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«The Mindy Project» season 2: premiere date

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When does «The Mindy Project» season 2 start (premiere)? TV series renewed or cancelled? Release date is known!

TV-channel: FOX
Pilot episode: September 25, 2012
Creator: Mindy Kaling

Episode 1: 4,67 million U.S. viewers

Episode 18: 2,62 million U.S. viewers

During one of the press-conferences Kevin Reilly, the President of FOX TV Company, announced the TV show «The Mindy Project» to be renewed for the new Season. It was noted that Mindy Kaling’s project is the one that supports and promotes FOX brand. The fact that the given TV show is on top among the new comedies (for women aged 18-34) proves a lot. The series is considered to be interesting and bright.

Therefore, on March 4, 2013 the rightsholders ordered Season 2 of «The Mindy Project» with no hesitation. The premiere date for the new episodes is scheduled for September 17, 2013. The working process on the «fresh» episodes starts already in spring.

What would you like to see in new season? Who will watch the next season? Will there be Season 7 of The Mindy Project?

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  1. CarteR

    Hell Yeah for Mindy I’m so happy about the renewal.

  2. Bob S.

    i don’t watch the mindy project, but i’m happy for mindy kaling…

  3. snoobD0g

    the Mindy Project is so bad I’m surprised at its renewal.

    • ash

      that is really mean.

    • ash

      If THE MINDY PROJECT it is so bad,
      why do you read articles and stuff about it? Hmm?

  4. true

    no no!! its great show! I was a little worried about Mindy but so glad it’s coming back.

  5. Brennan

    I love that show! This is just amazing… I just found this show on sunday and i have watched all the episodes from season 1 with in 1 day. Im sad actually that season 2 starts in september because what am i gonna do with my life now, when Mindy and Casey-s love story is not entertaining me anymore. Well i hope Mindy and Casey will stay together, cause they make a good couple and i love them together..so please, Mindy Kaling, if you read this, don’t break up with casey and get pregnant of him and get married! I’d be really sad if you two would brake up 🙁

  6. kuppyD

    great show! nice cast! hope for more seasons…

  7. samantha

    i can’t wait till the second season and i really want danny and mindy to finally get together.

    • ash

      Me too! When I saw that ending scene,
      I just knew that they are meant to be together!

  8. Sil V

    The thing about the Mindy Project is that it is a bit different and it is aimed for girls. It’s a comedy and I can relate to the quirkiness and such that occurs, it’s cute ! I for one am glad it’s renewed.

  9. MO

    I loved this show! I discovered it on my plane ride from Mexico and now I’m hooked! Great show!!!!

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