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The Night Shift no season 5

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The Night Shift season 5

Will there be The Night Shift season 5? We want to know the exact release date on NBC in 2018. Give us the new episodes!

We are all waiting for the 5th season of the magnificent series The Night Shift, but is its release date already announced? Fans ask the creators about the further development of the plot, but right holders are yet not ready to renew this TV-project for a new season.

Financing for the production of new episodes has not yet been allocated, because the number of viewers who watch this show weekly has decreased by almost 20%. What is the reason for such a drop in the interest of viewers? Is it not planned the renewal for the 5th season of the series The Night Shift?

We are following announcements and will publish here “fresh” information.

The plot tells about the doctors of one of San Antonio hospitals. Around the clinic there are several military bases, and many of the personnel who came here to work, went through hot spots and showed their best sides in combat conditions. That is why it is sometimes difficult for them to obey bureaucratic rules, and for the sake of saving patients they are ready to break them.

The Night Shift season 5 release date – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

So, being in constant time trouble, balancing on the brink, doctors perform their hard work…

UPDATE 1 (October 13, 2017): The Night Shift has officially ended. NBC has axed the series after four seasons.

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  1. K Sewell

    Really hoping NBC will Re-new Night Shift Season 5 2018. Loved Night Shift.Please Re-New!!!!!

    • Christine

      Please renew the night medical drama on tv

  2. Kelly Mruz

    Renew the night shift

  3. kim

    Keep Tc as a regular and the ratings will resume him and Jordan together are our new Merder from Grey’s they have a real spark and it isn’t forced.

  4. JAMIE


  5. karla lapointe

    Well I guess those of us that are HUGE FANS OF THE NIGHT SHIFT. will not get to watch a season 5. so all the cliff hangers will never be solved and we will be stuck watching some gar Like garbage show,about people killing and cheating on each other. The only other show that even comes close to the night shift is the good doctor. Funny they both deal with life and medical issues. Rethink your choice about the night shift.

  6. suzy

    love the show

  7. Dragonara

    Love this series, please make more series of Night Shift, we know doctors don’t do some of the things that doctors in Night Shift do but it’s a good series. Pure escapism and we need more.

  8. Brooks

    You get everybody hooked and then cancel the series.
    I’ve had this happen several times so I think I will quit watching these series.

  9. RS

    Of course they cancelled it. It portrays the military in a positive light. Can’t have that with all the liberal crap that runs things at the networks.

  10. LADY JAH


  11. Debby

    Please renew Night Shift. At least do a couple of episodes to close the cliffhangers.

  12. Pam

    I can not believe you have cancelled the series the night shift it is one of the best shows out there today, I am so disappointed. I love, love this show.

  13. Carlos

    Come on, LOL….. the only thing keeping me up all night beside my girl is Night Shift. Let’s see season 5 !!!!!!

  14. Connie Boylan

    Please renew Nightshift…everyone in my house & family love it!

  15. Dana Webb


  16. Maddie

    This show encourages me to become a combat medic. Please renew night shift.

  17. Kimberlee Jessop

    Please renew Nightshift…..I love it. The characters, the messages…..all of it.

  18. Dianne Scrog

    PLEASE… ReNew NightShift. One of my favorite episodes be Chicago Fire. I miss watching tv.

  19. nichole lindsay

    BRING BACK the night shift since episode 1 i have been in love with this show i wasnt fond when tc went off and it was going back and fourth between the hospital and over there but soon as he came back again i was like yay i love tc and jordan they are just meant to be together please dont leave us all hanging i mean im happy how it ended he ended up staying… but i want to see them actually get back together again i love love love this show and all the characters in it it is never boring always have u sitting there thinking whats next i will miss this show so much

  20. Dana Webb

    Please bring back Night Shift!!!!! It’s the only show I watch on tv!!! Please give us Season 5 of Night Shift and many other seasons! Cancel some other crapy show but NOT Night Shift!

  21. Stacey McCleary

    My daughter and I binge watched this on Netflix. So much better than greys and Chicago Med. Greys is trying to start some of the story lines from night shift.

  22. Maggie

    One of the best shows please bring back night shift

  23. Tyrone Singer

    Once again a popular series gets cancelled. Happens all too often. Pls bring Night Shift back.

  24. Max

    Plz bring night shift back i loved watching it everyday and now i cant watch anything good cause yall cancel the shit

  25. Tammy


  26. Philip R Ebersole Jr

    I want to see more of the night shift. The way the 4th season ended it was a cliff hanger.
    I love the show i had my mother watched it. Now we both want to see that happens to the cast now

  27. Deborah

    Please return Night Shift it was fabulous. Miss it soooooooo much

  28. Mel

    We need to know what happened to Annie,everyone at San Antonio needs to know too,tie up the loose ends and bring back the Night shift

  29. Melody

    Amen to that!! You guys start all these great shows and you do a few seasons then cancel.What’s that all about. I get to where I don’t even watch anything. Thanks guys. Night Shift would have been a good one for more seasobs.

  30. SG

    Please renew Night shift.. This was such a good show despite some loose ends..

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