no advertising for “Star-Crossed” the network should most definitely give it at least one more season, with better advertisment before the give it the boot. They will not truly know how successful it could have been if they don’t set the stage for it. Successful and top rated Shows are only as good as the network allows them to be, the cannot thrive without first being nurtured a little.

  202. Julia

    Just watched the whole 1st season in 2 days on Netflix. Please don’t cancel this show!!!! I need more! I need an ending!

  203. Gaby

    I agree with each one of you that had said positive things about the show, just few weeks ago i started watching it and then i found out this no season 2 the CW cancel it, now that got me said too.But yes one more person saying to CW network please consider having it another go!!! is a really amazing show and I want to know what happen next we all want to know…

  204. gabby

    wasn,t going to leave a comment,but after reading everyone else,s comments , I had too. I am amnot. this show deserv tv person, few shows are great, its when the cast blends perfect with each other , the acting is great, the wholr premis of the story is unique, then this show can go for 15 ! seasons I believe this show is so good it should be picked up by a major,channel, like 2,4, fox, abc,or 11. Too good for cable! the shows, that play now, some are sooo crappy, I’d rather read a book than watch, something shitty. It all boils down to politics!!! that is the main reason for most shows that make it.I too, hope somebig tv station picks it up. This show WILL be an EMMY winner, I just feel this!!!!

    • gabby

      Oh, and by the way, something should be done about the insane prices of cable! I watched this on netflix. people go for broke paying for cable, that shows alot of lousy shows, then when they do play some good movie you keep seeing it over, over, and over for a month, boycott cable, at least bring prices down, when tv started out, no one had to pay for it!!!, the way it should be……….

  205. Amy sue

    I just finished it on Netflix. I loved it! I hope they reconsider a season 2.

  206. Joseh Kamash

    waaaaah,This cant be real # Bring back Star crossed!!! loved every bit of it ,,,,

  207. S.M.

    It’d be nice if this show could become a Netflix exclusive. After watching the entire first season on Netflix I’m just finding out about the show being cancelled. Why add it to Netflix knowing that it will gain fans then leave us hanging? Like most people I know, I don’t pay for cable or satellite. Who has the time for scheduled television these days? Netflix, amazon prime, etc are the future, why not go ahead a continue this show as a Netflix original?

  208. L

    Nooooooooo!!!!!!!! I just finished it on netflix!

  209. Sylvia

    I hate that they are not going to show season two. I really enjoyed watching the tv show.

  210. cheyanne

    I just got done watching this on Netflix!! Its an amazing show and was very disappointed to find out that there will not be a 2nd season. Yall broke my heart with that ending. I vote we bring this show back. Very good story line. I found myself laughing, scared, and crying, and just absolute happiness while watching this show. BRING BACK STAR CROSSED!!!

  211. yenlys

    is a really good show a great story and alot of great different personality and great quality show bring it back please an other try.

  212. B.

    really wish that they would produce season two, just finished it on Netflix in less then two day. Really enjoyed the show and the ending makes it seem like there’s so much more coming

  213. amanda

    I dont get a lot of free time did not find the show till after the whole first season was done. as soon as the last episode aired looked to see when the next season was sad to see there wont be one. It had me hooked got all them done in a few days. normally I fall asleep about 1030 11 and my husband kept coming in the living room asking r u still awake and yep I was till 1am and sad I had to be up at 7 or probably would have stayed up all night and finished it in one day. Wish they would give shows 2 seasons for us who find them later.that gives us a chance to become fans

  214. jess

    Why would they say that!!!
    They need to make season 2 even better if they want a 5 star rating. Please make a second season!

  215. Chelsea Patterson

    I cannot begin to explain how upset I am. Star crossed was my FAVORITE Netflix series, for them to cancel it is the dumbest decision they’ve ever mad. I LOVED the show and would pay to see it air again.

  216. Danielle

    Please bring it back!! Was really getting into it. Want to know what happens next.

  217. Brandon

    I loved the show and I really want to see what happens next. Why do all the good shows only have one season.

  218. Victoria

    Have you seen the rating on Netflix, 5 stars. I really hope it’s renewed may just die from sadness if it isn’t.

  219. aireanna

    I was so sad when they cancelled star crossed. I can’t stop wondering what happens to Taylor and the baby. I still tell people how upsetting it was. There were so many patitions I really can’t believe they didn’t give it another chance. . I watch as little cw as possible. Love me some fox now and spike!! Bring back starcrossed and ill watch more tv!!

  220. melissa

    Yes I pissed the cw needs to make season 2 now mofos.

  221. Mnatale2

    I love this show!!! Please don’t cancel! It is a lot like the rosewell series, which I loved, except the story line is Different. It’s really unique and fresh and that’s what we need on tv right now. I have not found a show I like more then rosewell until now. So I beg, please reconsider this series for season 2.

  222. huge star crossed fan

    WHAT THEY CANCELED STAR CROSSED!!!!!! I’m going to be bummed all week now thanks a lot dang people who canceled it who ever did! please reconsider or ill be scared for life!

  223. Justin

    They should just sell the rights to Netflix; so Netflix can make another season 😀

  224. wanda

    Seriously! I just saw all of season 1 and YOUR CANCELLING! I didn’t even know the show existed until I saw it on Netflix. Come on Netflix; pick up the show you’ll have so many fans following it. Such great chemistry in the cast and great storyline. CW doesn’t know when they have a good thing. Just saying….

  225. Emily


  226. Stefanie

    Bring back Star Crossed!!! Now!!! INCREDIBLE SHOW AND STORY LINE!!!

  227. Brandan

    I had never heard of this show… Started watching it on netflix and it is great… Im 4 episodes in and am pissed to find out it was canceled! Why is it a good show gets dropped? Maybe because of lack of advertisement???? At leadt make a movie to wrap it up like veronica mars did!

  228. Emma

    I just finished watching star crossed on Netflix and it was AMAZING! The actors and actresses really bring the show to life! I hope that it isn’t to late for the CW to renew the show because a season 2 would be awesome. I think that since the show is now on Netflix it has brought in a lot of new fans. I have to say I am disappointed they would just leave a cliffhanger like that… But I truly believe that renewing the show would be a HUGE success. The only way to get the CW network to renew the show is to show them that we (the fans) think they made a big mistake!! So tell your friends about it!!!

  229. A

    Just because you don’t have as many viewers doesn’t mean you cancel it. what about those .83 million viewers who where still watching?

  230. jeanette

    The hell yall Make a show that everyone loves and now yall are not going to make a season two come on me and my sister really love this show so please please please make a season two yall can’t leave it like that this show had me on my toes a lot

  231. Adam

    Networks make the wrong decision all the time about renewing these shows. Shows that have story lines which the viewers have to use their brains to enjoy always end up canceled. When shows about neck bitters and brain eaters are renewed is simply ridiculous. But a good syfy show gets the boot. and the list is long, Primeval, Heroes, Torchwood, Roswell, Surface, Invasion, just to name a few. Networks should give these shows and many others another chance, or maybe these powers to be should just be brain fodder for another zombies show.

  232. Ndg

    Why is it that every time there’s a sci-fi worth watching it gets removed?! For crying out loud remove the junk that’s on and keep this going. Very annoying!

  233. Mia

    Literally marathoned this show in one day. THERE NEEDS TO BE A SEASON 2!

  234. Melissa

    It was a good series, i was looking forward to see the next season.. Please produce season 2

  235. Raychil


  236. Ashley

    Bring back. Great storyline. Action comedy and romance. This show had it all….. I Miss it and really want to know what’s going to happen after the beam is set off!

  237. Anita

    Love this show…please bring it back…I need to know what happens. You can’t leave us hanging……:(

  238. T Henderson


  239. Faisal

    It was a good show they must release its 2nd season

  240. SGull

    Please bring back Star-crossed!! What an amazing show. Can’t believed it was cancelled? There are worse shows out there and they’re still running. Hope that Sci-fi channel can pick it up or even Netflix. I came across this show on Netflix actually and got hooked immediately. What a great storyline for the present generation. I’m in my mid thirties, a mother of two and I love this so imagine the audience. Us moms need an escape like this and need something to look forward to especially since the vampire/ wolf phase is over. Please please bring it back!!

  241. SDZ

    Seriously??!!! What IDIOT pulled the plug on this show?? I’m sorry but this show is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time! I don’t understand with all the great reviews, ratings and petitions going around why hasn’t anyone picked it up yet? Please please please bring it back asap, I can’t sleep over this!!

  242. Beverly

    Why would you leave us all hanging the way you did. I agree with everyone else, every good show gets cancelled…come on, at least give it an ending and don’t leave it the way it ended. Why would you do that. Pleasssssse Bring it Back!

  243. Laura

    This is so ridiculous I loved star crossed and when I realized it was the actual end I got so mad!!! Just to leave us hanging is so awful!!!! PLEASE MAKE A SEASON 2!!!! They cant just die that S*CKS.

  244. Michelle

    Just finished on Netfilx & LOVED it!! Wtf with canceling it?? Hey Netflix, make some lifelong fans & pick it up! Make it a Netflix series!!! Boom, problem solved 🙂
    I found this about 100times better than Twilight. Better characters, better story line, better CHEMISTRY! Haha. I want to know what happens with Terri! & Taylor! And everyone else.
    HORRIBLE idea to cancel it. And to think awful series like Lost Girl are still in production? Seriously? Who are they polling about this?

  245. Tammy

    I just found Star Crossed a couple of weeks ago on Netflix and have already finished watching Season 1! I’m so disappointed to read there isn’t a season 2. 🙁 they need to give this show another chance or Netflix should continue the series.

  246. Jorgie28

    I saw this story on Netflix and loved it. I was looking for it on Hulu for season two, but saw that the show was cancelled. So many unanswered stories. I also wanted to know what happens to these great story. I thought it was better than V and just as good as Alien Nation. I love the high tech in the story as well as the special effects. Please Bring us season Two.

  247. Christi

    Please continue producing the show. I just came across it on Netflix and couldn’t stop watching. They have to have a second season!

  248. sarah

    I just came across this series on Netflix I love it I’m so sad to hear they canceled it I think its better than vampire diaries

  249. laurie

    this really bites I want to see more star crossed, loved it so much couldn’t stop watching started the series last night and watch every episode by noon today on Netflix please make a season 2 please

  250. Amaris marte

    Yes i got something to say, i just started watching this show and ive been watching thw cover for the past few months and today May 8th, 2015 i clicked the first episode and honestly im in love, i love it an im hopping you guys concider making season 2 ill love to continue watching this amayzing show

  251. Hey

    Save the show

  252. Jaye Martinez

    I just finished season 1 n I want season 2 this is crazy how everyone cancels all these shows without giving them a chance I just started telling people of this great show n find out it was cancelled gee!!!

  253. Tom L

    if they would have done a season premi on net work TV with a good time slot this show would take fire like twilight. I truly believe it

  254. Jose

    This a great show! The fact that its being cancelled with such a huge cliffhanger demonstrates how unprofessional CW is. I want a season 2, at least give some kind of closure to the story.

  255. Cin

    I am upset as well. I just watched season 1 and got hooked. I was looking to find when season 2 starts only to find out it’s canceled. Sad. I liked it a lot!!!!!

  256. deadrianna

    I really liked the show but canceling it is not fair I watch the whole part of season one I just want to the rest this show makes me finger hope in side and plus if you want more views just make an ad on every thing as possible and people with probably want to watch it like did everyone die will it be war please please please please please please please please please make some more season’s

  257. hailey winhold

    i think it’s unfair the last episode just make me war to know what happens next like does taylor die or get saved by drake and does emery continue being with roman with the atria attack! THEIRS THINGS THAT ARE JUST IN FAIR AND THIS IS CAN’T BE ONE OF THEM WE NEED STAR CROSSED 🙂 STAR CROSSED #1 FAN LOVE THIS SHOW PLEASE BRING IT BACK

  258. Nancy

    This plain s*cks, I cant believe you people not having a Season 2

  259. Alaina

    I think you guys should make season 2. I know I just found out about this movie, but I love it I can’t stop watching it. I want to know what happens. Just please make a new season and more after. Don’t stop making it so what if many people don’t like it, theirs a lot of other people that do.

  260. fishory

    am from africa and i really enjoyed this serie…it was epic

  261. Stephen

    Omg come on this is one of the best shows ever bring it back #bringstarcrossedback come on guy bring it back

  262. margaret lewis

    Really like this show please do more

  263. Jared

    Just got done watching season 1 really people quit making good shows and cutting us off love the show

  264. Heritage

    Just caught Season 1 on Netflix and watched all 13 episodes in two days. Since it’s a 2014 show, I completely expected a season two. I didn’t look to make sure the show hadn’t been cancelled because it was that good and I didn’t want to see any season two spoilers online. I’m very disappointed to learn there won’t be a season two. The cast was incredibly engaging; such a let down to invest that time in a show and its characters only to have to end in a cliffnote where you never get to know what happens. Two thumbs down to the network.

  265. Mistie Harris

    My family really enjoyed star crossed. Please don’t cancel this show.

  266. Marie Nottinghaqm

    Yes I have a comment………I want season 2. Please do a season 2. Its just right to do this to us. I mean, why would anyone start it and not finish it. Ending 13 the way it did….with no more. That’s just not right.

  267. Mdy

    Just watched StarCrossed on Netflix and I am in love with the show. many people i know had never heard of it so it must not have been advertised very well.. I have come to find a lot of shows are just on at horrible hours. So I will DVR or netflix them! Please bring it back. I have to find out what happens Next

  268. sjmeyer

    It s*cks how you leave a person hangin, when you won’t do a season 2. That’s not fair you really don’t know what you are loosing by not doing this. I bet you’ll be kicking yourself in the *** if you let this go by.

  269. amanda

    y is it that the good shows like this they want to end it.?? they keep the shows on the air that don’t make sense or is stupid. this show and many more good ones they cancel them. I bet if they put this show into movies they will sell also. I give it a five star…….. I think that these ppl will put the show back on they will get the fans that they want to this show and many more that they ended

  270. sarah

    Love the show hope they change there minds and make a season two ☺

  271. Sana

    Ok guys… You have a choice, either bring back Star-crossed or I will be suicidal!!!
    Thank you for your time.

    • Amanda rocky

      Well I would go crazy until putting up that TV show again!!!!!! I mean seriously what would happen next after the war ships are coming in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( how about Netflix will it be in Netflix?

  272. Amanda Soulas

    I think the CW should put Star-Crossed back on the air. I love that show 🙂 all you CW people need to get with it and bring it back. I need to see what happin next. Thank’s:-)

  273. sarah


  274. Brittany

    Bring it back for season two!!!!! Such a good show. Since CW cancelled I don’t think I’m going to watch any of their shows now.

  275. Blake

    I thought it was a great story line and had some good characters that u couldn’t stop watching develop on screen! If there is no season 2 I believe it’s a big mistake! It even ranks 4 1/2 stars on netflix.

  276. Trina Frank

    I liked it. They should have given it another season at least.

  277. Mina

    I really like Star Crossed I hope the CW will give them another chance. I was really looking foward to season 2.

  278. Desiree

    I just finished watching it yesterday and i hate that there is not going to be a 2 season because what is going to happen to all the people please make a 2nd season. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  279. Shannon

    Love this show, great potential and wonderful story line.. you cant cancel the show with a cliff hanger like that.

  280. Jessica

    This show left me wanting more and I am very disappointed that there won’t be a season 2!

  281. Cindy

    Just finished watching season 1 on Netflix, fantastic show and story line. Please reconsider and continue season 2, it is so wrong not to continue a good show just because the viewing numbers are lower then you expected….. Lets continue with Season 2!!!!!!!

  282. Lorena

    I just finished watching the entire 1st season and I was completely hooked. The story line was great and I loved every relationship that was in play on the show. Last episode left me wanting a season 2!!! Very disappointed the show was cancelled. Another network or netflix should pick it up!! Star Crossed is amazing!!

  283. laura

    I love this show I am so mad and I respectively disagree on this choice

  284. tanya

    I’m so bummed I really enjoyed the first season and now I’m curious on what happens 🙁

  285. Eric

    Loved it they should keep going n stop ending good series on cliffhangers with no possibility of finishing. Just saying inf this was a great show that could go a long way, have faith

  286. Mary

    YOU GUYS NEED TO PUT IT BACK UP PLEASE! IT WAS SO GOOD. keep making more I think its a really good show and maybe it didn’t get enough viewers because no one gave it a change but if they did , they would think its pretty good. I HONESTLY LOVED IT

  287. ali

    They should have really given star-crossed a chance. It was a great show with great potential. A season 2 should be produced. I completely disagree with this idea of cancelling the show right from the get go. It should have been given a chance. 🙁

  288. Kron

    Hell to the yeah. The show is my babe it’s awesome don’t cancel it please

  289. I loved it!!!

    Bring it back! It was awesome!

  290. Jade

    I LOVED IT. I just finished watching the series on Netflix and I was so obsessed I googled season two release date and saw this. BRING IT BACK

  291. Jax

    Everyone and everything gets a second chance, give it another chance

  292. Jackson

    This show is amazing, the producers have no consideration of the fans we get into the show and the for the big finale they leave us on a cliff hanger, setting us up for a season 2 but then decide that the ratings aren’t good enough I mean come on could you people please focus on the fans that you do have.
    I mean look not everything is going to start out with incredible ratings but if the producers would just give ita chance this would be one of the most amazing tv showers ever

  293. Genesis

    I can’t stop watching this series on netflix. Great story line and awesome characters. I really hope that CW changes it’s mind because I would love to see how this story unfolds. I think the reason it hasn’t gonna much positive attention is because
    most people don’t even know about this series but if they did they would love it as well. Anyways I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  294. Shelby

    I love this show so much. Please make another season. I want to see what happens to the people after the bomb/signal.

  295. Chelsah

    I loved this show I was hooked form the start! I just finished it on Netflix and I wanting to watch season 2 to see what happens to everyone. The story was amazing and the cast was stunning and nailed their rolls perfectly. I am upset with how the views are being left hanging, wondering how the story ends. Please rethink ending this show for good..

  296. Kaylee

    I can’t believe that you are not making another season you just ruined my life you killed me
    That was my favorite Show and you’re not even going to make a second season or third one that’s bull cr*p especially how you made the last episode you can just tell you should make another season and if not you just made that last episode pretty freaking stupid

    • Melissa


  297. Jaimee

    Sad to see it go. CW shouldn’t do this to fans who really like the show. I don’t think it got the viewers because they didn’t do enough publicity about the show. Seems like a lot of people are watching it on Netflix.

  298. Mattie

    They should never canceled the show I’m losing my mind of how season 1 ended and I have to see more so I think CW should put the next season on
    Plus that was my favorite show pretty much on Netflix so CW just put the show back on!!!!!!

  299. Malaree

    That is my favorite show!!!!!! It had an awesome story. I watched the first season in less than 2 days. I know more people will love it. It gave me a sense of adventure and its an inspiration to everyone to do whats right. PLEEEAAAASSSSEEEE do more seasons. More people will get into it and absolutely LOVE it. Trust me everyone is into the whole scify romance thing. Not to mention a romeo and juliet story. PLEASE!

  300. Melissa

    I’m extremely upset!!!! This show was awesome!!!! I loved season 1 I watched it on netflix in 2 days!!! Great story line! Wonderful actors !!! They should most definately produce season 2 ! Screw the critics !! What about the 1.27. Millions fans that watched this season who loved it!!

  301. kelly

    star crossed is a good show loved it

  302. Summer

    Season one was so good I watched it in one day!!!! and how do you expect it to get the numbers for the starcrossed if you don’t run any commercials for it!!! just give it one more shot please!!!

  303. paul

    This is an amazing show. I finished season 1 in two days. Can’t imagine there’s no season 2. I need to know what happen to Greyson, Taylor and the rest of the crews. The story line was brilliant. It was stupid for CW to cancel such a great show.



  305. Kj

    Hope they decide to do season 2. This was great season, agree with other comments that they shouldn’t have left it the way they did if they are canceling the show.

  306. KD

    Please bring back star crossed it is such an amazing show!!!!!!!
    I hope they do season 2…… please do season 2

  307. Lyric

    I hope they change their minds.. I stumbled across the show on Netflix and got so hooked!! Please do season 2!!!

  308. Jess

    HELL yes I want a season 2 of Star Crossed. Please there has to be a season 2, you cant leave everyone who watches with that ending… seriously? At least finish the story then end it, I mean seriously? Is emery dead? What happens to Taylor? Is Roman ok? Who was the guy on the ship? Who is Teri’s father? What will happen to Drake? Who goes to Eljida of the surviving Atrian? What will Drake do?

  309. kda

    I wish they would of continued the season. The viewer would of had an ending to the story at least. I watched it on Netflix and I had given it 5 stars. I loved the show but I want to know what happens to Roman and Emery. The only reason it lost viewers is that people really don’t want love stories but if they actually watched it they would fall in love with it. I feel in love with this show and if an 11 year old can understand it perfectly so can an adult. If an adult or someone older says they don’t understand slap them in the face. If I didn’t love the show I wouldn’t spend the time typing this or recommending this awesome show to my friends.

  310. Leigh

    Well leave it to executives to determine what the public wants in such erroneous fashion. They take a hit show and gather a diverse range of fans and then drop all of them on their heads for ratings that really do not give an accurate count of the actual number of viewers. Sure wish the powers that be at these networks would wake up but they won’t because they are too focused on money instead of good programming. Star Crossed is a very interesting and entertaining show for all of the reasons the previous comments claim. Shame on the current regimes of the networks for putting money ahead of entertainment!

  311. McKinsey

    I just started watching the series last night, I couldn’t stop watching it, Its a great story and it keeps you interested. I’m really disappointed there isn’t anymore to watch… I really don’t get into a lot of shows but this one caught my eye… Please bring the show back with the same characters a show isn’t the same with out the main characters.. I would like to know what happened everyone, if roman and emery and there friends are ok, who was that signal for….. I rate this show 500 stars a lot more rated if it existed….

  312. William

    Great tv show wish to see more

  313. Alexis

    I am furious this is cancelled. It was such a good show and quite a few series take time to get the spot light in popularity but once the are recognized they blossom. Put it back on!

    • Suzanne.

      Me too!!

  314. Renata Vieira

    I love this show,I want to see secont part! Iam very desappointed!

  315. Erin

    I never saw the show on CW but if I had I would have watched because season 1 on Netflix was awesome! Can Netflix pick it up and do season 2? I am so disappointed and sad!

    • kim

      I second this, come on Netflix

  316. Suzanne.

    Just finished binge watching the first season and we want more. Please! Awesome TV series and story line.

  317. Rachel

    I’m totally upset! I was so looking forward to a season 2!!!!

  318. LK

    Really tired of getting into a good show then they stop after 13 episodes! Star crossed has a lot going for it.

  319. Zoey❤️

    They shouldn’t cancel this show I’m in love with this! And I want more episodes

  320. NG

    Really upset that they cancelled ” star crossed”
    Love this show,awesome TV series.
    Please put it back on!

  321. tracy

    I love this show I was really looking forward to season 2

    • Chynahbadd305

      Exactly!! I finished the whole season 1 in two days!!

  322. Chynahbadd305

    BRING US A SEASON 2 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  323. Rina

    This show has a great story and there’s always something happening in each show. You can’t just let us viewers hanging. I finished star crossed on Netflix in one day because I was obsessed and couldn’t stop watching. This show has an amazing plot and I think you should still continue this show it would mean a lot!

  324. kim

    The show is awesome and addicting, I love it. Why are the best shows always cancelled. The concept of the show I love. Those that are in charge of what stays and goes on tv don’t know a good thing if it slaps them in the face. Take a lesson from the original star trek people…. you cancelled….. sold the rights….. who’s making the money now.

  325. rose

    I loved this show I think it is just dumb that they would cancel it even the way it ended.
    I mean really cw.

  326. Star

    I Relay Loved This Show! I can’t believe their won’t be a second season! I AM OUT RAGED!!! The last episode left me like what?! and super excited fro season 2 with so many question, unresolved issues how are they going to leave us high and dry like that? Bitten has a second season going and the plot is craptastic at best. I would rather watch this show over many others still going whats it going to take to make the produces reconsider? I NEED CLOSURE!!!

  327. april

    When is it going to come out

  328. Donna

    They should make season 2 it’s annoying they leave the show like that. For the viewers there probably adding up because it’s on Netflix. I didn’t even know about the show till seeing it on Netflix.

    • Ashley

      I feel the same! That’s how I found it just a few weeks ago.

  329. pig person

    star crossed is a really great series and I hope that a 2nd season comes out or back out.if not than its a shame because lots of people like it.

  330. Ashley

    Love this show… I think poor marketing is to blame. I hate to admit, but I watch a lot of TV. I had never heard of the show until a month ago. I watched one episode and finished the season in a weekend.

  331. Luna

    I can’t BELIEVE this is Ending!!!
    When I finished watching the season, I was so excited when I ran to go see if there was going to be a Season 2…………
    Than I found out that they weren’t going to make one, and I literally threw my phone at the wall. XD no, it’s not funny.
    I am very angry about this. I think you should think about the people who Acutally DO LOVE the show.
    Well, now I’m just mad. So thank you very much for that!!

  332. Isabel CO

    I JUST found this Show on NetFlicks a week ago and LOVE it! Please resurrect it!or make it a movie! Cancelling after just one season seems short sighted and premature – especially sine season 1 ended on such a cliff hanger!

  333. kaytelyn

    Nooooooo!! Why do they always cancel the good shows and leave the snoreworthys alone? This stinks!!

  334. Esther

    Star Crossed was an amazing show ! If you want to blame anything for the ratings or lack of viewers, blame it on the lack of advertisement! If I wouldve known about this show me and a numerous amount of my associates would have been hooked. I cant help but think that we arent the only ones! This show needs to have a season 2! I need a season 2, to say at the least.

  335. Poop

    The director is stupid for leaving people hanging like that

  336. Sabs

    For CW to discontinue the series is understandable, less than 1 million US viewers. However, CW could have extended the contract a couple episodes for closure of the series instead of ending it as abruptly as they did. I watched it on Netflix. I loved it. Wish there was going to be another season. There is A LOT worse shows on air right now.

  337. Kayleigh

    UK viewer on Sky and desperate to see a season 2. Great storyline with masses of avenues ro explore and develop. Real shame if not continued.

  338. Michael

    Just started Netflix viewing, seems to be another Firefly mistake to me.. Yes i am 46 and still enjoyed season 1

  339. juan aguilera

    this t.v. series showed have another chance to its timeline. first season was very good.

  340. zack

    please make a season two for all of us that support this amazing tv show
    a real shame if a season two is not made please make the right decision to make a season two for all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you
    sincerely all of the fans of star crossed

  341. lindsay

    Loved the first season and I’m very disappointed that there won’t be a second season

  342. jade

    This show was amazing u have to give it another shot this was my favorite show I have watched the hole series twice in one day

  343. Kenna

    I love it. give it another chance, us as fans can keep this show alive. make another season. Trust the fans. We can make it happen.

  344. alex

    Why cancel the show I understand that you guys are not geting many fans but if you continue the show it will be a great success! It’s called people, people we share the show with many others and it brings more fans I really do like this show so if your reading this it’s really unfair to close the door on us. And fans if they don’t bring back the show you know what they say ounce a door close another opens!!

  345. markwiell

    Create a season 2 very good show hated the it ended I wanna know wat happened

  346. mckayla

    Please don’t cancel the tv show I am 14 an I love action/romance movies and I don’t watch much tv but when I started watching Star-Crossed it was the most amazing show ever just because Star-Crossed does not have a lot views on episode 13 does not mean that the .83 million people that watched it don’t want to see more of it. Please make more seasons to Star-Crossed or at least for the .83 million people.
    Who cares what the people who have not watched think. Think about the fans of Star-Crossed and how many people you have responding just about the show and who don’t want you to cancel the tv show

  347. Crystal

    This show was a very good show! I do not understand why it’s being canceled. I believe this show could of went far. I enjoyed it very much just for it to be canceled. I think this show should be given a chance. Please make more seasons. I always get interested in a show for it to be canceled because low ratings when obviously it should have had high ratings.

  348. tricy

    I finally seen the show, and I am mad that there won’t be another season! Why make a season one with a cliff-hanger just to cancel it. There are so many CW shows I watch and like, but to cancels shows before giving it a real chance is just plain cruel!! Bring this back please, even if it is just for one more season at least do a good ending without leaving us wanting more!!! Very disappointed CW!

  349. LP

    Just finished season 1 on Netflix just to find out they cancelled the show. That S*CKS!! This had a very good plot, should not have cancelled it! Can you change your mind on that? Please!

  350. abbie

    I love the show and I wish that they will change their minds it will be really nice if they will cuz I want to know what happens with the girl, baby, the people form space, and the world

  351. LILY

    This was a great show and it actually really bothers me, the shows on now a days are all the same a bunch of cr*p. When they do actually come out with something any good, something different, they cancel it for viewing purposes cant the few of us who do like it get one more season in at least. The least you writers, and producers could do it is finish the damn story. You guys are incompetent and cant even do your own job, if you cant write the story don’t start the damn thing.

  352. Ruby

    This was such an awesome show- we binge watched this on Netflix and were so sad that it is not being continued!! : (

  353. Kody

    This is so stupid!!! This tv series is AMAZING! Please have at least one more series!

  354. Haley

    I don’t get why they cancelled the show after one season. You have to let TV shows progress and let people have time to hear about the show. I hate that you cancelled it because of lack of viewers each night. People are busy and can’t always be there to watch there favorite TV shows every night. That’s why there’s things like Netflix and other devices out there to allow people to watch the next episode when they find time. Please try and bring back Star-Crossed. Don’t cancel it after one year like you did with the TV show Secret Circle.

  355. krystina

    That is such a good show don’t cancel it save it so many people love that show I fell in love with it right from the start and if you do renew the show think of how so many people will be happy I know that some people on the show are busy but think of the viewers for the first time I know I WILL be glad and can’t you see how many viewers that have watched it on Netflix and YouTube and stuff don’t just decide on the TV look outside the box sometimes

  356. Kirito

    Please air please and yes I am mad that it won’t air but please pleas air star crossed chanded my life it stoped me from comiting suicde

  357. Carl

    great show. With the Internet and sites like Netflix producers have to give their creations a chance to develope and generate a following. Great show. Great show.

  358. kixious

    Star crossed is a good TV show, excellent story line. Perhaps CW can sell the rights to Netflix or any other network to continue with this show. Shame on you CW.

  359. sandy crundwell


  360. hunter

    I very disappointed they are cancelling star crossed I want to know wat happens with Taylor and the baby and Roman and Emery and a lot of people may disagree but I love the show and no one likes news but they ain’t cancelling it and from all the comments it looks to me that a lot of people love the show.

  361. Deon ellis

    Please give this show a shot!! Its absolutely amazing and gives viewers the feeling of wanting more! It’s doing great so far in my opinion and I’d continue watching it for sure!!!!

  362. anisha robinson

    I love the show star crossed and your just going to give it up like that are you crazy or something because someone see some then good they don’t give up on it they stick with it if you give up on star crossed It like giving up on all your fan and you don’t want to give up on all your fan I know how much people love star crossed you give it up your braking all your fans heart so keep star crossed on air oh and one more thing the people have a voice you should listen to them

  363. amber

    Bring it back! Out of the few shows I watch this one was one of them! I would love to see what happens next. I mean you can’t just end it like that! Is not right and not fair to the fans of this show!

  364. Dawn

    Star Crossed is an amazing show with a great story line! Please bring it back!!

  365. sherry

    I think it is best movie every I would be pretty mad if they don’t bring it back !
    So someone please get message to them let them know we all wont show to come back.

  366. Kiel

    What a way to leave us hanging. That show needs to be picked up by another network SFyFY where are you! bring it back!

  367. Vicky

    Love the show!!!!! Need it to come back for season 2!!!!! What to know what happens with everyone. Such a great story line.!!!!!

  368. Caitlyn

    This show needs to be saved, maybe by Netflix or another network?

  369. Misty

    Seriously? Not enough fans? Please bring it back for season 2. I hate when some people ruin it for the rest of us

  370. H

    I am sick and tired of them canceling really good shows like this one!!! I’m hoping that Netflix picks it up. Obviously who ever runs Netflix is smarter than everyone at the networks!

  371. Jess

    I NEED to know what happens like what the hell happens to Taylor she didn’t pass out… what about Emery and Roman??????

  372. Brigitte

    Star crossed is a good show bring it back for a season two I was hooked on it after one episode and I’m very pockey on what shows I like bring it back please.

  373. Clare Belfiore

    I really enjoyed Season 1…please continue the series and produce Season 2, 3, 4 and so on….great love story!!!

  374. Dana Westendarp

    Just to let you all know, we Americans are getting quite fed up with CW Network as well. They keep cr*p series alive and kill off any series that is good. I refuse to watch anymore of their series ever again because we’re tired of being let down knowing that it will be cancelled. It’s become the running joke among my friends. If CW wishes to remain a viable network then they need a major house cleaning of the stupid assed people that make these stupid assed decisions. So for right now CW….YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!!

  375. Kenneth Irvin

    I’m mad. it was a cool show and it was shot at my school I was gonna audition for season 2

  376. kayla

    i want to see more of the show i loved it

  377. #1 FAN

    Look at all these comments wanting the show to go on. I don’t get why you would start an awesome show and then end it and give up. (It kind of makes you look like a failure that you only have 1 season). Who cares that you don’t have 1 million watchers! I bet if you have this many people fussing over it then we will talk about and then it will get around. Frankly, I think you’re stupid for canciling the show, but it if you do season 2 I will forgive you (and love you) and watch all the episodes in one night!PEACE OUT!

  378. Susan

    I have watched the first series so many times and have connected with the characters and the devotion they give to saving the world. To connect and come together is encouraging and this shows our children that if you work together, good things come about even if evil plots to destroy.

  379. tay

    They r so stupid for cancelling the show. I loved season 1. And I want to know what happened . I give the show a 5\5 stars for I want to stop watching stuff on there . Bates motel will go on for years but star crossed I cancelled that’s really stupid . U lost a lot of people on cw because u let the show go . And that’s what I’m going to do to Cw let it go

  380. kimberly

    I was thinking the second season is out by now …I really love the show and m looking forward to the second student. these people should think twice before cancelling shows. they left us in suspense in the first season and now that we wait to watch the next one they are cancelling..that’s stupid of them for sure.

  381. tylar

    I didn’t vote but starcrossed is really good and you cant just have a cliffhanger lie that so make it a season and tell us what happens.IM dying to know and btw im 11 yrs old

  382. Elizabeth

    That was mean and I really want to know what happens at least make one more to say what happens

  383. esty from NIGERIA

    Seriously it not called for,not having positive raters doesn’t cause the cw to cancel star-crossed season two.think abt it.reply

  384. jenifer

    I love the TV show star crossed very much please put second season it keep me in suspense , pliss make the second season

  385. Elizabeth garza

    Am I upset?? Yes I’m upset this was an amazing show you left it at a total cliffhanger that was a show that u could not turn off or look away for even a moment please please!!!! Bring back the show even if it’s just 4 one more season

  386. bonnie corona

    How dare them, cancelling the show like that. I wanted to see if the baby dies or lives. If they r just going to cancel the show on important scenes why would the bother making the show. What kind of people do that. Don’t they want thumbs up or for us to subscribe the show.
    They should give it a happy ending instead. I really love this show when I heard that their going to cancel it I got mad and sad. I wanted there to be a good ending. It should have been a movie instead.

  387. Sage

    They have to keep going with the show.They can’t leave me on edge like that.What will happen to the baby?I Really hope they change their minds and make another season.I really like this show.If they won’t continue and just leave us there, they should have just made a movie.Hopeful we can get them to change their minds.

  388. Chai

    Me, my family and friends watched star crossed and the tomorrow people and we give star crossed a thumbs up all the way and we hope they have a second season and it left all of us in suspense

  389. tashika cunningham

    every day I look forward for star cross my ask me everyday even now about starcross season 2 I want it to come back I love he actors the story the chemistry every thing I really love
    is such a blast cw should get sue for canceling our tv love series
    I really love it but 2 bad
    I’m still crying……..want it back

  390. Angie

    This show should’t be cancelled! It is one of the better sic-fi tv shows out there and has an amazing story line! I think that the cw should really re-think this! This tv show has tons of potential and wonderful characters (actors) to say the least! Bring joy to many… please don’t cancel!!!!

  391. flower

    oh my lord……. that last episode was horrible!!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!! HEMMINGS YES!

  392. Hemmings

    Oh my god! This is so not fair!! These producers are not allowed to put us .83 million viewers through all that!! They made us fall in love with these characters, made us go through everything they did, just to end it on (may I add) the biggest freaking cliff-hanger!!! Usually shows don’t lead you all the way to the end of the first season just to ditch you in the dirt with a cliff-hanger!!! I loved this season and wanted to keep going on with the story!! But instead, I was left with an empty feeling… SO NOT FAIR! I hope this comment made all you producer reviewer people realize that you are making a mistake! Just think, maybe you lost all those viewers when they found out that at the end of the first season, it would end…. HMMMMMMMMMM

    • Sarah V

      I am just as upset!

  393. Safaa


  394. Sarah V

    I love this TV show, I just ended on Netflix. Pissed off that it’s not on anymore wtf! This show has to come back!!

  395. Andrew

    Its like every other television show that has ever been made, its left up to the idiots to decide whether or not the show should continue to be produced, not the viewers, and as always the idiots(so called experts) screw it up for everyone who actually enjoy the show. Great job, now do the viewers the favor we are all hoping you will, and go play in traffic on the interstate, perhaps your replacement will have enough brain power to remove their head from the arse prior to making yet another cr*ppy call on a future television program, thou as a viewer of countless so called flops I strongly doubt the gene pool you morons come from can produce such a replacement.

  396. Alanna

    This show was great! And SO fashion forward. I loved the costumes and actors. This series has a better story line and cast than hundreds of other shows that are still running! I found this show way after the original release date and honestly believe if it had had better publicity in the beginning that it would have been an absolute hit.

  397. Angie

    I watched this show from London england. This is what I do not like about American shows, yes you make the best shows. But you always cut it after what 14 episodes and then some one gets together but more money to spend in another cut series. How about spending more money advertising the show. I had to watch this show by streaming off American Netflix. I never heard of it until I saw it on net flux. Spend some bloody money in the uk we like these shows we got arrow walking dead teen wolf etc why did we not know about star crossed. Then leave it on a Clift hanger twats

  398. Bonnie

    I love this show! I live for these shows….now that they are saying they r done I am extremely upset because I’ll ok never know the ending. That is the worst….you get caught up in the story and then it all disappears!

    There are now 4 ppl in my house that r upset

  399. Kathy

    Loved watching season 1 on netflix. I t was one of the really, I can’t wait to see what happens next shows. Too bad it was cancelled. Always cancel the good ones and leave some really stupid stuff on. Bring it Back

  400. Lucky

    I am from czech republic and I love this story too. Please give it chance. I don´t like similuar stories, but star-crossed catch me.

  401. Jenn

    They didn’t do enough promotional advertisement for star crossed!!! I didn’t hear about the show till it hit Netflix! If they promoted it like they do all their other shows it would have given the show a better chance!!!

  402. Megan

    Star crossed needs season 2 bring it back!!!!!

  403. Alexa

    I enjoyed every bit, every second of the show. I finished the whole season in 3 days watching through Netflix. Please please please have another season. The ending needs a continuation and lots of us here in San Diego county CA are watching it

  404. Christina Youngquist

    I love star crossed, one of the best running on Netfilx right now. I’ve been waiting forever for season two, but didn’t know the show was cancelled. I don’t agree with the rating being 4 out of 5 stars, I give it a 5 and then some, my mother even liked it, and she’s pretty picky…

  405. John

    Give us a season 2!!!! It was a great show!!!!

  406. Elizabeth Fair

    i just watched the entire season on Netflix and was so peed off when I got to the end and there was no story after the blast I mean what the heck that ruins a good show leaving us fans hanging in the midst of whats to come. I have done fell in love with to many shows that ends like this, one season and its dead. Fyi you saved the best episode for last im sure if you made a season 2 based off the last episode it would be better then the first season combined. The last episode I was glued to the most… But I did love the whole season but this star crossed in a second season could and sure it would have so much more potential for more viewers and ratings im with everybody else just try one more season what could it hurt im sure lots of people would tune in as soon as they knew a second season was coming.. #BIGFAN

  407. Makayla

    I hope this to come back why would the cw not stop the tvd mean the main character left and there show why can’t just make the 2nd season the final season just to give us fan closer so mad…….

  408. Averia

    bring it back!!!!

  409. Wolf lover

    I loved that show I hope that they make another season and put it on netflix

  410. Glenda

    Star Crossed is a great show! I watch it on Netflix and honestly love it! I watch the entire season and I was hoping to see a season 2. Please guys bring it back!!!!

  411. Luis

    I absolutely LOVE the show! Just finish watching the series on Netflix! My entire family are hook with the series and we are waiting for more seasons. I really wish The CW would bring this show back! We need a season 2! Hey, guys we need to keep spreading the word and signing the petition so, they could bring back Star Crossed!



  413. Mariah

    I just wanna say this is the second time this Has happened to me and it makes me really upset leaving us with a cliffhanger like this is gonna make us stop watching your television program

  414. Sarah

    You can’t start a REALLY great and interesting show and then just end it! You did the same fricking thing to “The Secret Circle” and it was extremely upsetting! I have so many unanswered questions about both “Star Crossed” and “The Secret Circle” because you stupid people decided to end these two series!! What I’m trying to say is, please reconsider. It’s actually an interesting show, unlike almost all media entertainment these days. I swear if this happens one more time, I will boycott CW forever. Please, just reconsider continuing “Star Crossed”, and maybe even “The Secret Circle”, too!

    Thank you for your consideration.

  415. AYA


  416. jo

    please consider STAR CROSSED season 2, please make season 2 I really need it and maybe


    thanks for consideration

  417. Blake

    🙁 No, please I love this show so much. Please consider season 2.

  418. juan

    yo SEASON 2 NOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  419. Disappointed

    Thus is bs how networks get you hooked on a show then just because less 1 million viewers iin the first season they cancelled it so stupid they don’t even give shows a chance to catch on anymore because they just camncell them usually for stupid new shows the chemistry’s iin this show was good but pretty jacked how u left the season I agree should have just made a movie

    • tuffluv

      I agree very disappointed just lil I was with the secret circle

  420. Em

    I want more, please. desperate teenager needed this…. I beg of you.

  421. roewene

    I can not understand why they want this show to go away, i really like it, I want to know what is going to occur with the relationship between roman and emery. Are all humen dead and what happens to that baby. Please bring it back, let season 2 come.

  422. Brandy

    Omg I want them to make a season 2. I’m so mad
    They should of not made the first one. They get are hopes

  423. Retta

    I really enjoyed this show! Please reconsider canceling!

  424. Barbara McKinley

    Totally upset. Why is it that they finally come up with some great sci-find and then cancel it! They should have done season two because more people become aware of it. I would have been glued to it. Hey maybe Netflix or Amazon would produce it as an exclusive!

  425. CW hater


  426. Marck Cornelius

    This show is so good ,and I very mad about those mental retarded do not continue to made second season , probable some s@#t less brain must be remove who take the decision to not made second season , I do not understand why so many Show a really a piece a S@#t one are still renew , some thing wrong bad in this country where some Idiots control the media and directed in bad way anything , hope this show will be reconsider and give a light GREEN to continue the next season with the new episodes.
    Why this CROP of the CW still not reconsider to renew this wonderful Show , will see hundreds of comments who love this show call STAR-CROSSED , or someone from that S@#t CW must go or replaced , because do not deserve to work with Public , better cut all the bunch stupid S@#t show that infect the people mind and leave the best one like this one .

  427. Vivian

    Incredible a good show with actual meaning and you guys do not want to continue on with it..

    But a show of demons, vampires and zombies which do not exist vs discrimination go on for 6 or 7 years…. wow you guys have your priorities on right…

    Shame there is no 2 or 3rd season of Star Crosses.

  428. Molly

    I don’t believe cw gave star crossed an opportunity or enough publicity because I never knew this series existed until I saw it on Netflix. I can’t believe that the network left the season on a cliffhanger if they never intended it to continue. Give your series an opportunity before determining to cancel because that is how you loose viewers to your network.

  429. Christina Hale

    I agree with everyone. I was also hooked from the first episode. Leaving it hanging at the end like that is ridiculous and would love to see more. I loved the chemistry with the characters and how they would end up living. I hope they continue with season 2. That was a bad discontinued ending. They should have made a movie instead of a TV show.

  430. Nas

    I just finished watching season 1 and I didn’t know that season 2 was cancel. I can’t believe this. I think the show was great. Maybe Netflix brings it back 🙁

  431. Sierra

    Bring the show back it’s to good to die

  432. Macaela

    You hav to bring th show back you can’t let it end like that not now give season 2 a chance not just for me but for everyone else. Even if they didn’t like it on YouTube or where ever they saw it doesn’t mean they didn’t like it please please brung it back.

  433. Alana

    star crossed is actually a great show not even its amazing but why cancelled it I think its just unfair to us that yall have an show with out an ending people probably have a lot of question about it CW people are being ass we don’t want to watch the same show repeatedly all yall do is show episodes we already watch you don’t see fox cancelling any show or leaving a show with a stupid *ss reason RIGHT they don’t because they know what they are doing CW I’m starting to think people are beginning to hate you PEOPLE IS SICK AND TIRED OF THESE OLD BORING SHOW THEY ARE POINTLESS CAN JUST HAVE THIS SHOW AND STICK WITH IT DAMN BUT LET ME GUESS YALL WONT START SHOW BACK UP YALL LOSING YALL FANS EVERY SINGLE DAY STAR CROSSED and those other cancelled can get them back but yall change minds I can tell

    wait hold on lets not forget that yall have an unfinished show that barley makes since so what the atrians that got caught was put in crates and the humans every single one of them dies but let me tell you this CW YALL IS A SORRY ACCUSE FOR A SHOW TO BE HONEST YALL THINK SUPER NATUERAL DOING SOMETHING WELL YALL JUST SITTING HERE WATCHING YALL PRECIOUS CARRERS GO DOWN THE DRAIN I MEAN WHY AGRUE OR ASK TO BRING IT BACK YALL HAD GREAT SHOWS THAT WERE CANCELLED AND YALL CHOOSED TO STICK AROUND THESE OLD ONE GROW SOME BALLS PUSSY

    • Angry and Mad

      many of us, all agree Alana. Your not the only one. Believe me you are 1 of thousands that will stand beside you and fight the fight of knowing better and where to stand. and we all stand next to you on this.

  434. Mani Paletemps

    This show is in my top 3 favourites! I was in utter disbelief when I found out there was only one season. Compared to plenty of shitty shows that still stand, Star Crossed deserved to be continued. The story line is amazing and unique. I don’t care that it is 2016 and It’s been two years, I want season two and I want it now. CW should have seen it through, I’m disappointed at the fact that they let the show go just because they weren’t getting as many views as they wanted. I know they need to make more money than it costs but what have TV networks really come to. They should have kept it going, instead of giving up on it straight away. The amount of viewers would have grown with a show like that. I’m so disappointed.
    It’s 2016 but I still want season 2 and so many more.

  435. Simara

    I came across this show on Netflix and already finished season 1 and I love love loved it, kept on looking for a season 2 until I found out it got canceled, why are the good shows always canceled!? Should definitely reconsider renewing this show its amazing! If not Netflix should consider continuing the series, really hoping they will bring this show back to the CW or somewhere. Really upset its cancelled me and my sister adore this show.

  436. gi se la

    i love this show and im not letting it go out of all the shows on netflix i love this one i wish i was emery i really want to see what happens next but i not going to rush you people who made this show cause i know its hard

  437. cat

    I am very upset that the will not be a season 2 because I rely like it and it was different

  438. stamanta

    why are they not having season 2 I’m very mad and upset I luv this show its great .
    plz have season 2 plz.

  439. Angry and Mad

    Its funny when any show is a good one, someone always screws it up and says not gonna happen for next season. Literally no reason for anyone nowadays to watch any TV show because its never gonna get a continuation or next season.
    Its sad that there are numerous shows that could have continued and become better with storylines and stuff, but they decided to stop and not give the FANS what they want.
    But as always its never about what “WE” tthe FANS want”, Its always about what they want and how much money they can bring in.
    So explain to me, Why even watch TV and watch something that is actually GOOD, that you complain at the end because there wont be a continuation and the story you are lost on at the end, is NO MORE. But you see the BIGGER possibilities of what may and could happen.
    Either they are pathetic producers and cant come up with a better continuation or they just give up. So when even bother to watch anyting on TV if theres no good shows that are worth keeping as favorites
    Its really frustrating and pretty pathetic that WE as FANS have to go thru this!

    • Mandy

      That’s why I canceled my tv subscription I watch Hulu Amazon or Netflix so tired of tv bs

  440. Melian

    This was such a good show and after watching one episode I was hooked… I just wish msg that I had a chance to watch more of it… it just wasn’t enough and it was too good to let go. Also at the point at which it ended left me wanting more. Stinks that this is all

  441. STEVEN


  442. Scott

    This show is amazing please bring it back!!!! I just found it on Netflix and can’t stop watching it!!!

  443. Amanda

    Man this is b.s. I just found the show now I don’t get to see how it ends messed up

  444. jose

    I’m so f*cking pissed rn

  445. Mandy

    Love the show suxs you all canceled this show so stupid you all always do this get rid of the show that are really good

  446. kayle

    i hate the fact that you guys are ending the show because I love it and I think it deserves the chance to continue and I love who was chosen to be roman I love him as a actor and I love the show its amazing so please rethink making a second season because it really deserves it and I will be devastated if you don’t 🙁

  447. M

    Wow , only heard of the show recently, s*cks to hear season 2 was never released.

    Great show just needed more advertising.

    I found it by accident when I was searching details about a show called Star.

  448. Chava Moreno

    Please please please please please please make season two the hole world is unhappy muck us really happy please and make season two of star-crossed we all love this TV show

  449. Paula Green

    You need seasons 1 thru 100 on this show. Can’t believe there isn’t a next season. Come on CW. I just got Netflix and am hooked. Don’t disappoint your viewers.

  450. Jerrica Hites

    this show was so amazing. its high rated show. they left the last episode and made it to where there needs to be another season! PLEASE PLEASE BRING IT BACK! CW GET IT TOGETHER! me and my friends want there to be another season. Such an amazing storyline and we want to continue this. so please bring it back

  451. Katy

    This is ridiculous!!! I just finished Season 1 on Netflix and to say there is not going to be another one is insane!!! this show had an amazing story line! if there wasn’t enough views to keep it going it was not the shows fault it was the lack of advertisement for the show in general! I had no clue about this show until I just recently seen it on Netflix and I’m pretty good about keeping up with seasons. this show has everything, it has the love story for the females it has the sci-fi for the men, it has anticipation, drama, and enough umph to keep you on your toes, renewing this season and giving it better advertisement would be the best thing you ever done! I honestly don’t even think CW should renew it. I think Netflix should pick it up and keep it going. they seem to be picking up all the good shows lately that all these high dollar networks drop because they actually can see a good show and notice that it has reason to keep going. pick it up NETFLIX, and take all the credit for this amazing show!

  452. Nadia

    I hadn’t heard about this show until I saw it on Netflix. I’m so sad that there is not a season two, I loved the series and would love to see another season! Ugh, I’m so heartbroken, hopefully they might give this show another chance!

  453. Frances Bailey

    Yes I mad and disappointed.

  454. Scott

    Star Crossed is so amazing bring the actors and actresses back and make a second season please!!!!’

  455. Kendra


  456. deerslayer

    OH MY GOSH :(:( I need season 2!!!!!!!

  457. Tami Rattray

    I fell inlove with the show, I really hope they bring it back!!!

  458. RL

    They should make another season. Event though there were less than 1 million hits during the last episode doesn’t mean that they should cancel it. What about the thousands of people that loved the TV show and want more? We should not be deprived of the TV hit because of “low” ratings. And honestly, even though there were only 830,000 people watching while it was playing the episode, that does not mean there are only that many fans. People on Netflix and other providers watch and discovered the TV show years after it was even created. The number of fans will keep growing even when new episodes are not coming out. There should be a season 2, or at least one episode to wrap up what happened after episode 13 because there were too many cliff hangers. You can not leave a show like that and not expect viewers to want more. Even if there are not millions of watchers, the CW has to do something for the hundreds of thousands of dedicated viewers.

  459. Joanna Compton

    Star Crossed is the best show I have ever watched. I really want you to do the next season because I really want to see what happens next. This show was awesome and it still is. I really want to know what will happen next. You can’t just leave it the way it was. I want to know that Emery will come back an if Taylor will be ok, and keep the baby. I want to see what will happen because of the signal, and if all of the artires come down and what will happen to earth because of it. You cant just leave my with all these questions about what comes next. I want you to do the next season for me please there are people out here that want to continue to watch it. So please continue I’m so hooked to this show.

    • Marie

      I agree

  460. Paula

    Well this s*ks!!! I just finished watching the show on Netflex and wanting to see S2 and I find out that this show was from 2014 and that season 2 was never made. Just left me wanting more. Don’t know if its too late but I would really like it if they did make S2.

  461. Kayden Donathan

    I loved the show and if I don’t get to watch another season then I at least want to know what happened to the humans at this point they are all dead and that’s a crappy ending there needs to be more.
    Out of all these comments made from people that love the show how can you just stop? They say its because there wasn’t enough viewers but read these comments people would give everything just to see this show come back on.

  462. Nadia Thompson

    I love this show I was so in love with the show I stayed home a whole week end just to watch the show please don’t give up on the show I understand why u close the the show but this is. Hit this show is really good like I mean really good I love the cast and most of all I to see more I watch shows like Super girl, The Flash and more but this show is not like this those shows are good but this is really good please make a season 2

  463. Apple pie

    Please show season 2 I stayed up for three days watching!!! Will Taylor survive because the baby is half Atrian? Will Emery wake up? Will her and Roman get together again? Are the Atrians coming Trays? Will the humans wake up? We have so many unanswered questions! PLEASE do not cancel season 2 of Star Crossed.
    It is my favorite show I have watched season 1 so many times I love it so much . I have been eating many months for season 2 and now it is not coming! Why? I know the producers do not even read these so what is the point?

  464. Tiffany

    Give it another chance!!! You can not end a series like that! I need to see more!

  465. Stever Muguerza

    I really think that you such leave us hanging on the last episode on the invasion. At least give us a final movie. Otherwise I make sure not watch anymore movie ever by CW or affiliated

  466. D.N.L.

    Are we upset? Really? We LOVE Star-Crossed! I say that as present tense because, as you can see, We are still asking for a second season in 2017. The SC fans NEED to see more of one of their favorite shows! I, for one, was excited for a new season until I heard that there in fact would NOT be a second. Please reconsider! This show deserves a second chance!

    • michelle

      def agree with everyone on here star crossed season 1 was awesome i loved it n it cant jus end there thats rediculous!!

  467. michelle

    plz plz plz has to b a season 2!!!

  468. josie

    i think they need to tell us why there is no season 2 or 3 or 4…. we need the seasons plz!!!!!! and they are to die for!!!!!

  469. Nicole McHenry

    No!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved this show.

  470. Bethany

    Love star crossed! Very upset that it’s canceled!

  471. Marie

    No season 2 they must be out of there minds everyone loves star crossed how they going to make a ending in don’t show what’s going to happen next for the next season but there’s not going to be another season that’s just wrong please make another I really enjoyed star crossed and some of the drama in wondering did she lose the baby when the car flip in started a little fire

  472. Jessica

    I just started watching star-crossed on Netflix and can not believe that there is no season two. It is such a great show and it is a shame that they don’t want to complete it at least have an ending not a cliffhanger.

  473. Lita

    It’s a bummer, but I’m not surprised. Very few good shows last as long as we want them. But the crab sticks around for years.

  474. olga schibi

    Star Crossed is a great, everyone that has comment on this page, wants everyone to know that we want to watch season 2 and not leave us hanging and wondering why put on a show and making us love it, so later you just say ( not much viewers so lets just cancel the show). How wrong is that for the people who do watch it and love it. SO BRING SEASON 2 OF STAR CROSSED!!!


  475. Brandy

    Please made the second season I want find what happen. Taylor and drake and there baby. Romen
    My favorite. Please please made it.

  476. agueda family

    WOW!! The way it ended had me and my family shocked. WE DEFINITELY WANT A SEASON 2,3,4 5, AND ETC!!! #EMERYANDROMANFOREVER

  477. Eric

    The show Star-Crossed is beautifully written. The actors played their roles amazingly. Season 1 ended with a most adventurous turn in the future of the Atrians and their will to coexist with humans together in peace. I truly hope the greatly imaginative producers and writers will gather their united spark and bring back the wonderful actors and actresses for a second season of the unique Atrians!

  478. Kingsley 4rm Ghana

    real f*cked up the guys in the movie did a great job and deserve better @ CW the movie would have been a great success if there will b season 2 people are being discouraged from starting season 1since there would be no season soo upset

  479. Halifa

    Please bring the show back it is kind of so amazing I just watched it today and I started looking for the season 2 just to read this bad news

  480. Joe

    WOW ,!!!!!, What a way to disappoint the masses,! I just binge watched the entire first season GREAT SHOW ,INTENSE! GRABBING! what sci go folks want !! Soooooo network idiot just says eh let’s cancel it what a DUMBA$$ ! Smart move would be to bring it BACK!!!!!

  481. Eleanor Reef

    Not too many TV Shows i enjoy and then i come come across i totally love and then i find out that the organizers or the network decides to cancel… that is totally messed up. Why is it that such TV-Shows with so much potential and a magnet for viewers like me and thousands more like me, obviously judging from all the comments before me, are the ones being canceled. I could name a whole lot of other TV Shows that should have been canceled a longtime ago and yet still running today. Star-Crossed is an awesome TV Show and i hope that there will be a season 2. I have a great imagination and write stories so if you need some thoughts for your next season happy to assist.

  482. Yareli

    I need a season 2 of Star-Crossed! It was one of my favorites and I have very few shows that I actually love and this one was def. one of them! I just started watching star-crossed on Netflix and can not believe that there is no season two.

  483. brenda

    This is something bs look how many pple was interested then they go and cancel season 2

  484. Jackie

    I love star-crossed! I was so disappointed when I heard there was not going to be a season two! I still am!

  485. Jenny

    I watched season 1 on Netflix, I’m hoping that Netflix will pick the series up and continue. It had a great story line, this show could be a hit if someone would just pick it up and continue!

  486. CHELSEA

    I hope they continue the show. BRING ON SEASON 2!!!!!!!

  487. lily

    SPOILER ALET!!! Im giving up a little thing that I heard about what might happen in the second season.
    yes I hope netflix does pick it up I also wanna know where romery will be in the story. I read on this thing where the producer was talking about the second season and said the romerey are not meant to be in it will most likely end up as teri and roman, and emery and grayson, but to be honest I hope thats not the case bc you need your 2 star-crossed lovers in the story. other wise I dont understand why its called star-crossed really, but even if they made the second season like that i would still watch it just for the support. Plus this story does have a great story and I feel like it should always be roman and emery. and (drylor) together I mean I think we get the fact that its hard for (romerey) to be together bc there from two difrrent worlds but if they work hard enough and get through the rough times they can have a great chance of being together, but I really dont see emery and grayson being a good couple nor teri and roman.

  488. appolos

    PLEASE …release season2.. it is the best series ever

  489. kaylee

    I really loved the show and hope they change their minds about canceling it I was hooked and binge wached the whole season and I was sad to hear about this i really hope they continue with the show

  490. sara

    If there isn’t any more seasons to star crossed its gonna suck. The show is awesome and should continue. One of my favorite shows.

  491. sara

    Yeah I am very upset. Why does the good shows always get canceled. Star crossed is an amazing show. If not gonna release season 2 why would the producer even start then quit. I hope there will be more seasons to come I hate been left hanging from the way season 1 ended. I honestly believe it ain’t right making movies and series and catch alot of peoples attention then drop everything.

  492. Amanda

    I wish they will make a season 2 of this show. They need to release it on CW. They can release it on Netflix. I think it would make a good show on there. I really do enjoy watching this show. This show has so much more that can be done with it. Just wish they didn’t give up on it so fast.

  493. Megan

    I agree!!!!!!! what is the point in making a show with one season and leaving everyone hanging at the end like that its plain stupid!!!!!!!!!

  494. mia herrera

    this is crazy! i just found the show last night and finished it in 4 to 5 hours that’s how good it was and when i go to watch s2 what happens theres no s2 like what!!! and yall didn’t even give it time to go famous and plus you could of least finished the cliff hangers like dose taylor ever survive the boom and have her baby dose romen and the girl take there relashionship further and what happens to the tribe? or what in the world happens to the aliens that were in the space!! PLZ PEOPLE HELP BRING THE SHOW BACK IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME AND NOT JUST ME EVRY FAN THAT LOVES IT!!!!!! PLZ PLZ

  495. JULIE E Godfrey

    I agree my daughter and me watched it all and got so into it and couldn’t wait to watch more but nope some people just don’t know what a good movie is anymore. Please make season 2 and give US a good ending. Please.Please

  496. Nina Lee

    I just started watching it!! Its a good story line and I am curious to know what happens after the last episode. I do not understand how shows like Riverdale, Stranger Things, Santa Clarita Diet ( Which i all enjoy) continue to have seasons but Star-Crossed isn’t given a chance. I gave it a chance amongst other tv shows and I was hooked from the beginning. It was a real eye opener for alot of reasons. Hopefully someone could consider at least finishing it up for the ones who did give it a chance; Do not be like what they did to us about Sense 8!

  497. Renee

    Yes!! I agree…..I want the show back….just binged watched all of season 1, I hope netflix will take it on and do a season 2 at least…

  498. Jean Butso

    I know for sure that I do not know anything about how to make a TV show or what it take as far as financing it, promoting it and so on but, one thing I can say about star-crossed is that: It was a damn good show that deserved more than just one season.

  499. Jasmine

    Its stupid for them to cancel it bc of people rating it with 4 or something like i mean there are more people who liked this series and wanted it to continue but no they had to cancel it for some haters and now they will just get more for leaving a huge cliffhanger with many supporters of the series bc of the dumb reason

  500. Keara

    This is sad and mest up

  501. SARAH


  502. Hannah

    I loved this and I got really into it and then I got to the last episode and was really upset that there was no season 2, I mean you just don’t do that to the people who are watching the show. I really really REALLY hope they make a season 2 so that all of its fans can finally go to sleep not wondering what happens to them.

  503. carly gow

    you don’t even understand how mad I am at this moment I just started watching it on Netflix and now I find out there is no season 2. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!! like why would you let it end like this I must know what would’ve happened next like come on people this is stupid. Just make another season please and thank you like what happens to her baby, do all of the humans EVER wake up, is there gonna become a war!!!!!!! LIKE WHAT???????

  504. AleN

    They killed my vibe, This is the only Series i wish I could watch the whole Episodes

  505. Johnny Rich

    I hope CW changed their minds as I want to see a season 2 of Star cross. It is a great show and I enjoyed watching it on Netflix. There should me more seasons to this story and show.

  506. Serina

    Please with the way it ended it should come bank I just started watching it on Netflix.. Of o would of known more about it before I would of watched for sure Please come back!!!

  507. Megan Moore

    I hope they change their minds. This show was was so amazing and I don’t think i’ve ever liked a show more than Star Crossed. Please change your minds!!!

  508. Y

    I just watched Start Crossed and I loved it, and was wondering when is the season 2 coming out… Was surprised that it’s not… I like the story line, it’s a family bonding watching star crossed. Would appreciate it if ever they changed their mind and do the second season.

  509. Rowan

    I loved the show! I hope they will change there minds about another series. They left it off with a cliff hanger. please change your mind

  510. Barry M

    I’ll add my 2 cents. I enjoyed the show and would also like to see it continue.

  511. Aubrey Sorell

    I would love it to continue on and I want to know more about waht happens. I love the story line and how can be filled with mystery and adventours. I want to know what happens next.

  512. Jennifer

    Bring it back so good

  513. Kerri

    Come on this is the best series I have watched in years. Please bring it back. Has a good story line and keeps you waiting to see what is next.

  514. Melody Ann Cagas

    That’s right star-crossed is so good
    Can we not cancelled the season 2 of
    STAR-CROSSED please

  515. Anita

    Hi I live in Iran and loved series.It’s a very good series I wish see season 2 soon PS: sort for spelling I not very good in english

  516. Ana

    Season 2 of Star Crossed needs to be made, I literally watched it like 2 years ago and am still waiting for the next season. The show can’t just end like that I need an explanation as to what happens to everyone after that blast goes off like uhhhh.

  517. Usha

    I am very disappoint, i am just watching season 1 over and over again. You should have at least gave it a good finishing if you did not want to make season 2. Now we are all just hanging and want to know what is going to happen next. Star crossed has a lot of fan some you guys might not know of. It’s a very interesting movie and interesting story behind it. Please consider making season 2.

  518. Kiara

    I have just re-watched the series again for the millionth time and I still can’t believe that they would end it (and with such a cliffhanger too!). I can only imagine what they could have done in the next season with so many interesting points to cover. One of my favourite shows out there, and definitely worth more than one season! I am reminded once again why I hate the CW – they always cancel all the good shows.

  519. Bella cio

    Its 2020 I’m still waiting for season 2 thought they would changed by now …this sucks …you who cancelled it made all this people sad hope you know

  520. Ivette Calderón

    star crossed excellent sci fy story. Season 2 please with end

  521. Serbia94

    I love this show,itc fantaststic and beutifule story…sorry for no season 2 :((((((

  522. kim namjoon

    They should do another season because its really good and i enjoy it

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