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The Last Kingdom season 2 premiere date

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When will The Last Kingdom season 2 come out? Is the series Renewed or Cancelled by BBC? We are waiting for the premiere (start) date in 2016!

TV-channels: BBC America (US), BBC Two (UK)
Executive producers: Stephen Butchard, Nigel Marchant, Gareth Neame
Starring: Alexander Dreymon, David Dawson, Tobias Santelmann, Emily Cox, Adrian Bower…
Production company: Carnival Film and Television
Genre: Historical drama

It is likely that nobody will argue concerning the necessity of renewal of the television series The Last Kingdom for Season 2. After its kick off on BBC America and BBC Two it became the topic on many movie websites and some experts compared it with the show Game of Thrones.

The success of the first season is proved by the high scores on Metacritic (78/100) and Rottentomatoes (7.4/10), that’s why there is no need to doubt in the renewal of the show for the second season.

Unfortunately, the rights holders aren’t ready to talk (UPDATE 1) about the funding of the new episodes yet, but we’re following the news and will update the given publication as soon as we get the fresh data.

The Last Kingdom season 2 premiere date – [March 16, 2017]

Would you like to see the continuation of The Saxon Stories series of novels adaptation in 2016?

UPDATE 1 (Dec. 14, 2015): The Last Kingdom was renewed by BBC America for a second season. It will film in 2016. “So there will be another series of #TheLastKingdom. The adventure doesn’t end!” – Bernard Cornwell tweeted. How about The Last Kingdom season 3 release date?

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  1. Ramon

    Brilliant series watched every episode! The book was great and the series has made me want go back and read the whole epic from the start. Season 2? I believe the books were optioned to BBCA as a miniseries.

  2. monka dry

    Please tell me a second series has been commissioned.

  3. Nini

    I love this series. It’s actually better than Vikings. I hope there is a season 2.

    • sal

      not at all! never no way

  4. Marti Dawson

    My husband and I have really enjoyed every episode of The Last Kingdom !!! He’s read all of the books, and pretty much everything by Cornwall. Please let us know ASAP when/if the series will be renewed and when the premiere date of Season 2 might me ! Thanks very much !!

  5. Tammy

    Im praying there’s a second season. I loved the first and so did my family and friends, 😉

  6. Lorena

    A great series… The whole family was riveted… We would love to see a season 2!

  7. Tammy Y

    We watched every episode this season. Alexander Draymon and the others were perfectly cast. Really hope there is a Season 2 for this wonderful show.

  8. Loyd Ganey

    BBC…do the right thing….continue the tales of Uthred and the building of England…multiple seasons as you pursue all The Saxon Chronicles by Bernard Cornwall…destiny is all!!

  9. Bob

    Excellent direction, excellent cast. Superbly filmed. I’ve read every book in this series. There just MUST BE a second season. Thank you BBC.

  10. ndnwmn

    Excellent series ….I too have watched each episode multiple times…I rarely do that with many shows….This is quite excellent and am hoping for future seasons….Once again BBC has brought to life a excellent television series….

  11. Margot Guinan

    Please Season 2. Brilliantly acted-u watch the development of Ultred from a young man to a warrior. Like all their series BBC leaves u wanting more history, more story line, what happens as Ultred heads North to find sister. Don’t leave us hanging.

  12. Janet Maruzza

    I would love to see series 2. I loved Vikings, this is also a great series. The choice for main actor is great. Please bring on next season. Loved it from Australian fan.

  13. William Erbacher

    What a GREAT Show. I have just pre-ordered the DVD of Season ONE.
    As a former High School World History teacher I am enthralled with the Last Kingdom. Also I am a loyal fan of “The Vikings”. Have also purchased all of the past series of The Vikings on DVD. PLEASE Keep The Last Kingdom alive and running on BBCA. I live for your station.
    Thank YOU ALL so much for so many enjoyable evenings in front of the TV. You are Number ONE in my book.

  14. Dginer

    I love, love the show. There should be season 2 to follow the character Uhtred.

  15. Kathleen Reilly Greck

    LOVED The Last Kingdom!! When is season 2? cast, sets, and story line great, never missed a show!!

  16. RBJ

    I’ve read the entire series, just finished number 9. The T.V adaptation was great, it NEEDS to be renewed for another season. I really enjoyed it. Hope the powers that be make the right choice and bring the show back for another season. It’s good T.V., I’d like to see a few more episodes added to the season though, I can’t get enough!

  17. katy forrestel

    Please tell me that season 2 is coming soon? It was fabulous.

  18. Dave

    Great storyline! Excellent show…. Keep it moving

  19. Romejun Utod

    Last Kingdom……. Season 2??? are you serious?!!!!???

    of course this have a season 2! No doubt about it!
    The story and the scene are really really great…
    This must have a season 2…. Please let there be a season…

  20. Joan Thompson

    I love The Last Kingdom and read all the books I do hope they make season 2.

  21. Tasmin

    Best programme ever on BBC 2 watched it all come on BBC 2 time for series 2 Great storyline it has

  22. Neal Houck

    It is a good t v rendition of the Cornwell novels. Except Utred looks like a real dork. Stupid sword and harness.

  23. Mr P Ward

    Based On the First series, and tired of waiting for series 2, I bought and read all of Bernard Cornwell’s ” Uthred saga ” I loved it a great story , it a shame that once again the TV production managed to tinker with the story line, never let a good English history into the control of our cousin across the ocean, Cornwell’s novels I will continue to read, but series 2 I don’t think I will bother.

  24. ron wyman

    Despite the occasional meanderings from the book(s), I found the first season excellent and can only hope that Cornwell’s series will continue on BBCA…even as did the Sharpes installments.

  25. Rosie

    I truly enjoyed this series and I look forward to the next series 2. Please approve another series, because these guys are full of action and excitement. Love it.

  26. Elissa Sherlock

    Please bring back a Season tow of the Last Kingdom, Alexander must find his sister….

  27. Trudi

    I Just discovered this series on Netflix. Of course I bindged watched the complete first season. Now i I’m begging for season 2! Earlier comments of “better than “Vikings” I have doubt, maybe better than this last season of Vikings, but not the first two seasons. Either way I’m now addicted to BOTH series!! I’m going to have to try reading the The Last Kingdom books as a few comments made it clear books were good reads!! Let’s hope season two releases soon!!

  28. Paula

    Waiting very impatiently for season 2

  29. Linda

    Watched season 1 twice. Loved it and can’t wait for season 2!

  30. sumocake158

    The Last Kingdom to Vikings as Wentworth to Orange is the New Black. Still waiting for news of new series.

  31. Jon

    101 for watching TV series butt I just blew through the whole season and 2 days on Netflix can’t wait for season 2 now five stars all the way

  32. David Jines

    It is some yarn. Told well for sure. Can’t wait to see more, but “Game of Thrones” stands alone as magnificent.

  33. Leisure Suit Larry

    I found it rather interesting to see the parallels with other Viking story lines. I want to keep finding out more and more….but without a season II… will all die like Ubba…game over. Season two where are you? Great shows like this are needed….way too much garbage on these days.

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