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Switched at Birth season 4: start date (2015)

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When does Switched at Birth season 4 come out on ABC Family? We are waiting for start date in 2015! Will the story return with the new episodes?

TV-channel: ABC Family
Pilot episode: June 6, 2011
Creator: Lizzy Weiss

Season 1 Episode 1: 3.30 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 1: 1.76 million U.S. viewers

Tom Ascheim, the ABC Family President, announced that the broadcast of the last episode of «Switched at Birth» television series would be postponed. According to his statement, the final of the current season is scheduled for December 2014 and it will be the date when the 22nd episode is broadcast.

The matter is the creators want to connect the end of the show with Christmas holidays. The experts believe such thematic idea should affect the popularity of the project and it will be the reason for its renewal for the season 4.

The financial questions haven’t been discussed yet, so we can hardly expect the return in January 2015. We will publish the ABC Family decision as soon as it is taken!

UPDATE 1 (August 13, 2014): ABC Family renewed Switched at Birth for a fourth season, which will begin in 2015. Exact air date: January 6, 2015.

UPDATE 2: Season 4B will be back later this Summer (August 24, 2015).

UPDATE 3 (October 21, 2015): ABC Family has renewed Switched at Birth for a fifth season. Follow the link!

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  1. Sophie

    Switched at Birth is an excellent show with great characters! Not many shows like it.

  2. Erica F.

    It would be a great disappointment if it was taken off the air.

  3. Leroy

    please dont take the one good show off.

  4. Christine Evans

    My husband and I have watched SaB from the beginning, and we love it. There must be a season 4!

  5. GUL

    Please continue this series. One of the best shows on television.

  6. Tammy O.

    My daughter and I (she’s 16) watch this show together all of the time. It often leads us into some great conversations. Please keep this show going! It is one of the very few good shows that are on TV today.

  7. stephanie

    You guys have to make a series going pleases… I love this show and it shows that even families in the worst situation prevail! This show helps me and my family bond in a special ways….please.

  8. someone strange

    In love with this show.It covers different societies,family bonding and it just grips the attention.I hope this show prevails and impress the audience the way it is being doing since season one.

  9. Carla

    Best show ever!! Switched at Birth and the Fosters are my Fav and I would be genuinely upset if either one got cancelled!!! So Happy this got renewed!

  10. Mary

    Love the show and can’t wait for the next season !

  11. Cassidee

    Never really felt like I belong where I am. The show helps me be grateful for where I come from. I love watching the show every Monday night. Please don’t take it off the air.

  12. Nan

    Great show and a fun and easy way to pick up sign language!

  13. Linda

    It’s a great show, watched it from the beginning. It gives the hearing world a perspective on deaf culture and definitely have learned a lot from this program. I have increased my signing knowledge as well as enjoyed the topics addressed on the show. The acting cast is awesome. Please keep it going, not enough shows like this one.

  14. Ashley Cokeley

    This show ready helped me and my husband reconnect by watching switched at birth together.!!!!!.. I love this show

  15. AnnMarie

    Amazing!! I can’t wait for season four!!

  16. ksmith

    What an amazing journey we have all been a part of! Thanks You for Season 4!!!!!!!!

  17. rfletcher

    I loved S@B from the very begging and I can’t wait for season 4. I hope Bay and Emmit get together and get married. I love daffy but I hope she don’t let Bay go down for something she did.

  18. By❤️Tayshipper ❤️

    I am SOO ready for the forth season❤️I really hope ty will return in twenty fifteen I really do I really don’t like Emmett.I am so proud of bay,taking her sisters place ❤️Is True sis love❤️

  19. Morgan

    I absolutely love Switched at birth and i cant wait til Season 4 comes out!

  20. Samantha

    Don’t kill the switched at birth family!! We need more switched at birth

  21. Angel

    I love this show cant wait for it to come back on

  22. Jada

    This is my favorite show……. If this goes of i will go crazy

  23. Zoey R

    I have my whole family watching switched at birth. It is a great show that display real life family situations and make awareness to so many important issues. I love this show and don’t want it to ever end. Can’t wait until season 4 starts .

  24. unknown

    I love this show a lot and there is nothing like it and please I’d have to know how emmett and bay make it out when bay takes the blame for Daphne. It’s amazing how u thought of this and you have so many fans as you can see and many more who love the show and please don’t let us down. This is like more.than a show it shows me how much I appreciate things that others don’t have like a real family….and they have a real family but almost way to many downsides but such an amazing show and sometimes the downpats are the most amazing parts..great things can come of things that, look like hell. I beg of you to keep this show and even make more….. please I beg of you… can’t just leave us hanging have to finish what you started…… for us. Please….I may be young but surely have more than you to say. MAKE US PROUD. OH AND PLEASE KEEP EMMETT…. HE AND BAY MAKE THE SHOW COME ALIVE AND I NEVER REALLY LIKE TY HE SEEMED LIKE HE WAS UP TO NO GOOD PLEASE.KEEP THEM TIGETHER!!!!!!!

  25. cyndy Kreutner

    this is one of the best shows I have ever seen…..

  26. Sparkle

    Switched at birth is my escape!!!!!!! It is amazing!!!!!!!!! Does Regina go to Hawaii or not? Does bay get out of jail?!?!?!?! I feel like I should start a chant”season four switched at birth season four switched at birth season for switch at birth season four switched at birth”

  27. Janice krainock

    Love it! Can’t wait for its return.

  28. Jade

    I just finished season 3 this morning and am dying to find out what happens with everyone.
    I need To find out what happened to Bay and if Regina will go to Hawaii (although I think that’s a given and she won’t) It was such a good 3rd season, I hope season 4 will be just as good.

  29. Debbie

    Switched at Birth is one of the best shows on television………. I am Deaf and it is one of the real and positive and excellent shows for the Deaf Community… I will encouraged all the Deaf and hard of hearing people to tell and encourage the show to continue………. Please do not cancel the show…………It has a great cast of people on the show………. Do not mess with a good show………..

  30. elijah

    This show is so good. It would suck if you took it off because you really just left us at suspense, we don’t no if you goes to jail or not. Like this show is a really good show its in my top 5.

  31. hilary

    Keep it going !!!!! BEMMETT !!!! Four ever they gone through so much that’s true love let us have that true love feel for one of the sisters !!!!

  32. Patty

    I recently started watching Switched at Birth on Netflix and now I’m patiently waiting for season 4. This show has enlighten my life to the life of the deaf community. It would be very sad to see a show that can make a difference in a person perception be cancelled.

  33. MARY

    Always look forward to watching SWITCHED AT BIRTH. Keep it on.

  34. Trisha

    When does season 5 start????? I’m in love with this show!!

  35. Rometria

    I LOVE THIS SHOW WATCHED EVERY SHOW. I WISH Bay had got pregnant by the boy before he went back into army

  36. Abby

    Please keep this showing going! Its so amazing, it has really helped me with a lot. I’ve needed some help with my voice for over 4 years and was told by professionals it was either surgery with 70/30 chances of even surviving through it, or being mute for 6-9 months using oy sign language, and I was always terrified thinking how would I go about my life, and this show encouraged me to start learning sign language and trying my hardest to do this. Please keep this show on, it is so encouraging to so many people, and it will give a strong lesson to those who dont already care.

    Love one of your biggest fans, Abby Benites

  37. Diana

    Switched at Birth is an amazing show & I absolutely love it! I’ve seen every episode & I can hardly wait until the 2015 summer premiere!! After watching just one episode, I realized how much I wanted to learn A.S.L. & started taking classes. My sign language has actually gotten very good since. Please keep this show going! It’s absolutely inspiring!! Does anyone know the 2015 summer premiere start date yet??

  38. Mindy

    I love Switched At Birth, its my favorite show. I am not deaf but I have friends that are and I’m fluent in ASL someday I hope to be an Interpreter. I would love to meet the cast. I hope that it will be on again soon, I miss watching it on Tuesdays. When the Summer premiere show.

    • Spike

      not announced yet…

  39. Debbie

    Please, whatever you do, Do Not Cancel this show, It is one of the best shows on the air……..
    It keeps the Deaf Community Real……….

    Thank you! When will the Summer premiere show start? Then, when will the Fall show start?
    Thank you!

    • Kirk

      Date to be announced soon.

  40. Ruthann

    I’m going to die if they there isn’t a fourth season I just finished the third one

  41. Ruthann

    Omg I hate the way it ended just left u hanging

  42. Raynette Listen

    I get so tired of good shows being broadcast and then poof, they disappear….they are already too short….I like the long run ones like the good ole days, so hard to keep up with them, never know they are going to end, or start for sure then have to seach for them. Please keep Switched at Birth going… hasn’t ended.

  43. Beej3

    Switched at birth has enlightened my life and that of my children who watch it with me. I hope we continue to have this show to enjoy. We have been inspired to learn ASL this summer. Its powerful to know a second language, why not ASL? I only wish one of these girls could stay solid in a relationship. Monogamy can be more powerful than drama and multiple sex partners. Thank you ABC. Keep it up.

  44. Andrea Payne

    I love love love this show! It’s in my top five list. Can’t wait for next season

  45. Shay

    HALF Of Season 4 Is On Netflix But……. OMG I Can NOT Wait Until The WHOLE Season Of Season 4 Come Out Man I LOVE This Show Soooo Much Its Crazy!!

  46. peaches

    It’s so intense it’s like I gotta stay up all night to finish all the seasons. I just can;t stop thinkig about the other half of the season so exciting!!!!!!

  47. Ariel

    I love the switched at birth series. It’s so help me do a project I did and human development about twin girls getting switched at birth. I love the characters especially Emmett because he’s hot. Love you characters!!!!

  48. Rani

    I’ve enjoyed S@B since the beginning,got mt hubby hooked, too. When our daughter was in college, she took ASL as her foreign language; how cool is that? When she was at a job interview at a hospital ad they asked if she spoke another language, she said ASL and they pretty much hired her on the spot. They had plenty of nurses who spoke Spanish but no one to help deaf patients. So we have a special interest in following Daphne, Emmett, his mother (played by Marlee Matlin, noted deaf actress), and the rest of the deaf community. Can’t wait for the next season!

  49. Ally

    I would’ve never noticed how deaf people feel around hearing people and how you should appreciate who loves you if this show never came out. I would come home from school everyday and go straight to Netflix and watch switched at birth. Every time I watched this show it made me think about how hard it could be being deaf. I know people being deaf is a gift but sometimes it isn’t to them because people make it hard for them and make fun of them. When it is time to go to bed I go to sleep and think about what would it be like if u were deaf and what is going to happen in the next episode. I also like to picture me as one of the characters, I finished every season especially the fourth one I am now waiting for the fifth one and hope it comes out. The fourth season ended sad and I knew the story wasn’t finished for switched at birth. I really hope there is going to be a fifth season. I love switched at birth and I will never stop loving it.

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