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The Originals season 4 premiere date 2017

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The Originals season 4 premiere date 2016

The CW has officially renewed The Originals for Season 4. What you expect from Season 4? Do you want to know the premiere date in 2016?

In 2015, the TV series The Originals received a renewal for the new season in January, and this year the decision was taken in March. Of course, this does not mean that it has been more difficult for right holders to make a “verdict” this time, but still this delay made fans worry.

According to the announcement, the series has received financing for a fourth season, which premiere on The CW is expected in midseason 2016/2017 (the exact date – UPDATE 1). The viewers will see 13 new episodes (confirmed), which shooting will be started this summer.

Remind that the series The Originals is a spin-off of the popular project The Vampire Diaries, which, incidentally, is also renewed for the new season and will be presented on the channel The CW in the season 2016/2017.

The number of fans of both series was reduced in the current year and the experts’ forecasts are not encouraging. We hope that Season 4 of the spin-off will be able to keep the audience, because we do not need one more closing on The CW!

UPDATE 1 (Nov.16, 2016): The Originals opens Season 4 on March 17, 2017 (at 8 pm).

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  1. SweetShao

    I’m happy The Originals are renewed for a fourth season. Great show! Great cast!

    • peggy young

      I am soooo excited with the 4th Season! Originally I was a Vampire Diaries girl, but now…….I much prefer The Originals!!!! so glad they’re returning!!!!

  2. Emma L.

    I was sooo worried about the Friday move for the Originals. I am ecstatic about the Season 4.

  3. Doc

    I am so glad The Originals got renewed. I hope we’ll get more crossovers next season. Can’t wait…

  4. laine

    i cant wait hurry up I’m so impatient to watch this.

  5. Danny

    I can’t wait either for season four to be Publish, it’s been a boring Fridays without The Originals.

  6. Jeffrey

    ooooo i am sooo happy the show is renewd i really love it

  7. nellie

    please do not cancel luv it and the diaries hanging on the edge of my seat

  8. Sandra Guinn

    The originals is my favorite tv series for the last three seasons. Please keep this series on

  9. Tracy Mitchell

    This is one of my favorite shows please bring it back


    I hope you keep this show going for years…I love it. I also watch vampire diaries. love cw all its great shows. Klaus is awesome,,,even in person. seems like everytime I find a show I like it comes to an end too soon. keep up the good work.

  11. Jennifer

    If the originals doesn’t have as many seasons as the vampire diaries I will be devastated!!! These are my absolute favorite shows… Me being a stay at home mom this is my escape so keep them forever please lol!!! Both the originals and the vampire diaries!!!

  12. Becky

    The story of the original vampires is the absolute best vampire story I have ever seen. The cast of the Original Family including their addition to the family Marcel, are absolutely brilliant, and our star Niklaus is an amazing actor that forces you to love him no matter what he does. Please don’t let us down by getting rid of any member of this family.

  13. gracie B

    cant wait for the new season !!!!

  14. Ann

    Same with The Original’s. Start airing the start date. I am missing all series. Original’s….Vampire Diaries and REIGN…… Please do not do the same as other shows. Get something Great going and then up and stop.

  15. Jenn

    Yes please keep the originals going. I agree it is an awesome vampire story line and the characters are amazing! Please keep them going.

  16. Amanda Donaghy

    Can’t wait! Love this show

  17. Linda

    I pray for The ordinal to come back with more gory blood and lots of vampires biting

  18. Tammy Dugan

    I am so excited for Season 4 and I also am having a VERY hard time WAITING for the Season premiere. This is so much better than The Vampire Diaries. I just can’t stop watching The Originals and I love all the characters. Please keep this show on…..we must see HOPE grow up and hopefully Haley and Elijah will be together and then bring Cami back so she can be with Klause!!!!

  19. Barb

    Great cast, awesome writers can’t wait for the Original s return.

  20. Linda

    Love the Originals can’t wait for season 4. Getting pretty tired of all the date changes for it to come back on. Also if this is the last season I will be really disappointed as I just love the characters and really would like to see what happens with Hope as she grows up. And sure would be nice if Camy comes back into the show…I loved her and Klause together. PLEASE DON’T CANCEL THE SHOW!!!

  21. cherie

    How the hell do I get this in Canada, I have watched every season and I can’t find season 4 on any of my channels. Can we subscribe to the CW in Canada? I waited all months and now I can’t even see it…..Klaus withdrawls!!!!!

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