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The Leftovers season 2: start air date

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HBO renewed The Leftovers television drama series for a season 2. When does new episodes premiere on TV in 2015? We know the start air date!

TV-channel: HBO
Pilot episode: June 29, 2014
Creators: Damon Lindelof, Tom Perrotta

Season 1 episode 1: 1.77 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 episode 9: 1.85 million U.S. viewers

Good news: The HBO drama television series «The Leftovers» has been renewed for season 2, but the exact number of episodes haven’t been announced yet. According to the announcements, the viewers will enjoy the continuation of the story in June 2015 Fall 2015 (officially, UPDATE 2).

HBO programming chief Michael Lombardo said «the newcomer» was worth being on air in the next year. According to Lombardo, at the moment the show is interesting for 1,58 million Americans, and such figures simply oblige the rights holders to continue shooting.

We hope the second season of the show will be popular and the audience will provide the TV-project with the new episodes once again, won’t it?

UPDATE 1 (April 10, 2015): The Leftovers will move production to Austin, Texas in Season 2.

UPDATE 2 (July 30, 2015): The Leftovers will return with its second season on October 4, 2015.

UPDATE 3 (December 10, 2015): HBO has picked up a third season of The Leftovers.

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  1. John Coveney

    I liked this show at the beginning. I am glad to hear they renewed it.

  2. Dela

    I hope we don’t have to wait until June for Season 2! Hurry up, HBO!

  3. Catarina D.

    I hope Christopher Eccleston is back. He is really a great actor and a handsome guy.

  4. Bronny

    This show s*cks!

    • Dimitri

      what? s*cks? NO!!! The Leftovers is one of the best shows on TV. Every episode there’s an unexpected twist! Love it.

    • John

      Then don’t watch it! DUH!

    • toml

      Yes. my sentiments also. I might have phrased it differently.

  5. Yuen the Boss

    That is the weirdest f*cking show and I can’t wait for it to vanish. Great cast. Terrible story.

    • Twenty One Pilots |-/

      what r u talkin bout, more like greatest f*cking show. F.O.H

    • Lenman

      Sorry it above your comprehension abilities.

  6. Dex Brackett (Texas)

    Superb show!!!

  7. Chyna

    Love love love it ! So great, so different, refreshingly new !!! Can’t wait all the way until Nune for season 2 . Please make this a 4 season a year show

  8. what-tis

    HBO please don’t let devoted viewers like myself have to wait for season 2 of the “LEFTOVERS.”
    I personally wish season 2 would start Sunday


  9. mark

    one of the weirdest series ever, great writing and acting. it keeps me guessing every episode, hope the series continues .

  10. Brandy

    June is to long of a wait for only 10 episodes you already took our true blood atleast don’t make us wait a year for this

  11. Aneselle

    The show is addicting and June is ridiculously too long to wait. Need to start much sooner. We’ll forget the story line.

  12. Jean Marie

    I agree with others, this is a great show, addicting and so much twists and turns. I have been searching the web to find out when Season 2 will air. I hope I don’t have to wait till June either. I would like to see something in January and I think the show should show more being taken. Please keep use informed regularly don’t leave us hanging.

  13. Noni

    I love this show. So unique and different than the blah TV that is on now. The premise is believable. Justin Theroux is a great actor and I love his eyes. I didn’t know of him as an actor until now. He makes the show. I hope we don’t have to wait too long to see the continuance. I’m so curious.

  14. Left Hanging

    I enjoyed the first season as the plot thickened and characters developed. I am anxiously waiting for season 2.

  15. Dolores Ancious

    Please bring us The Leftovers..I don’t know when I have liked a show this much! Loved all the
    actors. Great story to make you think!

  16. Stefi

    Incredible show. So different from the normal blah blah same ole shows. Thank you for being so different and unique. Please don’t make us wait this long again for season 3! June is to long to wait. Excellent choice in actors. I hope they keep renewing.

  17. pam lower

    Love love love this show. Absolutely the weirdest show I have ever watched and it always leaves you guessing or should I say wondering ? Doesn’t matter if we have to wait until June for season 2 because we will be watching no matter what !!! Love Justin in this role !!!

  18. Twenty One Pilots |-/

    The Leftovers…
    ONLY ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS ON TELEVISION OF 2014. June!! are u kidden me, wish iT would come about 4 months earlier_Cant wait

  19. Russel Kyzer

    A very unique show that was shot well and had rich character development. You dont always see that on TV. There are still many questions to be answered from the first season. So if we must wait until summer for season 2, then I hope that the writing is as good as before.

  20. fabrice

    great acting,great story,i cannot wait for season 2 ,the leftover replace breaking bad for me.

  21. Dolores

    Can’t wait for the leftovers to come back. N have never before gotten so hooked on a show.

  22. Geoff

    Great show. Thoughtful and surprising. Very Lost-esque. Can’t wait for season 2.

  23. Jill

    Great show and I miss it. June isn’t too far off but I can’t understand why the long hiatus.

  24. Gary S

    My wife and I havecwaited long enough, this show has absolutely opened up a whole new story line for television, this show is awesome, bring on 6 more seasons, NOW!!!!!

  25. SharlovesYeshua

    Ready for the second season! This is good thought provoking show, creative and just filled with interesting! Thank you and God Bless your everyday of life!

  26. Dave

    Since we waited a long time, how about showing season 1 again, so we can review and catch up on any episodes we missed. Then start season 2.

  27. Gedda

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. Can’t wait to see next season in JUNE 🙂

  28. Momo

    Weirdest show as yet,always another twist & leaves you guessing,can’t believe I have to wait prob till next year for season 2,as I’m in uk,if people don’t like,don’t watch it,simples!

  29. Carole Auslander

    I love the Leftovers. The story line is wonderful as is the acting. It is a bit confusing but that is what makes it so compelling. I do hope that before this show ends we learn where the people went. I realize the focus is on the survivors and not on the missing people, still though that is the BIG question, and I do hope that somehow we get that answer down the road.
    My only negative comment is how long the viewers have to wait for this 2nd season, and how few episodes constitutes a season.
    I do hope they have more episodes this season than they had in the 1st one. If they have any fewer they won’t have a show at all.

  30. what-tis

    the show finally airs next month. it’s about freaking time. season 2 is here. hopefully season 3, 4, 5 and so on are coming right along

  31. s. york

    i really like this show. given the chance i know others would think like me. so dont be so negative…

  32. Jed Smock

    This how is so wet! I’m going to go ahead and get HBO just to watch it cause it really is a wet show,,,then cancel when it’s over! lol

  33. judith georgetti

    I would like to know why those people why those people that don’t talk always smoke!!!!

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