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«The Crazy Ones» season 2?

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Will «The Crazy Ones» TV series return for season 2? When does new episodes on CBS start? We need premiere air date in 2014! Show must go on!

TV-channel: CBS
Pilot episode: September 26, 2013
Creator: David E. Kelley

Season 1 Episode 1: 15.52 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 18: 6.71 million U.S. viewers

Is the CBS television channel planning to extend its sitcom «The Crazy Ones» for the second season? This question is crucial for show fans.

The television channel management has already extended all the main shows, important for brand support and viewers’ attraction; however, «The Crazy Ones» isn’t on that list.

According to the rights holders, it was impossible to prevent the ratings fall after the pilot episode and instead of 15,5 million Americans, enjoying the premiere, the show is being watched by about 6,7 million. Taking into account the given figures, the creators should reflect on the fate of the show.

So the decision about its further development or closing will be discussed during the special meeting already in a few weeks and the results will be announced. Follow the announcements.

UPDATE 1 (May 10, 2014): CBS on Saturday cancelled five of its freshman series, including sitcom The Crazy Ones.

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  1. Patricia

    We LOVE this show! we all want season 2 off The Crazy Ones! please get it renewed!

  2. Jena Marie Jones

    I love this show and I think if it gets past season 1 it could turn into a really brilliant show. I think it has gotten better and better since the first episode because of the character development. Sydney is my favorite character, I think she is hilarious and steals the show.

  3. Bernie

    Big Mistake!!!!!! Bring THE CRAZY ONES BACK!!!!

  4. Brad

    RIP Robin!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Robin Williams was the one and only iconic comedian/Oscar-winning actor for his own personality of being hilarious and witty around many movies and other TV sitcom appearances including THE CRAZY ONES debut that we should mourn his loss and toward his family expect we can only remininsce the memories of Robin Williams embedded of the comedy world he lived in as long as time passes around our everday lives throughout socialism and respect amongst others.

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