Jun 8

«The Client List» season 3: premiere date

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Will «The Client List» TV show return for season 3? Renewed or cancelled? What is known about premiere date?

TV-channel: Lifetime
Pilot episode: April 8, 2012
Creator: Suzanne Martin

Season 1 Episode 1: 2.7 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 1: 2.21 million U.S. viewers

According to the recent statistics, experts believe «The Client List» TV show will be renewed for Season 3. The release date hasn’t been disclosed yet, but we follow the updates and inform you right after it is announced. If Lifetime management is consistent, the new episodes will be released already in 2014.

«The Client List» season 3: premiere – [cancelled] (update 1)

It should be mentioned that the given series needs support, since critics’ negative statements as well as licensed massage therapists’ reproaches with the wrong interpretation of their profession may put an end to the show.

Follow the news! Would you like the show to be renewed?

UPDATE 1 (Nov. 1, 2013): «The Client List» cancelled by Lifetime after two seasons.

UPDATE 2 (Nov. 26, 2013): Jennifer Love Hewitt has given birth to her first child, a baby girl named Autumn James Hallisay.

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  1. toffy

    i definitely think that The Client List should be continued !

  2. gresse

    i hope…..

  3. Milena

    I would cry if The Client List ended

    • claire

      me too i hate the ending i am so hooked on it

  4. Lem0n

    f*cken critics !!! its best show ever!!!!!

  5. Pi

    neeedd more seasons !!! i LOVE Jennifer LOVE Hewitt =)

  6. Asylum_Bound

    I think that the client list should continue…The sooner the better

    • Heather Wood

      Amen, and pass the peaches!! I ABSOLUTELY concur!!!

  7. Emma

    The Client List definitely needs to be renewed!! It is my FAVORITE show of all time!!! Jennifer Love Hewitt is the best!! Just because of a few critics who aren’t happy with their own life’s and think that an innocent little show is going to ruin their business or relationships isn’t a good enough reason to take this show away from us who enjoy watching it!! Please RENEW it for a Third Season!

    • Tomeka

      Please don’t cancel this show. This is my favorite Sunday night show to watch besides Army Wives. I think the critics are using this as a clutch because if you are good at doing what you do then a show should not have any bearing on your profession.

      • Jim

        I agree this is a very good program. It was/is my favorite program, Next in line is Defiance.
        Let the self righteous fakes clean up their own act before complaining about this program. Massage parlors do what they are going to do if they offer happy endings; most of them do not if I am correct. If they did, then all of politicians and local police would be there instead of the doughnut shop.

  8. Crystal

    I’m addicted! I love Jennifer Love Hewitt! Why must people be so negative?!

  9. Diana

    Its sad that we teach kids that what we see on T.V. is not real and yet we now have to worry about grown adults with professional jobs taking a T.V. show the wrong way. HELLO people there is only one way to take it! ITS FICTION! FAKE! NOT REAL! GROW UP!

    • Savannah

      I totally agree!! These people are actors and actresses the whole show is read from a script, the client list isn’t actually suggesting that in reality all misuse professionals are doing the exact same thing!! Its ridiculous how people are giving their negative opinions on something that isnt even real! The show should be renewed its a nobrainer!!

  10. Marisela

    I would like for a 3rd season to come out.

  11. Tababy

    Omg please bring client list back!!!!! I love Jennifer aka Riley
    I am obsessed with this show

  12. Samantha Williams

    There HAS to be more seasons!!!! The Client lList gets better and better! Licensed massage therapists need to get it through their heads that this is a TV show…it’s SCRIPTED!!!! Unfortunately there are some out there who give “happy endings” doesn’t mean everyone does… The critics need to get over themselves!

  13. Kris

    love this show….it best have a season 3….it cant end like it did….im hooked!

  14. Shilo dempsey

    Please bring it back for a third season! I love this show

  15. nicole

    Please renew, love this show! You can’t end it in the middle!

  16. lisakeyes

    Yes I think they should have a 3 season they can’t leave it like it is

  17. amber

    I love this show

  18. hfhhj

    Best show ever!!!!!!!

  19. Philtersgal

    Must be renewed, it cannot end now! Great show!

  20. Ashley

    The better be a season 3 the way they left the season finale of season 2 was ridiculous… if there isn’t a season 3 then they should at least give the show a proper ending!!!!

  21. Alex

    Best show!!!

  22. madisson

    Please please pretty please continue the series!! I love jen hewit. And the show is wonderful. Why cant people watch it for what it is? Drama! Not reality! This is a great show. Looking forward to seeing how riley gets herself outta all that……………

  23. Linnea

    I love the client list.Please have a season 3.It a great show

  24. Varonica

    Client List is one of the shows u must watch! I’m already lookn for a release date for Season 3.

  25. Mystie

    Screw the critics!! I love love love this show!! I would like flip out if it didn’t come back for season 3!!! I hate that I have to wait so long as it is!!! Please renew :))) it’s the highlight of my sundays

  26. Jade

    Please let there be another season of the client list! I love it!!

  27. Erin

    Client List has to be renewed for a 3rd season, you cant end the show with the viewers not knowing what she said to Evan and kyle.

  28. kimberly

    I think it should have a 3rd seasons I love this show and I want more I have to know how I end cant leave us hanging love Jennifer in the client list and I like to see her and kyle back togather . please renew !!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Christine

    Client list should be renewed

  30. stephanie


  31. Barbara

    I am anxiously waiting for season three. It just cannot end with season two!

  32. j.r. evans

    Yes, I hope it is renewed for Season 3, especially if Evan is in it.
    The show seemed not to be that exciting with Riley dumping Evan and reuniteing with her
    husband (now her live in,real life fiance).
    The majority of the audience feels the same way, and I feel if things continue as they are
    I don’t expect ratings to increase.
    …thank you

  33. Manuel

    To be honest: they should put down Client List and renew Ghost Whisperer. I could never watch JLH in such a role by always remembering Melinda Gordon…

  34. JC

    Please bring it back, i love this show, even my boyfriend has gotten in to it..

  35. A.R.

    Renew for season 3. I’m so addicted. There should be more promotion for it thou. It’s Such a good show, it’s worth it

  36. Michelle

    There has to be a season 3 I am sure we will just have to wait till the baby is born.

  37. drew

    there has to be a season 3

  38. David

    I truly believe that this is one of the best shows on television. We we don’t know if the girl who helped get the client list back, nikki is dead or alive. how can you in the series like that?

  39. Barb

    I think the show should continue people who are massage therapist should not let this stop or sway who they are and what they do. This is a TV show nothing more and people unfortunately are going to think what they want regardless as in any other show that people can relate too.

  40. Kristy

    SHOULD RETURN FOR SEASON 3 ….lifetime dont stop it, I love it, Its are Sunday night show!!!!

  41. Stephanie G.

    This show should no matter what be renewed! One you would piss a lot of people off by leaving us hanging on the end like that. We have to know more, we need to see more! This is such a great show and Jennifer Love Hewitt doesn’t play in many series anymore, it was great to see you back every week. People need to grow up, it’s a show stop being so judgmental. If you don’t f***ing like it then don’t watch it! Hello it’s called change the station an don’t ruin it for all the people that do love it!! Plus I agree with Manuel about ghost whispers! That was such a great show as I well and they cancelled that! I wish that would have continued too. I waited every week to watch that as a kid. Not to go hang with friends but to watch that! They should not be allowed to end shows so quick without a not hanger ending!!
    I love the way the show is going and I want to see more really soon!!

  42. Sarah

    The Client List MUST be renewed!!!!! You can’t just end Season 2 with “I can explain” There needs to be more. I am also glad that Riley and Kyle are working it out. That makes me happy. I mean she gave up everything with Evan lets just hope the director and writer keep it that way. I am also happy that Lacey finally gets her baby, I hope that this time they actually get pregnant on top of having their son. This show is the best if we can keep putting reality tv shows on such as Keeping up with the Kardashians which is way past its time and needs to come off air I am sure that it would be ok the keep the Client list going plus its a more positive show. You get so many people that have the same job getting upset but they are missing the message behind that. There are a lot of mothers that have been in Riley’s position that would have done anything for their family.

  43. Rose

    Renew it, I love it. This is the first show I have ever watched from episode 1. I would love to continue. Please JLH is amazing in it. Screw the critics. Who cares what they say. It is the fans that matter and keep the show alive. Root for THE CLIENT LIST!!!!!

  44. ashley

    I may speak for myself but I am a licensed massage therapist and I do not think this show should be cancelled.. it is a great show and it is fake! however, there are real therapists everywhere that are giving happy endings and they need to know that they will get caught! and I think that this right here shows the dangers of that..

  45. Ray

    I only started watching the show while it played in the background of my video games while my wife watched… I was opposed to it and the movie (still am for the movie) but the show s*cked me in! WTF! Ya’ll best renew it! I, as a guy, like it… cant believe I like it but… keep it going! The plot must thicken!

  46. Susan

    Me and my 10yr old daughter love the client list it is a great show i hope ther is a season 3it is oneof the best shows. Jennifer live hewett is beautiful and kyle is hotvthey make a great couple

  47. Dominique

    Yes they need to renew it

  48. kait

    Best show ever, please please RENEW! I’m absolutley addicted!!!!!

  49. Molly

    Great show!!!!!! Don’t cAncel it

  50. Sabrina

    Absolutely LOVE The Client List!!

  51. treasure

    I love this show keep the client list going <3

  52. stephanie

    I really want there to be a season 3 with all the stuff left open I need to know what happens is he still inside the rub or did he get out what happens to rielly where’s Shelby what happened to selena and Derek and is nikki still alive I need answers

  53. isa

    The client list is a great I have not missed an episode since it has started….I believe it should be continued there isn’t anything wrong with it and with the people who think it is wrong its just a show its not real life…..it doesn’t make who u are

  54. MJ

    The client list is the best show ever “love love Miss Jennifer Love Hewitt ” Please bring it back …Can’t Wait !!! <3

  55. Jesica

    2014?? I really cannot wait that longgg!!!!!

  56. Melissa

    Bring it back, love it!!!

  57. christine

    Yes! renew! renew! renew! or at the very least give it an ending. I want to know what happens next!

  58. Michelle

    The client list is an awesome show which should be continued like
    Everything else it’s fictional so no one should feel some type of way about it!!!

  59. linda denner

    Yes, renew this program. There is so much more material that could be developed since the main characters are expecting a child. There could also be more development of the massage therapists’ role in the salon. The ladies from season as a group were very entertaining and I missed seeing them in season 2. Bring them back and lets see more interactions between them, the clients and the main characters. The dialogue could improve as well. There are too many one liners and underdeveloped conversations with longing looks. Let’s see more drama and complications through the series and bring it back for a 20 episode season. It would be great.

  60. Betty

    I love the client list it’s one of the best shows on tv… I can’t wait or season 4

  61. Terri

    My mom and I love The Client List! Please renew it!

  62. demi

    Please renew this show! i dont know what i would do if i didnt get to see what happens! im that hooked on it and i dont give up on shows i like that easily!!

  63. jarie

    The client list is the best show ever bring on season 3

  64. Felicia Equia

    Yes!!!!please renew I really love this show

  65. inga

    best show ever ….. Best wishes all the way from Iceland

  66. Nicole

    Best show….. Please renew. We LOVE it.

  67. sydni

    please don’t stop this! i love it. don’t just stop it because of 1 reason. everyone loves watching this show and it cant just suddenly end the show. i really hope lifetime continues to show this show. It’s amazing!

  68. Aaron

    Definitely think there should be a 3rd season!

  69. Kim

    There should be a third season, it’s a great show, lifetime should continue to show!

  70. Tami

    PLEASE Dont stop the Client List. Im sure everyone can be adults and make a decision. The Client List stays for. five more interesting intense seasons. Way to go on cliff hanger at second season. Would like to see Lacey and Dale and their little man Cole Locklin. Would like to see Riley Parks survive this. Would like to see good old judge Overton caught by Evan. Would like to see RILEYS mom in Austin doing well. maybe doing some filming in Texas. Rileys baby daddy needs to be Kyle or mystery man to make sense. Lets get the cameras rolling and bring back my favorite show! I Would like five seasons or more. Watching and Praying. Tami

  71. IM

    This is the best show in a loong long time!
    It would be just Wrong to end it.
    Crossing my fingers and everything else that could be crossed, season 3 must be made and viewed!

  72. Nina

    This series definitely needs to be renewed. Client List is the best and Hewitt is amazing. These overly sensitive massage therapist need to have a seat and stop over reacting to a tv show that does not state it’s based on true events.

  73. Ruth

    Please please renew it is the best show!!! Love it

  74. Stephanie

    HELLLL YESSSS this show must be renewed!!!!! PEriod…BEst SHOW Eva!!! Please!!! Love Love Love IT!!!!!! I could watch this show every day!!! Absolutely can’t wait for Season 3!! So the hell what if she is Pregnant!! Good for HER…and all the critics out there…KIss my A*se!! 🙂

  75. Sara

    It’s one of my favourite shows!!! You can’t just put an end to a great show like that, because of that one single reason. Think of all the others who have watched this show, waiting for the 3d season.. Even though I can understand the impression that it puts the massage therapists in a bad light; but we all know they do a great job (professional), and they are all respected by their profession! Even though the TV-show is based on being a non-professional massager, doesn’t mean we all think that every single massager is like that. Of course there are some, but seriously… People have common sense! PLEASE RENEW!!

  76. GaIL


  77. Tanya

    I love The Client List don’t want to see the show end.

  78. Lisa

    I am a licensed massage therapist, single mother and amateur actor. I love the show. It’s television you know make believe. The Client List it is awesome.

  79. RB

    Keep this show coming. It is amazing. i would be heart broke if its canceled.

  80. m

    omg. they allwas cut the good ones. i hate not to see season3! love this series
    we love it in norway too..!

  81. jennifer

    i love jennifer and i really like her acting the most and the show must go on because it not even an ending. i think that they should let the prenency be in the movie and the baby be kyle’s bothers baby and then their be a really big fight between all three of them and while that is happends their dealing with the store being burned down and the explaining of why jennifer (riley) whent and did the stuff that she was doing. and riley sister and the baby that they adopped so really think hard and say yes to make another show because i rally dosent make sesens to the story i wil love love love love love love you people so think think think

  82. Karina Saldana

    If you’re a legit massage therapist ten you shouldn’t be worried about it! This is the best show ever they BETTER bring it back!

  83. Melissa

    Soooooooo cant wait for ssn 3 <3

  84. diane

    I am a fan of this show…Don’t delete it, I have friends that we discuss this program..PLEASE LET IT STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Victoria

    The client list is sooo popular and a real sucsess!! There have to come a season 3 !!
    One of the best tv season i have ever seen!! Jennifer Love Hewit ♥♥♥♥

  86. Angela Jones

    The Client List is one of the most entertaining shows on television. I know it is considered a night time soap, but it draws in men and women and has a great story line. This would be a tragedy if it was not renewed just because JLH is pregnant and engaged to her co-star. Play off of that and work with it add some twists like Evan could be the father and one of her friends change paternity test results to “HELP RILEY” there are so many options!! So in a few words Please don’t take away our Sunday Night Indulging Pleasure!!! She is amazing and Lifetime is Lucky to have her!!

  87. Lisa

    The client list is one of the best shows out there now!! And about the rumor about the writers making Evan the dad of Riley’s baby, how can that be possible…riley and evan never slept together…

  88. Biker mama

    I feel that should be a season 3. This is the best series that I have ever watched on t.v.!!

  89. CB

    Definitely renew it, please.

  90. Connie

    Please,please renew for a 3rd season. Love this show and Jennifer Love Hewitt!

  91. Ramona L.

    It would be very dissapointing to not enjoy a new season of The Client List. To leave us hanging like that would be very cruel!!!! It was the highlight of every one of my weeks. I’m sure there are more people who love it than hate it. The show must go on*****

  92. Susie Q

    Totally agree with Lisa! Bring the show back and leave the Riley character to continue working it out with Kyle, leave the trashy cr*p to those other shows.

  93. kim

    there only about 3shows on tv these that i cant wait to watch the clinet is#1on my list we are all grown adults watching tv. kids are in bed that time of night. so come on do people think that this kinda stuff do happen in real life git a grip it does. besides that the show doesnt have her sleeping with her clients just the one that she regreted. to me that was looked at like lesson learned.so please bring back my show ur fans and jennifers fans we be lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!do only head shots and leave the baby out then u need no daddy……

  94. Keri

    I’m a mother of a 16 month old boy, and this is the only show I will sit down to watch each week. It’s intense and keeps me waiting impatiently for the following week. Please don’t take away a show that gets more viewers each year. It’s a drama show and not real life. You can’t keep us hanging from the ending of the second season. I’ll be waiting impatiently for season 3

  95. Barbara

    PLEASE keep The Client List on your line up! I love this show!

  96. Amanda

    please please please bring back the client list season 3 I am so addicted to that show it is one of the best on TV right now you would be insane not to give them a season 3 not only that if there is no season 3 lifetime will lose a lot of fan base

  97. Betty and Craig

    My husband and I love the show immensely.
    Please renew it.

  98. Jessica

    I love The Client List I don’t think I can wait till 2014 for the new season

  99. Barbara Hernandez

    Love the Client List:) It should be like Grey’s Anat. just keep on going:) Love Jennifer she is the best

  100. Melissa M

    I strongly believe that there should definitely be a season 3 of the Client List. I know that some people are getting offended by the profession of massage therapists are being stomped although that is inaccurate. This show is not targeting any profession whatsoever. Most viewers agree that this show is about a mother doing any and everything she can do to support her family and is willing to do what it takes to protect them. I know that JLH is currently pregnant with her fiancé and costar “Kyle” and the decision to renew the series is being negotiated due to her real life pregnancy but they are deciding how to write it in. I do not wish to see them write in that Evan is the baby’s father in fact I think that if they do so it will effect the view of this show and do exactly what they are being accused of now. This show isn’t about massage therapists and infidelity, it’s about what people will do in times of struggle.

    • sue

      cant agree more

  101. Doreen Nagler

    Critics are never right anyway! Just have them mention that it isn’t a conventional message place and hopefully that will get the other therapists off their back. The show is wonderful and a person could relate to her character because of her circumstances.

  102. sb

    Bring back the client list. I love this show. It is a great show that is better than a lot of other things on TV. listen to us viewers.

  103. Kate

    I’m a massage therapist and I am certainly NOT offended. It by no means suggests that this is what our profession is about. It’s Television people relax ! I love this show and would love to see it RENEWED!!

  104. Bob

    The Client list should be renewed

  105. Jenniegirl

    My sister in law got me into this show. I have to say I love it! It definitely needs to come back.

  106. Barbara Ellison

    I sure hope it comes back on. Jennifer is great in this tv series!

  107. Marlinda

    Love Love this show,,,really hope to see it back on!!

  108. Stacey

    I sure hope that The Client List continues.. it’s a great show..Jennifer Love Hewitt is a great actress and has a good story line.

    (Why do the networks get rid of the best shows? I mean really people.. there is so much garbage out there.. but you seem to cancel the good one and keep the junk. REALLY???? Just found out that Lifetime has canceled season 8 of Army Wives… that was so dumb of them. Yea they changed the cast but come on.. it had a great story!! ) Just saying!!!

    • RebelRose

      I didn’t know they had cancelled Army Wives, too. Oh well, nothing to look forward to on Lifetime other than the Christmas shows once a year. I won’t be watching anymore. Army Wives and The Client List are the two things I looked forward to watching. Goodbye Lifetime…I’m done.

  109. Erin

    Love this show!!!! Hope it is renewed for a third season!!!

  110. Denise

    Yes, RENEW THE SHOW! I know many great massage therapists, and they are not afraid of the show. Do you want to know why? Because they do not boast about themselves, they dress appropriately, they act like professionals, they strive to do quality care so their clients’ health improves, and they know how to communicate with their clients. So the massage therapists that do not want this show back on, MAYBE YOU SHOULD NOT BE A MASSAGE THERAPIST. GET ANOTHER JOB!!!!! This show is more than about happy endings. It is about true life, everyday life for some. Use your brain that the Good LORD gave you and realize that.

  111. dawn

    yes renew it i love this show

  112. CarolB

    Best show on Lifetime channel…..wish it would come back soon

  113. Nicole

    I absolutely LOVE this show….. Please RENEW The Client List!!! I watch this show every Sunday and don’t no what ill do on Sundays if its not on anymore. I will be so sad:*(

  114. Tammy

    Please renew the show! “Love” it! 🙂

  115. lori

    Show is re-newed. Jennifer is preggers with her fiancé Brian Hallisay who plays her husband on the show and since she is due in December they haven’t decided to wait or write her pregnancy in the show.

  116. Lorie

    It is the best show on tv. Don’t take it away !!!
    I love the show.

  117. Sherry Johnson

    I love this show as if there isn’t anything on TV with the same content if not worse, really people??? !!!! Ridiculous this is great show and I love the story line – Jennifer Love Hewitt is the best and the cast!!!! Awesome show – can’t wait for Season 3!!!!!!

  118. Mariel


  119. cindy

    I love this show.I have been waiting for season 3.I hope it is renewed.

  120. Jill

    I love this show! Screw the critics they never have anything good to say so who cares whst they think! I agree with everyone that likes this show, and to the ones that don’t, well don’t watch it. I ready for season 3. Bring it on!!

  121. Renee

    Yes, bring the show back. My husband and I watch it every week.

  122. Nancy

    Yes please bring it back, love this show!

  123. Jenelle

    Pleas release season 3 of the client list! I don’t love many shows but this one I do and I got hooked! I love Jennifer love Hewitt too, she plays the part so well. I’m looking foward to the next season

  124. anna

    Please renew ….love this show!!!

  125. b glass

    cant way for new seasson great show

  126. Renee

    Yes, I love the show.

  127. Allison Williams

    I am so happy that The Clients List will be returning. #1 fan.

  128. Bonnie

    Yes renew it I love it

  129. slperry

    Why do all of the networks start great shows, get you hooked & then cancel only to put some stupid show in it’s place that NO ONE with a brain would watch????
    I get started on all of the good ones, only to find out later they have been replaced by some reality TV CR*P!

    • linda

      I agree but have been told the reality cheap shows cost less money to make and air so it’s not about quality, it’s all about the money-less of it for poor quality shows!!

  130. Celine

    the only thing the critics do is criticizing without understanding of good things
    the cereal shows us an example of a true friendship and many other examples of a humanity
    this should be continued

  131. Abby

    I really love this show, and want to see it continued!!!!

  132. CarolB

    Anxiously awaiting Season 3…..come on let’s get it going!!!!!!!

  133. Evie

    Please renew …. Love love love this show…. Need a new season soon!

  134. Jennifer

    Absolutely love this show!!!
    Please bring season 3!!!!

  135. Kristie

    I love this show, Please bring it back for Season 3 and many more!!!

  136. missy

    I think they r picking on jennifer love hewitt they did the same thing with Ghost Whisper and i don’t think that is right. The Client list is a good show one of my favorite on Sunday nights. Ppl gotta figure out what they want

  137. Kelly

    It’s bad they do this to this show n to the army wife they should give back both

  138. Morgan

    There has to be another season. Everyone has common sense. We know that now that therapists really do! I am addicted to the drama and suspense and the family connecting in this tv show! There must be another season if not 28 more seasons!! Jennifer is a great actress

  139. PK

    Definitely want this show renewed. Genuine Massage Therapists should not feel threatened by this show giving the wrong message..it’s just a tv show!!! Love this show..sincerely hope it comes back for another season!

  140. Tracy

    I am so angry, every time I like a show it gets cancelled. I heard today that The Client List was cancelled. I love that show. They let everyone hanging and then cancel.

  141. heather

    I loved this show!!! it should of NEVER been canceled!!! Bring it BACK!

  142. Kayla Oneal

    It better!!! I think this is some straight up bullsh*t. It’s just like if u don’t like somebody, u don’t be around them, so if u don’t like the show don’t freakin watch it!!! It’s reality and it actually happens in some parlors.

  143. Carla

    I LOVED watching The Clients List!! I honestly think they should bring it back!!! Seems like everytime a good series comes on it always gets cancelled! So BRING Back more series of the Clients List!!!!!!

  144. Angela

    me and my mother never miss a episode of this..This is the best tv show that has ever came out… Please continue the seasons.. You take this show off the air..Im gona be done with lifetime… This is the best show .. 🙂

  145. lisa

    I LOVE this show!!! Please bring it back!!

  146. Carmen

    I was expecting season 3 long time ago. I love the show, please keep the show

  147. jaco

    for sure there have to be a season 3!!!!!!!!

  148. Toni Clement

    Hello people (critics) The show was purely fictitious as far as story line but it was one of my favorite shows. Please bring it back. I love the cast as well as the characters. Please, please listen to the fans!!.

  149. KAREN


  150. Esther

    Please bring back the client list,i just love that show,Jennifer Love Hewitt is the best,I enjoyed both seasons!!!!

  151. Mama

    Love the show and hope it continues .

  152. mary k

    I really hope there’s another season. Who cares what “licensed therapists” think. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to watch it. How about all of the shows with lies, deception and other cr*p. There isn’t a show out there that someone doesn’t have a problem with! I would love to go back to the little house on the prairie days, but oh well! This show is awesome. Yes, there’s a lot of things that I morally disagree with, but it does show strength and courage! Plus the eye candy is phenomenal! If Mistresses is okay, then GIVE ME A BREAK!

  153. Christina

    Please dont cancel the show. This is my favorite Sunday night show. I look forward to it every week 🙂 along with army wives of course!

  154. kim

    really want the show to continue one of my favorite shows have been waiting for ever for season 3 to start.

  155. shelby

    This is my favorite show and I would be highly disappointed if it did not continue.

  156. CHRIS

    RENEW The Client List! That’s it!

  157. courtney

    Best show ever! You can’t leave us hanging after what happened during the season 2 finale!!!! NEED MORE CLIENT LIST IN MY LIFE!!!!

  158. dawn

    that is bull if they don’t bring the client list back for season 3. dang, we have been waiting forever. don’t tell me you don’t have enough viewers, i myself, know of too many personally that are waiting. bogus lifetime. get something good, keep it

  159. Kelly

    Wow I can not believe this first army wives now The Client List.Lifetime me and my daughter love both show bring them.Have Riley have her husband baby they were just making things right.

  160. Joanie

    Please bring back the Client List and Army Wives. They are both great shows!

  161. Rhonda

    I really thought Lifetime was getting their act together with Army Wives and the The Client List. Both shows are exciting and riveting. I don’t want to be without either. As for massage people complaining about The Client List, You guys have always been behind the scenes and people are paying attention. Let’s get real people its television. But The Client List is awesome. I want another season of all the great intrigue and excitement.

  162. sheila

    That was the best show ever. Why would lifetime cancel this? Jennifer was awesome and looked awesome according to my boyfriend. Please bring it back.

  163. Karie Ausby

    I most definitely think the client list should come back for season 3. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the show it’s just that a show. understand how some people might look at it but don’t sit there and try to get the show cancelled just because you don’t like it. I love Jennifer Love Hewitt and I hated it when Ghost Whisperer ended and now she’s finally has another show and I would really hate to see this one to be gone. think there is tons of shows out there that some probably would think is inappropriate and if that’s the case then we should let go of all shows. is for entertainment purposes and that’s it and people need to understand that. please do not cancel the client list just because of someone’s opinion. I’m 100 percent for the client list for season 3 and I hope its not cancelled

  164. carla robinson

    I love love this show !!!! Season 3 please and thank you 🙂

  165. Amanda

    This show can not be cancelled. the reasons for it being cancelled are so ridiculous I can’t believe what some people say about shows. If you don’t like it don’t watch it but don’t take it away from the rest of us that enjoy them.

  166. lana

    PLease renew the show!

  167. Tywanda

    I love that show I can’t wait for season 3

  168. Virginia

    I think the Client List is a great show and Lifetime would be crazy to cancel it. If it gives bad reps to Massage Therapist then every show on tv needs cancelled because most of them give bad names to a lot of things. With over 2 million viewers why would you honestly cancel it…. Would be Lifetimes worst mistake and I hope another channel would pick the show up and gain from Lifetimes loss!!

  169. margie

    Why would lifetime do such a thing? That is their best show ever.

  170. Donna

    Please, please, please don’t cancel this show!!
    It’s one of the best t.v. Shows I’ve seen in years!
    To the massage therapists to feel it hurts
    Their reputation , REALLY???? that sounds like an
    Excuse that you are being hurt by the show ,
    You may just s*ck at your job- that’s why you’re blaming
    The show for your reputation !! Lifetime-PLEASE

  171. Britteny

    I have been looking forward to watching season 3 and now I am more than disappointed that it was canceled.

  172. ashlyn

    this is sad…they should do at the very least a half season to finish the story line 🙁 I will miss watching this show if they really are not bringing it back for the 3rd season

  173. Dani

    Please return Army Wives and The Client List these are the best shows I have watched in a long time I mean my husband watches them with me come on how many husband’s watch shows like these but he actuallys like them. PLEASE PLEASE

  174. deb

    Yes ,it should be renewed !!!

  175. Yeshia

    Please lifetime bring the client list back

  176. Patrice

    Are you all insane. The Client List is an awesome show. Why is it that every time the viewers enjoy a show, the network execs want to cancel. I think that you all should really consider your viewers before you do that. This is an EXCELLENT show and it would so wrong it it were cancelled.

  177. bay

    i would be upset if cancelled. looking forward to new season

  178. sheri

    Renew, renew, renew At least have a third season and finish the story line.

  179. Susan

    The client list should continue

  180. anomyous

    I think that the client list should definitely be continued its such a great show and its very entertaining. Now the comment about the massage therapists and what they do on the client list is “unprofessional”, so what, it’s for a mature audience anyways so why should it matter what they do. Its not like the scene is being shown its just to entertain people. There are plenty of tv shows/movies that shows professions in a negative way. There is millions of people that watch The Client List and if it was cancelled we all would be upset so reopening a new season is the best choice there is!

  181. TCL fan!!

    Please renew The Client List. I love this show and even my husband enjoyed watching with me. JLH is a wonderful actress and the entire cast is wonderful also. I can’t believe that there would be anyone that would think this show isn’t worth continuing.

  182. Maria

    The client list needs to return .
    It’s a really good show .

  183. Designerdiva13

    OMG! I can’t believe it’s cancelled I. Been waiting with great enthusiasm for the new season. To cancel because people can’t see past the fact that is fiction then they need a wake up call. I have many friend who are LMTs and they don’t take offense. PLEASR PLEASE reconsider bringing it back.

  184. Kelly Miller

    I just found out The Client List was canceled. What bull! It was a great show and I was looking up the season 3 premier date when I found out. What critics were watching this? They obviously have no taste! I hope Lifetime changes their mind.

  185. jen

    I love this show and really hope that it is not cancelled. I know that some people might take offense, but lets remember it is a tv show meant for entertainment. it is hard to tell what the decision is but, I hope to see it on lifetime in the spring.

  186. Damian

    I think that they should renew the show because i like and I’m a male so that say something that this show should keep going on to new seasons!

  187. kris


  188. Jan Mick

    Please bring back the Client List. I really enjoyed it.

  189. Tracey

    The Client Zlist should definitely be renewed!!! Along with Army Wives!!!! Two of the best shows ever on lifetime!!!!!

  190. Shannon Harris

    I would really love to see the show come back for a third season . I thought It was a great show for adults , not really appropriate for children but I put my daughter to bed way before it comes on! Please bring it back and I just bought season one on DVD !

  191. Shelly

    I would love to see The Client come back I love that show.

  192. Mickey

    Don’t cancel Client List. Devote follower. A lot of good people in the cast, but my favorite is Colin Egglesfield. Still think he should have gotten the role in 50 shades of gray. He is talented & beautiful. I have happy for Jennifer and her new baby. Watched her in Ghost Whisperer. Please bring back the show. It is much better than a lot of other programs on the air with a lot less talented people. Bring it back, please.

  193. Miranda

    Love the show and hope it continues! Have been waiting for it to come back only to hear its been cancelled!! 🙁 Bring it back please!!!

  194. Mom

    The Client List is an EXCELLENT show!!!! PLEASE CONTINUE THE SHOW AND GO FORWARD WITH SEASON 3!!!!! It’s a FICTIONAL SHOW, just like daytime dramas aka soap operas!!!!

  195. Kim

    Don’t take it away. Loved the show. Its fun and entertaining!! Please bring it back!

  196. noel

    yes client list should be brought back and also I’ll love to do a movie with it’s star one day if that’s possible

  197. Kacie

    It should be brought back. It’s just a show like a lot of tv series are. It was very enterating to watch. Please bring it back. I love Jennifer Love Hewett shows. She one of my favs

  198. Shanna

    Totally love this show there has to be a third season please!!!!!!
    A lot of people like this show so it needs a third season, plus more besides the season finale left us all hanging so its a must. Who cares that critics don’t like it we the people who make the ratings like the show so that’s all that matters . Tired of finding great shows to watch and then they are canceled for no real good reason if you don’t like the show that’s fine change the channel no one is forcing you to watch it, at the same time you shouldn’t have control to cancel something the rest of us love to watch. PLEASE BRING ON A THIRD SEASON !!!!!!!!!

  199. jo amn

    Please renew

  200. vicky

    Please, please keep the Client List going! This is the only show I ever watch. It is my favorite of all! You cannot end a show the way it ended last year. It left everyone on the edge of their seat waiting with great anticipation to see what happens next.

  201. Shelby

    I was just getting into this show… They always cancel good shows! Grr. I have been waiting for it to return!

  202. breanna

    The client list should go on epically how they ended the last season I really want to know what’s going to happen next.

  203. Carlene

    Boo Lifetime! I absolutely loved this show! The Client List & Army Wife’s are by far the best shows ever aired on the Lifetime network!!! And they cancelled both! I say Lifetime should listen to their viewers (their customer base) & not the critics!!! Now all that’s left is Dance Mom, Kim of Queens & Project Runway, I’m sure the critics just loves these stupid shows!! Thanks but No Thanks

  204. Kristin

    It should be renewed. It is the best show out there.
    They should cancel some of the dumber shows and keep the client list. It’s awesome. Jennifer love Hewitt and Brian hallisay make that show awesome. How are you going to leave the show how it ended? Seriously? Please bring it back!

  205. Linda

    The Client List is one of my favorite shows. Bring it back !!!

  206. Heather

    I’m so terribly pissed that its cancelled. Seriously have been waiting for almost a year fir it to come back on!! I have seen every episode if both seasons. I absolutely love this tv series so please please renew it because I will probaly die if u don’t 🙂 please!!!!!! Thanks.

  207. Pearl

    Why???!!?!?!!! WTF!! The client list is one show a girl can’t go with out. I’m sure if y’all should be going biased off of how many people is watching n so far you got a lot of comments stating we want The Client List back on!!!!!!

  208. Jackie

    I love the Client List. I was wondering when its third season would be starting, only to find out that it was cancelled. What very disappointing news!! It truly is beyond my comprehension how Lifetime can equate dropping this entertaining fictional show and others like it. Yet they keep all the reality garbage that no one with half a brain would watch. Dance moms is absolutely appalling. I am ready to stop patronizing their network if don’t bring the Client List back!!

  209. RebelRose

    This show is one of the best written shows with the best cast on TV. If massage parlor owners or other types of therapy givers are offended and say it will ruin their business, then they should just try harder to keep their businesses clean. It is just a show, not necessarily reality although there are some places of business that do operate that way. I don’t see them taking Honey Boo Boo off the air because it gives the South a bad name (and they really should get rid of that ridiculous show). They didn’t cancel Dallas because it made it look all oil barons were snakes like JR. I could go on and on with examples but you get the idea. Some of the shows Lifetime is allowing are awful. Dance Moms is terrible. Wife Swap just by it’s title sounds awful. Someone would have to be starving for entertainment to even consider watching that cr*p. Yet they take off a show that is well written, has romance, drama, mystery, beauty (Jennifer Love Hewitt is the most beautiful woman on TV) and everything one would want for entertainment just because of the complaints of a few. Whatever happened to the old school rule “the majority rules”? I am sure the majority would want to keep this show on. The Client List and Army Wives are the best two shows on TV. I always looked forward to Sunday night. You had a good thing going…you should have stuck with it.

  210. Deanna

    Love this show!!!! Was so excited for season 3!

  211. kenneth morrow

    i hope the show returns . the critics should wake up and realize it is a movie for entertainment. its not real life. listen to the public not the critics. thank you

  212. Sheryl

    It has character and suspense. I love the triangle and want to know about the best friends new family. This is a great late night show. Hope it returns. I love the mom….

  213. Corinne Sodano

    I miss this show. 🙁

  214. Brandie

    Best show ever!!!!!!

  215. bree


  216. Kelly

    Heart broken! My two faves were Army Wives and The Client List. So hard to find good shows to go with a bowl of popcorn and a box of kleenex. You both will be missed.

  217. tree

    PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  218. theresa

    I agree with everyone else I LOVE the Client List and i hope that they bring it back.

  219. suzann

    really u are canceling the show along with army wives because of critics when all lifetime aires is movies about rapes kid*appings and murder and u are worried what other people are saying this is pathetic.

  220. Phil

    Great show bring it back I am sure the advertisers would pay for time

  221. Brenda

    Bring back The Client List !!! The comments I read are so correct. The really good ones are cancelled like The Client List and Army Wives and the craziest are still on. Really ??? Sunday night television s*cks now ! Get it together Lifetime TV !

  222. Susan C

    This is a travesty!!! Bring back The Client List. That show is the only reason I watch lifetime.

  223. Terri J

    Is the show really Cancelled? This would be horrible..

  224. K S

    My favorite show

  225. jacquee

    absolutely love the Client List, Army Wives, Drop Dead Diva< Devious Maids and Mistresses.

    please bring them back to television, jeez nothing interesting to look at anymore

  226. Linda

    Absolutely love the show. Looking forward to season 3, 4, 5 etc. Please so not cancel show.

  227. Jamie

    I looooooooove the Client List please come back for season 3……….



  229. MOMOF6


  230. WendyHodgins

    Please bring back the Client List! We’ve been waiting anxiously for season 3! I, along with obviously millions LOVE this show! Clients List and Army Wives have been our Girl’s Night shows for two seasons! It’s one of the best shows out there! People are not stupid enough to think ALL message therapy salon’s are run this way! Although if they are more interested in watching Dance Moms or Honey BooBoo then maybe they are! Please don’t cancel!

  231. doris

    Certainly hope the Client List returns for season 3. I really enjoy this show!

  232. shanissa stringer


  233. Tabetha

    Please bring back the show or a least give us a great ending people ok

  234. Giuliana Mastrippolito

    Please air season 3 of the Client List. I loved that show. It came on late in the evening when children are in bed. They show the same stuff in soap operas. And you can’t just leave it the way season 2 ended.

  235. Teresa

    I hope this show returns soon. It is one of the most entertaining dramas on TV, and I will really miss it if it does not return.

  236. Kaitlyn

    Lease renew the season. All of the ones complaining dont haveto watch it butbi know so many people who love it including myself. I so hope it comes back on.

  237. Lori

    I absolutely looove this show!!!! Hennifer Love plays the perfect character! She is an extremely strong and determined woman, she only wants the best for her children and also to show everyone she can overcome any obstacles thrown her way.She struggles with morality for what she does, which is why she wanted it to be secret in the first place, but more than anything she shows compassion in everything she does. She’s teaching her children right from wrong and gives them the best character building lessons a mother possibly can. Every “single woman” could take a lesson from her role as Riley… We work hard to support our families as single women, and Jennifers’ character plays true to the sacrifices we make every day for our kids. Season 3 SHOULD continue, if not only to show the “older kids” that life is full of hardships, both financial and morally, and u should always make hard decisions and stand by them. Not to mention the show is just plain sexy as hell! Also to All the professional masseuse people complaining about the impressions this show portrays…find a cause worthy of fighting, child hunger or homeless victims, or bringing our troops home! Grow up and move on to something more worthy of your time and energy other than an awesome tv show that’s being watched solely for ENTERTAINMENT!!! You are supposed to be a “professional”…so act like one! Please continue the show, also advertise it on other channels too, bc word of mouth can only go so far ya know. So, if u want more viewers, u have to ADVERTISE more to get the non-lifetime viewers to realize this show is on. Not everyone watches Lifetime on a regular, but they WILL if JLH is in it!!! She’s fantastic in everything and is a superb actress!!!

  238. Vicky Johnson

    Bring the client list back !

  239. Kathy Burns

    please renew The Client List, love that show, my daughter and i always got together to watch…mother daughter time

  240. Nikki

    Please bring back the client list!!! Army Wives is already cancelled and I really need to know what happens in season three of the client list I absolutely love this show and if it doesn’t come back I will be DONE watching lifetime channel for good! Thanks 🙂

  241. Lindy

    Keep the show going. It is great.

  242. Virginia

    Great show. Please bring back the client list. It was the only show I really kept up with. Hope to see Jennifer Love Hewitt back on. She was the perfect woman for this role, not to mention the two hunks on there too.

  243. Apache

    Renew client list and if there’s a show that needs to be off the air it’s honey boo boo!

  244. Margie Cobb

    I would love to see another season of The Client List. I love the show. It’s all make believe for goodness sake! Get over it! Lifetime, PLEASE bring it back.

  245. Cathy

    Yes it should be renewed, and to those who thought it represented thier profession badly, or thought the subject matter too provacative? Don’t watch it!

  246. diann

    I like the Client List there are a lot of things on TV I don’t want to see so I don’t watch it. Return the Client List ppl turn to something else if you don’t like it. It is no provacative than Being Mary Jane and Scandal

  247. shug

    I want the client list to continue in June 2014. It is one of my favorites and have been
    waiting for a new season 3 date. Please keep.

  248. Vicky

    Please bring back the client list it is the best show on lifetime!

  249. Dawn

    Yes it should be continued I’ve been waiting to see it …

  250. Dana

    Please don’t cancel Client List, or at least don’t leave it hanging the way you did at the end of season 2. It’s bad enough that Army wives got cancelled. And now Drop Dead Diva is in its last season. I hope you please consider keeping Client List going on!

  251. Missy

    That’s so annoying they get you hocked on a show then cancel it!!!!!

  252. Vicki

    I certainly hope they don’t cancel yet another good show, as they did Army wives. The Client List was an intense show with interesting characters, and I enjoyed watching it. Please don’t leave us hanging, that is one of the things that tick me off when you dedicate your time to watching a series and then they cancel it without even putting some kind of closure to it for the public..

  253. Johnna Shields

    Since when should massage ther…… be deciding whether a great is dropped or kept? Surely there are more fans that love this show than feel threaten by it!! The network needs to listen to the peoples choice and grow a pair. I’ve spoken who is with me?? Johnna

  254. Joyce

    I love the Client List. I am looking forward to seeing the new season. Please continue with the series.

  255. marilyn

    The client list was an awesome series. It should not be canceled. Everytime a good series is on, it gets canceled. ENOUGH OF THIS. YOUR GOING TO START LOSING VIEWERS.

  256. Eve York

    I am a big fan of The Client List. And Jennifer Love Hewitt is great in it. Why would it be cancelled? It is already had two good seasons and fans anxiously waiting for another one. Please don’t let us down!!!!

  257. Sarah

    Please don’t cancel this show, I love the Client List! I have been waiting for season 3 and finally decided to look up when it was coming back on and now I see its been cancelled. I’m so sad now! Bring it back PLEASE!!

  258. Sharon

    PLEASE do NOT cancel The Client List…..waiting for season 3……..

  259. Theresa Nelson

    I really hep the client list will have a season 3 they left us hanging last year so please renew the show it’s awsome

  260. Heather Stephens

    The show is a great show!! If they take this show off the air because of wrong doing on it then take all the shows on TV off the air!!!!! All the shows have something that someone doesn’t like or doesn’t need to be on the air. Plus most TV’s now days have blocks on them so use it instead of taking shows away people enjoy!! I think I rest my case. Thanks

  261. Sasha LS

    I understand the backlash, HOWEVER, Jennifer Love Hewitt portrays a very strong woman with moral and ethical standards also! Her character is very endearing because of the fact that we, as women in the real world and as massage therapists, can learn from her character’s experiences..
    Ive been waiting and waiting for another season and am very disappointed with the Lifetime network for cancelling The Client List..



  263. Slwhite

    My favorite show. Can not end that way

  264. Diane

    The client list should b renewed. I luv to c what’s gonna Happen next 🙂

  265. Liz Duval

    First Army Wives, Now this?? wow.The stupid shows are the ones that get to stay..SMH

  266. Erin

    Come on don’t leave bus hanging please bring back the show!!!
    Love it

  267. Shelly

    It is a TV Show and a great one! Why cancel it because of negative comments? It is just that, a TV show that is amusing and has folks attention!! It is NOT reality and not what massage therapists do, or are they since they are the population that is whining and crying over the script. People grow up. BRING IT BACK PLEASE!!

  268. phyllis

    Omg this show is so amazing and I would love to see it for another season.

  269. christina

    This is one of my favorite shows if not my very favorite! People need to grow up, its okay for devious maids to air about housekeepers sleeping with employers and rich people getting away with murder? There are plenty of shows that may give a false presumption of how ones employment may operate but its t.v people nobody said it was a reality show. I really am dying to know what has happened. This show is very thrilling. Its one of the few I can actually get my husband to watch with me!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK! I would have to say though I like my devious maids and drop dead diva this is the best series lifetime has had.

  270. Nicole

    I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for the new season to start then I find out season three was canceled omg whats is going on

  271. Debbie Strobel

    Please don’t cancel the show. I’ve waited so patiently for the new season to begin. I’m sorry that people can’t remember that almost every show has bad in it. They are shows…get real. Look at some of the cartoons that are on. They teach its ok to be mean to your daughter. One teachs its ok to plan and try to kill your mother at the same time having erotic thoughts of her. Please don’t cancel the show.

  272. Barb

    Oh yes the show should continue. I love watching it. The show is done with class and is entertaining. There are worse shows with violence that should be canceled.

  273. Patty Stults

    I enjoyed the show. It has a good plot and was not sexual explicit. Soap operas are worst than this.. Would like to see it renewed. Commercials are more explicit than anything that goes on on this show.

  274. Nicole

    I love Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Client list! I want this show back!

  275. Cathy

    Bring back The Client List. Best show love Jennifer Love Hewitt. Pls pls pls bring it back.

  276. unknown

    how could they cancel this show it was just at the height and people saying that it gives massage therapists bad names its not the show that does that its the massage places that do do the bad things so stop blaming a show that isn’t real anyways its tv hello. it needs to be brought back on what about all these shows with me having multiple wives take that stuff off. and if you don’t like certin shows don’t watch them no one is making you.
    with men having multiple wives have to fix that typo

  277. Krystal

    This show was amazing! I want it back

  278. Pat A. Bolt

    Yes they should bring back The Client List. I am so over where one person can say one negative thing and things get cancelled, rights get taken away. We need to stand up to those few who seem to try and ruin everything for others because they have noting better to do but interfere with everything but their own problems. So don’t back down and bring back the show.

  279. kayla

    Renew the client! Me and my friends are all addicted .. If it was so bad u shouldn’t have let it go thru season 2! Now were addicted so bring it back!

  280. cc

    please continue its a great show!!

  281. Teresa

    Please don’t cancel!!! I love this show!!!!!

  282. sue

    they cancel a show because its sexual? nothing is ever shown ever,it was done very tastefully and massage therapists feel this is putting there jobs in a negative light.we all know this is T.V so lighten up.B.T.W have they ever been to las vegas where licensed therapists who give massages are known to give whats called a “happy ending”. Its t.v and we all know its not real so lighten up and bring back a show that also points out what a mother would do to support her kids.She went from being a housewife to single mom no income,there is more to this than just sex.There was a great story line and it gets cancelled because 1 profession dosent like what it shows? If thats the case then cancel most of what is on TV. What about the black box is that next? Its about a Dr.who is bipolar, should we cancel that to? Bring it back it was/is a great show.

  283. chocolate

    the client list should be continued i love the story line

  284. kings

    please bring it back, love this show. it was at a good spot.

  285. Julie A

    For the record I’m a massage therapist I’m professional and no I don’t do things like that but clearly it’s a TV show we’re are all adults. I’m really disappointed if the show gets cancelled or not picked up by another network! They left the show in a cliffhanger and I’m hooked! It is my favorite in the last 10 years.

  286. Traci R.


  287. Joanna alves

    I love the clien list. I have watched every single episode if it is not renewed I will no longer watch lifetime at all

  288. Carrie

    I really want the Client List to be renewed!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the show!! I sure hope they change their minds about cancelling it!!!

  289. Denise

    I think it should be Going I love the show watch it every time it came on

  290. robert kimball

    Bring the client list back you morons its a good show !!!!

  291. Nicola

    Totally think more seasons should have been made,,,, bring back client list

  292. twotall82

    Please, bring Client list back! Please, don’t cancel the show! I would really appreciate it if you return the show. Please, don’t leave us hanging without closure! I really miss the show! I have been waiting around for it to return & come back! So, please return the show & finish off the story & plot! I am saddened that you all canceled the show. The show was exciting & great to watch & it even had great characters with a good plot & storyline to mix it up with & spice it too. Jennifer love Hewitt is a really wonderful actor & character to watch & act & play a part. It isn’t right that you all would drop this show & not continue the story & plot leaving us all without any answers? I want to see what’s going to happen next? It’s bad enough you all canceled Ghost Whisper & that show was awesome & amazing to see leaving us fans without closure about her son seeing the shadows & what & why they are? So, it would be nice for you all to bring back Ghost Whisper too along with Client list! It wouldn’t be a problem to just add her real husband in the show playing her husband on the tv series because you all don’t have to change the story or plot having her real husband on the show cause he can play the same part & role as her other husband did on the show before it went off. Please, & thank you! Please, don’t give up on the show & give it a chance to see if it works & works out!

  293. Melisia robins

    Yes please renew Client list

  294. nan

    PLEASE renew it…It is great I love it so much Jennifer does a great job!

  295. Rhonda Edwards

    I really love this show and want it to continue!!! Lifetime is crazy if they don’t bring Riley back. I understand that some massage therapists are a little upset, but everybody knows that they don’t exactly perform those services. It’s a TV show people.

  296. Giovanna

    Yes, The Client List should be renewed. Everything about it is fictional, if it hits too close to home foe some people, well those people need to grow up.

  297. Dana C

    Please bring this show back.

  298. lele

    pourquoi elle fait pas la saison 3

  299. Michelle

    Whats the point of starting a show, only to cancel it?

    They did it with Army wives, Ghost whisperer (rushed the last season) and now The Client List! Along with many other fab shows aimed at the female audience.

    I don’t think I will bother to watch any more shows like this, as just when you get into them, they cancel them! I honestly can’t be bothered any more.

  300. Sharon

    Ease up.. I’m a massage therapist and I love this show. Not all massage therapist are doing what’s on the show, but man it makes my work entertaining thinking or imagining someone in the other room could be doing that . Lol!! Bring the show back I love it!!!!!

  301. Larraine

    Fingers crossed….they do season 3….it is such a great series…..pls. bring it back.

  302. Rose

    The show is awesome!!! Really critics it’s TV bring it back pleeeeeeeeease. I can’t get enough of the show!

  303. Kelli

    Are you kidding me… The best show ever love love it the characters are amazing the plot is super keep it going was looking forward for season three I am sorry for those who have to complain on something they do not agree with I say watch something else get over it

  304. Cindy

    I loved client list, so LMN s*cks already after carring ID channel stuff instead of movies. So client list has to come back or that will suck too!!!!!!

  305. Madison

    Bummed! I want it back! It was so good especially when not much is out for the summer! I had to respond again because I noticed all the people who want it back! It has to!

  306. Maria Alzugaray

    Yes it should keep going. It isa great show.

  307. Nyla

    We can’t be left hanging in suspense with the last episode of Season 2 viewed without renewing Season 3!!!! Just love this show- my favourite one!!! Please consider continuing this fabulous TV series. Love ‘Riley’ and all the rest of the cast. Here’s hoping we get to see more of them sometime soon…..

  308. shannon

    This show is one of the best shows on tv. I’m not into all the reality tv and I’ve watched since the first episode so hopefully there will be lots more to come…

  309. Tiffanie

    Will there be season 3? This is an awesome show

  310. Cheryl Peyton

    I have been waiting for the client list season 3 to air.
    I knew it would take a while to come back on due to Jennifer being pregnant at the time. I had no idea the show was canceled. I think that Lifetime should change their mind and resign the contract. They should not just leave their audience wandering what was going to happen next.
    This show was an escape from reality.

  311. Carmen

    Love This Show. Get rid of the STUPID shows.

  312. Corina

    I hope the client list continues I love this show please lifetime bring back my show

  313. Me

    A great show! Please bring it back!

  314. Megan

    Seriously it’s hard for me to get into any shows anymore and every show that Jennifer Love-Hewitt is in in my opinion and from what I can tell from other comments are hits with the views so why would you take them off the air because of critics? Aren’t the viewers who really matter to you? The whole story lines cast ect were amazing and the viewers keep getting the short end of the shaft bring back the show come on please

  315. Christine

    YES!!! Bring back Client List for a 3rd season. It’s true every time there’s a show that the people like and enjoy you cancel it. What’s up with that? I get so tired of watching shows I like only to have you cancel them. You never finish out the stories, you just leave them hanging. So bring Client List back.

  316. Jana Edwards

    I am so devastated that The Client List was cancelled. It was one of my favorite shows. It needs to be brought back.

  317. Jenn

    I love this show! Please continue it.

  318. Jenn M

    I love this show! Was so disappointed that it was not airing for the third season! It’s like not knowing the ending of a book!

  319. ally thompson

    Ofcourse it has to come back! Continue the series they got enoug brake time off already.

  320. Tammy

    This was my favorite show! Please renew it! I couldn’t wait for every Sunday to come. I was totally addicted to it! Please bring it back!!!

  321. Holly

    The client list should be renewed, it is a great show, I love Jennifer Hewitt, she is a good actress.

  322. pat

    please renew. great show

  323. Amber

    Are those that make money off good TV shows insane!!!! This is an amazing show, and it has so much left to show us. You can not end this series this way….. Grrrrr! For once listen to those that WATCH the show and love the characters. We want to see more. At the very least give this show an ending. Bring it back for another seasons.

  324. Niki

    I think that the critics & massage therapists should take a chill pill & let the general public enjoy a third season of The Client List! The show is awesome & the cast is truly wonderful.

  325. doublehh

    LOVE JENIFER and all her shows don’t cancel client list.

  326. Phyl

    I started this show from beginning to the end. It was exciting !
    I couldn’t wait to see the next show. Please renew ! You have so
    Many fans that want it to continue. Love the Cast ! Great show !!!!

  327. Pat

    I would like to say that the Client List is a awesome show which has a lot of fans who want this show too continue so I hope it will come back and also congrats too Jennifer love Hallisay on her new baby girl. Please come back!!!!

  328. Allison

    I totally think The Client List should be renewed. The show is getting so good. People know the difference between television and real life.

  329. Allison

    The best shows ever on Lifetime. First was Army Wives. Now that is gone. Don’t make the same mistake with The Client List.

  330. imelda

    I would like to see season 3 i dont think its fair so i hope they renew this show its awsome love it!!!

  331. Meredith

    I am so tired of networks starting a show and cancelling it after one, two, maybe three seasons. They sit back in their office and think “we don’t have 10 million viewers, it’s not popular.” The problem with that thought concept is there are so many people no longer watching tv in the normal sense. With netflix, redbox, google tv, rabbit and more, not to mention having 300 channels on tv now, if you get 3 million viewers, that would be like 6 million back in 2004. The rates are 1/2 or even 1/3 of what they were only 10 years ago….and the networks need to realize that. In the last three years the networks have cancelled at least 6-10 shows that I watched, after only two-three seasons. I have over 225 channels and still have nothing on tv cause they keep taking my favorite shows off the air; such as The Client List, Billy the Exterminator, Common Law, The Glades, Fairly Legal, Intelligence and more!! The networks need to start talking to the people watching the shows and stop assuming we want them cancelled!

    • JP

      Exactly!!! Because of my work schedule or taking care of my child, I use On Demand to watch a few of my favorite shows. Just because I didn’t watch it the night it aired doesn’t mean I didn’t catch up. There should be a way for netlfix, on demand and dvr views to al count towards the ratings for a more accurate number

  332. Becky

    My boys and I loved the client list. That was our mother son time every Sunday night. We were all upset when it was no longer on. I sure hope they change their minds after seeing just how many people are upset they did not continue it.

  333. Wendi

    I have been waiting and waiting for the new season 3 of The Client List to come out just found out it has been cancelled what a crock of shit. That was the only show my husband and I could watch together. I want it back here it is December 2014 and no new season yet find another network to air the show I bet A&E would promote it shit they viewed Breaking bad and that was a school teacher making meth I guess that show, shows us that teacher that are sick should make meth to survive the financial struggles. Well the client list show us women have struggles as well and need money to support their children. Put the show back on the air for cryin out loud!!!!

  334. Nett

    Just today (12/3/2014) I see “Season #3” of “The Client List” will be canceled, due to negative comments.

    Society has NO ISSUE with “Strip Bars” multiplying like CRAZY & if one wishes to pay for “S*X”
    than ALL is said & DONE. They get lap dances, colored wrist bands – to be able to go in the VIP room for either or*l s*x or s*x in general. And these married MEN insult their wives due to their appearance as we age, however; MEN ought to strip down and take a good look in the mirror at themselves. ALL STRIP BARS SHOULD ALL BE CLOSED DOWN. Especially in RESIDENTIAL AREA’s. Therefore; put the show BACK ON THE AIR!

  335. Crystal

    Is there any wors of this show coming back in 2015? Its a damn good show idk why it was canceled to begin with there are worse things in the world than what was going on in the show critics r stupid it should b up to the fans

  336. Andrea

    I loved this show! I hate they cancelled it I just got my cable back too!

  337. laura

    i really would like the client list to come back love this show!!!!!!

  338. JP

    Renew this show. It was great.
    As far as real life licensed professionals getting bent out of shape — GET A LIFE
    SO many careers have been used in tv and movies and mocked or dramatized what actually happens in real life. Just like with any tv show or movie – it’s fictional, it’s a drama and people should be able to tell the difference between the two. Sheesh

    Bring back Client List. I want to see where Jennifer’s relationships go and what happens with the fire. Plus Lacey’s pregnancy stuff and what happened to the newest massage therapist with the shady night club owning boyfriend

  339. Charlotte

    This is one of the best shows I have ever seen.
    It would be awful if it was to end..I love watching it and look forward every year to watching it..Please bring it back

  340. Mrs. Doddada

    I would love to see this show renewed! I kept hoping that it would return and I hate that Lifetime always cancels great shows. I watched so many shows that all ended up cancelled. Lifetime please bring the show back and I will stay a loyal fan to your network.

  341. Cynthia M

    Really!!!! Best show ever, it needs to come back on please…..

  342. stephanie

    I can not believe another show I loved is leaving me hanging! Like really?? Now we will never know what happens! I hate the fact that stupid people determined the minds for all the people that really enjoyed the show! I still think the client list should be renewed!!!!!!!!!!!!! How would you feel if your favorite showed got cancelled and left a cliff hanger and you never were to find out what really happened? You would be pissed too!!

  343. TINA

    I really hope they bring the Client List back.. My favorite show EVER !!!!!

  344. Cheri

    I love this show! If you cancel this to show that modern Family crap,Iam done with Lifetime! Why does everybody think we want to see kid stuff. Not everyone has to family sappy,lame,boring stories about lame boring,families

  345. felicia

    I really hope they bring the Client List back……………….

  346. Darcy

    I think I am done with Lifetime series. This is the second show that gas been cancelled after season 2 that I watched faithfully (Witches of East End is the other). Very disappointed, the story lines for both these shows were getting so good.

  347. renn

    This is the 2nd show that i have watched faithfully from Lifetime how dissappointing that it has also been cancelled

  348. Mal

    I love this show. Watched season 1&2. Please bring back season 3.

  349. vicki

    Please bring it back!!! Such a great story! At least give us a movie and end it right! Get with it lifetime!!!!!!!!

  350. #1fan

    I have been watching Jennifer from Party of five…Ghost whisperer, and Client list. I have loved all of her shows/Movies ….I was so upset when Ghost Whisperer wasnt coming back, and now the client list. Client list needs a ending or another season because it ended like a show that says at the end “to be continued.” No matter whether her hubby is in there or not. We’ll all still watch it EVEN IF IT IS ON ANOTHER NETWORK! We love you JLOVE ….

  351. Jen

    Please bring this show back!!!! This show was a lot better than Dance Moms or some of the other shows that continue… Please bring it back… I’m dying 🙁

  352. ROXANNE moore

    I so wish they would continue this show it’s like every time I find a show I like it gets cancelled like what the the heck

  353. Zlataa

    Great show!!Please don’t cancel it!

  354. Charlie

    The client list definitely needs a ending every girl needs a happy ever after or not. Season 3 or more common best series so far bring on more.

  355. Aimee

    Definitely shouldnt be cancelled.. not with a cliff hanger like that? Just finished watching the 2 seasons an im hooked on it best show ever.. we need season 3..

  356. Tammy

    We need season 3 PLEASE!!!! This is the best show ever. Just finished season 1&2 on Netflix.
    If I would have known that it was not going to be continued I would not have watched.

  357. Anna

    Clearly there are many fans still awaiting return of the Client List! It only makes sense to create season 3. It is cruel to leave fans hanging on the ending like that. Do everyone a favor and finish what you ve started, pretty please 🙂

  358. Malissa

    Really want a season 3 hope they come back

  359. Selena

    Renew this show I’m addicted I love it and for the haters saying it makes them look bad with being a massage therapist please get a flicking grip it’s a show for god sakes and one millions love so renew it already

  360. Claudia

    I didn’t know about this show until Netflix. I loved it I wish you could continue to Sean 3 . Please put it back on even if you just make it a Netflix. Please please.

  361. Cat

    Please I am addicted !

  362. Jaz

    Come back client list I was so hooked…… I really wanna know what happens next…… Come back

  363. Sarah

    Just finished watching seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix. I’m shocked the show was canceled! I agree, we need a final season for this show! It was too good to end without a ending! Bring it back please! Love this show!

  364. jagaa

    It can’t be cancelled just like this until now. I just finish 1 and 2nd season on Netflix. I couldn’t believe that 2nd season finish just like that so I googled and found out that’s really end of 2nd season. I hope 3rd season will come out very soon. I’d love to see what will happen next

    • Missy

      Me too




    i love the client list it is the best show ever i hope there will be a third season i like this show i have the first season and second seasoni watch on netflix sometimes i can only watch it when my mom not home when it came out on dvd in 2015 i wanted it my mom would not let me she did not like what riley was doing had to wait 4 years to get it i orderd the first season in march of 2018 i got it from barn and noble i had to lock it up so my mom would not see it i got second season in april i had to order it from barn noble had to lock it it was ship to my house i love this show there a lot of drama i like riley she funny what she does please make there be a thired season i will be mad no seaosn three i will buy all the seasons i will order the third season i only watch it when my mom is out of town sometimes i watch it on netflix if my goes out for the day i turn it off when she comeing home i watch it on dvd only when my mom out of town when she comes home i lock it up she does not like that would watch this show she does not know i have this this besr show ever nick s

  367. COlivarri

    I just started watching this. I am on season 2 and I am hooked. Please bring this back

  368. A concerned viewer

    Brig it back!!! WTH

  369. Disappointed Lady.

    I am soooo frustrated and would like to use a few choice words to describe the professionals and critics, but will keep it to pathetic. The producers are as bad for listening to them instead of the loyal fans. Sounds like some pretty dumb people around if they think the viewers associate the show with real massage parlours, we are not the dumb ones.

    I have to be honest and say I wasn’t a fan of JLH until She played Riley, then I saw her in another light and have to say what a great Actress She is. Shame She and all the other great Actors in the show are being let down and all the fans of the show.

    Never have I known a show to be cancelled with such a big cliff hanger, I wouldn’t have watched the two seasons on Netflix if I had known. Shame on the people who allowed the third season to be cancelled and still showing the first two.

  370. Julie Patching

    Are you people friggin serious? How in hell can you have 2 seasons, the second one, final episode, the biggest cliffhanger of all time.
    Now, nothing. No follow up, no Nothing. That’s just ridiculous. I have just finished watching both seasons, am practically on the edge of my seat, chomping at the bit, as to what Season 3 will bring. Only to learn, that’s it, there isn’t going to be one.
    I don’t get it. Clearly, it’s not a ratings issue. Because if statistics are correct, the ratings are through the roof and beyond.
    Jennifer Love Hewitt, has played many different roles in her career. All of them well deserved n well played. Yet this one, in my opinion, the most controversial, played it to a tee, almost like she was born for it. Congratulations Jen, Please don’t let your many fans down. Bring On Season 3

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