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The Orville season 2 release date

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The Orville season 2 release date

When will The Orville season 2 come out? Fox renewed the series for the new season. Are you looking for the release date in 2018?

The series The Orville is preparing for the 2nd season on FOX. The release date for new episodes is appointed to autumn 2018.

We found out about the renewal on November 2, when the long-awaited announcement appeared on the official website of the channel. It is confirmed that in September 2018 we will see the premier of “a fresh portion of episodes”, which will tell about the new travel of the team The Orville.

More information about the release of the second season, we will publish at the bottom of this article after announcements from FOX. Follow the announcements!

The series takes place in the 25th century. Humanity has already discovered several planets suitable for life. There was a meeting with representatives of aliens. Conflicts that arose at the first meetings, were soon settled. The Earth is a part of the Planetary Union, where several different civilizations are represented. There is a special council that takes entire responsibility for the adoption of galactic global solutions. After some discussion, this representative body equips the interplanetary ship “Orville” for the development of distant space…

UPDATE 1 (January 4, 2018): Season 2 might not be ready in time for the Fall 2018 TV season but this time dramedy would be “at least 14” episodes.

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