May 15

The Family season 2 ?

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The Family season 2 premiere date

When will The Family season 2 come out? Do you want to know the premiere date in 2017! Bad news… The series was cancelled after one season.

Original network: ABC
Original release: March 3 – May 15, 2016

Season 1 Episode 1: 5.7 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 12: 3.3 million U.S. viewers

The series The Family became a part of the ABC channel’s program in the spring 2016. The project had a good start (5.7 million viewers), but later the number of fans only decreased and became less 2.6 million people.

The experts gave the television thriller average scores, so there were good chances for Season 2. Unfortunately, ABC channel representatives decided not to renew this series, because its rating was getting worse with each new episode.

Officially, the closure of The Family project was announced on May 12 and on the same day network said “goodbye” to few more series. Thus, the date of the final of the series can be considered May 15 – the day of broadcasting the 12th final episodes.

The Family season 2 no premiere date – [cancelled]

What do you think about this decision?

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  1. Amanda

    Are you kidding? Its the best show abc has had on in years! How horrible! Maybe Netflix?

  2. Max---

    Show had potential. ABC needs to reconsider! This show deserves another season. Do not let it go.

  3. Lynn34

    I am so disappointed. I love this show always looking forward every week. What is wrong with ABC?

  4. Velma

    I really want season 2 to happen this is a great show! ABC, please!!!

  5. Saul

    I hope another network will pick up The Family and shame on ABC for their bad decisions.

  6. Jeanette Garza

    I thought The Family had a great cast & story line. I’m sorry to see it go (((

  7. Peter T.

    This is my favorite show on tv and is so interesting I don’t understand why they are canceling…

  8. Carlton V.

    I have really enjoyed this show and was hoping for another season. ABC S*CKS!!!

  9. Irma Lawson

    So very disappointed. Shame on ABC

  10. Lorena

    Totally disappointed! Love The family! Great show! Please share the link for the petition!

  11. Melissa

    Bad decision. This is an awesome show!!! Kept me in suspense! What a Pissa.

  12. Brittany Hinson

    This truly s*cks! You could at least give them another season. It was getting soooo good.

  13. Alyssa

    Was really enjoying this! Hopefully the show gets reconsidered for a second season.

  14. Tiffany P

    I was looking forward to a season 2 Adam needs to get back to his family this so s*cks I only watch tgit and that show

  15. Johanna

    This show was awesome! ABC please reconsider. You can’t just leave us hanging!

  16. Melvina Richard

    That really s*cks,me and my friends loved Family an was waiting to see new shows. This happens alot I’m about to stop watching premiers all together cause u get interested an they cancelled an let u down. What’s the point…

  17. Yalanda

    Noooo wayyyy. This is not fair. The show was creative. It had a plot. The suspense was a terrific job. The last episode left me wondering whats going to happen next. So I was eagerly waiting for season 2. Now to find out it is cancelled it really s*cks.

  18. Jenny

    Come on ABC! Season 2 of The Family cancelled?? Worst decision of the season!!

  19. better than you

    bro abc is pretty retarded taking off this show because it seemed very good to me and also maybe if it gave the show a little more time then it probably would’ve become more popular

  20. andrew

    I’m getting fed up with this I love watching tv but they keep leaving it on a cliffe hanger and cancelling the follow on season its
    I loved the family and it just stopped it s*cks

  21. Traci Reed

    I agree. ABC shouldn’t have cancelled the Family. we loved it and I guess they couldn’t figure out how to continue with the story since the kid came back since it was so twisted. We are totally bummed!!! Way to ABC-you had us on the edge of our seats every week. Now we got nothing! No “Nashville” either. Booooooo

  22. Irv

    All the trash on tv and this is what you cancel? Smdh

  23. Lucy

    I am really not happy with ABC’s decision to cancel this show. Me and my daughter were looking forward to it. It was our show that we watched together. I think it was a very bad decision. I hope someone will take another look at it. And the way you ended it just makes you watch some more. Very sad!!!

  24. Kisha

    Very disappointed. I really enjoyed the show. Now we will never know what happened.

  25. Titusimon

    I hope they will change their minds. The series was good. An excellent plot with a superb cast.

  26. Naomi

    BOOO! Loved this show!! Figures they’d cancel it!

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