Apr 15

The Mick season 3?

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the mick season 3 premiere

We are waiting for the 3rd season of The Mick series. Will there be the new episodes in 2018/2019? Give us the premiere date for the third season!

Despite of a slight fall in the rating of the series “The Mick”, it still has high chances for financing of the third season. This opinion was announced by several well-known critics, so do not worry about this show.

In November 2017, the right holders ordered seven additional episodes for this sitcom, thus increasing the number of episodes of the second season to 20. Such a strong decision should positively affect the further financing and very soon it will be an official statement from the Fox channel representatives.

We follow the announcements. New information will be published below.

Mickey Molng always had problems in her personal life, but everything suddenly has changed! Her sister and her billionaire husband, are forced to hide from law enforcement agencies, who accuse them of fraud. Mickey will have to look after their three children and not go crazy from the chic rich life …

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