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Taken season 2 release date

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Taken season 2 release date 2018

When will Taken season 2 come out? NBC renewed the series for a second season. We want to know the exact release date in 2018!

The TV-prequel of Luc Besson’s films titled Taken will have a 2nd season on NBC. The release date of new episodes, which this time there will not be 10, but 16, is appointed to early 2018. More exact terms of the premiere are not yet announced, so follow the update of this article.

Note that Alex Cary left the post of the showrunner and now a new specialist is being looked for in his place. We do not know whether rating of this series suffers from this, but we hope that the right holders will find a worthy substitute.

Remind that the plot of the series begins before the events of the famous franchise. If by the time of the kidnapping of the daughter in the first film Bryan Mills has been already a CIA retired agent, then the television version will start right at the beginning of his career in the special services. Executive producer of the prequel is the author of the original trilogy and the most famous French director of our days – Luc Besson.

Taken season 2 release date – [early 2018] (will be updated)

Well, we are waiting for the second season of Taken in 2018 and the exact premiere date!

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