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The Fall season 4

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the fall season 4 premiere date

We want The Fall season 4! When will the fourth season come out? Cubitt has ideas for several seasons. What about the premiere date?

The long wait for the third season of the British television series The Fall made fans worried, because there were already rumors that the development of the project would be delayed until 2017. Despite of this, in September a new episodes were started and the number of viewers who watched the finale of the second season has remained.

At the beginning of the year there was confirmed information that the fourth season of the show was not planned, but in a recent interview with the creator Allan Cubitt he said that he has considered the possibility of developing another season.

He confirmed that the third season would be the last for Jamie Dornan, who did not come back in the fourth season, even it would be financed. Cubitt also said that currently he had plans for several more interesting projects, so the fourth season of The Fall would not go on development in the near future, even if it was approved.

The Fall season 4 premiere – [N/A]

Well, the premiere date is still unknown, but we are following the announcements.

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  1. Bobby Walker

    Is anyone else finding this series really slow and boring?

    • JinnD

      Boring? It wasn’t boring in the least. I loved every episode and I really hope they release a fourth season of The Fall.

    • Mark91

      OMG, dude… Don’t watch if you don’t like

  2. Lor3n3

    Fantastic show. I’m so going to miss the fall when it ends especially Jamie…

  3. Mike55Start

    Can’t wait to catch up on the third season on Netflix this month.

  4. Lila R.

    GREAT SERIES!!! I’ve the first and second series on box set and they were brilliant. Please don’t stop!

  5. Lucas Floyd

    Don’t cancel! Look forward to season four.

  6. Janis N.

    Would love to watch a fourth season of The Fall! It is one of the best shows on television. Maybe another network will be smart and pick it up.

  7. GGTV

    Please keep it on!!!

  8. --Lisa--

    I absolutely love this show. I do not think it should be cancelled. Both the actors and the storyline are amazing! Please renew! We neeeed series 4

  9. Helen Roberts

    How about series 4, Mr. Cubitt?

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